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  1. Hello guys. How is it going on this splendid autumn evening?
  2. Naughx


    Welcome to the forest.
  3. Still here I see. Hello, hi and hey.

    1. Starman


      just barely. but i guess that's enough

      Hello, Hi, Hey

  4. Wasn't your avatar a pichu back then?
  5. Hello, doing well?

  6. Letty, I know you are bored so I will give you a picture of a cat in a box.




    It's coming...

    Cat in a box!cat.thumb.png.27a75bec5d2790cae229db5a2d5c2027.png

  7. Oh so it's Letty, that was I while ago so I got confused. You were both quite close to each other so that may have been why. But I'm fine.
  8. Life happened then I forgot about this place. How are you Shirley?
  9. Horror movie on Christmas all the way! I hate it when everyone just already put the Christmas decorations on the day of Halloween. Would you rather fish in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert?
  10. Hello Glaceon! You are still around it looks like...

    1. Magical Glace

      Magical Glace

      I am!  How are you?

    2. Naughx


      Fine actually.

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