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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. Sorry for grave-digging this thread but it's the first one I found on the matter of Awakening's EXP Formula. I wanted to use Awakening's formula for an Awakening based roleplay, but after reading the thread, I'm still having a bit of a hard time picking out the actual full formula from the posts. Can someone post just the formula?
  3. I thought about that {code} but it would only be good for quantitative chart info. I have other qualitative information that needs to be displayable, mostly textual stuff, and using {code} while possible, would result in clunky chart lay-outs and massive text-walls.
  4. As soon as I figure out how to chart and list all the stats ans stuff so that there isn't walls of text across the universe, I'll make the OOC.
  5. I'm used to using coding on forums, and this is the third forum that I've come to that does roleplaying. The problem is for me to host a roleplay idea that I usually run, I need to be able to easily display several charts of information like stats, skills, etc. I've tried both [table border=1] and [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500], with neither of them working to create tables. Is there other forms of code I can use to make displays like the one included in this post?
  6. Avatar with +Mag and any flaw that does not hinder Mag. Avatar's set: Sage class. HP and Mag capped Limit Breaker skill Vengeance skill Aggressor skill Tomefaire skill Magic +2 skill Thoron tome with Might forge max. A-Rank in Tomes Spouse's set: Sage class, Mag over 30. S-Rank support Other allies apply Rally Magic. MATH TIME Avatar's Mag cap: 50 Limit Breaker: +10 Tomefaire: +5 Magic +2: +2 Spouse's Mag stat support: +3 Spouse's Mag class support: +4 Spouse's Mag S-Rank support: +2 Rally Magic: +4 Avatar's Total Mag: 80 Thoron tome might: 14 Might forge max: +5 Thoron Total Might: 19 (Highest possible Mt for Sage, Mjiolnr/Valflame/Book-o-Naga is non-forgable, Aversa's Night is dark magic) Avatar's total Mag: 80 Thoron total Might: +19 Aggressor skill during player phase: +10 A-Rank in Tomes: +2 Avatar's Total Attack: 111 Total Attack: 111 Vengance with 1HP remaining: +[(79/2) = 39.5] = 39 Critical: *3 Total incoming damage: 450 Someone please tell me I messed up somewhere, because if it really is possible to incur over 400 damage in one hit then I'm gunna flip tables.
  7. I would be the one doing that, but it would be in my tile-maker program. It's actually really easy to do and it supports all the sprite sheets from the GBA games and even your own custom sprites.
  8. I have a tile-maker program, and sprite sheets with all the map tie sprites from all 3 GBA games, and sprite sheets for every possible color of every possible unit. I could even show you and share the files if you want.
  9. I'm sure that most of you on SF are used to long and drawn out roleplays with lots of character development, story-driving conflicts, and your typical red and green cavaliers in the early game. For those of you who would like a change of pace, or just like boasting your tactical prowess, I present to you: Fire Emblem: Battle Royale! Battle Royale is a storyless, combat driven roleplay, where players will be able to use their own custom Lords and armies to wage wars with and against other players in the game engines that make Fire Emblem one of the best strategy game series of all time. Many key features of Battle Royale include: Like I said before, there is no story for this roleplay, no character development, etc. BUT, if you as the players want to create a story to go along with the grudge matches that I will be hosting, then by all means do so, as long as the premise or flow of the plot does not conflict with the system I've set up for this. I am also encouraging any ideas you guys have for new classes, skills, game-types or other mechanics. They won't be taken for granted but I will give consideration to any suggestions made. With enough interest, I'll supply an OOC with everything you need to know about how to create your character, charts with class information, skills, and how to use your units in battle with the Command System I designed.
  10. So then Marribelle would need 10 more Mag than Lissa, not 12. Same staff, same proficiency takes out variables besides character specifics: At any amount of Mag, if Marribelle and Lissa have the same amount of Mag, Lissa will heal only 5 more because Lissa/2 + Staff + Prof + Heal Touch > Marribelle/2 + Staff + Prof In order to make up those 5 points, Marribelle needs to gain 2 Mag for every 1 point of healing she is behind on, which would be: Lissa/2 + Staff + Prof + Heal Touch = (Marribelle + 10)/2 + Staff + Prof A 10 Mag advantage is something Marribelle is more than capable of with her good Mag growth, especially considering Lissa's vulnerability to being Mag screwed.
  11. Heal Touch only adds 5 to the amount healed, if they're both using the same staff (which they are because it would be impossible to compare the two units if they aren't), and if they have the same amount of Mag, than Lissa would heal people by 5 more than Marribelle, obviously. But if Lissa has 5 less Mag than Marribelle, then she would heal 5 less HP but the Heal Touch skill gives that 5 back. So if Marribelle's Mag was greater than Lissa's by at least 6, than even with Heal touch, Lissa would be healing less HP than Marribelle when using the same staff. And why use a 2nd seal on Lissa when you can save it for Avatar or Panne?
  12. That's not true. At best, Lissa's best possible Mag growth in the whole game is 55% as a Mage, Sage, Troub or Valkyrie which you'd need to use Master and 2nd seals to get. Marribelle starts off with 60% upon recruitment and only stays that way into promotion. The only way Lissa could keep up at any point past level 10 is if her Mag stat it at most 5 less than Marribelle's at any given time, which I'd rather not waste seals to get a CHANCE of that happening when I can just use someone who will ultimately have more Mag by a lot and therefore heal much more health per use, as well has better default mobility to reach those who need healing without, again, wasting 2nd seals (to give Lissa a pegasus).
  13. That was exactly my intention. I'm planning to let Henry lead the pair with Nosferatu's and possibly even reclass for Life Taker if possible, and Make Miriel a Sage for the insane Mag boost to Henry, excellent Dual-Strike damage, and doubles as a healer in a pinch. The only things is that I just have to cross my fingers and pray that the -5% Spd from my flaw doesn't kill me.
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