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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. So... how did this thread turn from Crash being a crazy obssessed pyschopath to why doesn't he like Valkyries?
  4. Karino

    I'm back

    Hrmmmmm. But I'm a guy, and I didn't get a sex change. Maybe?
  5. Because this... is... something or other. Yeah I don't really know. What is the question I was going to ask but came up with this instead?
  6. Is a person who's name is a lot like a Yu-Gi-Oh card.
  7. So... I think I saw him. But I don't really care. But what do you want us to donate to? EDIT: yeah I definately saw him here (still don't care)
  8. I have a question. Would this be considered necroposting or can I write another bit cuz I'm really very bored.
  9. Karino

    I'm back

    Well, I got my internet priveleges back, but it took me another few days to work up the energy to recover my password and stuff, so.... hi?
  10. "Not deaf, y'know," Vrai said. He looked around nervously. "I don't like this...."
  11. Vrai followed, seeing as he greatly disliked Dragoons.
  12. I must say I agree with the creator of this topic. Some things go too far, you know.
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