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  1. Oh boy, we reached reddit-level of hypocrisy in no time. Look at that, my entitlement-watch tells me, that it's the perfect time to delete this account.
  2. People seem to forget that Fire Emblem at it's core is a turn-based strategy RPG. Since Awakening & Fates pushed this whole idea to romance everyone & everything, appearently we now need standards for this whole romance stuff, which imo is just another feature to sell the game. The day IS really thinks about making this whole romance & dating stuff a core feature, we can stop calling it Fire Emblem. This is not what Fire Emblem is about, maybe IGN will make you believe this crap but it's really not. I personally have no interest in romancing a fictional character. This is also the reason I don't care for an Avatar (selling feature). Reading through this thread just proves my criticsm towards modern FE. This subject will never be done right (unless you find the likes of Niles & Leon a genuine representataion of gay people and even than I find most S supports terrible & cringy) , like now there are 8 options in this game and people still are whining about it.
  3. This is just plain wrong on so many levels. Replayability comes from personal preferences in a game. If I dislike 80 % the character roster of any entry & value that in a game, chances are pretty high, that I won't touch said game again. Sometimes gameplay, story or writing can motivate for a replay. A healthy mix of what we value in a game provides replayability. I managed to replay Gaiden 2 times and yet I still have to finish my Rev playthrough. Just because I had 10 times more fun with Gaiden's gameplay, than forcing myself through whatever Rev tried to accomplish as a game. It just simply failed to attract me. Gaiden has a little cast & little to no characterization, while Rev has 60+ characters and characterization that I for the most part don't care for or find boring. A big cast doesn't: -indicate a good story or writing -fun gameplay -or whatever you value in any FE game on a personal level. If these aspects are not applied to your persenol preferences, a big cast means nothing to you for replay value.
  4. Yeah, it's pretty sad at this point. You hit that right on the mark. 50% of this "event" calender is summoning, 30% rehashed content and about 20% actual new content. Any kid can tell you by now, what's wrong with this game.
  5. So this update proved once again why I still don't regret quitting the game after playing it for one year. Instead of improving existing game modes, introducing once more a distracting game feature, that 90% of the playerbase will stop caring about the day after, adding features, that should have been introduced like a year ago & replacing unrefined game modes, which fans also stopped caring about since IS, up to this date, refused to listen at players feedback to improve said game mode. The biggest announcement of that FEH Channel were -what a surprise- summoning banners for 20 weeks, because you know, back to the fundamental core of this game: Summoning. Everything positive, that Heroes announces at this point, is basically damage control. Instead of listening to the criticism of the playerbase in a reasonable amount of time to creat a fun & engaging game experince and then cash on it, they skipped the hard working part & gambled with half-assed ideas, which in the end were killed,(what a shocker, I know) for a quick bug. Killing the interest of many launch players & 50 % of the entire fanbase, seems to be an easy task for IS. Who needs variety, especially when there are than 10 different games in the series to choose from, when you can spam alts of the same 10 Characters in a time period of 2 years instead. The most long-term design choice I've seen in years. From what I've noticed, Heroes nowadays is played casually. Many interesting FEH Youtubers,I used to watch, quitted long ago. The current playerbase has little to no expectations for improving updates or are fine with the mediocrity of this game. Frustrating to think of the fact, that not all fans of this franchise were able to enjoy this "celebration". Refusing to fix fundamental issues with the game & creating a unique FE experience for newcomers & veterans alike by listening to feedback from dedicated players, killed the game for me a year ago. Beeing a gacha game is a very poor excuse for lazy game design & it's funny to watch people defending IS's poor decisions, when neither the fanbase nor IS itself in a long-term perspective, gain nothing from them. I feel it's a waste of energy to argue on a personal level for a game that, in my eyes, is not even worth the effort to begin with. The execution to this is up to you, tho. For anyone who enjoys FEH at it's current state, probs to you, I applaud your dedication for this game in 2019. I view FEH as "wasted potential" at this point & stay at least halfway excited for the introduction of new faces (in particular pre-3DS characters).
  6. lmao, the only "intention" I see here is you playing the victim and it's the worst form of arguing I've ever seen.
  7. I'll probably watch a LP on Youtube and call it a day. There is too little for my own taste to justify buying this game or a switch. I'm okay with skipping this title. Maybe the next one will catch my interest again or a remake (Echoes overwhelmingly suprised me).
  8. More like "A new Hero" + Special Heroes 2.0 I feel sorry for those, who still believe in game representation for Hereos ( I thought the constant Fates-bias and addition of more seasonal banners made it pretty clear, that this won't be a thing any time soon). Must be very depressing for fans who enjoy the series as whole & their strong supporting cast (that probably won't make it into this game) to watch these pseudo New Hero banners.
  9. Should probably explain FEHs current state & revenue figures in it's 2nd year, right? What a good thing, that those passionate fans stopped caring. That's a very realistic view. 500K ~ 1M sound's right. I'm also not a huge fan of this artist, not gonna lie. The overall look & presentation of 3H is okay at best and I do believe it will have an important impact on sales as well. You would think IS would take a huge step up from RD graphically into 3H, but that's certainly not what I've seen so far, kinda underwhelming.
  10. At least we can stop pretending that Heroes "celebrates" the franchise as a whole. In fact, I would rename it to "Fire Emblem Top 200 Heroes", you know like the music charts. Heroes development team is so much out of touch with the fanbase (think about the last time the majority of players were overall happy, satisfied or excited?). You can really feel the gacha in the game now where things are designed in a short-term-view, which results in a shit ton of uninspired & predictable seasonal alts. If you're lucky and happen to like one of the Top 200 Heroes, there is no need for you to complain. Just keep telling those, who are already waiting 2+ years for new characters (or their favorites) to be patient, because X Character needs an alt.
  11. Too bad IS had no experience with mobile titles before. This game is so much everything I wanted Heroes to be, it's frustrating. I really hope Langrisser becomes big competition for it, so IS maybe realizes how bad their game is ( and we're talking 2 years after release here). Anyway, can we have SR focuses? My devotion swapped to Hein. All I have is the one shard I bought on the market.
  12. 3x Python 2x Gerik 2x Erk Amazing to see all the Python support, you can twist my arm as well
  13. Hey guys, about befriending: can you send a quick PM including SF, so that I have confirmation - I would like prioritizing members from here, thanks ;)
  14. I'm diggin it as well so far, got Dieharte (this game is very inspired of german-ish things as well...) Dieharte roughly translates into the TheHardOne(female).. Anyway my ingame name is Python FE 15, i'm on the Salrath server. Good luck on your pulls, i'm saving for an evil dark mage focus (Bozel I believe is his name). Catch you maybe there!
  15. Arcanine. A pokemon that will always remind me how tremendous HG was and still is. Best times (puts on nostalgia glasses).
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