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  1. Hm...sounds interesting, what do you have planned as a plotline for yourself? Do you have the end in mind?
  2. Well, congratulations! If I could I would send a gift, but I am unable yet. Anyway I expect that your birthday party was fun!
  3. I am basically thinking on what to write, problem is that they all diverge to 'use something mentioned on supplementary materials and develop it'. Where then I just think 'why not make a fanfic already...' Well, basically I am thinking about the Brands. I kept wondering on what would happen if someone with a Brand drank the blood of another dragon to form a pact...
  4. Loptyr. Why? Formotiis is a DEMON, no shit. He is evil in flesh, evil is in its own constitution so he loses because it is its nature. Loptyr no. He was an Earth Dragon (and maybe not naturally evil like Formotiis) that got so salty that he would need to live in human form that he decided to conquer humanity and create a slave holding empire that sacrifices kids to him. The reason for child sacrifice? Spite. He gets nothing of it but pleasure at seeing 'those stupid monkeys' that would inherit the world instead of his own race suffering. Because y'know, humans are to blame. That is some level of spitefulness that can only rank high there. And since Jugdral is Akaneia in the past...I get why humans hate dragons. Look to Loptyr. He gave them all a bad rep.
  5. Tomorrow i shall post my character...and this is interesting!!
  6. Ishtar and Sety doesn't like any of you...they even send a Hurricane filled of Lightnings!
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