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  1. Got through 110 boxes total. I got to 105-ish a couple days before the event ended and decided to chill out after that. Wish they gave us the nerfed HP, would have made the event less of a pain. Not gonna go hard on Da Vinci because I have close to zero use for monuments since all the EXP I got from those boxes helped me get everyone in my barracks (besides Assassin Shiki who I didn't have the ascend items for) to FA. Unless I suddenly drown in gold Lancers, I should be set on monuments for a while.
  2. I really hate every bronze mat in existence. Stakes are no exception. Seriously, Eresh and Reines both want 72 per skill... Saber Diarmuid wants 60 per skill... And event shops always have underwhelming amounts of bronze mats. Guess I'm gonna be camping on the Gallows Hill for a while, thank goodness I can three turn it.
  3. The Sieg and Siegfried CE in the Saber Astolfo gacha is really cute... I might pull just a little bit for it. Though I do wonder why Sieg is buying a stuffed demon pillar.
  4. I've actually seen some conflicting information on the monetization thing. Some people have said it only effects monetized because otherwise the creator doesn't benefit from the data, while others said unmonetized and demonetized accounts are still affected because Youtube still automatically gathers data on those videos.
  5. The big issue as far as I can see is the FTC's definition of "Child friendly" is far too vague to be properly followed for a lot of creators. It doesn't matter if your intended audience isn't children. If the FTC says your video is "child friendly," and you didn't mark it as such, you get fined $42k even if children aren't your intended audience. With the guidelines we were given even something as simple as color is considered "child friendly." Honestly, to me it seems like "Any video a child might click is child friendly" and at that point it seems like just... any video at all. Children aren't robots, they have varied interests especially when the range is as wide as 0-13. The FTC by that logic can fine just about anyone they want, because the rules are vague enough that it's impossible for content creators to really tell what they mean by "child friendly." There needs to be clear, strictly defined rules on what content is aimed at children. There should also be some kind of safe option for creators who are unsure. Normally, that would just be marking videos as not aimed at children and going on with their day, but that's not the case here. Some kind of "please submit my video for manual FTC review before it goes live, I'm not intentionally targetting children but I don't want to be fined $42k for doing so under your definition by accident." Or perhaps "This video is not intentionally aimed at children, but do not collect personal data from viewers in case children watch it." Currently youtube's advice on navigating this vague binary is "consult a lawyer," which is expensive. Hopefully, either the FTC hears the complaints in the comment period and changes its course to something more sane (best case scenario), or the rules are sued and deemed too vague or something similar. Also, I'm worried about an old school run account of mine I used for assignments I can't access anymore... the link to a video on it just gives me "video unavailable" with zero elaboration but I worry that I could be fined for it anyway since it may not be properly deleted... I can't log into an account associated from a place I graduated from... I don't know if the account was completely nixed when I graduated or what. It has me very antsy.
  6. Went ahead and did the NA CQ with Amakusa/Merlin/Waver/second Merlin because my Waver eventually died. Wasn't too difficult since the buffs were all removable meaning spamming Amakusa's NP worked wonders and took away a lot of the difficulty.
  7. So, I pulled all my tickets for Ishtar, got her ~43 tickets in, noticed I was one copy of the Amakusa CE away from MLB'ing it, pulled the remaining 7 tickets and got a second Ishtar. I also MLB Prisma Cosmos on my NA account so that's cool I guess. This CE really loves me for some reason, I have it MLB on both NA and JP... Also also, my first Volumen on my NA account! Finally!
  8. That's a nightmare? Because it'd be a step up from the Halloween welfare by virtue of existing, and it also sounds pretty hilarious.
  9. Starting with Santa Quetz's first run, Welfares get doubled EXP while their event is on (reruns included). Meaning you need only around 134 or so 4* embers to get them to 80. It's a good investment when that happens. There were a lot of mission events this year on JP as well. Prisma Codes rerun, SE.RA.PH rerun, Gudaguda 3 rerun, Case Files, Summer 4, and Saber Wars II, though the last one lacks a welfare.
  10. Meanwhile I can't get over Tokiomi running the mission list... That really caught me by surprise. What's he doing here IN SPACE? Are we gonna stab him in the back? Considering the Christmas events liked to joke about this.
  11. I'm pretty sure the main appeal of Ooku was the writing in the first half of it, I remember a lot of complaining about the Labyrinth of Loading screens part of it on Reddit back when the event was running. Granted they did patch the load times a bit over halfway through the event, and it gave a lot of basically free mats once you got past all the loading screens. Anyway, grailed Lanling to 100 and got him to 10/10/10 on JP. I'd been debating myself on who I should spend grails on on that account and that's who I decided on.
  12. On that topic, DW seemingly decided to deliberately annoy just about everyone with this announcement, specifically two things No welfare! The Voice actresses in the stream seemed so puzzled when that was mentioned... The only servant who boosts Artorium is OG Artoria. I wanna be hype for all the recent Ishtarin love but the no welfare announcement kinda killed the hype badly for me. Hopefully this gets made up for somehow, a new years welfare or something...
  13. It's the first time in three years I'll be able to pass out candy. The past two Halloweens, I was unfortunately busy during trick or treating time. It actually made a neighbor really upset, she called us Halloween poopers... Not a Halloween pooper this year though! I still have the costume I asked my grandma to make for the year before last that I never had the opportunity to wear back then. It's of Milly, from Dragon Quest VI. ...I doubt any of the children who come to my door will recognize it though. If any do, I'll be pretty pleasantly surprised.
  14. This isn't as nonsensical as it sounds. Since the best nodes for grinding events usually drop monuments but not pieces, most pieces you get will drop from grinding gems in dailies. Which if you're grinding 40 AP will often drop monuments instead. Monuments are ironically the easier one to surplus on.
  15. gDnvmY8.png

    It's both of their birthday today, so I drew this!

    I am bad at color sorry

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