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  1. So, I pulled all my tickets for Ishtar, got her ~43 tickets in, noticed I was one copy of the Amakusa CE away from MLB'ing it, pulled the remaining 7 tickets and got a second Ishtar. I also MLB Prisma Cosmos on my NA account so that's cool I guess. This CE really loves me for some reason, I have it MLB on both NA and JP... Also also, my first Volumen on my NA account! Finally!
  2. That's a nightmare? Because it'd be a step up from the Halloween welfare by virtue of existing, and it also sounds pretty hilarious.
  3. Starting with Santa Quetz's first run, Welfares get doubled EXP while their event is on (reruns included). Meaning you need only around 134 or so 4* embers to get them to 80. It's a good investment when that happens. There were a lot of mission events this year on JP as well. Prisma Codes rerun, SE.RA.PH rerun, Gudaguda 3 rerun, Case Files, Summer 4, and Saber Wars II, though the last one lacks a welfare.
  4. Meanwhile I can't get over Tokiomi running the mission list... That really caught me by surprise. What's he doing here IN SPACE? Are we gonna stab him in the back? Considering the Christmas events liked to joke about this.
  5. I'm pretty sure the main appeal of Ooku was the writing in the first half of it, I remember a lot of complaining about the Labyrinth of Loading screens part of it on Reddit back when the event was running. Granted they did patch the load times a bit over halfway through the event, and it gave a lot of basically free mats once you got past all the loading screens. Anyway, grailed Lanling to 100 and got him to 10/10/10 on JP. I'd been debating myself on who I should spend grails on on that account and that's who I decided on.
  6. On that topic, DW seemingly decided to deliberately annoy just about everyone with this announcement, specifically two things No welfare! The Voice actresses in the stream seemed so puzzled when that was mentioned... The only servant who boosts Artorium is OG Artoria. I wanna be hype for all the recent Ishtarin love but the no welfare announcement kinda killed the hype badly for me. Hopefully this gets made up for somehow, a new years welfare or something...
  7. It's the first time in three years I'll be able to pass out candy. The past two Halloweens, I was unfortunately busy during trick or treating time. It actually made a neighbor really upset, she called us Halloween poopers... Not a Halloween pooper this year though! I still have the costume I asked my grandma to make for the year before last that I never had the opportunity to wear back then. It's of Milly, from Dragon Quest VI. ...I doubt any of the children who come to my door will recognize it though. If any do, I'll be pretty pleasantly surprised.
  8. This isn't as nonsensical as it sounds. Since the best nodes for grinding events usually drop monuments but not pieces, most pieces you get will drop from grinding gems in dailies. Which if you're grinding 40 AP will often drop monuments instead. Monuments are ironically the easier one to surplus on.
  9. gDnvmY8.png

    It's both of their birthday today, so I drew this!

    I am bad at color sorry

  10. I guess real Mario RPGs are over then huh... until IS makes proper Paper Mario games again or some new series of Mario RPGs start being made. But both those seem a tad unlikely. Sad news 😞
  11. She's a permanent SR, just hope she spooks you or something. The only real reason to actually pull for her is if Sakura is your waifu, imo. The game is easy enough that pulling for gameplay isn't really worth it outside of like... Waver/Tamamo/Merlin/Skadi.
  12. Me: Finally! This Saber node I can't three turn is over! What did it change to? I hope it's Archers, I can three turn an Archer node easi-- Sees that it's Sabers again Me: 😕 Well, I guess that sucks. Curse you trip for making me miss so much of the node I could actually three turn.
  13. Mind explaining why the first node gave trouble? I was able to 3 turn it pretty easy with Sieg (MLB Imaginary Element), NP2 Achilles (Kscope), support Skadi and the Mage association uniform. Casters give extra NP when hit so it was pretty easy to get enough to get the Achilles to NP twice in a row for the last two waves. Edit: Thinking about it, anyone with a Waver (or Skadi of their own) would be able to use him to substitute any quick Rider for the Achilles if the plugsuit replaces Mage association uniform. Astolfo should work in place of Achilles even without the Waver.
  14. Why does the second Kuji node suck so much 😞 Seriously, the first one I managed to grind 52 boxes out of before I left on a weekend trip on Thursday, because it was so easy to three turn... Meanwhile this one I just can't find a good setup. Sabers so I can't bring Fionn, NP2 Atalanta can't oneshot the last wave, second wave has only two enemies, and a Jeanne in the last round as icing on the cake... and my only trained AoE Berserker on JP is a NP1 Lancelot. And I lack Skadi/Merlin/Waver/Reines/Helena of my own. I have Lanling, but Stingers so his second is only level 8. This honestly just killed all the motivation I had to grind this event. I want the caster node back.
  15. Can we just say all bronze mats are hell? DW just loves to inflate the amount needed to a crazy degree then only put 30 in event shops when they're present! There should be at least 60, and even that feels like not enough. Currently, I'm in Fang hell on NA and Proof and Stinger hell in JP... well, Gilfest will alleviate the proofs a bit, thankfully. But Lanling and Moriarty are really hungry for them stingers... Stingers...
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