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  1. It rotates https://grandorder.wiki/10M_Downloads_Campaign
  2. Did you mean to ping @Water Mage? I wasn't part of this conversation. I just decided to sacrifice one drop and bring my Enkidu.
  3. Dantes event didn't have a shop, it was basically just a series of challenge battles. As such, it honestly seems more like buying a trial quest for the time being. We'll see. Also 11 prisms for those doing Summer 3 a second time. Neat. Also RIP dupe command codes and my dream of having two of that one debuff clearing command code from Oniland.
  4. Iskandar: NP battery and crit buff on Tactics + increase the numbers a bit. He needs other stuff (something defensive...) to be truly good but part of me just wants to go all in on ATTACK MODE which his current kit is. NP battery and a crit buff are all he's really missing on that front. Maybe tack the Crit buff to Charisma instead. Lancer Diarmuid: Oh god where to begin. Fix skill 3 because it's a disaster. A quick buff at minimum, but in happy ideal world, give him something like Musashi's first skill. His biggest issue right now is he's a quick servant whose hitcounts suck, he could really use it, and he conveniently dual wields which is what the skill is meant to represent. Besides that... Love spot. Make it do something else, a Defense debuff so he can use it as a steroid maybe. A NP damage down to turn it into a mini Nightingale NP vs females. Idk. Something. Alexander: up Fair Youth success rate at level 10 to 100% and throw something else on it. I dunno what. Star bomb because his cuteness makes him sparkle? Astolfo: Quick buff on Monsterous strength so that it's less underwhelming, though honestly like Diarmuid what he really needs is improved hitcounts. Unlike Diarmuid, I can't think of a justification for a Musashi's first skill status. Maybe give him like a stupidly huge stargen/np gen buff such that he's getting way more out of the few hits he does get. It'd be kinda whack to do that though Jeanne: Please make True Name Discernment not bad. Knowing a true name is a much bigger advantage than a tiny NP strength down. Amakusa: Buff Revelation with, uh, something. Crit up maybe? idk. I like this guy and have him on both my accounts. Iri: Any of the following: targetted or teamwide debuff clear/immune, np gain up for herself, or teamwide def buff. Shiki has officially opened the floodgates of welfares being buffed. Let's give it to welfares that like, legitimately need it. This poor girl's been like, totally outclassed by snakeboi. It's fine to keep her defensive, but she could use more than just the heals. Kiritsugu: Part of me wants to say "buff magecraft to give him class advantage vs Casters." This is nice and lore accurate but... it doesn't actually address any of his actual problems. So I'd use his time magic to justify giving him a variant of Musashi's first skill that only works for Art cards. Double (maybe triple I don't feel like doing the math to figure out which would be more balanced) arts hitcount for 3 turns. Not broken because his base NP gain is trash and it doesn't make his Busters/quicks completely insane. Just makes his arts not garbage. TLDR: I love Musashi's first skill.
  5. RIP the hopes of a Guda4 part 2 banner. Also Babylonia spoiler Evil Ushi in an event requiring Fuyuki was... weird. Now to hope this isn't really the end and we get Nobukatsu next year...! And Mitsuhide and Maxwell's Demon! And Katsuie I guess...
  6. Accepted, though I don't play FEH so much anymore beyond maintaining my AR tier and autobattling TT/FB, so don't expect much change in my leader.
  7. Got my Wolt about 25 orbs in to my 80, +Res/-Def. Basically neutral, nice. Spent the rest hoping for some merges and got Myrrh spook (+Def/-HP) and swimsuit Lilina (neutral). I'd say that went pretty well!
  8. There's this guy on my FL with both level 100 Medusa Rider and level 100 Medusa Lancer. They have not put their CE up, and Medusa is one of two I still have yet to find (the other being Euryale). It's kinda frustrating. Edit: found Medusa and Euryale back to back. yay, everything is registered.
  9. Did my GSSR pull, it went well:
  10. I honestly don't really care that much at this point. Of the gachas I play I play this one by far the least for various reasons. I'll roll in hopes of at least one copy, then if I fail repeat what I did with VRoy and save save save. We know there'll be reruns and generally when, unlike with permanent units who can take ages to get banners and hoping for spooks being unreliable (Luke lol). Something like that anyway.
  11. I gave up on it being likely in the short term after the FE6 banner (which took two years) lacked him. I certainly didn't expect him to just randomly show up on a seasonal considering he's not exactly the most prominent character ever.
  12. I spent them on Bride Ninian because I am weak and wasn't caring too much about this game. I also 100% genuinely did not expect this to exist so there's that too.
  13. I'm being tagged literally all over Discord I've got 80 orbs. Gacha gods bless me.
  14. In My Room under Material, there's a thing labeled Spirit Origin List. There's a Servant list and a CE list in there. The only way to get the whole "seen" CE list filled out is to use a support of CEs you don't have, including other variants of portrait CEs that you did not pick, bond CE, etc. Basically, it's for the functional equivalent of Pokédex.
  15. Yep, I did. The ones that I've circled in the image are the ones I've found thus far. The only ones that still evade me are Lartoria non-Alter, Blackbeard, Hercules, Euryale, Penth, Quetz, Taiga, Medusa, and Vlad.
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