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  1. Sieg is so good. He loops with so little support needed. Definitely one of the better AoE welfares imo. People undersell him for the low attack sometimes but that doesn't stop him from being very useful in farm comps, sometimes even against non-Assassins. Mine on JP is currently like 90k bond away from 11 just because he's so key to my farm comps there.
  2. I've been considering grailing Sieg for a while, earlier today I remembered "Hm, he has double EXP right now. If I want to grail him, now would be the best time to do so. It's not like I'm doing anything else with those grails." #WorthIt, as someone who actually likes the guy.
  3. I could have sworn he could be killed off/not deployed in 4-E (you have to bring him into the tower but not into individual maps), but that's only the last five maps of the game.
  4. I only own three switch games besides SSB, and I'm assuming we're not including characters already in the game: DQXI: Uhhhh a monster I guess? Maybe a slime or something. Not sure how it'd work. DQB2: I guess the protagonist and Malroth working together, just one or the other wouldn't feel right. FETH: Claude I suppose.
  5. Because the unit you're attempting to heal isn't actively trying to get out of the way of being healed.
  6. I was around in 2015 and I forgot all about it, it's okay.
  7. Fates' story is pretty terrible. Fire Emblem has never been all that good at character balancing. Sophia and Wendy are the worst units in FE6 Having a horse > lacking a horse, unless you're Fiona I guess.
  8. One of the main complaints I've seen about Zelda I at least was the controls. Something that would most definitely would be fixed in a remake. As far as lack of direction goes, they can just add the Shiekah Stone hints like MM/OoT's 3DS remakes had. Edit: Also, a remake would probably update the translation. A lot of things that were cryptic in English made more sense in Japanese iirc since Japanese takes less characters to write out the same thought.
  9. Yeah the NES Zeldas never getting proper remakes is pretty odd. I imagine they could even remake both and sell it as a two in one deal in an effort to make it more enticing since they're pretty old games, or something... Zelda is like, the one big name franchise I can think of that never remade its oldest games.
  10. That's fair, I'm mostly just really frustrated that Lancer Diarmuid still has not been given a third skill (or in most situations, a second skill). I feel like the most of Zero crew aside from like Waver and maybe Gil could use the help to varying degrees, so. I feel like Saber Astolfo may have been intended for this event but got pushed up to Christmas for whatever reason. Though there's still room to have a surprise part II banner as Jeanne and Karna are mysteriously lacking in rate ups.
  11. Every collab rerun that gets strengthenings part of me becomes sadder nothing of the sort was done for the Zero rerun. Lancer Diarmuid and both Gilles still need strengthenings desperately, Iskandar still did when the rerun happened... Berserker Lancelot could also do with a NP interlude since he's currently pretty reliant on whale strats and np levels... That aside, good for my boy Amakusa getting a strengthening. It's... not really what he needed though. Amakusa's already really good at charging his NP as Baptism Rite is one of the best NP charge skills in the entire game in longer fights. I either would have given him a damage buff of some kind or (preferably, but this might seem too broken) given him a special buff to ignore unremovability of buffs for 1 turn.
  12. I'd like to see a Switch version of Dragon Quest IX. Main reason is a good chunk of the game is now inaccessible through official channels (there are fan run workarounds, but still). Dragon Quest IX's greatest strength was its postgame so it would be nice to access it officially again. Also because it could do with a prettiness upgrade and maybe some expansions on the characters.
  13. Honestly, even with the shifting mechanisms, the Divine Beasts were just generally way too small to really be interesting. It's a good idea in theory, but the game didn't use it nearly as well as it could have. The portions where you gain access to them are... okay I guess. I wasn't really talking about that when I was calling the dungeons sub-par though, since I don't consider it to be part of the dungeons themselves. As for the puzzle room-shrine comparison, the thing is the small puzzle rooms in past Zeldas weren't the majority of the dungeon content in the game. They were cute little extras, not the primary focus. Making them a primary focus really brings their weaknesses to the forefront.
  14. If you play Zelda primarily for dungeons, you honestly probably won't like this game as much. The Divine Beasts are all pretty sub-par. The shrines meanwhile have the issue of being far too short to properly develop their ideas. The primary strength of the game is all the sights to see, the exploration. If you're not enjoying that enough to stay with the game, it's probably not worth it really.
  15. From what I remember, stuff you could steal that enemies didn't automatically drop wasn't all interesting most of the time anyway. Not really necessary to beat the game. Matthew also has pretty high base speed, and FE7 enemies usually suck, so being underlevelled shouldn't be that much of an issue either, so long as you have a paladin or flyer grab him and run away after. If you're that worried about it, you could use the arena in Four Fanged Offense to grind him up I guess, but it's not really necessary.
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