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  1. Ah. If you ever need one, I have him NP2'd on JP and usually put Black Grail or event damage CE on him. In other news, a cute shota! I must pull. *300 quartz later* Darn, no 5* servants. I did NP2 the Berserker, and I got a dupe Parvati which I burned. Nothing else really interesting, oh well. EDIT: Well, I did one more 11 pull and got him. And NP3'd the Berserker in the meantime. Nice.
  2. By 15 mob, do you mean the fight right before Old Li? Because that's literally just a matter of grabbing a friend's Amakusa and letting him go nuts, since he basically nopes the entire gimmick of the fight because those buffs are removable for some reason.
  3. I think the main reason Gawain is commented on so much is he's the first real beef gate in the entire game, not so much that he's the hardest thing in it. Arjuna Alter is honestly one of the most bullshit fights in the entire game. His standard damage output is absolutely absurd (seeing him OHKO things with regular attacks isn't uncommon), he's completely immune to debuffs, and his final break effect buffs him with NP damage up and ignore invincible and fully charges his NP.
  4. Well, yeah, but even in Camelot difficulty tends to be concentrated around a few specific boss fights, and the fights where the difficulty is concentrated in modern content are generally just as or more difficult than what the difficult parts of Camelot throws at you. Surtr in Gotterdanmerung, just about every major boss in SIN, Arjuna Alter, etc are all waaaaaay harder than Ch 4 Gawain (the hardest thing Camelot has) is.
  5. Eh, I'd say most of the post part 1 chapters harder than Camelot, since break bars introduce quite a bit of difficulty. The only Camelot fight I'd say still competes with modern content is Gawain, maaaaaybe Mordred but she's really easy to just stall to death.
  6. Ugh, I am so torn rn I love Micaiah but Micaiah/Sothe is like, one of my least liked Fire Emblem ships. I'll probably end up skipping and continuing saving for those last three Wolt copies.
  7. If Demeter forced running Mash, I think I'd boil over with rage or something. She's frustrating enough as it is, what with the overpowered skills and annoying first break effect and the forced Caenis, and like Zeus its a fight where Mash has no use at all.
  8. ...He's not forced front:
  9. Oh. Out of curiosity, where'd that nickname come from? It seems pretty random. I did read about a meme about him begging Daybit for help on reddit recently but that doesn't seem like it'd be related and it's the only Wodime meme I can think of.
  10. ...Who's Toilet Paper?
  11. At the very least, of the three Rhongomyniads we have currently only regular Lartoria has Ignore Invincible, Lalter and Gray don't. So long as regular attacks aren't AoE, LB Mash can slightly contribute by soaking up some damage, like in the Arjuna Alter fight in LB4. But when all attacks hit your whole frontline regardless (Like Zeus) this strength is pretty useless.
  12. At least Roma could be thrown in the backline in favor of a more suitable damage dealer (and from what I remember you still get the normal damage to rulers buff if you do this). Mash has to be in the front, wasting that precious slot that could have gone to a real buffer. Regular Mash would have been amazing to have instead with her better NP gain via skill 3, skill based teamwide defense buff, and targetted invincible + battery. Honestly, I'd love the Zeus fight and it'd be one of my favorite boss fights in the game if it just didn't force LB Mash. The gimmick was legitimately cool, but Mash just made the whole thing much less fun.
  13. Yeah OG Mash is really good, but LB Mash... My heart kinda broke when I saw her "buff" in Olympus. Just make that skill targettable, that alone would have helped so much. A Defense ignore doesn't help when Mash isn't an offensive servant to begin with. It's even worse in the Zeus fight, where the one kind of useful thing LB Mash can do, have two taunts, is basically rendered utterly moot by the fact all the boss's attacks are AoE. And you can't even plugsuit her out because there's a fight specific Mystic Code. So she's just there, eating up space that could have gone to someone much more helpful, and likely dying slower than the more helpful non avengers you brought due to the story buffs to her defense. Why
  14. Spent three 10 rolls on Poster Girl and snagged one on the third. Now I can do more memes and help get rid of Mash without plugsuit when the game insists on bringing her with that defense buff and guts in Olympus.
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