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  1. The titl is misleading There is 0 rule 34 of her.
  2. Seriously like if you don't think that Petrine is sexy then like you need to reconsider what sexy is.
  3. When you have sexual fantasies about all of the female characters.
  4. international womens day shud be every day :-)
  5. Narga isn't playable tho lol (I haven't added Shadow Dragon's info on there yet, mostly because I haven't played it in a while and it'd probably end up just being like "everyone's shit except Shiida is ok and) I'm gonna move Cherche up a little bit. Just a little bit.
  6. wtf is up with Cherche like does everyone on SF get a hard on for her like omg i don't get it she used to be like middle of mid tier lol
  7. How do people eat pancakes like what the fuck. The main issue I have with it is that it's just so bland that after about 2 I just can't eat anymore. and this is like at Dennys and iHop and stuff like that like I'm supposed to be getting quality pancakes. Waffle master race.
  8. If it's a forum thing, then I probably either just wasn't here when it happened or I just forgot it lol and I don't wanna start the five years over again ;w;. That means I'll be 13 again >w<~
  9. For waifu list reasons, we are assuming that you are an outside third party with no correlation to the team whatsoever, so Morgan is ok Although I am still not convinced that Sully should be moved lower, I am convinced that Cherce should be moved up on the basis that she makes up for her shit personality by decent backstory. (and cooking <w<). Lucina may have PTSD, but it's nothing too much from her functioning as a person. It may create for awkward scenarios, but judging from her actions in-game and in supports, she still has a strong personality and is totally 100% waifu material. Wait fuck so does that mean that like every branded is like the product of bestiality oh shit. Although racism ain't ok, so I agree with at least lowering panne one tier, so Nailah is higher. As far as I'm aware, Marissa doesn't have any sexual feelings for Gerik, and sees him only as a chief. Unless I'm missing something, the position of husbando is still open for her. Open for you to take. Tharja for this, and other reasons that I didn't quote in this post, is being lowered. R.I.P. Tharja :( Hi :3 Never. ;-) When looking at a gourmet waffle, you should look for a variety of things. 1) Preparation of waffle. Is this going to be a microwave waffle, toasted waffle, or waffle cooked with mix? Much of my childhood was filled with toasted waffles. 2) Toppings in/on waffle. You must be aware of how any additional toppings will affect your product, and how they come out after preparation. 3) Style of waffle. Is it crunchy, is it chewy/ 4) Price efficiency. This is only really a factor when you have two very similar waffles. 5) Availibility in your area. 6) Nutritional Information. There's probably more, but those are the main six you should look at.
  10. 5 years (or I guess 5 years and 1 month) of shitposting brought to you by Nestling. Except I only did like 2 years of shitposting and 3 years of being afk but that's ok too.
  11. I created this avatar back when I joined some Guitar Hero forum when I was like 14 or so. It was a fad that everyone changed their avatars to "idunno, lol" with the face, so I was like "haha let us do the jimbles and space out of the world :-)" and I left the site after they told me that there was a 20 post per day limit. I got some decent scores on there tho and actually met people irl from that site. For some reason I refuse to change my avatar or my name. Which is funny because on most other sites I'll change it weekly considering I'm not doing a group avatar with someone else or if I really like an avatar.
  12. When in doubt, "This sux haha lol anybody who likes this is dumb" is usually pretty good when critiquing something.
  13. The main issue I have with Cherce is that I could buy a body pillow of her and it'd probably have the same personality as her. It's just incredibly bland, and I don't really feel a personal connection to her because she's just so pedestrian. It's a similar situation with Cordelia, where she'd be higher if she wasn't so bland. Sully's personality is so much more dynamic that it makes up for bad cooking. Bad cooking also creates sort of a dynamic environment where you as the senpai can help her cook and even though it turns out bad, you guys did it together, which is adorable as shit. I was going to post a picture of Rolf but the only picture I could find were really generic or really disturbing so no Rebecca also suffers from just bland goody-two-shoes personality. Even her description "A helpful girl from wherever" is just sort of eh. She's good wife material, but the lack of personality or anything else really redeeming doesn't make her waifu material.
  14. Tier listing is based on many factors including 1) Ability to perform Waifu duties (ie. Devote time to senpai, perform actions to support senpai, mutually love senpai, even if she doesn't always show it) 2) Physical Attractiveness 3) Sexual desire, stamina, and openness 4) Personality when with waifus, and when with other waifus. 5) Anything else that may factor in. Games included so far: All games released in USA (Not including Shadow Dragon. Yet.) NOTE: This only contains PLAYABLE characters. Does not include DLC characters, but does include characters obtained from side missions. Does not include characters playable after completing the game. Anna is based off of Fire Emblem: Awakening Anna. Discussion is open and welcomed Top Tier Lucina Nailah Panne Marisa Tharja High Tier Sully Vika Lyndis Cordelia L'Arachel Tiki Nephenee Lyre Lethe Anna Heather Mid-High Tier Tana Farina Nowi Kjelle Noire Lucia Mia Titania Tethys Lissa Sumia Lute Vaida Karla Severa Sanaki Tanith Vanessa Maribelle Serra Cherche Mid Tier Leanne Elincia Marcia Calill Priscilla Micaiah Cynthia Olivia Natasha Neimi Rebecca Mist Jill Fiora Sigrun Florina Ena Flavia Miriel Syrene Illyana Isadora Mid-Low Tier Louise Amelia Nah Laura Ninian Morgan (F) Nino Astrid Low Tier Myrrh Fiona Meg Tier Meg Explanations for my placement can be given upon request, and edits will be made based on relevant discussion if it so appears in the thread im not funny
  15. Shit. Is there any way I can get my current disk repaired?
  16. So I tried buying Radiant Dawn yesterday. I have the game, but the disk crashes at major cutscenes, so I have to buy a new one Cheapest I could find was about $70 Is this real life like wtf Is it like legendary or something
  17. It's like I'm looking through my old posts and like why did I choose to do what I did in my life like hwy
  18. If I knew who you were I might actually give a crap. But I don't :>.
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