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  1. I'm not sure wth just happened in this thread, so here's a video to hopefully pull it back on track.
  2. I think I've passed puberty. Like, I dunno, I've lost the desire to hump everything that has a hole! D:. Now I just don't feel the same! I feel. . . average D:.
  3. Ponies Ponies Ponies Ponies Ponies Ponies "Barack Obama - "I inhaled frequently" Ponies Ponies Ponies Ponies "You like Apple Cider, don't you, rainbow dash?" I think I'm starting to become a brony ;~;.
  4. If they like english dubs, then they haven't watched Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL's english dub >:3~.
  5. Puu.sh is moe, and not just because the dev of that also made osu!~. But I use Photobucket, since I'm too lazy to download puu.sh. Still better then Gyazo~.
  6. tahw eht lleh si gniog no ereh. . .
  7. EVERY DAY. WOMEN WEARING NOTHING BUT GOLDEN UNDERGARMENTS. Not sure weather this is a good thing or a bad thing. . .
  8. Nobody ever pays me in :gums: ;~;.
  9. I have a lot of family on Facebook, and I've pretty much everything I've learned from their Facebook is what I've learned from real life. I know that my aunt is kinda cool but kinda crazy, I already knew that two of my female cousins were pretty much parallels of my brother and I, I already knew that my younger cousin was kinda silly. In fact, if anything, opening myself to them on Facebook made them learn more about ME then I've learned about them. In fact, I think my intricate and long statuses were so wtf that my uncle actually deleted me off of Facebook (Although he deleted the rest of my family except for his son (but he deleted his daughter and her husband o-o) and his dad). I guess its impact depends on what kind of family you have. I've been lucky enough to have a family that isn't crazy, or at least doesn't show it on Facebook. My grandmother and grandfather were total badasses on Farmville, though. I wasn't annoyed by their game requests though, mostly because they only sent requests for games that I actually played, and I played Farmville with them until they quit (after they hit like, 105 on their individual accounts). But I've seen a few people who do post that extremist political/religious stuff, and I can imagine how much it would suck if it was someone that you know. I'm religious, but I've read the chain mail, and some of it is kinda motivational, but most of it is "boy u crazy"
  10. WHY IS THIS PICTURE SO BIG But anyways, it would be nice, just like how Fire Emblem went from handheld to console (in America) and it worked out fine (kinda). hurr durr maybre we can uese the wimmote to torw pokeballs if its on console lolol
  11. allright, nothing too controversial or crop here, just wondering. . . Has racism turned the tables against the last few decades? Have we been, instead of trying to reach equality, been reverting to racism, but in a completely different way? Here's what I'm talking about. A few things actually. First, schools. I'm a jazz bass trombonist / vocalist at school, and our jazz band was asked to perform at our Black Student Union's first "talent show" or something. Pretty much, it was about black history and how they have evolved or something. The show was boring and I learned nothing from it, but that's far from the point I'm trying to make. While there, I was thinking. . . isn't this a little silly? The fact that people are separating themselves based on race, when there was a huge fight not long ago just for equality? I'm not saying that we should disregard the successes that they have achieved, I'm just saying that it's silly how after such a long fight for equality, how we've kinda drifted from that. I guess the biggest thing is that there was no focus on culture, but rather on race. There is another club at our school called Asian Cultural Exchange. This is a club that lets EVERYONE join, and allows people to learn about Asian culture. You know, not the animu or the pocky or the adorable things that have been flooded into America, but rather the actual culture that the country has exhibited. The culture of an area that most of us have never been to. The club isn't just a group of asians doing things together, but rather a group of people learning about Asian culture, having a better understanding of the world. Now, if caucasians formed groups (Like, lets say, a German Student Union) like this, it would be considered racist. People would scream "Why can't the black man join? Why can't we be equal with you!" I'm not just saying like, KKK and stuff, because there was a pretty big reason why other weren't allowed in, but other groups that were probably just like BSU or other clubs, but with caucasian people. Now, if any other race makes a group, they're applauded and seen as heroes or something. Looking at it like this, it's silly. I'm not a white supremacist (nor am I caucasian), but isn't this kinda the opposite of the equality we strived for so much in the 60s? This gets even worse in college, in terms of scholarships, and even college choice. A friend of mine who is African American is suddenly getting a large amount of college offers, not just because he does well in school and is a pretty good euphonium player, but rather because he's African American. A lot of colleges that I see are deemed "black colleges", where only darker skinned groups are accepted. When I was doing college searches, I realized that there were also "hispanic colleges" or something close to that, which I could apply to because my mom is from Guatemala. Now, are there any schools for any other large race? Like, Asian colleges? Caucasian colleges? Anything? If we just spent hundreds of years trying to get rid of racial segregation, why are we now segregating education? More importantly, why is this not viewed in the same way? Why is it that certain groups are applauded for this kind of segregation while others are critisized for being racist? This is a poorly written argument, but tl;dr, what I'm saying is that the revolution and demand for equality has taken a huge turn. It seems like we've forgotten what equality is and just see things as "white ppl r racist." We've been ignoring the segregation that's been happening like it's nothing. I'm not saying that I hate any racial groups. I'm not saying that they don't deserve recognition. I'm saying that if we fought for equality, why do we not continue the fight. Why do we still separate on race? Even if we're not separating railroad cars or drinking fountains, why are we still separating ourselves based on the color of our skin? Why are my chances of going to college better just because I happened to be born hispanic and my smart friend happened to be born white? What ever happened to the huge race for equality that occured! Are we just going to persecute the white man for being an ass to other races, or are we going to be equal? I dunno, I don't like the way I wrote this, but it's all that I have. So, opinionate, critizise, call me retarded like the last time I tried posting in here, I dunno. I'm hoping that we don't all forget what "Serious Discussion" truly means.
  12. I have an amazing ass. It pops out and makes a statement, but it doesn't go too far to just overstate anything. It's fantastic.
  13. Allright, marching in Disneyland. First, I'm kinda pissed because our director said "Oh yeah it's going to be empty today!" It's full as hell. But that's not the explanation of my troubles. Nor the fact that I forgot underarmour under my uniform, so I looked silly. No, not that, but something much worse. We're marching in the parade. I'm on the end, nearest to the street, because I can. So we march. Now, we're not just marching. We're doing a little dance too, after we play our song. So we dance. Now, during this dance, we have to shake our ass. I had the benefit of my ass facing the crowd. Luckily for me, too, we pivot and do a 180 spin, so I can see the horrified faces of everyone who I just shoved my ass into. We did the dance about 5 times. Every time, right in close proximity of my ass, is a small child, staring intently into my hairy asshole. The parents laugh and laugh because I look silly, which was the intent, but I had to march the parade knowing that to 5 children, in the happiest place on earth, I brought the idea of shaking ass into their minds. They're probably at home right now, thinking about it, trying to get the picture out of their mind. They're probably going on google right now to look at this magnificent specimine, hoping to find some sort of solace to this craving of dat ass. All because of me. . . Also, I didn't get to ride Star Tours.
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