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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Not sure if it's news here or not, but the US and European servers will be getting Cross-Region servers shortly after the game's release. Good stuff.
  3. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  4. Yep, will definitely be getting this. Probably both versions, in fact, or rather my roommate and I will be splitting the cost of the Wii-U version.
  5. Snow is pretty awesome, though I've only seen it once. It doesnt get cold here very often, not even in winter, which is shit imo.
  6. Reganis

    FEE3 - 2012

    So, I've decided to completely change the story of my hack, as I felt the old plot was a bit boring. As a result, I won't have anything to show by the time FEE3 rolls around, so I'm withdrawing my submission.
  7. Furet is boss. His responses to that Galen Sage story and his posts in the Generic War thread are godlike. Furet for top tier.
  8. If were talking first taste then yeah, I was about 5, tasting dads beer. Didn't have a drink to myself until I was 12.
  9. Hey, chill bud, "girl drinks" are still good. Where I live, kryptonites and MITs are considered girl's drinks, yet I'd consider them to be 2 of my favorites. So tonight I've discovered Canadian Club. Really good shit. Y'all should try it
  10. First ever alcoholic beverage, I was 12, it was straight scotch and it was for my friends 18th
  11. Been winning beer pong all night! Highly recommend playing, its an awesome game. Kings cups pretty cool as well
  12. Hello again, thread that I always end up in after a night out. Have any of you tried a "cointreau bomb?" It may be called something different where you live. Up here, most people I know call it a "skittle bomb", despite the fact it tastes nothing like skittles, and most clubs call it a cointreau bomb. Except for this one place called Society, which calls it a "Society bomb." Despite the fact that almost every bar up here will serve this drink upon request, these guys seem to think its exclusive to their bar and insist on naming it after themselves, but I digress. Basically, the drink is just cointreau and mother, drunk the same way as a jagerbomb. Anybody else had one before? I'm quite fond of them, personally
  13. Pretty much just my favorites, Kingler Houndoom Aggron Jolteon Salamance Alakazam Maybe swap Kingler for Feraligatr, and Alakazam for Mewtwo. Honourable mention to Rhydon as well. I couldnt decide between Rhydon and Aggron so I flipped a coin.
  14. Heh, thats actually an urban legend? My brother told me that story years ago and I just assumed he'd made it up. Guan Yu was my favorite character though. My life is insignificant because my beard is not as epic as his
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