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  1. 11 1/2 years. That's how long this game has been in development, ever changing over the years. It originally started as a silly little fangame, based on one single dream I had for the Touhou series, about what mythological stuff from other countries haven't shown up yet in the series. This was back when I actually played a lot of Touhou, and was into Touhou a lot. Nowadays, I don't even deal with the series, or rather, I haven't dealt with it outside of Soku and this game for the past 4 years. The game was putrid trash, not having any real form of customized...well, anything. The character battle sprites and overworld sprites were the most I had, but the maps were absolute trash, and the battles were very bland and generic and boring. This game saw a lot of criticism for the terrible mapping and bland gameplay, especially on the old site known as Pooshlmer where it was frequently updated on. Eventually, after reaching the 50% mark of the game as I considered it (which is the Caves to Makai), I decided to finally go back after about a year or so of not working on the game to fix up maps, and that took up another part of a year to do that alongside fixing up old bosses. Afterwards, I FINALLY pushed myself forward after 2-3 years of not going beyond the 50% mark to actually get the game done. The game evolved and evolved, and it ended up a bit bloated with a lot of various quirks and whatnot with equipment, characters, and statuses. A bit of a "feature creep", as one may say, as I figured out more fun ways of doing coding due to DynRPG and its plugins. However, in the end, I believe this actually helps make the game a bit more unique and exciting from what it would've been otherwise. 11 1/2 years ago, I started a little fangame that took up hours upon hours of time, and got me connected to a few people here and there, some of whom I've lost contact with over the years, some of whom I still talk to to this day, if not very often. Some of whom were of massive help, whether it be with coding, graphics, or testing, some of whom were really big jerks. And some whom had promised to do things, but vanished and were never heard from again. Today, I have finally finished said game. After testing the final boss and the ending, it is all done. However, even though the game is "done", it's still not "DONE". How so? Well, so to speak, there's still quite a bit of testing and polishing left to do for the game, which requires more testrunning through the game for Blue Magic, different party configurations, equipment, treasures, enemies and bosses, and shops. So yes, the story may be done, all maps may be done, heck even as it is the game can be considered done, but I'm not done with it quite yet. If you, yes you, the ones that have helped with this game, are willing to help with more testrunning to help with polishing and finishing the game once and for all, please, lend me your aid one last time, so that I myself can finally finish this one single game. Who knows? Maybe after this game is done, I'll finally start my own original game. Maybe...though that may never happen as I am no graphic artist meaning no way for me to do original spriting and graphics. But only time can tell...only time can tell. For those who are willing to give it that try, here is the newest download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar New update to the game! Man, can't believe it's been 2 months since last one. This one fixes a bad cutscene error for Yuuka's story segment, in which after beating the final boss, it would loop to the start due to not setting a switch (this was due to the remapping of Mugenkan and moving the boss's event without its events properly). Other changes include the following: *Reimu: *Hakurei Amulet has been buffed in power: *Level 1: 80 > 160 healing. 4 MP > 8 MP. *LeVel 2: 200 > 300 healing. 8 MP > 16 MP. *Level 3: 340 > 540 healing. 12 MP > 24 MP. *Level 4: 620 > 900 healing. 16 MP > 32 MP. *Level 5: 940 > 1600 healing. 20 MP > 40 MP. *Level 6: 1280 > 2500 healing. 25 MP > 50 MP. *Yumemi: No longer has Bluff command. *Koishi *Subterranean Rose: *Level 1: No changes. *Level 2: 1000 power > 800 power. *Level 3: 1400 power > 1050 power. *Level 4: 1800 power > 1300 power. *Level 5: 2200 power > 1600 power. *Andvarinaut: Now only grants +1 Yen per step when equipped by Reimu, and grants Double Yen when equipped by Komachi. *All chests in Corpse Cave will no longer respawn upon opening them, giving one chance from the random chests. And that's that! I'm still working on final dungeon, only got 5 more bosses left to test and finish up, and then that's it for the game! Outside of other things like some optional stuff, crafting system (if it stays at all), etc. Getting closer and closer...but will it be done before the end of the year or before the 12th anniversary!? Who knows! \ o /
  3. Hm. Not a bad looking Nino at all! I see that you may still be taking requests, yes? Would it be possible for me to get a slot? I can wait a very, very long time, so no worries there (would probably have to go to PM to go into details about it though).
  4. So, I wish to discuss something here, and would like to get some opinions on the matter. What is everyone's opinion on the following two things? *There is an attack that hits very hard (at level 1, does 2000 Mystic-elemental damage to all enemies, at max level roughly 5000) but has 60% accuracy. *There is a weapon that gives the user 4x Attack, but has -50 Speed and 60% accuracy. Combined with an Auto-Berserk accessory, it can give roughly 3x normal damage, but due to 60% accuracy + accuracy loss from Berserk, hits don't hit as much. Plus it's Dark-elemental, which is the most commonly resisted element. Do you think that such things should exist in games at all? Or do you think they should be done away with and not used? I know that everyone has their own playstyle, and some would rather something like this not exist, either it being overpowered 90% of the time but useless 10% due to specific circumstances, or because of RNG, or whatever else. In other news, weapons are being heavily remodeled! Some weapons will outright disappear, and weapon shops may not even be around as much, but I think I'm liking how these are turning out!
  5. Almost 2 months later, and a new update! The game is nearing ever closer to completion, as the final dungeon is mapped out and ready to do eventing for! In addition to that, all characters (bar one skill on Hope) are done! The only real things left are to do the final dungeon/ending sequence, maybe update a couple more maps, and finish the crafting shop (if it's even needed). Oh, and getting battle sprites for Hope and Chaos. So close, everyone! =============================================== CHARACTERS =============================================== *Nue and Youki have both been dummied out of the game. Nue and Youki are only usable during the battlefield event during beta5 *Marisa: Master Thief has been removed. *Cirno: *Icicle Fall/Hailstorm: *Lv5: Power increased to 320. *Hailstorm Lv1: Power increased to 480. *Hailstorm Lv2: Power increased to 660. *Dark Side of the Moon: Blind: oo > Blind: 20. *Night Sparrow: Confuse: oo > Confuse: 20. *Blind Nightbird: 1200 power > 600 power. Confuse/Blind: oo > Confuse/Blind: 20. *Swarm of Bright Bugs: Poison: oo > Poison: 20. *Butterfly Storm: 1200 power > 600 power. Poison/Sleep: oo > Poison/Sleep: 20. *Fluster Escape: 750 power > 450 power. Paralyze: 50 > Paralyze: 20. *Ancient Duper: 1500 power > 900 power. No longer inflicts Berserk. Paralyze: oo > Paralyze: 20. *Little Devil: 1500 power > 600 power. *Momiji: *Lure: Inflicts Provoke: 30 to all enemies. Only usable when equipped with all Shields, bar Aegis/Svalinn. 45 MP. *Shield Aura: Grants Protect/Shell: 25 to Momiji. Only usable when equipped with Bane Shield or Hero's Shield. 45 MP. *Charge!: Grants Haste: 5 to the party, in addition to Bravery: 5 and Faith: 5. Only usable when equipped with Maple Shield or Hero's Shield. 8 MP. *Komachi: *Spirits of the Firm, Earthbound Souls, Spirit Amulet, Bondage Soul, Lazy Wandering Soul (originally Lazy Wandering Spirit), and Hatred Sign reduced from 10 levels to 6. *Level 1: ~345 base power, 20 MP, statuses last 20 turns. *Level 2: ~405 base power, 25 MP, statuses last 25 turns. *Level 3: ~465 base power, 30 MP, statuses last 30 turns. *Level 4: ~525 base power, 35 MP, statuses last 35 turns. *Level 5: ~585 base power, 40 MP, statuses last 40 turns. *Level 6: ~705 base power, 50 MP, statuses last 50/oo turns. *Hope: *Life Aura: Restores ~1100 HP and grants Absorb Damage: 10% to on eally. 42 MP. *Dispelga: Moved from default skillset to Pestilence's skillset. *Tetra Elemental: Replaces Meteor Blast. Grants Fire/Earth/Wind/Water -100% for 10 turns to one ally. 48 MP. *Threads of Fate: Replaces Mind Blast in Fate's skillset. Revives all KO'd allies to full HP, but KO's any allies alive at the cost of 50 MP. *Drain: 400 power > 700 power *Osmose: 20 power > 100 power *Fearsiphon: 38 MP > 8 MP. *Pain Focus: Sap: 45 > Sap: 25, MP Regen: 45 > Haste: 25. *Jealousy Grasp > Grudge: Grants Return Damage: 100% for 20 turns to one ally. 68 MP. *Soul Sphere: Grants Shell: 50 to the party. *Rinnosuke: Bribe has been removed. *Koishi: Blue Magic has been completed revamped. *Nue: Morph has been removed. *Tewi: Bribe has been removed. =============================================== ENEMIES/BOSSES =============================================== *Magic Book: Now only has Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Aero, Drain, and Quake. *Frozen Sap: No longer uses Mighty Guard. *Protostar is now weak to Wind, halves Dark/Holy, and takes normal damage from Fire/Ice/Thunder/Water. *Chaos no longer has Ruin or Galaxy Stop. Chaos will now use Bomb Charge > Megaflare/Gigaflare/Teraflare/Exaflare > Black Hole. *Fate now uses Barrier Shift every 20 turns. =============================================== SYSTEM =============================================== *All data related to Bribe and Morph has been removed. Download link here!: http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar I'm slacking a bit here and there, eh? =============================================== CHARACTERS =============================================== *Sanae: *Can now equip the Demon Charm. =============================================== ENEMIES/BOSSES =============================================== *Sara's 40% resist to Instant Death is now immunity to Instant Death. *Mirror Hope's Speed reduced from 125 to 60. Can no longer use Haste, Bravery, Protect, Faith, Regen, Mind Blast, or Cura. Now mirrors what mode Hope is in. Mirror Hope now gains Angelsong, Wall, and Fairy Circle. *Gloom's Speed reduced from 110 to 60. =============================================== EQUIPMENT =============================================== *Night Goggles and Enchanted Choker reduced from 4000 yen to 2000 yen. *Defense Pendalum reduced from 5000 yen to 3500 yen. =============================================== SYSTEM =============================================== *All status animations fixed, save for characters without proper status animations for some statuses. *Row has been removed from the game. Make a backup of RPG_RT.exe just in case any bugs occur! Outside of that, not much has happened. Been busy playing a lot of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and just procrastinating. I have all the dialogue written up, including the ending and credits stuff, just have to put it all into the game. Following that is just touching up on events/bosses, and then finally adding in more sidequests. Now, here is where I am asking for help: As you probably have seen, Hope has a couple sprites done by Graphicus; her idle animation, and her skill use animation. However, I am still missing animations for her to be complete for the game (Walk Left, Walk Right, Defend (I may have this one already though??), Dead, Use Item, Damaged, Attack, Victory. Other extras may be things like Confusion, Petrify, etc.). On top of that, I also need to get Chaos some sprites. So, is there anyone willing to try to help finish sprites for the game? It's honestly not very many animations/sprites. In fact, this is about how many there are in the game total: Note: The sprites are sized down versions of the original. If the sprites are done, they'd need to be of the original sprite sizes that I use that's not on the sheet. This is done so they can be resized down properly, and the sprites may be reused elsewhere at some point too). These are examples of what would be needed for both. For reference, here's what's shown on Marisa's spritesheets. 1) Idle, KO, Defend, Damaged, Walk Right 2) Attack 3) Skill Use, Item Use 4) Victory The amount of sprites per spritesheet is 25 max. The frames don't need to be that long either. Now, you may be wondering, what about compensation? Sadly, I cannot gift nor pay anything to anyone, so it would have to be for the sake of wanting to help or just to be nice. Which would be very, very welcomed to help finish this nearly 11-year old game off once and for all. Thank you all, and hope the game turns out to be something worth the 11 years of work!
  7. New update: http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar This does enable you to go to almost the end of the game. However, it is not 100% tested and whatnot. In any event, here's the updates: =============================================== CHARACTERS =============================================== *Momiji: *Clairvoyance: No longer doubles Momiji's PBlock/MBlock values. Now increases PBlock/MBlock by +30%. 80 MP > 45 MP. *Nitori: *Water Carpet: No longer increases Water-elemental resistance. *Level 1: Restores 5 MP. Grants Replenish MP and Absorb Damage: 10%. *Level 2: Restores 10 MP. Grants Replenish MP and Absorb Damage: 10%. *Level 3: Restores 15 MP. Grants Replenish MP and Absorb Damage: 10%. *Level 4: Restores 20 MP. Grants Replenish MP and Absorb Damage: 10%. *Level 5: Restores 25 MP. Grants Replenish MP and Absorb Damage: 10%. *Level 6: Restores 30 MP. Grants Replenish MP and Absorb Damage: 10%. *Level 7: Restores 35 MP. Grants Replenish MP and Absorb Damage: 10%. *Level 8: Restores 40 MP. Grants Replenish MP and Absorb Damage: 10%. *Youmu: *Focus: Now has a level 2 (increases Focus counter by +2) and level 3 (increases Focus counter by +3) when equipped with specific equipment (Raven Armor and Spirit's Vest for level 2. Funeral Gown and Wigar for level 3). *Byakuren: *Cloudy Way in Purple: No longer increases the party's Ice-elemental resistance. *Level 1: Blink: 10, Auto-Esuna: 10 to one. *Level 2: Blink: 15, Auto-Esuna: 20 to one. *Level 3: Blink: 20, Auto-Esuna: 30 to one. *Level 4: Blink: 25, Auto-Esuna: 40 to one. *Level 5: Blink: 30, Auto-Esuna: 50 to one. *Level 6: Blink: 35, Auto-Esuna: 60 to one. *Star Sword Apologetics: No longer reduces all resistances on all enemies. Now grants Doublecast: 10 to the party. 50% Max MP > 80 MP. *Hope: *Fate's skillset (Hellfire, Aurroa Freeze, Skygate, Meteor Blast, Aerial Slash) now deal 800 base damage instead of 500 base damage. *Suwako: *Seven Stones: *Level 1: Increases the party's healing potency by 10% for 30 turns. 10 MP. *Level 2: Increases the party's healing potency by 15% for 30 turns. 22 MP. *Level 3: Increases the party's healing potency by 20% for 30 turns. 34 MP. *Level 4: Increases the party's healing potency by 25% for 30 turns. 46 MP. *Level 5: Increases the party's healing potency by 30% for 30 turns. 58 MP. *Utsuho: *Fixed Star: No longer reduces one enemy's Fire resistance. *Level 1: Inflicts a fixed 1111 Fire-elemental physical damage and Sap: 25 to one target. x2 damage vs. Plants. 48 MP. *Level 2: Inflicts a fixed 2222 Fire-elemental physical damage and Sap: 25 to one target. x2 damage vs. Plants. 82 MP. *Level 3: Inflicts a fixed 3333 Fire-elemental physical damage and Sap: 25 to one target. x2 damage vs. Plants. 125 MP. *Level 4: Inflicts a fixed 4444 Fire-elemental physical damage and Sap: 25 to one target. x2 damage vs. Plants. 164 MP. *Ten Evil Stars: No longer reduces all enemies Fire resistance. *Level 1: Inflicts 400 Fire-elemental physical damage, Lock: 20, and Sap: 25 to all enemies. x2 damage vs. Plants. 12 MP > 33 MP. *Level 2: Inflicts 800 Fire-elemental physical damage, Lock: 20, and Sap: 25 to all enemies. x2 damage vs. Plants. 24 MP > 50 MP. *Level 3: Inflicts 1200 Fire-elemental physical damage, Lock: 20, and Sap: 25 to all enemies. x2 damage vs. Plants. 36 MP > 64 MP. *Level 4: Inflicts 1600 Fire-elemental physical damage, Lock: 20, and Sap: 25 to all enemies. x2 damage vs. Plants. 48 MP > 80 MP. *Minoriko: *Autumn Sky: No longer increases Physical/Magic resist to the party. Now grants NulPhysical: 10 and NulMagic: 10 to one ally. 100 MP > 58 MP. *Hina: *Misfortune's Wheel: No longer lowers one enemy's ATK/DEF/MAG by 20. Now inflicts Disable: 20, Silence: 25, Lock: 25, and Fear: 25 to one enemy. 20 MP > 32 MP. *Cursed Field: No longer reduces all enemies' elemental resists. Now grants Return Damage: 25% and Absorb Damage: 25% to the party. 38 MP> 57 MP. *Iku: *Dragon Fish's Wrath: No longer increases non-elemental resists. Now grants Return Damage: 25% to self. 40 MP > 22 MP. *Elekiter Dragon Palace: No longer increases non-elemental resists to the party. Now grants Return Damage: 10% to the party. *Pearl of the Five-Clawed Dragon: No longer reduces all enemies' non-elemental resists. Reduces Fire/Earth/Wind/Water damage by 100% for 10 turns to the party. 68 MP > 40 MP. *Letty: *White Album: No longer increases Defense by +50 to Letty. Now grants Absorb Damage: 25% to one ally. 40 MP > 18 MP. *Lingering Cold: No longer reduces all enemies' ATK/DEF/MAG by 50. Inflicts Slow: 20 to the enemy party. 45 MP > 30 MP. *Tewi: *Great Fortune Crest: No longer reduces all resistances to all enemies. 50 MP > 20 MP. *Mima: *Wild Phantom Spirit: No longer reduces Ghost resist and inflicts Berserk: oo to one target. Now grants Doublecast: 5 to one ally. 22 MP > 14 MP.
  8. New update here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar Quite a bit got changed around, and for the better I think. Mostly dealing with characters and the like, but a LOT of music cut out, as you guys already know. Now you too can see what music got axed out! With this, that leaves Suwako's Seven Stones and secondary command, Utsuho's Fixed Star and Ten Evil Stars, Nitori's Water Carpet, and Byakuren's Cloudy Way in Purple and Star Sword Apologetics left to update (and maybe add a couple new things to Momiji such as Demi Blade, Decoy, Shield Aura, and Avalon). Remilia is not going to get the Millennium Vampire skill, I was thinking about it and she probably doesn't need it with the updates she got. Komachi I'm not sure if she needs anything new, and both Hope/Koishi are going to take a lot to update. =============================================== CHARACTERS =============================================== *Reimu: *Fantasy Orb/Seal/Heaven: Now deals x2 damage vs. Youkai. *Youkai Buster: No longer Holy-elemental. *Spread Amulet: No longer attempts to reduce all enemies' Holy-elemental resistances. Deals damage only to Undead enemies, does no damage to any other enemies.. *Level 1: 200 base power. 2 MP > 8 MP. *Level 2: 300 base power. 4 MP > 14 MP. *Level 3: 400 base power. 6 MP > 20 MP. *Level 4: 500 base power. 8 MP > 26 MP. *Level 5: 600 base power. 10 MP > 32 MP. *Level 6: 700 base power. 12 MP > 38 MP. *Level 7: 800 base power. 14 MP > 44 MP. *Level 8: 900 base power. 16 MP > 50 MP. *Level 9: 1000 base power. 18 MP > 56 MP. *Level 10: 1200 base power. 20 MP > 62 MP. Marisa: *Grand Stardust No longer attempts to reduce one enemy's Magic resistance. Now grants buffs to one ally. *Level 1: Faith: 5, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 2 MP > 10 MP. *Level 2: Faith: 10, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 6 MP > 14 MP. *Level 3: Faith: 15, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 10 MP > 18 MP. *Level 4: Faith: 20, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 14 MP > 22 MP. *Level 5: Faith: 25, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 18 MP > 26 MP. *Level 6: Faith: 30, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 22 MP > 30 MP. *Level 7: Faith: 35, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 26 MP > 34 MP. *Level 8: Faith: 40, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 30 MP > 38 MP. *Level 9: Faith: 45, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 34 MP > 42 MP. *Level 10: Faith: 50, Shell: 10, MBlock +10%: 50. 38 MP > 46 MP. *Cirno: *Icicle Fall/Hailstorm, Cold Divinity, Night Sparrow/Blind Nightbird, and Fluster Escape/Ancient Duper are now physical. Diamond Blizzard, Dark Side of the Moon/Eternal Darkness, Swarm of Bright Bugs/Butterfly Storm, Little Devil/Dual Core, Diamond Dust, and Dragon Envoy are now magic. *EYE'M THE STRONGEST!!: *Level 1: Regain 1 MP every turn for 20 turns. 5 MP. *Level 2: Enables Icicle Machine Gun for 50 turns. 15 MP. *Level 3: Enables Freeze Atmospherefor 50 turns. 24 MP. *Level 4: Regain 5 MP every turn for 20 turns. 45 MP. *Level 5: Enables Freeze Blood for 50 turns. 58 MP. *Level 6: Enables Insta-Freeze Beam for 50 turns. 72 MP. *Level 7: Regain 10 MP every turn for 20 turns. 80 MP. *Level 8: Enables Death Freeze for 50 turns. 88 MP. *Level 9: Enables -500 Degrees for 50 turns. 99 MP. *Phoenix Spread Wings: No longer grants Regen/Blink: 50 turns. Now grants Shell: 25 turns. *New skills due to EYE'M THE STRONGEST!: *Icicle Machine Gun: Requires EYE'M THE STRONGEST! Lv2 or greater. 200 base power, Ice-elemental physical damage to one, Freeze: 5, Deprotect: 25, 14 MP. *Freeze Atmosphere: Requires EYE'M THE STRONGEST! Lv3 or greater. Grants NulHeat/Freeze: 30 and NulFire/Ice: 10 to the party. 16 MP. *Freeze Blood: Requires EYE'M THE STRONGEST! Lv5 or greater. Inflicts Instant Death and Lock: 10 to one enemy. 28 MP. *Insta-Freeze Beam: Requires EYE'M THE STRONGEST! Lv6 or greater. 800 base power, Ice-elemental magic damage to one enemy, inflicts Freeze: 5, Slow: 15, and Sap: 15. Ignores Defense. 37 MP. *Death Freeze: Requires EYE'M THE STRONGEST! Lv8 or greater. Inflicts Instant Death and Lock: 10 to all enemies. 74 MP. *-500 Degrees: Requires EYE'M THE STRONGEST! Lv9. 1400 base power, Ice-elemental magic damage to all enemies, inflicts Slow: 25, Stop: 10, and Sap: 25. Ignores Defense. 68 MP. *Meiling: *Glorious Morning Star: No longer reduces physical resistances at 80% chance. Now deals non-elemental magic damage, as well as Debrave/Deprotect/Defaith: 15 turns at level 1, up to 30 turns at max level. Deals x2 damage to Fairies *Level 1: 200 base power. 10 MP > 14 MP. *Level 2: 350 base power. 20 MP > 22 MP. *Level 3: 500 base power. 30 MP > 30 MP. *Level 4: 800 base power. 60 MP > 39 MP. *Reisen: *Lunatic Red Eyes: No longer reduces all enemies' ATK/DEF/MAG by 50 at a 70% chance for 110 MP. Now inflicts all Lv4 debuffs (20 turns) to all enemies at 150 MP. *Youmu: *Soul Cutting Sword: Now starts at 40% chance, to a maximum of 85% chance. MP costs adjusted, starting at 8 MP and increasing +4 MP per level up, to a maximum of 44 MP at level 10. *Wicked Soul: No longer reduces one enemy's Ghost resistance. Now targets just Youmu. *Level 1: Blink: 10, Haste: 5. 12 MP. *Level 2: Blink: 15, Haste: 10. 22 MP. *Level 3: Blink: 20, Haste: 15. 36 MP. *Level 4: Blink: 25, Haste: 20. 52 MP. *Weird Half-Body: No longer reduces all enemies Ghost resistance. Will only harm the specified types, does no damage to any other enemies. *Level 1: 400 base damage, Undead. 20 MP. *Level 2: 600 base damage, Undead/Fairy. 36 MP. *Level 3: 800 base damage, Undead/Fairy/Dragon. 52 MP. *Level 4: 1000 base damage, Undead/Fairy/Dragon/Human. 68 MP. *Dharma of Jumonji and Double Pain swapped slots in the Stances. *Komachi: *Breath of Dying: Now starts at 55% chance, to a maximum of 100% chance. MP costs adjusted, starting at 8 MP and increasing +8 MP per level up, to a maximum of 80 MP at level 10. *Soulsplitting Scythe: Now starts at 35% chance, to a maximum of 80% chance. *Yuuka: *Crackdown: No longer has a 10% chance to deal 9999 damage. Now deals non-elemental physical damage equal to Yuuka's ATK/2 + Yuuka's MAG/4, and deals x2 damage vs. all races. In addition, inflicts Resist: 30 to the target. 35 MP > 50 MP. *Remilia: *Demon Lord Walk: No longer Dark-elemental. *Demon Lord Arrow/Ceiling Fear: No longer Dark-elemental. *Hope: *Fairy Circle: No longer heals 30% Max HP to the party. Now heals HP to the party equal to half of Hope's current HP. *Sanae: *Omikuji Bomb: Renamed Great Misfortune/Misfortune/Fortune/Great Fortune. Grants Regen: 20 on all levels, with a 10% base chance to fully heal target. *Level 1: 100 base power > 250 base power. *Level 2: 200 base power > 500 base power. *Level 3: 400 base power > 750 base power. *Level 4: 600 base power > 1000 base power. 16 MP > 18 MP. *Level 5: 800 base power > 1250 base power. 22 MP > 26 MP. *Level 6: 1200 base power > 1500 base power. No longer cures debuffs. 30 MP > 36 MP. *Level 7: 1600 base power > 1750 base power. No longer cures debuffs. 38 MP > 48 MP. *Level 8: No longer cures debuffs. 46 MP > 62 MP. *Divine Lottery: *Level 1: Restores 20% Max HP + 50 HP to the party. 12 MP > 65 MP. *Level 2: Restores 25% Max HP + 100 HP to the party. 20 MP > 80 MP. *Level 3: Restores 30% Max HP + 200 HP to the party. 36 MP > 95 MP. *Level 4: Restores 35% Max HP + 250 HP to the party. 50 MP > 110 MP. *Level 5: Restores 40% Max HP + 350 HP to the party. 64 MP > 125 MP. *Cobalt Spread: No longer grants Absorb Resist Up. *Level 1: -20% Fire/Earth/Wind/Water damage for 50 turns. 12 MP > 8 MP. *Level 2: -25% Fire/Earth/Wind/Water damage for 50 turns. 16 MP > 14 MP. *Level 3: -30% Fire/Earth/Wind/Water damage for 50 turns. 20 MP > 20 MP. *Level 4: -35% Fire/Earth/Wind/Water damage for 50 turns. 24 MP > 28 MP. *Omikuji+ passive now implemented, adds +10% to full heal rate of Omikuji Bomb. At a later date, may affect Max HP recovery of Divine Lottery. *Nazrin: *Gold Rush: Now inflicts Protect/Shell: 50 and NulStatus: 30 to one ally. =============================================== EQUIPMENT =============================================== *Spread Scroll: *Level 1: 50 yen > 400 yen *Level 2: 150 yen > 1450 yen *Level 3: 450 yen > 3800 yen *Level 4: 1000 yen > 5000 yen *Level 5: 0 yen > 8150 yen *Level 6: 0 yen > 9900 yen *Level 7: 0 yen > 11500 yen *Level 8: 0 yen > 14250 yen *Level 9: 0 yen > 18700 yen *Level 10: 0 yen > 22600 yen *Atai Scroll: *Level 2: 200 yen > 1000 yen *Level 3: 400 yen > 2000 yen *Level 4: 800 yen > 4000 yen *Level 5: 1600 yen > 6000 yen *Level 6: 3200 yen > 8000 yen *Level 7: 6400 yen > 12000 yen *Level 8: 12800 yen > 24000 yen *Level 9: 25600 yen > 48000 yen *Morning Scroll: *Level 1: 3000 yen > 2500 yen *Level 2: 6000 yen > 5000 yen *Level 3: 12000 yen > 7500 yen *Level 4: 24000 yen > 15000 yen =============================================== SYSTEM =============================================== *The following themes have been removed: Rika's Boss Theme, Sariel's final two themes, Maribel/Renko's Boss Theme, Shou's Boss Theme, Medicine's Boss Theme, Rin's Boss Theme, Flandre's Boss Theme, Yuugi's Boss Theme, Rumia's Boss Theme, Mystia's Boss Theme, Louise's Boss Theme, Yuki/Mai's Boss Themes, Eirin's Boss Theme, Mamizou's Boss Theme, Futo's Boss Theme, Seiga's Boss Theme, Kyouko's Boss Theme, Yoshika's Boss Theme, The Three Fairies Boss Themes, Shikieiki's Boss Theme, Rikako's Boss Theme, Gengetsu's Boss Theme, Yamame's Boss Theme, EX Tenshi's Boss Theme, Parsee's Boss Theme, Ran's Boss Theme, Prismriver Sister's Boss Theme, Kana's Boss Theme, PC-98 Yuuka's Boss Theme, Young Alice's Boss Theme, Elis's/Kikuri's Boss Theme, Satori's Boss Theme, PC-98 Marisa's Boss Theme, Kanako's Boss Theme, Yuyuko's Boss Theme, Saigyou Yuyuko's Boss Theme, Byakuren's Boss Theme, Suika's Boss Theme, Miko's Boss Theme, Kasen's Boss Theme. Human Village's theme, Inferno's theme, Myouren Temple Graveyard theme, Mushroom Groove's Theme, Limestone Cavern's Theme, Reimu's Psyche Theme, Palanquin Ship's Theme, Ruins of Vina's Theme, Remains of Hell (2nd part) Theme, Dimensional Tear Theme, Pandaemonium-R Theme, Pathway to the Moon's Theme, Gapland's Theme, Youkai Mountain (Moriya Shrine half)'s Theme, Remains of Hell (Extended Music) Theme, Bamboo Forest's Theme, Forest of Magic's Theme, Winter Forest's Theme, Kappa Cave's Theme, Lunarian Palace's Theme, Cave to Pandaemonium's Theme, Alice's House Theme, Maribel's Theme, Final Sariel's Theme, Final Kaguya's Theme, Final Konngara's Theme, Yorihime's Battle Theme, Iku's Battle Theme, Final Tenshi's Theme, Wonderland's Theme, Great Mausoleum's Theme, Bhava-Agra's Theme, Sea of Cloud's Theme.
  9. 168 for main game + 276 MB for vanilla music = 444 MB overall. +68 MB on top of that = 512 MB total. That's how big my game currently is. Yes, I cut out a LOT of music. I currently have 105 tracks in the game, cut down from a whopping 180-200 tracks. Is this more acceptable than the 1 GB monstrosity the game used to be? lol Outside of that...still working on cutscenes for the game and the like, nothing too major. I just really, REALLY wanted to get the music cut down finally, and took the time to sit down and see what really needed to go. ^^;
  10. Nope! I'm not dead folks! Just been silently working on this after LPing Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for a month is all! =============================================== CHARACTERS =============================================== *Nitori: *Speed Drink: No longer can be used on the entire party or all enemies in Mirror Items mode. *Yuuka: *Flower Shooting: *Level 1: 1000 base power > 850 base power *Level 2: 1150 base power > 950 base power *Level 3: 1300 base power > 1050 base power *Level 4: 1450 base power > 1150 base power *Level 5: 1600 base power > 1300 base power *Level 6: 1750 base power > 1450 base power *Level 7: 1900 base power > 1600 base power *Level 8: 2150 base power > 1750 base power *Level 9: 2300 base power > 1900 base power *Level 10: 2450 base power > 2050 base power *Dual Spark: Now has 60% accuracy on all levels. *Trinity Spark: Now has 50% accuracy. *Envenom is now obtained after defeating Kurumi. *Intimidate is now obtained after defeating Meira. *Mokou: *Sacrifice: No longer kills Mokou on any level. Mokou is no longer healed by the ability. All levels will now remove Mokou. Level 2 now restores all HP and restores MP to the party equal to 1/3rd of Mokou's current MP. *Remilia: *Vampire Claw now actually does damage to non-Humans, thanks to fixed coding. *Utsuho: *Hell Geyser: *Level 1: 300 base power > 700 base power. *Level 2: 500 base power > 840 base power. *Level 3: 700 base power > 980 base power. *Level 4: 1000 base power > 1260 base power. *Level 5: 1500 base power > 1680 base power. *Level 6: 2100 base power > 2240 base power. *Abyss Nova: Now requires 50% Max MP instead of 100% Max MP. *Koishi: *Mighty Guard: No longer grants Haste/Protect/Regen/MP Regen/Blink: 50. Now grants Protect/Shell: 50. =============================================== ENEMIES/BOSSES =============================================== *Chen now drops Crescent Scroll Lv3 instead of a 1-Up. Chen now has Frog Scroll Lv2 to steal instead of Apple Gel. *Ran now drops Serpent Scroll Lv4 instead of a Boundary Barrier. Ran now has Illusion Laser Lv4 (20%) to steal instead of Spell Charm (5%). *Mokou now drops Gale Scroll Lv4 instead of a Phoenix Feather. *Donation Box now drops Binding Scroll Lv5 at a 10% chance. Donation Box now has a 90% chance to steal yen and a 10% chance to steal Aura Scroll Lv2. *Parsee (final) in Remains of Hell now has Flametongue Scroll Lv3 (40%) to steal instead of Healing Potion (50%). *Kisume (final) now has Icebrand Scroll Lv3 (40%) to steal instead of Rain Plant (50%). *Tenshi (final) in Remains of Hell now has Thunder Scroll Lv3 (40%) to steal instead of Angel's Prayer (50%). *Culex now has 20,480 HP instead of 4096 HP. *Hades' Steal increased from 2% to 15%. Steal now changed to Running Shoes instead of Hermes Sandals. *Gravity, Gravira, Graviga, and Gravija renamed to Demi, Demira, Demiga, and Demija. *Iron Golem now has 100% Magic resist instead of 200% Magic weakness. *Kurumi went from 8000 HP to 16,000 HP. Kurumi now gives 5500 EXP. *Meira went from 9000 HP to 12,000 HP. Meira now gives 8000 EXP. *Elly went from 10,000 HP to 13,000 HP. Elly now gives 9000 HP. *Kana now gives 17,000 EXP. *Gaia Toad replaced by Exploder. Phantom replaced by Haunted Armor. *Alice boss fight in Pandaemonium has been updated. Alice's elemental resists are set to normal (bar Poison), Defense Doll's resists are all set to normal. Alice now only uses Little Legion 40 turns after all three Defense Dolls are dead. *Blue Oni now takes 50% damage from Poison instead of being immune. *Alice during Iku's scenario no longer will use Summon Defense Doll once every 60 turns unless the Defense Doll is dead. All Dolls now take 50% damage from Poison. Resists have been fixed on all dolls to make them more bearable to fight. *Order's Law Change now states what the laws do when they're used. If the message doesn't appear, the Law is the same as when used previously. =============================================== EQUIPMENT =============================================== *All of Marisa's weapons no longer give speed bonuses. Nimbus 3000 now gives +20 speed instead of +30 speed. *Precieuse: Now has First Strike. *Oni's Gourd: Changed to ATK +50. *Oni's Horn: Changed to ATK +100. 4000 yen > 5000 yen. *Oni's Rage: Changed to ATK +200. *Defense Seal: 1500 yen > 2000 yen. *Defense Pendalum: 4000 yen > 5000 yen. *Running Shoes: New accessory. Grants +40 Speed, and replaces all instances of where Hermes Sandals used to be. *Rapid Claw set to 60% accuracy instead of 80%. Rapid Claw now only attacks 4 times instead of 6. *Claws: Critical bonus reduced from 17% to 5%. *Griffin Claw: Critical bonus reduced from 13% to 3%. *Typhoon Claw: Critical bonus reduced from 14% to 5%. *Silence Claw: Critical bonus reduced from 12% to 3%. =============================================== MAP =============================================== *Opening Scroll Lv4, Fireball Scroll Lv1, and Condensed Scroll Lv1 added in Remains of Hell. *Sun Scroll Lv2 can now be found in area after Palace of Earth Spirits. *Opening Scroll Lv4 and Sky Scroll Lv3 can now be found in Poltergeist Mansion. *Cold Scroll Lv3 now found in Road of Reconsideration. *Blizzard Scroll Lv4 now found in Misty Lake after defeating Adrammalech. *If Marisa has Orrery's Universe Lv1 learned or the player has Universe Scroll Lv1 in their inventory, then the chest in SDM (after defeating Kraken) will have Sun Stone x4. Otherwise, it will have Universe Scroll Lv1. *Private Scroll Lv1, Chime Scroll Lv2, Spring Scroll Lv5, Blade Scroll Lv1, and Star Sword Scroll Lv5 can be found in SDM basement (after defeating Culex). *Rabite's Foot can now be bought at Tengu Village. *Running Shoes can now be bought at Pandaemonium. *The pots that gave EXP in Yuuka's scenario have been removed. *Icicle Caverns and the inside of Tengu Village shops have been remapped. *Cave to Pandaemonium reduced from 93 maps to 3 maps. *Cave to Makai has a map completely removed between the main central hub area with the red bats and the save point area, as well as a teleporter by the save point of the Lunatic Path. This may be moved to the switches themselves however. =============================================== SYSTEM =============================================== *Bug with being able to use HRCS during Youkai Mountain with Sanae's group during beta4 fixed. *Bug with Shizuha and Letty being unable to use skills due to no weapon equipped fixed. *Music bugs fixed up to Youkai Mountain so far that I've found. *VIVIT during Youkai Mountain with Sanae now sells scrolls for Sanae. *Music for boss fights for Hina, Kurumi, Elly, Shingyoku, Sara, Mugetsu, Yumeko, and the first fight with Meimu have all been removed. The game is nearly done with beta5, just have to finish up the dialogue there, then do testing in the areas left, and that's it for beta5! After that is the final 4 dungeons of the game (1 mini-dungeon, final 3 dungeons). All of those should be very easy to do bar the big dialogues in The Void, but the game is nearly done! Just have to do rebalancing and bug fixes and the like afterwards, and I'll finally be able to put this game down! \ o /
  11. I suppose that is true, aye. Pretty much everything on my site is hosted on Photobucket because 250 MB server space which isn't a whole lot to work with (that and I don't know if they'd allow me to put a good portion of the images I want on there. No, it's nothing THAT bad. Just a loooot of pixel art stuff and the like). I already use Imgur for all of my manakete stuff, so I know it's fine in that regards (though wish there was a nicer way to work with their albums...but at least it doesn't just randomize the images in said albums whenever you upload a new image like say...Photobucket did...).
  12. Well, at least there's a method of saving your images, but it's cumbersome as all get out (go to image, click the magnifying glass, image should show up if site works properly, then go Right Click > View Image > Save Image and viola! Still, REALLY stupid that's how you have to get around the placeholder image and whatnot...). But yeah, at this point this is blackmail... Also, Imgur totally doesn't allow for third-party hosting. It states it in their Terms.
  13. So, I just noticed this today with my avatar's image being not the usual "Cannot find image" thing (for whatever reason) and being something else entirely. And so I went to my site, just to check some things and noticed...a lot of my images are just not available anymore. They're THERE, but they're not there. Turns out Photobucket is being even MORE crappier than usual... Like seriously??? Now you're going to make people PAY to show images on sites now? Like...normally I wouldn't even bother bringing up topics like this at all, but this is just...wtf. I'm just wondering if anyone else that uses the site still has noticed this at all with images and the like. Worst part is, it's not even all images, it's just most of them, and pretty random at that. Like what??? Why??? Yes, I realize I could probably move anything that I use on Photobucket to elsewhere and whatnot, but christ the coding fixing I'll have to do for each of my site's pages.... Best part is, they pretty much block the image out with that message, so even if you WANTED to view it and save it, NOPE! It's blocked behind a paywall now!!!
  14. Quick update for anyone who hasn't gotten to Hakugyokurou yet on their first time, due to bad coding on my end...without this, can't even progress the game as the boss won't show up due to an earlier event turning the switch on for beating that boss... http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar And just for the hell of it, here's what's new in this version too. =============================================== CHARACTERS =============================================== Cirno: *No longer loses all summons after Kourindou (2nd). Now loses them after Kraken fight at Misty Lake, but still loses Daiyousei normally. Komachi: *Money Talks: Formula changed from 1% of yen player owns to (Total yen + 80000) / 200 for damage formula. Remilia: *Demon Lord Walk: All levels now set to 80% accuracy, instead of starting at 80% and increasing +1% per level up. *Demon Lord Arrow/Ceiling Fear: All levels now set to 80% accuracy instead of starting at 80% and increasing up to 85% max. Now deals x4 damage vs. Flying. *Demon Lord Cradle: All levels now set to 80% accuracy, instead of starting at 95% and decreasing -1% per level up. Now deals x4 damage vs. Gods. *Vampire Claw: All levels now set to 75% accuracy instead of starting at 80% and decreasing 2% per level up. Now deals x4 damage vs. Humans. =============================================== BOSSES =============================================== *Utsuho's resistances fixed. HP increased from 9999 to 18,000. *1/2 physical to normal. *1/2 magic to normal. *1/2 elemental to normal (1/2 for Wind only) *Lich fight with Utsuho now disables Kamikaze (counts as a wasted turn) =============================================== EQUIPMENT =============================================== *Oni's Gourd: No longer grants +20 Attack. Now grants Auto-Bravery. 500 yen > 1000 yen. *Oni's Horn: No longer grants +50 Attack. Now grants Auto-Bravery and makes regular Attacks deal x2 damage.. *Oni's Rage: No longer grants +100 Attack, +100 Defense, -100 Magic, and -20 Speed. Now grants Auto-Bravery and makes regular Attacks deal x3 damage. *Magic Potion: No longer grants +20 Magic. Now grants Auto-Faith. 500 yen > 1000 yen. *Grimoire: No longer grants +50 Magic. Now grants Auto-Faith and increases the power of all secondary commands (Reimu's Pray, Patchouli's Recharge, Sanae's Miracle, Byakuren's Chant, Meiling's Chakra, Remilia's Souleater/Amok, Komachi's Yen Toss/Money Talks, Mokou's Sacrifice, Nue's Morph, Yuuka's Threaten, Hope's Revive) by 25% for the equipped character. *Grimoire of Alice: No longer grants +100 Magic -100 Attack, -100 Defense, +20 Speed. Now grants Auto-Faith and increases the power of all secondary commands (Reimu's Pray, Patchouli's Recharge, Sanae's Miracle, Byakuren's Chant, Meiling's Chakra, Remilia's Souleater/Amok, Komachi's Yen Toss/Money Talks, Mokou's Sacrifice, Nue's Morph, Yuuka's Threaten, Hope's Revive) by 50% for the equipped character. *Defense Seal: No longer grants +20 Defense. Now grants Ice/Thunder/Dark Resist -25%. 500 yen > 1500 yen. *Defense Pendalum: No longer grants +50 Defense. Now grants Ice/Thunder/Earth/Dark Resist -25%. =============================================== MAP =============================================== *The entrance to the final part of Remains of Hell during beta4 has been moved by the save point area before the Forgotten Bridge.
  15. Quick update patch since the equipment that increased/decreased enemy resists were buggy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar
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