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  1. The avatar could replace Oifaye and it would make sense. In the first generation he offers to help Sigurd as a tactician.
  2. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late, my Internet connection had a problem)

  3. Fury x Alec seems logical seeing that Sety will still be useable. And Claude... as far as skills go he's just as useless as vanilla. I'd say take Sylvia to the back of your barn and put her out to pasture. Just use Sharlow and Layla
  4. Happy birthday! Neat avatar btw

  5. Sword. The most common,reliable, and pretty versatile of the other weapon types. It helps most beginning chapters contain enemy axe users.
  6. Eh, I guess. Looking forward to future stuff.
  7. I like what you did in this picture. I think Lissa looks particularly cute . My only concern is that the tree is far too close to the side walk and the wall. It's roots wouldn't be able to grow so close realistically.
  8. FE6 Lilina's support convo with Marcus implies Roy's mother was from Ilia. It'd be either Fiora or Ninian. Lyn who?
  9. Bitch stole my name and my class Thanks to weight lifting/ muscle building I could see myself as an archer or any type of foot soldier recruit. Not quite comfortable on horses enough to be a bow night or anything like that.
  10. Don't forget Orson x his dead slut-of-a-wife that Lyon resurects.
  11. It's effective against swords users if I remember correctly.
  12. asdfghjkl Oh wow had no clue you were on this forum! I've followed you sinces ages ago. I thought Prax's emblem sounded familiar. Must have gone through your art a ton to get inspiration for Fire Emblem/ Super hero Ocs If only I knew how to use deviantArt/ use a tablet I would upload some pics of mine As far as your most recent picture goes, I like it lot. Good choice of colors, but I have to say he reminds me a bit of Rutger a badass which is a plus.
  13. While I haven't played the game myself, I believe there will be more interest once someone starts a hacking project of it. I don't see the game being remade by IS. Fe2 is the awkard middle sibling
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