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  1. The game lets you start Hector normal mode after beating Eliwood normal mode.
  3. my friends from college are on Leviathan but i got stuck on Lamia so i can't even mooch off their fc but all of my new friends from medical school and everywhere else are on aether and now i just want to be on sargatanas >:^((( Balmung?
  4. i will literally run this shit until i die quote me on this also hi rey what server are you on join us on lamia are you on lamia
  5. fia said so sometime nine years ago trust me
  6. not really, outside of how big the maps are (classic high-movement-classes-are-OP) and that every map is a seize the throne/gate/castle but if you already made your way through the 3DS era, shadow dragon, and genealogy (of all games, which really explains nothing to the player), then I feel like you can go ahead and ignore the above advice of picking up fe8 and fe7 as "hand-holding" games before you get to 6 which plays more in the vein of classic fire emblem.
  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just go ahead and play 6 lol.
  8. bro because sirius has his favorite FE listed as 3 bro also bump just doing my monthly checkup as the rightful owner of this thread what's good
  9. FE7 (Blazing Sword) was the first one in the series to come to the west, so it has a pretty thorough "tutorial story" that introduces you to some of the mechanics of the game (not all of which were present in Three Houses, like rescuing and the weapon triangle). FE8 (Sacred Stones) would come next, as the mechanics expand upon 7's, adding things like trainee classes, branched promotions, and familiar miscellany like a traversable world map and a repeatable monster map for grinding exp. FE8 also features a route split which adds to its replay value. You can finish the GBA trilogy with FE6, which FE7 was designed as a prequel for. FE6 was only released in Japan, though, so you would have to emulate it along with a translation patch, or import a cartridge and learn Japanese. It follows in the same vein as the more "classic" Fire Emblem games with a giant playable cast and rather unforgiving difficulty spikes (compared to the hard modes of 7 and 8, especially), but it's still a fun game. Also you get to see a continuation of FE7's story and some characters make an appearance as their older versions.
  10. mumu how long has your favorite FE been listed as shadows of valentia is that even allowed here how dare you be like sirius and not brag about having played genealogy
  11. haha i actually played this all summer after graduation cause it came out on ps4 a while ago!! such a good game!! Ooo ok I'll look into it thanks!!!
  12. WHENS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW ME POST OUTSIDE OF THE FE4THREAD is it a big deal if I haven't played the first one? I have it for n3ds but idk man the combat just didn't gel with me
  13. its the one that came out last week with the upgraded battery life! model HAC-001(-01) h a h
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