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  1. ye dream daddy is good game
  2. yeah add me i'm pretty https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/25361769
  3. i'm stuck in primal because all of my friends in college were on primal but all of my friends from medical school/online/literally everywhere else are cool kids on aether and i'm like hey at least i only had a 20 person login queue in lamia at the peak of shadowbringers early release hahAA
  4. LETS FIGHT LIKE GENTLEMEN do you think you could beat my yun now that ten years later I have finally gotten around to playing street fighter games with an actual stick instead of trying to do 360s on arrow keys
  5. omg imagine being such an insane fruit that japanese voices aren't enough to satisfy you!! ! ! ! ! like your 教育漢字 ass can play this game without rubi anyway >:^( btw are you a working adult yet can you buy me a switch
  6. can i moderate the fe4thread
  7. it's gonna be like in between the first and second weeks of my liver pathology block but hopefully i'll just get good early on and be able to peace out for a weekend oasdknfmaosjdnfafn also the friend i got into bandori works in anaheim so...... his place his like 20 minutes from the convention center and.... i think he has a 2bedroom............................. $30 for roselia and ras tho i mean that's pretty nutty WEW
  8. fuck ax lmao i'm tryna see roselia at charaexpo
  9. wait so is there no april fools thing this year ahahahhahahaasdflkasdnfkl;asndfklnaksldfnk;lasdf
  10. you know you had a period from like september 2015 - 2017 where you could have snatched Roxas from me why didn't you
  11. oof yeah raychelle and natsume give me Big Energy
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