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Found 4 results

  1. Christian Whitehead is the guy who did the excellent ports of Sonic CD to steam among other things, a new classic styled Sonic was not what I was expecting, but its looking quite nice. After the excellent titles such as Colors and Generations and the mehness of Lost World and the lets not speak of it, of Sonic Boom. Lets see where going back with a team who knows what they are doing when it comes to how classic Sonic feels, goes at it. I'm ready for this now, and to hear Tails and Knuckles will be playable again is all the better.
  2. I am so hyped for this. It was just confirmed in the Switch presentation after Fire Emblem Warriors (which will of course get more hype on this forum), and although it didn't say SMTV, it is totally SMTV. So, thoughts? I know there's not much to go on, but still. It seems like it will be in 3D, so we'll get some nice demon models, hopefully seen in action during battle like Nocturne.
  3. hi everyone! first off I want to say that I'm a huge fire emblem fan but I'm kind of late to the series as my first was awakening and I've been backtracking since I just recently started looking for fire emblem related merchandise, I'm not really a collector or anything but I just love fire emblem so damn much, to make things short I wasn't previously aware of the 25th anniversary merchandise and only recently knew of it I made this topic in hopes of finding someone that is kind enough and willing to sell some of that merchandise the two things I'm hoping for the most are the staff book and special openings CD I already possess some merchandise such as the aqua necklace and the special badges but I only am looking for the staff book and cd in particular I've searched for these on many websites like amiami and ebay but I could not find anything which isn't surprising since they were only sold in japan at special events and weren't mass produced to anyone who would consider selling these items, wether directly or from someone they know, please know that I would gladly pay up to around 200 dollars and possibly more for both the staff book and cd but I will only buy them if they are at least in excellent condition as that's how I'd buy any merchandise so I hope someone replies soon! thank you!
  4. The first Fire Emblem launched in Japan on April 20th 1990. Maybe Nintendo will do a special announcement/press release that day?
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