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  1. So I've been playing Awakening recently and it's been reviving my interest in Fire Emblem again, so I started watching old Awakening and Fates videos that I used to enjoy (mostly from shadowofchaos and Ghast) and out of nowhere I noticed that a lot of people got into FE around this time (including me) and that certain games were controversial due to the new fans rustling a few FE veteran's jimmies and it's got me curious, which game on the 3DS is considered the most liked by the people on SF and why?
  2. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with modding Fire Emblem Awakening. I have a physical 3DS thats already homebrewed, I've installed thane98's Paragon, and i have a few mods from GameBanana that I would like to install but I have no idea where to go from here. I have just extracted a romf of Awakening but I am unsure of how to continue as all the guides I can find are in relation to Fates. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks all in advance.
  3. So far I've only played the GBA Fire Emblem games and I was wondering what order you guys think I should play the 3DS games in. I'm a bit concerned about the fact that apparently Awakening has spoilers for previous titles? I'm not really looking to go back and play the older games in that series anytime soon but will it ruin the whole plot of those games?
  4. ive been trying to get the gay awakening hack to work for the last past couple of days but its not been working? does anyone have an updated tutorial. braindump hasnt been splitting it into a folder with romfs.bin and exef.bin, and i cant seem to find hans within homebrew? is there any alts?
  5. So given that whole thing with the "Echoes" title, I keep thinking about other remakes in the series. Given that 6/7 are my favourite games I came up with a bit of a plan as to how I would go about remaking these games to not only appeal to the whole audience of fire emblem fans, new and old, but also stay true to their original formulae as much as possible. How would it work? The game would be a fusion of Blazing Sword and Sword of Seals. Given that 6 follows on from 7 in terms of the story of Elibe this would be easy to impliment. After finishing Lyn, Eliwood and Hector's story the player would unlock the ability to play through the story of Roy and Lilina. However, the aftergames of each would be indipendant of each other, meaning that the player could keep their progress in the age of Blazing Sword while playing through the story of Sword of Seals, and vice versa. So why fuse the two games? I believe mixing the two games would be the best option here due to the success of the two most recent Fire Emblem games; Awakening and Fates. While there aren't too many, some characters from 7 will have children who become playable in 6, Roy, Lilina, Wolt, Sue and Lugh to name a few. This means that pairs chosen in 7 will actively influence the stats of characters found in 6. In addition, some characters are playable in both games, such as Marcus and Bartre. These characters could perhaps carry statistics or even items over in the transition of games. What would I change? The bigest and most necessary change I would make would be to make the tactician from Fire Emblem 7 playable. In order to make this game as much of a success as Awakening and Fates, I honestly think this needs to be implemented into the game. I understand that the tactician couldn't fight in the original version, but is it really so far-fetched for them to be able to swing a sword about or throw a fireball or two? The avatar would have to start weak, but because they would be in every single chapter, even after the split at the end of Lyn's story they would quickly catch up. In addition, the tactician would be able to romance any character they wanted to, within the bounds of the story (Meaning already married characters like Dorcas, Pent and Louise are off-limits.) They would go on to have a son/daughter who will become the tactician for Roy's army, or even potentially the brother of Roy, Lilina, Sue or sister of Wolt or Lugh. Perhaps the point in the story at which you meet this new character would depend on who their parent is. Mechanical changes? Apart from the points I've made, and the obvious graphical updates the games would generally remain true to the originals. There ARE however a few mechanical changes I think should happen... Reclassing should be present, but limited. Ditch Fates' complex reclass system in favour for a simplified version of Awakening's. Characters should be able to reclass, but only into very similar classes. For instance, Rath, a Nomad, should be able to reclass into an Archer or a Mymidon. Nothing else. Sain, the lance-loving Cavalier should be able to reclass into a Knight, nothing else. I say this because I think the game SHOULD be updated to an extent, but should also try to stay true to the original formula. Awakening and Fates' skill system should be brought through... but ditch Fates' skill market. Linking with reclassing, I think the new style skills system should be present in the game. It gives reclassing a purpose, but won't be blatantly overpowered because the class options for each character will be very limited. Use Sacred Stones' split premotion system, but keep the original premotion items. Giving players the choice of which class they want to make each unit makes each playthrough more personal. I think it would be perfectly fine for a unit such as Kent to have the ability to become a Great Knight, or Rutger to have the ability to become an Assassin. Maybe new classes would have to be implemented to support this though, because I'm not too sure what a Nomad would premote into besides a Nomadic Trooper. In addition, the original premotion items will be kept. Depending on your class, you use a different item to premote. Maybe simplify this from the original though by letting Pirates and Thieves premote using the Fighter's Seal... Weapons break. Get used to it. A small point, but true to classic Fire Emblem games weapons will still be able to break, even uniques like the Manni Katti or Wolf Beil. Get with the program, Fates... Use Fates' pair up system over Awakening's. Bacause I'd be making support a more pivotal part of the story in this remake, pairing up would have to be present. Not like Awakening's power trippy version, but like a honed down version of Fates'. The attack stance would also be a part of the game, but the damage of the secondary attacker should probably be cut down a bit. Introduce a world map. I would give the game a world map similar to that found in the Sacred Stones and Awakening. It allows players to more easily understand the continent, access shops, as well as gives an easy way of accessing DLC. Speaking of which... EXP grind DLC maps and Arenas return. Arenas returning was a given, but being a new FE game I feel as though I HAVE to let players have a way of grinding for EXP. Of course it's your decision if you want to make the game a walk in the park mid way through, but I think there are probably a few fans that have to rely on these maps... So there you go, those are my ideas. I know a lot of people will disagree with a lot of what I've preposed here, but everything is my own opinion. Let me know what you think.
  6. My Birthright cartridge will just give me an error message whenever I try to progress through a map at random moments. I've already eliminated other things that could cause an error (different SD card didn't help, different 3DS didn't, other games work just fine, cleaning cartridge didn't work, praying, slamming it, stomping it, and cursing it have all failed). If I buy a new cartridge, will the games I've purchased through the "Explore Fates" option still be accessible with the new cartridge or am I just fucked out of more money?
  7. ( This topic will be updated everyday) Iโ€™ll now be posting some of my birthright gameplay for now and please send feedback about anything I should fix in it. Sofar Iโ€™m at chapter 9 and nobodies master sealed but my hayato is a grandmaster. I did that to hayato so he can be a pair up boy sort of. I have the two master seals and the heart seal you get at the beginning and never used them. I got the sighting lens from the DLC. I also have the 1st map for the DLC so I can to the first wave of them. So this I will be doing for now on and please tell me what I should do for this account. If Iโ€™m good where I am for now or I should change something please tell me. should I also make Azura a kinshi knight Birthright journey part 2 I beat chapter 10 And I made my Hinoka a kinshi knight and Hanna as a Swordmaster. I Made Hinoka a Kinshi so she can learn the lvl 5 skill and then Iโ€™m making her a sphere master so she can get S in Lance. Hanna Iโ€™m probably going to make her a priestess so she can learn miracle and later counter magic. Kaze is starting to get to A with Corrin and I might make Kaze and Corrin marry. I also made Sakura a falcon knight because I feel like she is way better in that than a priestess but Iโ€™ll change her back to learn renewal so she gets a 40% Hp increase. I made her a Falcon in my revelation play through and I might do that with Sakura for now on. I also might make her a kinshi to learn Amaterasu to be a better support unit.
  8. I've been wondering for a while what's next for FE and also what the fanbase is hoping for. We've got 3H DLC coming for a while still, but I have to imagine IS are already working on plans for the next entry. And with FE growing bigger than ever with each new entry since Awakening, there's quite a lot of possibilities imo. I think it's generally assumed they're working on an FE4 remake, but the director of SoV did state he wanted to do FE6 next, so it isn't a sure thing. There's also the possibility of a new Warriors game or another spinoff, remasters, and classic games being added to the Japanese Nintendo Switch Online app. That's without even considering a new game or follow up to 3H. So what would everyone prefer to see next? For the first question, try limiting yourself to your top 3 most wanted choices. Also, if discussing possible follow ups to Three Houses, please spoiler tag anything that reveals details about the story. I personally do want to see an FE4 remake next, as I feel it could build on the engine they've got for 3H and as it was sort of an inspiration for the story this time, it makes sense to remake it now. I'd also love a Tellius remaster double pack, as it's my favourite FE world. And finally, I'd love some sort of follow up to Three Houses, as I think Fรณdlan has a lot of potential still and we haven't really had a direct sequel/prequel in a while. Thoughts?
  9. What Dragon Quest game would you people suggest for someone who is new to the series? Only 3DS ones.
  10. So, before the game released for Playstation, I saw this game in an article of Game Informer, and I was truly excited, and wanted to play it. Unfortunately, my Dad loathed Sony and I never had a PS2, thus I couldn't play it. I later saw an LP of the game, but I still had yet to play it, and had little hope that I would when the 3DS game was announced, as the track record for Dragon Quest games coming to the west had been...pretty poor. (And my iPhone was...finicky.) Fortunately, the game was released, and I picked it up! Only to get sorely distracted by the Switch and Breath of the Wild. Now, since Smash Ultimate is coming out in less than half a year, I have hopes to beat this game. On average, it seems a playthrough of Dragon Quest VIII is around fifty-seventy hours, so I believe I can do it. I only have two days a week, however, that being Monday and Tuesday, as otherwise, I work five days straight. Now, I must admit...I am disappointed by one aspect of this game. The DLC that was released after the game was going. I am glad that it was free, but the issues that plagued it were ridiculous, particularly with daylight savings time crashing the whole thing. And the fact that they had dropped the servers for it less than a YEAR after the game was released is just downright shameful. The items there, while not necessary, are useful, and the game feels incomplete without them. It really is just dumb. They should have simply made it possible to get the games from at least the blue chests, otherwise. It's just...dumb. Otherwise, the game is quite pleasant. I don't recall much seeing as the LP I watched was eight years ago, so a lot of this is now fresh to me. I must admit, the visuals don't bother me, but I do feel that maybe they could be better? I feel like, Dream Drop Distance, despite being five-years-older, looked smoother. But, I digress. Currently, I have arrived at Alexandria. The Hero is at level ten, and is at work mastering swords, whereas Yangus, at the same level, is 16 points into Humanity for a bit of healing, 8 points into Axes for Helm Splitter, and is currently 8 points into Fisticuffs. Gotta admit, the monsters that drop coins for bonus cash are kind of fun. Buffalo Bill was a nice challenge. Gotta admit, I'm looking forward to getting the alchemy pot. I wish it came sooner, though. Edit: Does anybody know if wielding a shield counts against Fisticuffs?
  11. As the title says, how do you make a hack of a 3DS title? I know of the tools used for older systems but not tools for the likes of the 3DS. Please bestow knowledge upon me so I can broaden my horizons. Thanks in advance.
  12. Near Minnesota is preferable. My 3DS has had some issues for a while. The touch screen doesnt work, the A B X and Y buttons sometimes need more force, and my L and R buttons don't really work. Any suggestions? It's older model, and I do t remember my Nintendo login or the email connected to it. Outside is a little cracked, but i dont really care about that.
  13. I know there's a lot of criticism being hurled at a certain two recent titles in this series (I guess I'm part of this camp?) so I felt like I should ask critics of Fire Emblem's 3DS era what their favorite things about those games are since all I fucking do here is ask people stuff.
  14. Just looking for a tutorial to mod 3ds to play FE games with CIA format, is a cfw needed or is there a flashcard supporting it directly?
  15. Hiya! Since FEITS hasn't been updated in quite a while, and the creator wasn't interested in adding localized names, I did it myself. It's called FEFTS (Fire Emblem Fates Text Simulator) and is a fork of FEITS. Download link: https://github.com/robotortoise/FEFTS/releases Here's the changelog from FEITS: Optimized PNGs to save a bit of memory and hopefully boot a bit faster. Changed default conversation to something absurd (Selkie/Chrom) to better show the benefits of the program. Changed name to "Fire Emblem Fates Text Simulator". Localized Reference Guide, and stored locally. Created a changelog. Further improvements to overall system stability, system security, and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience
  16. I've figured out how to extract the files from a .cia of FE Fates (I own a legal copy, 2 actually). But I'm kind of stumped on what to do next. I have the mods from RainThunder and it says to used the GameData.bin. I've found the GameData.bin.lz, and I try simply looking for certain hex strings without doing anything to it, but find nothing. When I decompress it and open it again in a hex editor, I only get 00s. What do I do to start the modding process?
  17. SOURCE: http://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-q1-financial-results-fy32018-switch-at-4-7-million-shipped-total/ So during Nintendo's financial report, they highlighted some figures for the Switch and 3DS. Interestingly enough, they decided to mention the following: "For Nintendo 3DS, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was released in Japan in April and overseas in May and has been a popular title." Could this be an indication that Shadows of Valentia sold much better than previously expected, or is this just Nintendo PR speak for the 3DS? Perhaps IS will be willing to remake other games in the series if this game was considered "popular" by Nintendo.
  18. So I just finished the game including Thabes, so proud of myself. Took a little bit of grinding and finally did it, my final party was alm, celica, mathilda, delthea, faye, python, est, clair, and a lopped x3 Dread fighter gray and saber. Surprisingly enough it was saber who landed the final blow on grima. Loved the game and everything in it. Never realized how good python was cause I don't really use archers much.
  19. So after beating the game and viewing the last memory prism, I have a question. Did mila and duma come to valentia from archanea or through the dragon gate?
  20. So as a fan; I have stated previously in older posts, Ive only played really the later half of the fe series gba and up, I have high hopes for echoes. What should be my biggest concern coming into it like what should really be a focus point. What would be the biggest learning curve or change in the upcoming game.
  21. So I didn't see any recent topics about this, so I figure this is as a good time as any for this. There's been a new trailer for this remake/port/whatever, and it finally confirms the release date: 1.20.2017. Now, I've never played the original, and only a little bit of the recent DQVII remake/port/whatever, but I've heard good things about this.
  22. I accidentally left my 3DS at a distant relative's place. I still have my cartridge for Birthright though, that I was using to play through the Revelations path that I had purchased. I know DLC maps are saved to the SD card, but save files are saved to the cartridge correct? I don't want to do a system transfer since I should be able to get my 3DS back eventually, but in the meantime, can I borrow a friend's 3DS to play through Revelations?
  23. Hi! I figured out how to rip models from Fates. But now I'm trying Awakening, and I have all the files extracted. But every time I try to load a body model, it doesn't load on Ohana3DS. Weapons load fine, but the bodies are what I need, and they won't open... Has anyone figured out how to rip them?
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