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Found 2 results

  1. And a new green cav, finally. So we got: Red: Ryoma, Sigurd, Brave Roy Blue: Fjorm, Spring Lucina, Bride Charlotte Green: Gunnthr√°, Amelia, Spring Chrom Colorless: Elise, Bride Lyn, Innes A lot of them are what was being predicted, so not too bad.
  2. IS wants to grab all your money so they're making a week long banner (I think it's one week anyway) with 8% focus rate, which they announced in the FEH Channel thing on the 14th of this month, here. Here are the people to get you to whale focus units: Fjorm, stats and skills. She has 164 bst and an exclusive special. Her base atk and spd are kinda ick It looks kinda nice..... except for spring xan being a total dud. Take comfort in that carrot lance is getting refinement buffs. Who are you going to be pulling for? Do you like this idea/banner? What do you think of the unit choices? Does this mean other seasonal units may come in the future? Also another chance to get Ayra is nice, seeing as your "pity breakers" are only going to be Ike and Celica anyway (@Rezzy No more Seliph this time!). Couple of numbers and things to note: There is a 34% chance of getting a 5 star unit on your first full pull. Percentage increases by .5% and not .25% (which means 35.08% at 8.5% pity rate, and 37.5% at 9% pity rate). The chances of NOT getting a 5 star in three full pulls is 26%. Book 2 Chapters 1 and 2 will give 30 orbs, possibly 40 if there are Lunatic quests. 8 more for Chain Challenge. If there are 40 orbs, you would only need seven more orbs (55) to do 3 full pulls (since the first summon is free and would cost 5). December 1st comes while the banner is up, so you have December quest orbs to pour in as well. Sniping on this banner is still an option, but may not be worth the lost potential of full pulls. I am not one for spending money, but if anyone wants to "support the game", this is the banner to buy orbs on. Just sayin' Thanks to @Callisto for the percentage numbers. You're the babe :p
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