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Found 6 results

  1. I'm going to be straightforward and say that I positively love this chapter for a number of reasons. Two primary (and superficial...ish) reasons why this is the case for me is firstly, that song that plays out before the mission begins. Azura's beautiful singing, glorious dancing, and waterbending aside, there's another reason why I love that song, but I'll get into that in a couple minutes. Second, Keaton. Not only is his warewolf/wolfkin form oddly hilarious as well as awesome, but he makes for a wonderful tank unit that can also hit hard (and will clearly be my key to finally beating Lucina and recruiting her into my army). What's more, he's the second consecutive new tank in a row that TROUNCES Effie in utility - and gives me just technical cause to drop that one-note, stupid-sounding, blindly strength and gym obsessed .... I can't think of an insulting noun that doesn't rhyme with pitch, and I really don't feel like using that right now ... from my party. (I never should have come to realize how heavily changed and stripped her character was in the NA localization from her JP original) But the other thing that makes me rather love this chapter (for the time being) is the underlying implications I'm left with after this chapter concludes. By the end of both Chapters 13 and 14, it's made abundantly clear that basically none of Garon's kids like the guy. However, I'm thoroughly suspicious at how none of them recognized Azura when she was on-stage doing her performance. I mean honestly, how many slender, long-blue-haired dancer/singers that can control water actually exist in Nohr? What's more, how would Azura be set up to give the performance? Being someone who would have only been to Neste for the first time in her life, the likelihood of her actually being billed to perform would be stupidly slim...let alone her being billed to perform a solo act, yet nobody would be at all aware of the fact that a missing princess of Nohr would be performing in a famous Opera House with Venice-styled canoes in a circular moat! As such, I think the events of Chapter 14 was an orchestrated assassination attempt between Azura, and at least Leo and Camilla. I suspect that at some point prior to Corrin's proceeding with the mission to crush the rebellion of Cheve, Azura met up with them, discussed how her singing had the ability to impact dragons/dragonkin in various ways, and with that knowledge in-hand, the three siblings devised this assassination. I'd be willing to bet that Leo gave Garron the idea to head to attend a show at Neste to celebrate his daughter's latest string of victories, especially after the slaughter of Cheve, and it was prearranged that Camilla would direct Corrin there after the Cheve mission was completed, regardless of the outcome. I'm betting if only they'd factored in Iago and found a way to remove him from Garron's side during the show, the singing hit would've been a complete success. But that's just a theory that a child could probably have thought of. Also, I can't begin to figure out how Corrin never thought that it could have been Azura by the simple fact that she looked exactly like her, just with black on rather than white... I call negligible storytelling on that note. Had she not still thought it wasn't Azura in the text leading into the following mission (I only know about it because I'd proceeded afterwards - w/o saving - despite losing three units just to see how the story would pan out from there), I'd have figured she was thinking on her feet and played dumb to protect her; she easily could have been written to be wondering why Azura would try to curse her dad, even if the reasoning would probably seem obvious. As is, however, if my silly theory is actually right, then it just makes Corrin look really stupid...Something that's a bit of a pattern with her characterization. Maybe the writers think stupidity and naivety are the same thing? I dunno... Anyway, what are y'alls thoughts on the matter?
  2. Topic. Yeah, it's happening. Feels really saddening. I've been watching them since i was a kid, so this something. I know it was going to happen eventually, @sfrealists, but still really sad to see it going! So yeah. What are your thoughts about this @sforest?
  3. I decided to do a Monster-party playthrough of FFL2 (note this has nothing to do with that NES game that has the cool Prototype that nobody's allowed to play) because bored and why not. Apparently a party full of monsters is a bad idea, which is why I figure it'll be fun. The only downside is that I'll only be able to beef up half of my party to max level, but on the upside I don't have to give a crap about equipment and can easily sell everything for healing items. The HARDEST part of this challenge, however, is the screenshots, because the text constantly scrolls by itself at a moderately fast pace, so I end up missing shit A LOT. Ugh... Right, let's GO! Exposition! And we meet our hero, Sasha, the Baby-D. The "D" most likely stands for "dragon" but she looks more like some kind of snake, so I dunno. The game starts off with Sasha's dad waking her up. "Damnit Dad, you know how hard it is for me to fall asleep!" So as it turns out, Sasha's deadbeat dad is running away from home because deadbeat dad. Except he's not THAT deadbeat because he gives us OPrism. IT'S PRETTY BUT I NEED MY DAD MORE THAN THIS PIECE OF BUTT! ;n; "He's not coming home is he... ;n;" Silly Sasha, your dad went through the ROOF, not the window. Sprite layers betrayed him! This is how long it took me to get this started because of how often I had to restart to get a good screenshot. Also notice how Sasha's mother is a human. After trying to figure out how two humans can give birth to a dragon/snake thing, I let the text scroll more. "You're leaving me just like my husband did... *sniff*" Except actually, Sasha's mother is understanding about it, telling Sasha to go ahead despite Sasha second-guessing whether she should leave her mother all alone. Except "Damnit Mom, the whole point of going on an adventure like this is to NOT have to go to school." Then after a needlessly flashy transition I get told stuff I already know. Sasha is displeased with the fact that her teacher has engrish. PROTIP: The "S" in Mr.S stands for Schoolteacher. Maybe. He then goes on to tell me more stuff about the MAGI (caps lock is important) mentioned at the start and how they're being able to form a statue of a goddess that becomes an actual goddess if I find them all. Also said Goddess is hot which explains why Sasha's dad runned away to find all the MAGI but then raises the question why he gave Sasha part of said goddess. He also tells me OPrism is able to tell me how many MAGI are left in the current world. Sadly it doesn't tell me WHERE in the current world they are, so it's almost not useful. Then after "Good, I hate you!" Except really THEY WANNA JOIN TOOOOOO. Crap I gotta name them? I'm taking a slime an Imp and another Baby-D. What will I name them? Find out next time! You know, if I don't forget about this like everyone else does with their PTs.
  4. Because we need a fandom thread that doesn't degrade into claim-based arguments.
  5. So much fail. ;~; >Was trying to copy this, but ended up doing something very different... Whoa, the image is reversed... So the kanji for manga look weird... >_< EDIT: Maybe I should have put this on the "Creative" board rather than in FFTF...
  6. It's me, Neal... or Fruit Ninja... or whatever you want to call me... Anyway, I was just stopping by to give myself a self-given probation from social networking. And video games. And TV. And movies. And... you get the point. (Weeeeeellll, I might make Pokemon X/Y an exception, but I'll have to seriously think about that...) >_< The reason is..................... *drum roll* ................STUDIES! HOW STEREOTYPICALLY ASIAN OF ME! Seriously, I have to concentrate on this now... I should have a pretty packed schedule... with AP Computer Science, AP World History, Physics 101 at a nearby community college, US Govt, and English at home and/or English Language and Composition at CC... And I have to prepare for an SAT re-take in November. And the SAT IIs in October. And I have to get my college application together. And community work. (Okay, okay, maybe this isn't that much to some people, but to someone who's not used to so much, it's hard... for someone like me. -_-') *sigh* So yeah, I'll probably be gone 'til, like, December. Or mid-November, depending. It depends on when this whole college thing is over... T~T Maybe I'll drop by once and a while, but it'd probably be better if I didn't. (Don't want to get tempted, now do I?) Oh! Actually, if anyone wants to contact me, PM me; I'll reply to those... not that anyone here needs to talk to me. >_< Maybe I'll come on October 25th! Y'know, and make my "I was here for one whole year" thread... =P (Dang, one year already...?) *sniff* I'll miss it here. Actually, I miss here. We just moved and got good Internet, too... AFTER ALL THOSE MONTHS OF TERRIBLE INTERNET IN KYRGYZSTAN!!! D:< How long have I been gone for now...? Let's see... since the beginning of June, so... 3 months. Wow. ;~; *sigh* ;~; Priorities are priorities, I suppose... I hope this sits me in UPenn. (<- 99% chance of not happening) P.S. Hey guys, I was going to buy some video game console with some spare money I had (after my studies, of course), but I don't really know what to buy... A PS3 seems good, since there are a lot of good games on it. But a PS Vita seems okay, too. Since the price was cut and Sen no Kiseki and all. But if a Pokemon 3DS XL Bundle comes out, that's a big temptation as well. Especially since my current 3DS's L and R buttons are not functioning... So what do you guys think? *putting up a poll to see what the community has to say*
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