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Found 1 result

  1. How is it going, folks? I never found anyone who usually talks about their favorite levels in Awakening. And I was wandering which chapters did you guys particularly like. And which ones you absolutely loathed to oblivion for some reason or another. My favorites are: Ch. 10: Renewal (Great atmosphere and an amazing boss battle. Emotionally gripping and overall fantastic. Plus, it's a fan favorite as far as I know. The enemies get spared if you kill Mustafa too quick which adds to the sadness of that level. And that music!) Ch. 13: Of Sacred Blood (Plot twistville, right there. Some of you may have seen it coming but boy, did it deliver. A bit easy but otherwise great.) Ch. 23: Invisible Ties (Just like Of Sacred Blood in terms of story but with a little bit of more flavor added to the combat side.) Paralogue: A Man For Flowers (I liked Inigo as a character but I also found his level to be fun because it made me make use out of my assassins with the Pass skill, and using ranged units to pick off generals and such on other sides of the maze.) Least favorite chapters: Ch. 19: Conqueror (Man, the constant air reinforcements on that one were such a pain in the ass. And on top of that Walhart escapes your grasp to fight you in the next chapter. Not that his fight was hard, but I just wanted him to die ASAP.) Paralogue 10: Ambivalence (I like Severa as a character but her mission can be a bit of a pain. Rescue staves made it much more tolerable.) Chapter 21: Five Gemstones (Mire, mire, mire....how I despise thee so...) Paralogue 1: Sickle to Sword (I dread this part every time I start a new playthrough. Recruit stupid Donny but weaken those stupid enemies to a certain amount where they can be killed by Donny himself as his stats are garbage when you get him and Aptitude is the only reason you wanted him in the first place.) So what are your favorite and least favorite of the Awakening chapters? Share your thoughts. Oh, btw, this is an opinion. There's a lot of nice people here but I wanted to point it out anyway. PS: DLC Chapters can be listed too, why not? But I would like it if you list them on their own. I just couldn't bother thinking of my favorite downloadable chapter yet. So list yours if you want to. But I'm mostly curious about the raw game levels and your opinions on those.
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