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Found 18 results

  1. So yeah title, I wrote an Apotheosis pairings guide. There's a lot of info on Apotheosis pairings out there, but it's seriously scattered - among 300 pages of the Pairing Thread, across GameFAQs guides and forum posts, and there's one gem I found on like page 1'200 of a TVTropes thread. Not to mention all the stuff with next to nothing out there that I had to bring together myself. No one's ever really bothered to bring it all together before, so I gave it my best effort. Here's the link. Any feedback would be appreciated. In any case, I do hope it proves of some use to you. That's why I wrote it, after all. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13b2KxYlWGqnMPbXMqjGj850dKa88sAytTCCJw7gpaS4/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I'm curious, which do you guys consider to be a more fun challenge. No braves allowed but you can use dlc or vice versa.
  3. hi, I'm almost finished with the awakening story line and i want to try and tackle Apotheosis but im not sure about a few things What units should I use? (besides Chrom) First gen vs. Second gen wise and how high should their supports be? I'm currently grinding my supports for both the 1st gen and 2nd gen and all my first and second gen units are married beside Laurent, Tiki, Flavia, Basillio and the special spotpass characters (like Priam and Emmeryn) What skills and classes are best? I have the dlc for both dread fighter and bride and limit breaker. I currently have Libra and Fredrick!Owain as Dread Fighters and Lissa as a bride and currently trying to get/grind limit breaker for everyone. Who make the best rally bots, how many should i have and what rallies should they have? I want to do both the normal and sercet path so how much more difficult is the sercet path vs. normal path since Apotheosis is the same for all difficulties If you need my characters/levels/skills/classes and marriage supports let me know if it will help
  4. Edit: I just realized a typo in the tittle. Great job Greenie. Great job. Topic. Besides that I do have some other questions Would that Anna be able to replace Normal Anna in everything ( Supports, Recruitment, Inheritance if she marries a Male Avatar etc.) And is it doable in only one method mentioned in the topic or is it possible both ways. Im asking because I plan on getting powersaves in a week or so and want to know if this would be possible. Otherwise Im stuck hacking my 3ds. Which isn't bad, just time consuming. Yes I'm lazy, feel free to judge.
  5. So I'm new to the Serene Forest forums (this is even my first post), but I'm not new to either Fire Emblem or Serene Forest. I joined to see if I could get some optimization help/suggestions considering I recently got all the awakening DLC (meaning I can grind exp/gold for this run). I made a google doc showing my setup that I plan to use. I went through the hassle to make it neat incase anyone wants to use it for reference. I need help deciding whom the children should marry. My Setup: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i_8mRRwq0mN8WWUo6HGLJeIqO8QOfYzm2va5sfdLL9I/edit?usp=sharing [ In case it wasn't apparent in the doc, it's a M!MU run with +Skill,-Defense. ] Skillset suggestions? Pairing suggestions? Class suggestions? General feedback? --- Anything is appreciated.
  6. Hey guys. So recently I've been mustering up the courage to do Apotheosis Secret Path, and I figured I needed an epic battle music playlist for when I eventually try it. That's where you guys come in. Just post the name of an awesome battle theme and preferably a link to the YouTube video so it'll be easier for me to sort them. Look forward to your guy's suggestions!
  7. I'm having trouble picking out fathers for these three units. For Brady I was going to give him either Libra or Henry for the dark Mage class, but then Gregor passes down armsthrift and makes him a great support unit but Lon'qu gives him great speed mods which, besides strength, is all you need in apotheosis. Then Gerome he has potential to be one of the physically strongest units in your team, so I though either Frederick or Henry but than again kellam and Gregor seem alright. And worst of all Laurent, Ricken is taken and Henry's magic mods are very good but not as goods as rickens and I feel like I'm missing out. Could I get some suggestions on some of the better fathers for these three. (Stahl, Ricken, Donnel, Chrom and MMU are taken btw).
  8. Hi all, I recently got Apotheosis and I'm the type of player who really wants to optimize their team and get the most out of it. I've lurked a ton on this site, reading up on pairings and suggestions (thank you czar_yoshi for the really helpful info), however there are a few fundamental things about pairings that I don't get. I'll mostly be referring to this post: Firstly, what makes one child a better support for someone than another child? And how do you decide which parent is better for which kid? Also what are good class pairings for physically oriented pairs? I know those pairs are meant to reach certain stat thresholds, but it seems overwhelming since there are so many different ways to pair up (and also what are those thresholds? I know some basic things like 220 Hit and 69/75 speed to double everything but I'm not really sure about Def/Res and how those calculations are made) Also I've started a draft of some children, but I'm not sure who they should pair with nor what they should class into. Sumia!Lucina X MaMu Lucina!Morgan X Ricken!Owain Virion!Severa X Vaike!Gerome (Physical) Stahl!Inigo X Henry!Nah (Physical) Donnel!Kjelle Gaius!Noire Gregor!Yarne Lon'qu!Laurent Libra!Brady Chrom!Cynthia Thanks for the help!
  9. Hello all, I just finished my first lunatic run and, having found it to be fairly easy, am eager to have a go at Apotheosis. However, there are certain limitations I would impose on myself, and unfortunately, I think I my current pairings my prohibit me from meeting these limitations. First and foremost, I do not want to use LB (I'm willing to make an exception for the purposes of avoiding spotpass characters when possible). I would like to avoid dlc in general (though I don't mind using brides/dread fighters), and minimize bot usage. I'd also like to use less optimal children whom I like (e.g., nah, laurent) in meaningful combat roles. Finally, I'd like to avoid a physical avatar if feasible. From the research I've done, I'm unsure if my current pairings would allow me to pull this off. Furthermore, as this is a lunatic playthrough (i.e., high internal level cap), I'm concerned that fixing the mess that is my current skill distribution will take an annoying amount of grinding. I am considering doing another playthrough to get better pairings and maybe correct skills quicker, but I don't want to grind out a team literally from scratch unless I know it is possible to beat Apotheosis's secret path with it. As I have no actual experience with Apotheosis, I am also wondering if I should grind out my current lunatic file and give it a go, even if I do need to start another file. My current situation is as follows: *=intention to replace -Olivia!Lucina, GF/Vantage/SFaire/Astra(would replace with luna obv)/Aether -Libra!Owain, GF/Vantage/Av+10*/Renewal*(replace w/vengeance?)/Despoil*(replace with hex?) -Chrom!Inigo, GF/Vantage/Av+10*/Patience*/Armsthrift* -Gaius!Cynthia, GF/Luna/Sp+2/Sol*/Relief* -Stahl!Severa, GF/Vantage/Av+10*/Luna/Armsthrift* -Vaike!Gerome, SBreaker/Str+2/Renwal*/Pass*/Tantivity* -Lucina!Morgan(f), GF/Vantage/Aether*/Av+10*/Armsthrift* -- MU is +sp -skl -Gregor!Yarne, SBreaker/Vantage/Armsthrift*/Sol*/Patience* -Lon'qu!Laurent, Vengeance/Vantage/TFaire/Mag+2/Focus* -Ricken!Noire, Luna/Vengeance/Skl+2*/Pavise*/Lifetaker* -- no GF :/ -Donnel!Nah, GF/Counter*/Sol*/Armsthrift*/Patience* No Brady or Kjelle yet. None are married save Lucina. In Summary: -If this situation is salvageable given my self-imposed limitations, how should I proceed from here? I am aware of different main strategies for Apotheosis (VV enemy phase combat, rally/rescue/GF player phase, etc.), which would be more optimal/possible for my situation? -If this situation is not salvageable, should I still max out the team to get a feel for Apo before attempting to build a new team? Thanks very much in advance for any advice/help you guys can give me. I don't mind failing many times as long as I can get through eventually. -edited for brevity(still very wordy)-
  10. Rules followed for this run: 1. Only villagers can attack during player phase 2. Only villagers can be attacked during enemy phase 3. Villagers may be paired up with any non villager unit 4. No cheats/hacks/glitches etc. 5. Anything else not mentioned above is allowed This allows for a Dancer and staff/rally/aura bots. Video below (it goes for 2 hours and 7 minutes): Thronie gets killed in one round: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=k61K53xFBAI#t=5037 Morgan does a Smash Robin dodge roll against Anna (her attack goes right through him): https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=k61K53xFBAI#t=7577 I believe there was a 0% chance of player unit death.
  11. Hello, fellow Fire Emblem fans. I registered just now an I wanted to know if any of you can help me with my setup for the DLC chapter Apotheosis. I'm not really sure if what I did works out the way I planned it, so I'd like to have a second opinion about it. Thing is, I only just got around to buy all the DLC chapters so far and I haven't completed all of them (I'm missing the three just before Apotheosis and that one itself). I'm playing on Normal/Casual (because that one is my very first file and I didn't delete it until now. The only reason I used this file was because I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the DLC). So, anyway, I'd be glad, if you could judge my setup and maybe give a few suggestions as to what I can do better. Also, I apologize if I word certain things wrong/weird, because English isn't my native tongue *blush*. Okay, here goes. I know that I can use 20 units in Apotheosis, so I selected these: Dominik (My male Avatar): Asset: HP, Flaw: Luck. Class: Grandmaster; Skills: Limit Breaker, Aggressor, Ignis, Bowbreaker, Armshift Chrom: Great Lord; Skills: Limit Breaker, Dual Strike+, Dual Gurad+, Aggressor, Rightful King Sumia: Dark Flier; Skills: Limit Breaker, Tomefare, Luna, Galeforce, Iote's Shield Nowi: Manakete; Skills: Limit Breaker, Wyrmsbane, Lifetaker, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker Lucina: Great Lord; Skills: same as Chrom, except Galeforce in place of Aggressor (obvious) (mother is Sumia) Cynthia: Falcon Knight; Skills: Same as Sumia, except Lancefare (or is it faire?) and Aether in place of Luna (father is Chrom) Morgan/Linfan: Manakete; Skills: Limit Breaker, Wyrmsbane, Ignis, Galeforce, Armshift (mother is Nowi) Nah: Manakete; Skills: Same as Morgan (father is Dominik (a.k.a. me)) Lissa: Sage; Skills: Rally Speed, Rally, Luck, Rally Resistance, Rally Movement, Rally Heart Owain: Assassin; Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Luna, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker (father is Frederick) Severa: Hero; Skills: Limit Breaker, Armshift, Vengeance, Vantage, Bowbreaker (father is Lon'zu (Lon'qu for all North Americans) BURU (don't ask) (my best friend's Avatar): Asset: Magic, Flaw: Luck. Class: Dark Knight: Skills: Rally Strength, Rally Magic, Rally Skill, Rally Defense, Rally Spectrum Gwendolin (my female Avatar from my Hard/Classic run): Asset: Speed, Flaw: Defense. Class: Swordmaster; Skills: Limit Breaker, Dual Support+, Luna, Sol, Galeforce Priam: Hero; Skills: Limit Breaker, Luna, Sol, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker Gerome: Wyvern Lord; Skills: Limit Breaker, Sol, Renewal, Swordbreaker, Iote's Shield (father is The Vaike) Noire: Sorcerer; Skills: Limit Breaker, Vengeance, Tomefaire, Pavise, Lifetaker (father is Libra) Say'ri: Swordmaster; Skills: Limit Breaker, Swordfaire, Astra, Galeforce, Lancebreaker Tiki: Manakete; Skills: Limit Breaker, Wyrmsbane, Slow Burn, Quick Burn, Swordbreaker Olivia: Dancer; Skills: Limit Breaker, Swordfaire, Astra, Special Dance, Galeforce Maribelle: Valkyrie; Skills: (not really relevant, because all she has to do is use Rescue staves) Alternate Rescue-bot: DLC-Eirika (Class: Bride) What do you think? How hard will the enemy curbstomp me? I heard a thing or two about Apotheosis, like that there is a harder Secret Path. Would you recommend I attempt that first or would you say stay away from it entirely? I'll be glad if someone out there would be kind enough to help me. Thanks in advance and sorry about wall of text.
  12. I decided to try and take down the Apotheosis secret boss in one hit and managed to succeed. ******Spoilers Ahead****** Here's the formulas we will be using. Attack = Strength or Magic + Weapon's Might + Weapon Rank bonus Critical = Weapon's Critical + (Skill / 2) Hit rate = Hit rate + Weapon triangle bonus + Support bonus - Enemy's (Avoid + Terrain bonus + Support bonus) [%] Damage = Attack + Weapon triangle bonus - Enemy's (Defence or Resistance + Terrain bonus) Critical rate = Critical + Support bonus - Enemy's (Luck + Support bonus) [%] Dual Guard rate= (Lead & Support Unit's combined Def or Res / 4) + Support bonus + Skill bonus [%] Avoid = (Speed x 3 + Luck) / 2 First of all, we're going to need to crit, so achieving 100% crit chance is what we'll cover first. Anna has 65 Lck, so we can edit our formula to: Critical Rate = Weapon crit + (Skill / 2) + Support bonus - 65 Sol Katti, Forged Wilderwind, and Ruin are the 3 weapons with the highest crit, but swordmasters have a higher skill stat. We'll be using the Sol Katti for this. The Sol Katti's crit stat is 50. Critical Rate = 50 + (Skill / 2) + Support bonus - 65 Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + Support bonus - 15 Next we'll put in our crit skills. These are Wrath:+20, Zeal:+5, Solidarity:+10, Anathema:+10, and Gamble:+10. This totals an additional 55 crit. Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + Support bonus - 15 + 55 Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + Support bonus + 40 Next, the support bonus can go up to 20. Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + 20 + 40 Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + 60 This leaves us with our skill stat which will have to make up the difference. Skill >= 80 Since we're also going to need a good strength stat to be able to deal enough damage, Morgan's parent will be Gerome. Gerome's father will be Virion. Morgan's mother, the avatar, will have a +Skill -Def Asset/Flaw. As a swordmaster, Morgan's max skill stat with Limit Breaker will now be 60. 80 - 60 = 20 We'll then get 8 skill from the pair up bonus, 2 skill from the skill tonic, 4 skill from rally spectrum, 2 skill from rally heart, and 4 from rally skill, though I used a barracks boost for the 4 skill in the video. The pair up bonus will give 2 skill from support level, 3 skill from the 30+ skill stat bonus, and 3 skill from the sniper class, totaling 8 skill. 2 + 4 + 2 + 4 + 8 = 20 This will give us our 100% crit strike chance on Anna. Next, we have to be able to kill her. Anna has 99 Health, 55 Def, and the skill Dragonskin. Counter is irrelevant since she has to live through the attack to return the damage. Dragonskin halves all damage, and if the damage is a decimal number, it rounds down. First, we'll calculate our attack. Attack = Strength + Weapon's Might + Weapon Rank Bonus The Sol Katti has 8 might and the weapon rank bonus for swords will be +3 attack. Attack = Strength + 8 + 3 Attack = Strength + 11 We can then put this into our damage formula. Damage = Strength + 11 + Weapon triangle bonus - 55 - Enemy's Terrain bonus Damage = Strength + Weapon triangle bonus - 44 - Enemy's Terrain bonus The weapon triangle bonus will result in Morgan losing 1 damage. Damage = Strength - 45 - Enemy's Terrain bonus Vengeance will give us half of our missing health in damage, which is 42 damage. Damage = Strength - 45 + 42 - Enemy's Terrain bonus Damage = Strength - 3 - Enemy's Terrain bonus The enemy terrain bonus if Anna has not moved will be 3 from the Throne. Damage = Strength - 3 - 3 Damage = Strength - 6 The critical hit will multiply our damage by 3 times, but the Dragonskin skill will reduce it by half. Damage = 3 / 2 * (Strength - 6) Since we need at least 99 damage, our formula will be this: 99 = 3 / 2 * (Strength - 6) Morgan will have a stat cap of 54 strength as a swordmaster, so we need 18 from everything else. The pair up bonus, like with the skill stat, gives 8 strength, and rally spectrum, rally strength, and rally heart will give the remaining 10. Special dance and strength tonics will also give 2 strength each. 54 + 8 + 10 + 2 + 2 = 76 99 = 3 / 2 * (76 - 6) As long as Morgan meets these conditions, he will have a 100% chance to kill Anna in one attack. Finally, Morgan needs to survive Anna's Vantage+ Skill to be able to attack. Although in the video Morgan and Kjelle's dual guard rate was not optimized, let's assume it is in our calculations. Barracks surge: +4 Def, +4 Spd on Morgan, +4 Def, +4 Any on Kjelle Dual Guard rate= (Lead & Support Unit's combined Def or Res / 4) + Support bonus + Skill bonus [%] Dual Guard rate = (Combined Def / 4) + 10(S Rank) + 10 Dual Guard rate = (Combined Def / 4) + 20 Stahl gives Kjelle the most defence out of all of the fathers that can pass sniper, so her max defence as a sniper is 52, and Morgan's is 43 with the defence flaw. Special dance will add another 2 defence, rally spectrum, heart, and defence will add another 20, tonics will add another 4, barracks surges will add another 8 and pair up bonus will add another 7. 52 + 43 + 51 = 146 146/4 = 36.5 Since decimals are rounded down: Dual Guard rate = 36 + 20 Dual Guard rate = 56% Anna starts off equiped with the Spear rather than the Brave Lance, so we will assume only 1 attack will occur. If Dual Guard activates, it will block both hits of Aether, should it occur. Aether has a 65% chance of activating. Anna's hit rate is 232, so using this, we will calculate her hit rate. Hit rate = 232 + Weapon triangle bonus + Support bonus - Morgan's ((Speed x 3 + Luck) / 2 + Terrain bonus + Support bonus) [%] The support bonus is going to be 20, the terrain bonus will be 0, the weapon triangle bonus will be 10. Hit rate = 232 + 10 - Morgan's ((Speed x 3 + Luck) / 2 + 20) Morgan's speed cap will be 58 as a swordmaster. The pair up bonus will grant 3 speed, rallies will grant 10, tonic will grant 2, and barracks surge will grant 4. Morgan's luck cap is 54, pair up will grant 3, rallies will grant 14, tonic will grant 2. Hit rate = 242 - (((58 + 3 + 10 + 2 + 4) x 3 + 54 + 3 + 14 + 2) / 2 + 20) Hit rate = 242 - ((231 + 74) /2 + 20) Hit rate = 242 - 172.5 Hit rate = 69.5 Hit rate = 69% Throw in charm and we get a 64% chance to hit. So to sum this all up, Aether has a 65% chance of activating, and if it activates, he has a 56% chance to block both hits, or he has a 36% chance to dodge each hit, which he needs to do twice. Otherwise, he has a 56% chance to block and a 36% chance to dodge the single hit. Probability of Aether activating: 65% Probability of surviving Aether: 61.7024% Probability of surviving normal attack: 71.84% Probability of surviving Vantage+: 67.2% I may have made a mistake in that I'm pretty sure Kjelle doesn't have the highest defence stat out of all the children, but it's close enough. To get Morgan down to 1 health, get him to 51 defence and place him within range of 3 of the generals on the first round. Each will do 28 damage, totaling 84 damage. When killing Anna, have someone with Solidarity stand next to Morgan and someone with Anathema stand by Anna. Here's the video showing it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaLoUQVt_Mo&list=UUE5HFE056sNd_sIljaTnILg
  13. Okay, so I just beat Apotheosis Normal Path with 6 units on a whim (No eugenics involved). Here are my units: Robin (Grandmaster, +Magic - Luck) Abilities: Armsthrift, Limit Breaker, Tomefare, Luna, Vantage Weapons Used: Forged Celica's Gale Lucina (Great Lord, Sumia) Abilities: Aether, Galeforce, Limit Breaker, Pavise, Dual Strike + Weapons Used: Forged Brave Lance, Forged Brave Sword Morgan (Grandmaster, Lucina) Abilities: Aether, Armsthrift, Limit Breaker, Ignis, Galeforce Weapons Used: Forged Celica's Gale Inigo (Hero, Henry) Abilities: Armsthrift, Vengeance, Limit Breaker, Vantage, Galeforce Weapons Used: Forged Brave Axe Chrom (Great Lord) Abilities: Limit Breaker, Aether, Rightful King, Luna, Dual Strike + Weapons Used: Brave Lance Sumia (Falcon Knight) Abilities: Luna, Iote's Shield, Galeforce, Limit Breaker, Lancefare Weapons Used: Brave Lance, Fortify, Rescue All units had Tiki's Tears used on them. They also had elixirs. Now, because I am a masochist, I am going to attempt to do the same with the secret path. (I know I can do the first part in two turns). I have most of the abilities available for each character. The question is, what should my strategy be for the secret path using these 6 units?
  14. As the topic, this thread discusses sweeping Apotheosis enemies in enemy phase as many as possible by one pair & necessary helpers (at least a rallybot). Basic strategy: VVDS+ Vantage + Vengeance + Celica's Gale + 100% Dual Strike + enough power and accuracy to 6-hit KO enemies as many as possible - Vengeance provides at least 10~20 damage against Aegis+. - But since leading damage is seriously restricted by enemies' Aegis+, focusing boosting support side's Str/Mag while sacrificing leading side's Vengeance, such as Olivia!Lucina (single Vantage, no Vengeance) / Extreme Str/Mag Morgan-M, is also feasible. - Each +1 Str/Mag on support side provides +2 total damage in the 6-hit. - Each +1 Str/Mag on leading side provides +0.5 total damage against Aegis+ in the 6-hit. Performers: - Lucina - Lucina's husband - Rallybot - Chrom (x FeMU or Olivia only. The latter is unpractical.) Who will be the leader? - Lucina's husband: Default option, since most of the optimized Lucinas lack Vantage. - Lucina: Only FeMU!Lucina and Olivia!Lucina are available to be the leader. Sully!Lucina has Vantage but she has no Tome classes. - When Lucina's husband leads, Lucina is the only supporter and her output is restricted. - When Lucina leads, we can choose higher output supporters. Physical supporters are also exclusive here. Hit Problem: - Brave Axe users usually need Hit+20 and one more Hit+10 skill to ensure a 100% hit on Throne Berserker (see the enemy Avo database). --------------------------------- Some specific Q&A Why physical supporters > magical supporters when Lucina leads? - Physical supporters' max damage to Hi-Def > Magical supporters' max damage to Hi-Res. - The loss of Mag pair bonus is very low. Switching Sage to Berserker decreases 6 Mag on leading side = Only -3 damage against Aegis+. Difference of FeMU!Lucina and Olivia!Lucina: - FeMU!Lucina has Vengeance (+10~20) and Tomefaire (+2). But she loses Extreme Morgan access (+8). - Olivia!Lucina has Extreme Morgan access (+8) but lacks Vengeance (+10~20) and Tomefaire (+2). Any good Lucina's husband's leading options? - See Czar_Yoshi's analysis in another topic, or calculate it yourself. Rankings? - Under construction. ------------------------ Database Enemies theoretically cannot be tanked: - NM Wave 3/5 Longbows - SR Wave 1 Warriors - SR Wave 4 Mires if you're outside their moving range or your HP < their Mire's damage. The most difficult enemies to be 4-hit KOed from support side (Required-Physical-ATK/Required-Magical-ATK) - SR Wave 4 Berserker on the Throne (117/108) - SR Wave 5 Berserkers (114/105) - SR Wave 5 Anna (105/105) - SR Wave 2/5 Boss Sniper (110/86) - SR Wave 3/5 Boss Sorcerer (96/104) Enemies who have a high Avo: - SR Wave 4 Berserker on the Throne (148) - SR Wave 3/5 Boss Sorcerer (139) - SR Wave 5 Anna (137) - SR Wave 2/5 Boss Sniper (131) - SR Wave 5 Berserkers (128) More points going to be added here later.
  15. LTC = Low Turn Count Works for all difficulties. No handicap. [Paralogues] 01: 1 02~05: 1 06: 1 07: 1 08: 1 09: 1 10: 1 11: 1 12: 1 13: 1 14: 1 15: 1 16: 1 17: 1 18: 1 19: 1 20: 1 21: 1 22: 1 23: 1 [DLC] Champions of Yore 1~3: 1 The Golden Gaffe: 1 EXPonentional Growth: 2 Infinite Regalia: 1 Lost Bloodlines 1~3: 1 Smash Brethren 1~3: 1 Rogues and Redeemers 1~3: 1 Death's Embrace: 1 Five-Anna Firefight: 1 Roster Rescue: 5 The Future Past 1: 1 The Future Past 2: 1 The Future Past 3: 1 Harvest Scramble: 1 Summer Scramble: 1 Hot-Spring Scramble: 1 Apotheosis: 1(Wave 0) 5(NM) 6(SR) There're already some posts talking about it. For I know, lots of SpotPass Valkyries/DarkFliers and some in-game pairs are required. Seperate all paired units before SR Wave 4's resetting is also required. I'll post my own conclusion several weeks later. Here are my own conclusions: (Edit) NM (beta version) (Edit) SR (beta version) Recommended Einherjars: For other people's LTC guides, click LTC tag.
  16. Here we will discuss Apotheosis, the final DLC for Fire Emblem: Awakening. Spoilers will not need to be tagged as such, so if you don't want to know who the Strongest One is, delve no further herein. ***HERE BE SPOILERS*** . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . So, what strategies are you folks cooking up to take on Anna? I'm going to try not to abuse the hilariously broken combination of Pair Up and Brave weapons, since 12 strikes per round, 8 of which will bypass Aegis/Pavise/Counter, will probably trivialize the battle. I only intend to abuse that combo in order to clear the first 5 Generals and 2(?) War Monks in 2 rounds. I intend to send my dragon daughters to engage her in a brutal battle. After waiting this long for the map, I don't want it to end too quickly. As for Anna, I don't want to cheese my way to victory. Anna will be unable to damage Morgan without Aether. Given the high DG rate of my daughters, and the chance to activate Pavise, they will be able to outlast Anna. Truthfully, the biggest concern is Counter. Nothing else has ever killed Morgan. Lethality has always been trumped by either Miracle, DG, or evasion. Counter...Counter has killed her on several occasions. Of course, I will be playing this map many times, to try out different tactics. Brave Bows will be wonderfully effective here, since they'll not trigger Counter.
  17. Well, it's finally here, the most infamous DLC of them all. And honestly I'm kind of disappointed by the difficulty. For my team I intentionally avoided using children characters and legacy DLC characters, so I expected to have some challenge, what with having much lower stats and weaker skill sets than what a lot of people suggest. But instead I got waves of enemies that don't move, or are in too small numbers to be a legitimate threat. I expected the time limited waves at the end of the secret route to put serious pressure on killing stuff quickly enough, but both waves took 3 turns each. I was basically never in any danger of dying - the only times I took reasonable damage were the Berserkers in Secret Waves 4+5, and that's only because I didn't have the stats/skills to kill them before they attacked me and they have Hawkeye/Luna+/1-2 range axes, meaning 60+ damage counterattacks (oh no whatever will I do o rite fortify) Probably the hardest wave in the whole thing, and the only one that really made me stop and think, was Normal wave 5. 25 enemies in one place, ~20 of them being aggressive, that was actually a threat. But still, they came from one direction and gave plenty of room, so it was pretty trivial to just slowly back off while using Galeforce/Rescue to pick groups of enemies off. Despite the fairly low difficulty, it was fun. Having the variety of waves did also makes things interesting.I think it'd have been more interesting if more enemies moved towards you from closer in, especially on secret waves 4+5 (since your position is reset, it would be very possible to make happen). Maybe in the future, I'll try a no Limit Breaker Apo run. I still expect that it wouldn't be THAT tough, though, maybe the time limit will actually matter...
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