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Found 3 results

  1. Who else agrees with me? Generally I am indifferent to characters that can only support with the main character (or one or two other characters, like Anna in Awakening, Flora and Gunter), but Fates had some truly memorable ones. Here is my take on each one. What are your opinions? Anna-She’s more or less the same as her character in Awakening, though I’m glad Fates Anna doesn’t look like a jester. I love both of them. Flora-From what few supports she has and her role in the story, she has a genuinely interesting personality and backstory with untapped potential. I like the contrast and similarities between her and Felicia. While I prefer Felicia as a character, I prefer Flora as a unit. In general, I love the Maid/Butler classes and Flora is the best in combat. Fuga-I have a neutral opinion of him. I find it kind of amusing that by marrying him you become Hayato’s stepmother. Also, I really like Kana’s hair color if Fuga is his father (apparently he had dark brown hair before he went bald/shaved.) Gunter-I like him more than I expected to. For a Jagen he has good longevity. He is a surprisingly viable unit for me; in Conquest I used him all the way up to Chapter 22. I noticed him falling behind in usability in Chapter 21 (though he took hardly damage from the Faceless since his defense was so high). I enjoyed his supports as well. Izana-I liked him immediately for his wit, positivity, innocence, pure-heartedness, and beatific attitude. I don’t see innocent male characters too often, which is part of his (and male Corrin’s) appeal. His supports with Corrin are unfortunately somewhat dull, but his Kana support is hilarious and is one of my favorite father supports for Kana. From my experiences, he’s one of the better mages in Fates. Reina-I’m not hugely fond of most of the Hoshidan cast, but Reina is one of my favorite characters in Birthright. Her personality is somewhere between Camilla and Peri, both of whom I love, so understandably I would love her, too. Kinshi Knight is an awesome class both in utility and aesthetics (one of my favorite Fire Emblem classes ever) and she is a powerful unit. Scarlet-I like her design and personality, and it’s a pity she didn’t get to do more. I’ve seen several people echo that sentiment, and she ranked remarkably high in the last Choose Your Legends, placing 146th. I would’ve liked to see her resistance group play a larger role in Birthright and I wish she had a support with Flora. She’s a great unit, too. I love having a strong, defense-oriented flyer. Shura-See Flora, but with even fewer supports. Shura is one of my favorite non-royal characters in Fates, and currently at the top of my “most wanted list” for Heroes. He has an interesting design: I like his hair, and Adventurers have one of the best class outfits in any Fire Emblem game. Though Shura lacks the fabulous hat enemy Adventurers wear, I like his color scheme. I can’t put my finger on why, but I find him oddly charming. For me, he is one of the best non-royal units. He has several great reclassing options, several DLC classes suit him (I made Shura a Lodestar in Conquest; he was virtually untouchable and doubled everything in his path.) In fact, he does well in every class I’ve reclassed him to. His map in Conquest is one of my favorite maps in the series. Yukimura- I have a somewhat positive view of him, and would probably like him more if he had more supports or time in the story. It’s too bad he can only be recruited in Birthright; Mechanist is a very fun class to use. I like the idea of an inventor character in a Fire Emblem game (he’s the only one I know of.) His supports could expand on of the most interesting and unexplored aspects of Hoshido: how much more technologically advanced they are than virtually anywhere else in Fire Emblem.
  2. Alright, so I know they're not the best FE games in the series, but they're not bad. I wanna set up this thread to appreciate those 2 games for how they are since they're always bashed by everyone all the time. Personally, I think Awakening had a not to shabby story. Dig deep enough and you can get a pretty nice plot out of it. Alongside now knowing Grima's "birth" from the backstory in SoV, we actually can get a better view of the main villain within the story. Also, the children system in the game was very well placed in the game. The children actually had a purpose in the plot and were relevant as the whole time travel thing makes sense due to why they are time traveling in the first place. Fates wasn't all too bad either. It actually fixed most of the things Awakening was missing and/or needing fixing. The main one, the battle mechanics, was something Awakening was solely needing a fix on seeing as how it was pretty easy when you can pair up but the enemy can't. Nerfing it slightly and giving that feature to the enemy was a much needed fix while also allowing for people playing the game to strategize more on the battlefield instead of just throwing out their strongest tank. And even though Fates kinda didn't have the good things that Awakening had (which we will not discuss, not here anyway), it's still a pretty neat game overall.
  3. Basically, I'm creating this thread for one purpose: to give me the necessary closure I need to convince me that the Fire Emblem community hasn't all gone straight to hell since Fire Emblem Fates' release. In Nintendo's most recently released Fire Emblem Fates YouTube video: Fire Emblem Fates - A Tale of Two Families: Revelation (Here's the link:) I posted a very passionate and rant-like comment on how I was sick of all of the negativity that has been geared towards the localization of Fire Emblem Fates, and how it seems to me that the people who are actually fine with NoA's localization of Fire Emblem Fates are stuck as a nonvocal minority, due to the mainstream belief on places like YouTube and Twitter being that NoA has done a terrible job of localizing the game and has basically ruined it. I'm sick of constantly seeing all of this negativity, which is why I am creating this thread. In essence, this thread is a place where people can post things they like about NoA's localization and point out the things they did well, rather than the bad. When you make a post on this thread (which I really hope becomes a popular one), here's what you can expect: - A positive outlook on Fire Emblem Fates despite the controversy it went through. - No prejudice against people who have different opinions on changes or altercations in the game. - A peaceful environment, free from hate and overly-harsh judgement. When you make a post, it should generally fit the guidelines of "I like Fire Emblem Fates, because...". It should be meaningful and positive, yet simple. Here's an example: "I like Fire Emblem Fates, because I think the English dubbing for Xander and Elise in the Mingled Tears cut-scene in Chapter 26 of Birthright was done really well." Also, if you want to go in-depth as to why you believe this, that's more than welcome. Like this: "Dubbing for Anime cut-scenes in which the character's mouths match the words they're saying in their original language is much more difficult than what you might expect from regular Anime, and the dubbing team handled that one particular cut-scene flawlessly." If you want to include a funny phrase or picture with your post, that is also perfectly fine. I always enjoy seeing all of the funny stuff the Serenes community comes up with. Fire Emblem Fates is a fantastic game with a beautiful story and incredible gameplay mechanics, and we shouldn't let a few screw-ups that happened during localization hold it back. We may be a vocal minority, but I'd at least like to give the Serenes Forest community a chance to show some gratefulness for the many ways in which NoA didn't screw it up. Hopefully, this thread will become a place where hostility and aggression towards a great game are a thing of the past, and we can all show some well-deserved and long-overdue appreciation for what is one of the greatest titles on the Nintendo 3DS and a worthy installment to the Fire Emblem franchise. Please, help me be a proud member of the Fire Emblem community once more.
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