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Found 4 results

  1. Good Day/Night people! I'm here to start my 2nd LP with a old, yet cool game even on this day standards: Fire Emblem 5 will always be remembered as the "black sheep" of the series: New mechanics that never came back (except for the FoW), Maps that would make FE11 H5 look easy in comparison, and a awful story that should have never exist (even thought I love the characters development, FE5 just fell incomplete to me) Well.....we won't play that game. I decided to give myself a headache and use this strange hack: Super Thracia it's well know around here as one of those hacks that EVERYONE have tried at least once, but just a few people have the privilege of actually beat it, so I'm up to the challenge!! (Ronlyn, Famous last words - 2016) WARNING! this LP contains: - Save state abuse - Strong language (I will swear A LOT, like any normal being would do after restarting like fifteen times because of a 12-15% hit actually landing out of nowhere) - Gamesharks (this one it's a must if you want ALL CHARACTERS AND GAIDENS IN THIS GAME, so I apologize beforehand) - Spoilers (until Ch15, from there it's completely blind) - Information Stolen from Serenes Forest's Super Thracia Threat - Bad Jokes and Memes With that aside.......... Here's the deal: I can promise, at the very least, one update per week: I have serious problems with my internet and I can't update that often. So without further adds, let's ride this train-wreck!! (FFIV TDW? Battletoads? what are those things?)
  2. I have no rescue staffs. Does anyone here have an OP unit in their MyCastle that I could easily snag? I've found a couple, but they still die with full tonics, so I need more. Thanks!
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35278872 first Lemmy now Bowie. This sucks :(
  4. Hey Can I get a bit of help? you see I`ve played every classic FE game in the series except for the BS one so I download it and it won`t run on my emulator! is this a common problem? I just get a black screen I use zsnes1.36 is it the emulator? can it even run the Satellaview games? as I want to try some of the satellaview stuff bad some interesting gems were released on it that never left Japan and probably never will so yeah just wondering if there is a way to make this game run if not then that is one FE game i just can`t get too but I hope that is not the case as I really love the classic Fire Emblem series so it would be something to have tried every last one of them atleast once or twice.
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