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Found 10 results

  1. Hello there Serenes Forest, this is my first ever post so excuse me if I didnt do something I was supposed to do before this, but Im looking for someone to make some custom battle animations for my Fire Emblem 8 Hack. I am (of course) willing to pay, and hopefully we will be able to negotiate a price that is good for both of us. I am looking for two (2) battle animations. One Tier One Class, and one Tier Two Class. Im looking forward to working with whoever takes me up on my offer. Thank you!
  2. Okay...So, first things first: English is not my main language, so...be ready for some erros, ok? Now, to the main question: Why's my Merlinus don't getting any type of Battle Animation? I'm trying to make a hack room where he's going to be a cavalier, but I already tried everything: Changed his class to cavalier, tried to make the wager into a cavalier, put freaking cavalier animations on the wager, also tried with others classes, etc. but nothing of those worked! What's his problem anyway? I need to change a specific ''number''? By the way, I'm using FEditor.
  3. Hi, after creating a DeviantArt account (https://garretgreybird.deviantart.com/) and posting this on the German Fire Emblem Forum I decided to go ahead and post these here to. I am quite new to Spriting but decided to go ahead and try to make some own Sprites. I started with enhancing the resolution of Ephraim's normal attack: Afterwards, I went ahead and made my first own Animation in this higher resolution with a character where I only had to move the arms and not the body: But I recently only got time in the evenings so I decided to go with the "easier" normal FE style. The first one was inspired by John Constantine and used Lylods sprite as a basis for him. the two first pics are my ideas for his idle pose, while the third one is the first sketch for his first keyframe. This is my try to create Ryougi Shiki (Saber version) from The Fate/Grand Order in an FE style. Her Basis was some bishop sprite (Think it was Arthur). The first two pictures are her idle with and without a weapon, while the last one is my first try on the first keyframe (still not happy with it, needs a different angle). These two are Ryougi Shiki (Assasin version), which is just a rather minor edit to some female Rouge. the second sprite is my first try on Artoria (from Fate as well), with a mix of druid and mercenary as a basis. Now, this last one is the one I am currently trying to animate. It is Mordred (again, from Fate) and I got one version with and without helmet, as well as the first keyframe, which I am currently trying to connect with the idle pose. I would really appreciate some feedback to any of these sprites.
  4. So in my FE6 hack, I have a character replacing Merlinus as a sage. According to what I've seen, Merlinus is coded to never show battle animations even when he's reclassed. I found that you can re-enable battle animations for Merlinus by changing some hex numbers, but only for FE7. Is there a way to enable battle animations for Merlinus in FE6?
  5. I am trying to use the Custom Battle Animation editor in Nightmare to insert a new battle sprite that uses swords and axes, and of course throwing axes. Firstly, I am using the 0xFFF830 pointer and assume this is free space. How do I set this up the Custom Battle Animation UI given that I need to setup animations for Sword, Axe, Hand Axe, Tomahawk, and Disarm animations (5 slots); however, the UI only provide 4 slots (see image below)? Do I need to use both FFF830 and FFF840 for this to work? If so, how does the class pointer know which animations to play?
  6. Question 1: Creating custom battle animation: I am going to create my own battle animation using the brigand sprite as a base. In fact, the animation is entirely the same except for a custom look (i.e. the brigand has hair and beard). I was wondering if there is a template used to get this working in FEditor format. Even if someone has the base structure of the original brigand that would be super helpful as I would know where to position each frame. As a whole, I was a little confused by the makeup of what is described in the tutorial with how all the sprites are compiled and with sound effects. Question 2: Pointers for additional characters and portraits: I would like to add more characters, portraits, and battle animations to Fire Emblem 7 for a mod. For adding additional characters, I assume I need to repoint the character block to free space. However, for adding additional portraits and battle animations, is it safe to increase the maximum portraits/animation in FEditor to a higher value? I would assume that this could cause issues. Do these need to be repointed to free space as well?
  7. Hey everyone. I was gone for some time... Well, that's because quiet a few things happened. Lost my computer. Lost my work. Fell ill. Lost a father. Just a lot of things really and I lost my will to sprite. Now, I'm going to start again with a new unit that is a WIP now but I hope will be able to be put as any weapon unit not filled in a game or just mooks with a large variety of weapons to use. The Man at Arms is a unit ready to give life and limb to country and his unit has been specially trained to use a variety of weapons to make them a force to be reckoned with in the battle field. Equip to for almost every situation, all this unit will need to become a pain in the enemies side is the proper weapon at the proper time. The only downside of having the ability to have so much equipment is that the weight of his armor has been lowered to compensate the arsenal of weapons he carries.
  8. So, I opened FEditor, added spots for the FE10 Fighter animations (Melee, Hand Axe, and Disarmed). I then put the aforementioned animations into these three extra slots. I saved this data into a junk copy of FE8, opened Nightmare2, and used the Custom Battle Animation Editor and put these animations under entry 0x8E60000, I then made this the battle animation for the Fighter class. I went into the game to see if it worked, and the game used the map screen instead of the normal battle screen. Where did I mess up, and what's the fix?
  9. So I've found some tutorials on how to change the animations of existing classes, but how do I add more classes to the class registry? What do I need to do if I want to add T3 classes or more monster classes? Pointing to the things I need (walking sprites, class name, generic portraits, animations) in nightmare would be easy enough, but how do I insert this into the game and expand the possible nightmare entries? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello everyone! :D This is my first post on this forum and I hope to get to know the community soon. Thought I'd show off some of my recent works for my very own Fire Emblem game. They are based off friends in real life that will be in my game. Most of them are just recolors of existing mugshots with small tweaks. Some are spliced up, some are quite custom! Just depends on how many requests the person had for their character. Anyway, I'll probably post all of my work on this one thread so I'll keep it coming. :) Enjoy everyone and I'm glad to be on the forum! -Joshua- -Ben- -Joseph- -Chet- -Kayla- -Girlfriend (Wendy)- -Me (James)-
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