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Found 63 results

  1. NOTE: This is an old release. Please get v2.1 Here it is; The beta release of a project that took way too many stressful days to complete... It unintentionally re-balances most of the units in FE6... "FIRE EMBLEM: THE BINDING BLADE" CANONIZATION PROJECT now in public beta ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introduction This is a project I've been working on for the past few days; adding FE4-like generation mechanics to FE6. Now, because I don't feel like frankensteining two GBA roms together, a few days ago I asked /r/FireEmblem to give me their favorite FE7 pairings (that lead to children in FE6). After calculating growths and base stats using the awakening formulae, I inserted those changed stats into the game via Nightmare. In addition to this, I gave all returning units from FE7 their FE7 growths, so now Bartre is more usable and Karel is a shining turd (sorry karel fans). I also took a leif from the FE4 inheritance book, and gave all children characters an item or weapon from their parents' inventory (Geese also gets a Killer Axe from Geitz). With these introduction thoughts out of the way, here are the pairings that /r/FireEmblem gave me; ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pairings Eliwood x Ninian Hector x Farina Rath x Lyn (Lyn is only possible mother for Sue) Nino x Erk (Jaffar Soon™) Rebecca x Lowen Hawkeye x ??? Bartre x Karla (already canon) Pent x Louise (already canon) Canas x ??? Harken x Isadora (May or may not be implemented) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RELEASE (OPEN BETA) Patch: Binding Blade Canonization Patch v1.0.zip Note: Please apply this patch on top of a ROM that has already been patched with the latest translation, failing to do so will result in error while trying to access certain content. Excel Document Reflecting Changed Stats and Growths: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ph2ex8qWRpAwt7jdTWJbqemt1LmpoDEpSSeEfJANLxA/edit?usp=sharing Word Document Reflecting Changed Factors: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ajdD7gG2YGYczZMCnz_QeZZUxlactIKIl4TRBlSUTN8/edit?usp=sharing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please let me know of any bugs or errors, as this is my first hack. Also, if someone requests it, I will change the other Manga weapons to reflect fan-favorite FE7 characters. Gant's Lance is now Lowen's Pike and appears in Wolt's starting inventory, so the ones left are the Staff and the Sword. Thank you, and enjoy! Also, the reason this is in beta is because I had some problems with editing starting stats before, and I need conformation that the children characters after the first chapter turned out the way I wanted to. Please compare the starting stats of changed units with the excel sheet linked above. COMING SOON: Adjusted pairings (Nino x Jaffar), but using Erk's magic growth because fuck that 15% Name patch to match with Heroes. Will release a separate patch with just the name changes. Binding Blade Canonization Patch v1.0.zip
  2. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I would love so much if anyone could provide me with a randomized ROM of FE 6, 7 or 8... but is HAS to be a .gba file as the only GBA emulator I will use is gba4ios on my iPad. If any one could do this i'd be ever in your debt. I won't be licking any toes though ;)
  3. And, I'm back with a new randomizer because my old one's save stopped working. I'm not going to bother with a long intro, so I'm just going to start again right away. Also the format for the spoiler tags is: top-screenshots/commentary middle-new units/unit ratings bottom-level ups And here's the settings I used. The growth randomization was a bit more extreme
  4. NOTE: Thread abandoned due to technical reasons, and the new thread/randomizer will be up shortly, and I'll link it when it's up. I promise I won't forget about/abandon this randomizer like just about every other one I've done. Welcome to my randomizer of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It doesn't seem to be as popular as FE7 in the way of randomizers, so I figured I'd give it a try. This also happens to be my first time playing FE6 for the long run in general, so that should make this even more interesting. Here's to hoping it doesn't end up rendering this unwinnable as a result of not being able to get the Divinestone because of Fae being randomized. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB FOR STRUCTURE: First spoiler box is screenshots, second is growths/rating and commentary, third is level ups in the map. Without further ado, let's do this. Chapter 1
  5. So given that whole thing with the "Echoes" title, I keep thinking about other remakes in the series. Given that 6/7 are my favourite games I came up with a bit of a plan as to how I would go about remaking these games to not only appeal to the whole audience of fire emblem fans, new and old, but also stay true to their original formulae as much as possible. How would it work? The game would be a fusion of Blazing Sword and Sword of Seals. Given that 6 follows on from 7 in terms of the story of Elibe this would be easy to impliment. After finishing Lyn, Eliwood and Hector's story the player would unlock the ability to play through the story of Roy and Lilina. However, the aftergames of each would be indipendant of each other, meaning that the player could keep their progress in the age of Blazing Sword while playing through the story of Sword of Seals, and vice versa. So why fuse the two games? I believe mixing the two games would be the best option here due to the success of the two most recent Fire Emblem games; Awakening and Fates. While there aren't too many, some characters from 7 will have children who become playable in 6, Roy, Lilina, Wolt, Sue and Lugh to name a few. This means that pairs chosen in 7 will actively influence the stats of characters found in 6. In addition, some characters are playable in both games, such as Marcus and Bartre. These characters could perhaps carry statistics or even items over in the transition of games. What would I change? The bigest and most necessary change I would make would be to make the tactician from Fire Emblem 7 playable. In order to make this game as much of a success as Awakening and Fates, I honestly think this needs to be implemented into the game. I understand that the tactician couldn't fight in the original version, but is it really so far-fetched for them to be able to swing a sword about or throw a fireball or two? The avatar would have to start weak, but because they would be in every single chapter, even after the split at the end of Lyn's story they would quickly catch up. In addition, the tactician would be able to romance any character they wanted to, within the bounds of the story (Meaning already married characters like Dorcas, Pent and Louise are off-limits.) They would go on to have a son/daughter who will become the tactician for Roy's army, or even potentially the brother of Roy, Lilina, Sue or sister of Wolt or Lugh. Perhaps the point in the story at which you meet this new character would depend on who their parent is. Mechanical changes? Apart from the points I've made, and the obvious graphical updates the games would generally remain true to the originals. There ARE however a few mechanical changes I think should happen... Reclassing should be present, but limited. Ditch Fates' complex reclass system in favour for a simplified version of Awakening's. Characters should be able to reclass, but only into very similar classes. For instance, Rath, a Nomad, should be able to reclass into an Archer or a Mymidon. Nothing else. Sain, the lance-loving Cavalier should be able to reclass into a Knight, nothing else. I say this because I think the game SHOULD be updated to an extent, but should also try to stay true to the original formula. Awakening and Fates' skill system should be brought through... but ditch Fates' skill market. Linking with reclassing, I think the new style skills system should be present in the game. It gives reclassing a purpose, but won't be blatantly overpowered because the class options for each character will be very limited. Use Sacred Stones' split premotion system, but keep the original premotion items. Giving players the choice of which class they want to make each unit makes each playthrough more personal. I think it would be perfectly fine for a unit such as Kent to have the ability to become a Great Knight, or Rutger to have the ability to become an Assassin. Maybe new classes would have to be implemented to support this though, because I'm not too sure what a Nomad would premote into besides a Nomadic Trooper. In addition, the original premotion items will be kept. Depending on your class, you use a different item to premote. Maybe simplify this from the original though by letting Pirates and Thieves premote using the Fighter's Seal... Weapons break. Get used to it. A small point, but true to classic Fire Emblem games weapons will still be able to break, even uniques like the Manni Katti or Wolf Beil. Get with the program, Fates... Use Fates' pair up system over Awakening's. Bacause I'd be making support a more pivotal part of the story in this remake, pairing up would have to be present. Not like Awakening's power trippy version, but like a honed down version of Fates'. The attack stance would also be a part of the game, but the damage of the secondary attacker should probably be cut down a bit. Introduce a world map. I would give the game a world map similar to that found in the Sacred Stones and Awakening. It allows players to more easily understand the continent, access shops, as well as gives an easy way of accessing DLC. Speaking of which... EXP grind DLC maps and Arenas return. Arenas returning was a given, but being a new FE game I feel as though I HAVE to let players have a way of grinding for EXP. Of course it's your decision if you want to make the game a walk in the park mid way through, but I think there are probably a few fans that have to rely on these maps... So there you go, those are my ideas. I know a lot of people will disagree with a lot of what I've preposed here, but everything is my own opinion. Let me know what you think.
  6. This is a modified version of gringe's FE6 localization patch detailed here: The dialogue and story/script remain unchanged. All this patch does is update the names of all the characters in both data and script to match those localized in the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event. So now Allen is Alen, Wendy is Gwendolyn, etc. As always, let me know if there are any bugs and errors past the first chapter, and enjoy! EDIT: Thite is now Thea, and you can apply this patch onto a clean FE6 rom. FE6 Name Patch v2.1.zip
  7. Hey so Fire emblem 6 is one of if not my favorite Fire Emblem game but, having Roy promote at chapter 22 is terrible. Honestly I've had it up to here with babying this kid. So I was wondering how I could change the chapter where he promotes.
  8. I'm a fan of the FE6 axe-fighter Lot, I find him one of the most interesting characters in the game and a personal favorite, but I do not deny that he has issues such as being a problematic (if still usable) unit and is overshadowed by several other interesting or more important characters. With this all out of the way, I wonder why he soared all the way to #88 in the series-wide "Choose Your Legends" poll, where he beat the likes of other popular characters such as Lewyn, Lyon, or Rutger. I'm even more curious as to why, as I saw no huge amounts of Lot praise in the fandom at the time. Why do you think this is?
  9. For the sake of not copy pasting a shit ton of information, everything you need to know can be found here, pairings wise: For those of you who saw the first release, welcome to version 2.0! Major changes I've made since the last update are: All characters names have been changed to reflect the Choose Your Legends event name localization. This is included with the patch. Jaffar is now the father of Lugh and Raigh. However, to prevent their growths from being completely screwed over, I increased all of Jaffar's growths by 5%, as if he was the recipient of Afa's Drops in the Blazing Blade. This leaves both of their magic growths the same as before, which I'm fine with. Lugh no longer starts with a goddess icon. Statwise, Jaffar really beefed the both of them up, so have fun with that Minor text fixes You can now patch this on a clean rom rather than a pretranslated one, the issue with the last release was my mistake. UPDATE V2.1: Thite is now Thea in accordance with Shanna from FE Heroes. UPDATE V2.2: Bartre now has the base stats of a legitimately promoted FE7 Bartre, at the minimum level required to unlock the Karla event. This was done by generating 7 columns of randomly sequenced numbers, and applying a set of those to Bartre's FE7 growth rates 25 times, simulating 25 in-game level ups. 25 level ups (or Level 5 Warrior) is required to recruit Karla, making this a canon thing to do, unless you can argue that Bartre somehow lost his FE7 stats over the generational gap (if you can, discussion's open) The new base stats are: HP/Str/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res/Con/Mov | 50/23/15/14/14/12/4/14/6 Well that's it! I really hope you enjoy this release, as I put lots of time and effort into it. Let me know of any changes you would like to see in version 2.2 (the manga sword and staff are still open for changes)! Canonization v2.2.zip
  10. So, It seems like they nerfed most legendary weapons, so the lords don't overshadow other characters. But the balance bitween them is completely off. Roy's Sword of Seals, one of the most OP legendary weapons ever, got nerfed badly. It Lost a lot of the protection buffs( DEF and RES in smaller values and limited use), but more importantly, It Lost the iconic ranged flame atack. Ryoma got a ranged counter at the same power, but of course, doesn't have any buffs. Are you kidding me that small +2 DEF/RES is a Fair trade off for the lack of a ranged counter? Takumi has both close and ranged counters, and his weapon has the same power, with an added colorless advantage( although the Double ranged counter is from his skill). That only shows how completely off their balance is. I can only imagine the disapointment when Ike and his Ragnel comes with the lost ranged atack. Do you think they will rebalance this stuff? Takumi needs an emergency nerf, like seriously.
  11. So with FE hereos been a thing this is more just a thoughts on changes to where the patch was and not to flood the one on the NES and SNES one since they're on FE 2/4/5 The first one I've "enjoyed" is If there's more I've missed just post them below and I'd love to here thoughts...How does Wendy become that though?
  12. So before I begin let me say im sorry for posting all this crap about binding blade in the wrong forum I was still new. I just recently beat it and I am now sure it is among my favorites, and you wont have to see anything else posted about it in this general forum since I know what to expect now that I have beaten it. Love how the storys connect and love Roy way more than eliwood. Guess thats all I have to say really.
  13. Can anyone give me some advice on chapter 23 of binding blade the mages at the top of the chapter are making me soooooo frustrated it isnt even funny. My units that Ive been using and succeeding with are rutger shanna and celine roys pretty good at the moment to I thought pure water would help but it didnt the sleep mag and berserk are really the only problem.
  14. So how will I get both legendary weapons after ch 20. I chose b route so I should be getting the spear of ice right? Well then how will O get the bow to.cause I know you need ALL legendary weapons for the true ending. Somebody please tell me.
  15. So the title says it all Im now going to speed run the game to make up for lost time. I didnt recruit zeiss and so all the work I put into the game is poof what are some of your screw ups?!
  16. So while playing Binding blade I have to say I am quite happy with Roys growths. So my question is who is better Eliwood or Roy? Im going with Roy because at ch 5 level 12 he is currently 11 str. If it were eliwood he'd be at least 9 or so and Id have to use an energy ring on him to even make him decent at this point. So who would you go with Eliwood or Roy.
  17. So Im at chapter 9 and I just need a few things cleared before I really get invested. 1. So Is there a difficulty for either route A or B, is one more difficult than the other? This question applies to the illia and sacae split to. 2. Are the gaiden chapters affected by whichever route chosen or does it not matter? What are the exact requirements for each gaiden chapter? I plan on going a route to illia and Im on normal mode l. If anyone can answer these Id be very happy.
  18. Hey y'all! So, I believe the topic title says it all, but I'll elaborate here. So I bought an actual GBA cartridge of Blazing Sword and I lent it to my friend months ago and he's been playing it regularly and he'd come over and I'd watch him play it, and all that jazz. But everything was fine until a few days ago, he came over and all of the save files were deleted. He played the game that same day with the files intact but just in the span of a few hours all three save files were gone. Thankfully I didn't have any personal save files on it, and he was three chapters away from the final chapter, and I still had my save of the final chapter on the Wii U virtual console, so I showed him some cutscenes online had him play the final chapter, THANK GOD! Cause that way was better then things being anti-climactic. But I was really wondering what could have done that and if anyone else had any experiences like that in any of their FE GBA games? I looked a little online and I think the obvious answer would be the battery, but I thought Nintendo fixed that problem with the GBA. My Pokemon Sapphire and Emerald both had their batteries run dry and they can still save (they can't tell time but that's... that's another topic). Also the support log in my Blazing Sword is still intact. It even kept the supports that my friend got on his play through. So that's everything I got to say! Looking forward to what people have to say... that is... if people see this... THANKS!
  19. I need to know this: Is it possible to patch the FE6 Redux patch with the newer translation patch? If so, can someone PLZ tell me how?
  20. At this point in time, I'm finishing up my Randomized Fire Emblem 6 LP. I'm also done with the Illa route and then I'll be in Bern. I've decided that since I'm almost done with my LP, I might as well live stream the ending. I'll be live streaming my playthrough of what's left this Friday at 5:30 P.M. EST with a co-commentator or 2. I hope to see you there!
  21. Its time I start a new Fire Emblem Randomized Run! This time around, I'm going to be Let's Playing Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, but have it be randomized. I've increased the growth rates of all enemies exactly by 20%! Its going to be pretty challenging! Here is a link to my playlist. I'm going to be getting this LP done as fast as possible and always have a Co-Commentater on for each episode(mostly): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLse8DG1LjyttsJzVidFColEnsbhV09H5l Here is a link to my channel. I got other stuff there as well and you can even suggest other FE LP's and ROM Hack LP's to me if you want: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtD_gACSlGrSaDyxtNeGTw
  22. I need help determining which names are the most accurate in terms of the Binding Blade exclusive characters in my story. I've been seeing conflicting sources, and I'm not sure which sources are more 'true' than others. I don't exactly need all of them, just the ones below: Some of these characters are more clearly named than others, I'm just listing them for the sake of completeness. (hopefully I remembered them all)
  23. so this has been bugging me since I got my import copy back in June of last year heck I even speculated that one of the GBA games battle themes would make it into the arena over a year ago take a listen I plan on uploading my own video tommorow listen to the background music I also find it kind of weird that I can't find this paticular piece in the offical ost or in the game's sound test if you can link me to a video that has the music playing in it I will edit it in now listen to this having a somewhat music skilled background I honestly believe that the arena's theme after 2 months of listening and comparing is FE6's battle theme. though you may say it's not the exact same go back and listen to all of the other arena themes and tell say that they sound the exact same as the original piece. I find it to be much more subtle than what the other games did
  24. It's come to my attention that a lot of people do not like Roy. To me, Roy was my best lord. Stat wise to be exact. But some people said his stats were trash. Here is my Roy: I only used one dragonshield from a secret shop. I didn't take picture from before promotion or after.
  25. Obviously now, the week of Midterm Finals, is the most optimal time to start playing FE 6. Sarcasm or not, I'm doing this.
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