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  1. Part 0: Foreword Hello, everyone! It’s been…a few years, huh? Back in the day, I posted a Lord-Only run of FE7, then lost interest in it - and didn’t even let anyone know it was abandoned because I was too ashamed to show my face. Thankfully, I’m…a bit more mature about things now, I’d say? At the very least I don’t think I’ll dip out without any warning this time. I might end up doing the Lord-Only run again at some point, because it’s a fun one, but I’m instead doing something…a bit different. As the title expounds, this is The Most Normal Run of FE7 - but what the hell does that mean? Well, if you want a shorter name, you could call it a ‘Normalized’ run - but that implies that I’ve done something to the game in some way. And unless you count emulating it and using savestates, this is all-natural on the game’s part. What this run is about will take a bit to explain, so I’ve devoted a full post to it. It is a bit technical, and I’m hardly the biggest expert on how FE works in all its aspects, but I believe I know all I need to for this run. There will be a TL;DR at the end of the foreword if you want to skip to that. The main thing we need to talk about for this run is a little thing called RNG manipulation. Some of you may already know about this, but bear with me. Here, we have a scene from the end of FE7 Chapter 3 - in fact, the same one I ran in the preparation for this very run. As you can see, everyone but Migal has been dealt with - and as you can’t see, Migal has been run down to 4 HP on the prior turn. Now, the character I’m going to be using to illustrate this point is Florina (hence why I got Migal’s HP so low) as Pegasus Knights not only have high movement, but no obstruction to that movement for the most part (as you can see). Now, first of all, let’s attack Migal with a Slim Lance. As you can see, this will kill (although Florina may take some pretty hefty damage in the process). We finish him off, take that hefty damage I mentioned, and level up - I believe this is a fairly standard level for Florina, although the lack of strength is disappointing. Now, instead of proceeding, let’s use a savestate (which will not be featuring too heavily in this run itself, though the prep I do will involve quite a bit of it) and head back a step. Let’s say we want to finish him off with the Iron Lance and avoid taking any damage, even if the chapter is about to end. Like so, and… …Would you look at that. A different level. Better in some ways (hello strength), worse in others. Now, this may seem fairly standard - doing things differently ends up with different results. But now, let’s head back again, and this time…do something special. There’s multiple ways to do this next step, but the one I prefer is to head all the way out to the edge of Florina’s movement range, and then go beyond it, so that my cursor is outside. Then, we bring the cursor up a couple spaces and back into her movement range. Now, the game has a decision to make - what is the shortest path that arrow can travel? ‘Does it matter?’ you ask. Not really - but the game thinks it does. So, in order to make that decision…it rolls a random number. As you can see, it can end up fairly straightforward, like this… Or all squiggly, like this. ‘So?’ you ask again. So, that random number I mentioned just rolled - what do you think would happen if we went back and attacked Migal again? …yet another different level. See, by basically forcing the game to roll a random number before the attack, we’ve shifted everything out of alignment - meaning the result of the random rolls are now different. And, of course, if we decided the level wasn’t good enough, we could always fiddle around some more… Hmm…better, but what if we wanted some strength? (Note: this can also backfire, as seen above) Aha, there we go! Now that’s a nice level! And now, you know how to manipulate the RNG in a GBA FE game. Congrats! …and now that you know that, say goodbye - because you’ll never be seeing this trick again (at least in this run). ‘...Well then what the hell was the point?!’ you ask. …Man, you’re doing a lot of that. The POINT, you see, is that while many don’t do this RNG manipulation on purpose, it does often happen on accident. Like I said, this is one of multiple ways - another is to fold the arrow in on itself so it recalculates. So what, I ask, would happen…if we never let that happen on accident? Because FE7, as it happens, is not really random. Not truly, you see. Because while it does roll a random number over and over, those numbers are always rolled in the same order - hence why, if you go back to a previous savestate and take the same action, you will get the same result, the same level-up. Furthermore, FE7 always starts on the same 'seed' - meaning, if you boot-up a brand-new game, and take the exact same actions as you did last time, making sure not to let any accidental RNG manipulation happen - you will get the exact same result. So what do you do with that knowledge? Well, if you’re me, you’ll find that intensely interesting, and wonder how far you can take it. Could you, perhaps, make a walkthrough of the game, that if someone followed it exactly, could always get you all the way to the end with no casualties? Maybe, maybe not - as the game goes on, things will get more complicated, definitely - and I might tire of this concept before long. (And I don’t know if it would work on, say, FE6 or FE8 - or even outside of Lyn Normal Mode) But until then, I might be able to show you some interesting things - like, for example, a way to get through the first few chapters without taking any damage, guaranteed (barring tutorial fights, as…FE7 has a lot of those). If you follow along with this walkthrough exactly, you should be able to get the exact same outcomes (though I would like confirmation on this. Having someone else at the very least try out the first chapter following my guide on an emulator, or hell, even on a real GBA, would help a lot) Now, would you want to do this for the full thing? …Admittedly, probably not. You can still have a lot of fun with a game even if you follow the basic steps a walkthrough provides, FE included (I know this from experience) - but already knowing the outcome before you start would take the fun out of it, if it isn’t already sucked out entirely by having to follow step-by-step so meticulously. Still, I won’t stop you from doing it, just…be warned. Now, if this isn’t going to be fun to follow, why do it? Well, it has been somewhat fun for me to check out on my own, at least so far. Messing around with RNG this way is somewhat fascinating to me. And I hope that the rest of you will at the very least have fun reading my experiences. TL:DR - RNG abuse is a thing, but what if we went all the way to the other end and removed any chance of randomness entirely?
  2. Hey everyone! I'm an up-and-coming variety streamer! I posted here a while back asking for help with finding an FE7 save, and was very graciously provided assistance. So now, I'm starting off my stream with a playthrough of FE7 HHM! The title is a bit misleading, though, because I'm apparently a bit of a masochist. Not only is this my first time playing HHM, it's technically going to be my first time playing through the entire GAME, and I decided to start on HHM (though to be fair I did start with Lyn's mode this playthrough). Considering that FE7 is currently my favorite FE title, how can this be? Well, tune in and find out! My normal streams are Saturdays starting around 12-1 Mountain time, with some surprise streams sprinkled in throughout the week, like possibly tonight (partly depending on when my son is awake/asleep). https://www.twitch.tv/kensei_xero Feel free to stop by, say hi, and watch my suffering as I stumble through what the game has to offer! And don't forget to drop a follow if you like what you see!
  3. What is the most efficient way to complete the support log in fe7? I’m just talking the set of 3 chapters that allows for the easiest support grinding, even if you can’t get every support then (For example, I know I’m gonna have to replay the final three chapters specifically a million times for Renault and Karla’s supports). Or other than that, those of you who have completed the support log, how did you do it? Thanks in advance!
  4. These are the units that I think are the most useful in Blazing Sword. Lord: Hector. Paladin: Sain. Sniper: Rebecca. Falcon Knight: Florina. Warrior: Bartre. Bishop: Serra. (After looking back at one of my playthroughs of Blazing Sword.) Sage: Nino. Assassin: Matthew or Legault (Depending on how you train them.) Nomadic Trooper: Rath (Only playable Nomadic Trooper in the game.) General: Oswin or Wallace (Depending on how you train them.) Swordmaster: Guy. Valkyrie: Priscilla (Only playable Valkyrie in the game.) Hero: Raven. Druid: Canas. (Only playable Druid in the game.) Berserker: Dart. Wyvern Lord: Heath.
  5. I recently found a way to play the GBA Fire Emblem games, and started Eliwood's mode a short while ago. I'm not a fan of resetting or using save states, but I also don't know how Ironman-friendly these games are for a blind player, hence the question in the title. I'm curious how well the GBA Fire Emblem games handle giving the player enough units so that if one falls, another could fulfill a similar role, if they pace out when you get said units, if there are any nasty surprises in store for someone playing blind, and so on. I have completed Awakening and Shadow Dragon Ironman runs before, so it's not my first rodeo, but I don't know whether ironmanning these games during my first playthrough is a good idea or not.
  6. So given that whole thing with the "Echoes" title, I keep thinking about other remakes in the series. Given that 6/7 are my favourite games I came up with a bit of a plan as to how I would go about remaking these games to not only appeal to the whole audience of fire emblem fans, new and old, but also stay true to their original formulae as much as possible. How would it work? The game would be a fusion of Blazing Sword and Sword of Seals. Given that 6 follows on from 7 in terms of the story of Elibe this would be easy to impliment. After finishing Lyn, Eliwood and Hector's story the player would unlock the ability to play through the story of Roy and Lilina. However, the aftergames of each would be indipendant of each other, meaning that the player could keep their progress in the age of Blazing Sword while playing through the story of Sword of Seals, and vice versa. So why fuse the two games? I believe mixing the two games would be the best option here due to the success of the two most recent Fire Emblem games; Awakening and Fates. While there aren't too many, some characters from 7 will have children who become playable in 6, Roy, Lilina, Wolt, Sue and Lugh to name a few. This means that pairs chosen in 7 will actively influence the stats of characters found in 6. In addition, some characters are playable in both games, such as Marcus and Bartre. These characters could perhaps carry statistics or even items over in the transition of games. What would I change? The bigest and most necessary change I would make would be to make the tactician from Fire Emblem 7 playable. In order to make this game as much of a success as Awakening and Fates, I honestly think this needs to be implemented into the game. I understand that the tactician couldn't fight in the original version, but is it really so far-fetched for them to be able to swing a sword about or throw a fireball or two? The avatar would have to start weak, but because they would be in every single chapter, even after the split at the end of Lyn's story they would quickly catch up. In addition, the tactician would be able to romance any character they wanted to, within the bounds of the story (Meaning already married characters like Dorcas, Pent and Louise are off-limits.) They would go on to have a son/daughter who will become the tactician for Roy's army, or even potentially the brother of Roy, Lilina, Sue or sister of Wolt or Lugh. Perhaps the point in the story at which you meet this new character would depend on who their parent is. Mechanical changes? Apart from the points I've made, and the obvious graphical updates the games would generally remain true to the originals. There ARE however a few mechanical changes I think should happen... Reclassing should be present, but limited. Ditch Fates' complex reclass system in favour for a simplified version of Awakening's. Characters should be able to reclass, but only into very similar classes. For instance, Rath, a Nomad, should be able to reclass into an Archer or a Mymidon. Nothing else. Sain, the lance-loving Cavalier should be able to reclass into a Knight, nothing else. I say this because I think the game SHOULD be updated to an extent, but should also try to stay true to the original formula. Awakening and Fates' skill system should be brought through... but ditch Fates' skill market. Linking with reclassing, I think the new style skills system should be present in the game. It gives reclassing a purpose, but won't be blatantly overpowered because the class options for each character will be very limited. Use Sacred Stones' split premotion system, but keep the original premotion items. Giving players the choice of which class they want to make each unit makes each playthrough more personal. I think it would be perfectly fine for a unit such as Kent to have the ability to become a Great Knight, or Rutger to have the ability to become an Assassin. Maybe new classes would have to be implemented to support this though, because I'm not too sure what a Nomad would premote into besides a Nomadic Trooper. In addition, the original premotion items will be kept. Depending on your class, you use a different item to premote. Maybe simplify this from the original though by letting Pirates and Thieves premote using the Fighter's Seal... Weapons break. Get used to it. A small point, but true to classic Fire Emblem games weapons will still be able to break, even uniques like the Manni Katti or Wolf Beil. Get with the program, Fates... Use Fates' pair up system over Awakening's. Bacause I'd be making support a more pivotal part of the story in this remake, pairing up would have to be present. Not like Awakening's power trippy version, but like a honed down version of Fates'. The attack stance would also be a part of the game, but the damage of the secondary attacker should probably be cut down a bit. Introduce a world map. I would give the game a world map similar to that found in the Sacred Stones and Awakening. It allows players to more easily understand the continent, access shops, as well as gives an easy way of accessing DLC. Speaking of which... EXP grind DLC maps and Arenas return. Arenas returning was a given, but being a new FE game I feel as though I HAVE to let players have a way of grinding for EXP. Of course it's your decision if you want to make the game a walk in the park mid way through, but I think there are probably a few fans that have to rely on these maps... So there you go, those are my ideas. I know a lot of people will disagree with a lot of what I've preposed here, but everything is my own opinion. Let me know what you think.
  7. Okay ifve posted in Member feedback. Ive posted in Site Cintetn I'm pretty sure.. who do I talk to about editing the wiki? lLigjt Runes are not in the item location section.
  8. Hello there, I've began a playthrough of Blazing Sword, my goal is to achieve a S ranking for this run, doing so, while making sure to play the game as effectively as I possibly can, meaning that efficiency won't be the main priority in this run. If I can finish the game with only a couple turns to spare, that is my ideal goal. I have made my calculations and assuming things go smoothly, then I should be able to do this run under the 299 turns that I predicted to be my turn limit based on those calculations I've made: Chapter 11: (7 turns) Chapter 12: 8 turns = 8-7 = 1 Chapter 13: 12 turns = 1+ 12 = 13 Chapter 13x: 8 turns = 13 + 8 = 21 Chapter 14: 10 turns = 21 + 10 = 31 Chapter 15: (8 turns) 31 – 8 = 23 Chapter 16: 7 turns 23 + 7 = 30 Chapter 17: 18 turns 30 +18 = 48 Chapter 17x: 10 turns 48 + 10 = 58 Chapter 18: 11 turns 58 + 11 = 69 Chapter 19: 10 turns 69 + 10 = 79 Chapter 19x: 10 turns 79 + 10 = 89 Chapter 19xx: (7 turns) 89 – 7 = 82 Chapter 20: 16 turns 82 + 16 = 98 Chapter 21: 9 turns 98 + 9= 107 Chapter 22: 11 turns 107 + 11 = 118 Chapter 23: 9 turns 118 + 9 = 127 Chapter 23x: 25 turns 127 + 25 = 152 Chapter 24 Linus: 22 turns 152 + 22 = 174 Chapter 25: (8 turns) 174 – 8 = 166 Chapter 26: 12 turns 166 + 12 = 178 Chapter 27: 25 turns 178 + 25 = 203 Chapter 28: 16 turns 203 + 16 = 219 Chapter 28x: 28 turns 219 + 28 = 247 Chapter 29: 20 turns 247 + 20 = 267 Chapter 30: (8 turns) 267 – 8 = 259 Chapter 31: 12 turns 259 + 12 = 271 Chapter 31x: 6 turns 271 + 6 = 277 Chapter 32: 15 turns 277 + 15 = 292 Chapter 32x: (3 turns) 292 – 3 = 289 Chapter Final: 10 turns 289 + 10 = 299 In parenthesis assumes a minimum count number for the 0 turn chapters based on what might be possible for me to do. With this, I have a solid idea on which chapters I should rush and which I shouldn't bother and just aim for a close number. Thus allowing me to achieve a run that isn't more efficient than it needs to be for the rank. I hope with this playthrough to teach people how to get an S rank whitout caring much for LTC. Anyway to get rid of the black background? I pasted this from discord, and it seems it copied the color as well.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm starting my new project, Purging Flame, a reimagined balance patch for Blazing Sword. The goal of this project is to create a FE7 that is balanced in a different way than the original. Siince the original was already somewhat balanced to begin with. Objectives: - Increase difficulty of Lyn mode - Fix supports growth rates - Make a few units actually worth using (Dorcas, Barte, Karla... etc...) - Make enemies more quality based in difficulty, rather than quantity based. - buff some units so they can deal with those changes. Here are some videos that I already posted:
  10. I keep pairing the lords, every time I play Blazing Sword, because I wanted to, I pair Hector with Florina, Lyn with Rath, and just like the other people I still pair Eliwood with Ninian.
  11. Part 1: The First of Many Bandits Note: This playthrough assumes its readers are entirely familiar with the game of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. You have been warned. Hello, everyone, and welcome to my first ever Screenshot Run of a Fire Emblem game! For my first foray into this genre of web content, I’ve chosen Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (Or just Fire Emblem, if you’re stubbornly American) as my game of choice. This game holds a lot of nostalgia for me for various reasons. However, this won’t be just any playthrough...this will be a LORDS-ONLY playthrough. That means that my list of combat-worthy characters has been reduced to just three: Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector. Other than that, however, I am being fairly lenient with myself in terms of rules. Any character outside of those three can still be brought onto the fields, and they can still perform any non-combat actions they can normally. So healers can still heal, dancers can still dance, and thieves can still steal and unlock things. In addition, any character besides the lords can still engage in combat, as long as they don’t actually attack. You know what that means...MEATSHIELDS! (That being said, I’m still going to make sure none of them actually die if at all possible) Finally, any character besides the lords may participate in the arena. However, I may only level a character 10 times for each arena. An important thing to note. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I am unable to use my old version of the game. So sadly, that means no Lyn Hard Mode and no Hector mode. Eliwood all the way this time. In addition, due to the way Lyn Normal Mode forces its tutorials on the player, I will be forced to use other characters in certain situations. Sadly, there’s no getting around this. Since we’re playing Normal Mode, this sequence of events will be the same every time. Tactician found unconscious, Batta the Beast, omae wa mo shindeiru, nani, so on and so forth. I think even the level you get might be the same every time. Just one thing I felt worthy of note. Don’t worry, Lyn. You’ll be getting stronger. MUCH stronger... Alright, finally time for some actually interesting gameplay. I gotta say, I love Lyn’s line here. You can just feel the derision seeping from her every word. Funny story, I actually had to look it up, and canton is another word for a territory. You learn something new every day. Alright. My commands: “Listen to Lyn.” ...Except they won’t, because it’s Lyn Normal Mode, meaning that your choices are, half of the time, irrelevant. Several turns later, we can FINALLY do something for ourselves. With the tutorial out of the way, we can get on with the run. Zugu, the boss of this chapter, may seem harmless enough, but don’t let your guard down. If you’re not careful, he can kill Lyn pretty easily. In fact, this happened on my first run through the game. I was so innocent then... In order to make sure Sain and Kent don’t perform any attacks, I have to do a little bit of trading. I could just discard their lances and give the rest to Lyn, but I’d like to be able to sell them later. And while I’d rather not let them take any attacks, the fact that Sain has to be put in that position due to TUTORIAL means I can’t afford that luxury. So, Lyn abandons Sain to his fate of being hit with an axe to go kill the other Brigand. I have to kill this one, because while I’m sure the AI would go for the one that couldn’t attack back, I’d rather not take that risk. All according to keikaku. Now... Kent runs away to get out of the bandits line of fire, and Lyn trades with Sain to get his iron swords. We’re going to be going through a lot of them. As you can see, Lyn can’t kill the bandit in one round, so Sain runs away too. With no other choice left but to throw himself on to Lyn’s sword, the bandit dissolves into a level up. Considering that we only have Lyn and two other characters to use in this game, we have no choice but to take what we can get. With that out of the way, Lyn heads east to do some more bandit-slaying. A few turns later, we’re finally at Zugu, and this right here is why you shouldn’t just rush him with Lyn alone. Despite his low hit chance, if I were to attack him here, there’s a chance he could kill her on his turn and end my run right there. So we let him attack first instead. I know right? So annoying, insisting they’ve got to do the fighting. And lo and behold, he hits her. While it’s far from a guarantee he would do it in his other battle as well, it’s proof that Fire Emblem doesn’t pull its punches, even in Tutorial Central. Of course, that doesn’t mean he isn’t easy as punch when you think instead of charging right in. And another level up. Not really. We’re still gonna be slaughtering everyone in our path with you. The only difference is that instead of being 100% bandits, it’s gonna be 70% bandits. For comparison, Lyn from the beginning of the Prologue... ...And Lyn at the end of Chapter 1 (What does ‘Stouthearted’ even mean?) Growths: HP: 70% Strength: 40% Skill: 60% Speed: 60% Luck: 55% Defense: 20% Resistance: 30% Total: 335% Average: 48% We’ll be seeing a lot of Lyn, especially over the course of the next ten chapters. I’m far from an expert on growths, but even I can tell this is a classic Myrmidon setup. Of course, when we’re done, she’ll be able to take hits with the best of them. Growths: HP: 80% Strength: 60% Skill: 35% Speed: 40% Luck: 35% Defense: 20% Resistance: 20% Growths: HP: 85% Strength: 40% Skill: 50% Speed: 45% Luck: 20% Defense: 25% Resistance: 25% Sain and Kent are your typical Cavalier duo. However, since Kent is the one with the higher HP, he’s the one we’ll be using more often in Lyn Mode. However, there’s another Cavalier coming later on that will be far better built for the long term, so if there’s one we’ll be using out of the three of them in the endgame, it’ll be that one.
  12. So I basically thought of something odd. I basically wondered how it'd look if FEGBA classes were the same, but without someone here. Just the mounts. I thought it was a nice idea, so I wondered if anyone thought or can make sprites of the mounts (Anthropomorphic to fit the rider's movements, though) alone? thanks. Oh, and for non-mounted characters, any should work/fitting to future promotions.
  13. Here's chapter 13x. That was simple enough. No need for rushing, since no matter what one does, that's 8 more turns to the count. Current turn count stands at 26. Great growths all around as well, so all in all, this was the best outcome possible with only a few exceptions: Marcus got a typical Marcus level, kind of meh. Serra is going well. Rebecca doesn't disapoint Hector being Hector Couldn't care less about Dorcas, but I will put it here anyway Matthew is going places Eliwood wins the contest for biggest growths Same as Marcus, kind of meh. Oswin could be better, but hey, DEF, so isn't bad at least. The strategy involves using Matthew to rescue the village, rather than Marcus, thus leaving him some free time to tank the enemies up north. Guy assists him by getting rid of any obstacles. from there, it was simple, and even got Rebecca to kill the boss, instead of wasting it on Marcus. Is this supposed to be normal? For some reason, the menu is red. Don't remember this happening on my other S rank playthrough
  14. Since I was informed that people weren't getting aware of my run. I decided to make my topic to be chapter based rather than having the whole run in a single topic. For this chapter, I was aiming for 8 turns, but I ended up with 7. It's possible to do so in 5, but that requires too much rushing and RNG manipulation, and 5 spare turns is already more than good enough, since if combined with ones I've got in the previous chapter, that already negates chapter 11's 0 turn requirements, and there's plenty of turn gold mines in the future to exploit. One of which, requires Eliwood and Hector to level some. It's a pity that Marcus had to get that boss kill, but It would have been too risky to have Hector attack, specially since I got some good level ups. Also saved both villages. Some would abadon the villagers to their fate, but that's just wrong, so I had Oswin save the eastern village.
  15. I generally have 3~4 hours to kill a day, so I figured I'd spend it with a Pick My Edits. I plan for this to be on Hector Hard Mode, so Karla and Farina are OK to edit. Enemy growths are going to increase 20%, as a counter to all the player foucsed buffs that seem to be poring in. I'd like to see at least one change for every character, but I'm not quite sure how many people will see this. I do want a somewhat balanced playthrough, so throwing in a provision I can not accept a change. Be suspific, as to just increase or decrease something isn't clear enough on what you mean. List of changes I've accepted
  16. Looking for edits for a Fire Emblem 7 ROM. List those edits and I'll pick the best ones and interesting ones. If you want me to change names of weapons or characters or change the portraits of certain characters, I'll have my editor: Chaos Slicer do it (major thanks for helping me btw).Also, the growth rates of enemies will be increased by 20% so keep that in mind when you play HHM.List your edits here or message them personally to me. With the way things have been going so far with this PME, I might make this into a type of ROM Hack. I don't know if I want to call it ZIGLUDO Emblem or Fire Emblem:ZIGLUDO and Hector's Tales HERE IS A LINK TO THE EDITS SO FAR:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PCIyKF_FSIGjHlKhSPYyghvmWqkhpu-eIFBb3wl4LFI/edit HERE IS A LINK TO THE DEMO PATCH:https://www.dropbox.com/s/oc5swuxnvbgmtmo/FE7 PME chapter 21.ups?dl=0 *Demo Patch for this goes up to New Resolve *Recommended that you play ZIGLUDO or Hector's stories first because Lyn story unit are/is entirely different from ZIGLUDO and Hector's.
  17. Lord: Lucina (Awakening.) Paladin: Seth (Sacred Stones.) Great Knight: Fredrick (Awakening.) Sniper: Takumi (Fates.) General: Amelia (Sacred Stones.) Falcon Knight: Florina (Blazing Sword.) Hero: Inigo/Laslow (Awakening/Fates.) Warrior: Garcia (Sacred Stones.) Sage/Onmyoji: Lilina (Binding Blade.) Bishop: Natasha (Sacred Stones.) Assassin: Matthew (Blazing Sword.) Swordmaster: Ryoma (Fates.) Valkyrie/Mage Knight/Strategist: Clarine (Binding Blade.) Bow Knight/Nomadic Trooper: Rath (Blazing Sword.) Berserker: Gonzales (Binding Blade.) Wyvern Lord: Milady (Binding Blade.) Sorcerer/Druid: Henry (Awakening.) Halberdier/Spear Master: Nephinee (Telius Series.) Rouge/Trickster/Adventurer: Sothe (Telius Series.) Dark Knight: Leo (Fates.) Master Ninja: Kaze (Fates.) War Monk/War Cleric: Lissa (Awakening.) Manakete: Tiki (Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem/Awakening.) Other Shapeshifters: Tibarn (Telius games.) Decided to shorten it, because it would take up so much time, and probably fill up the whole comment. What are some of your favorites?
  18. How would you feel if FE7 got a full remake? This includes, A customizable avatar, Marriage, Voice Acting, Child units and updated graphics. I personally don't think it'll happen due to the "casual" side of fire emblem games lately. I'd also like to discus critical quotes, voice actors and the like.
  19. I started a new Let's Play, of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, so if I gain $200 on my Patreon, before Blazing Sword ends, I will play Binding Blade If you want to check my let's play out, look at my YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_i-hvlrkL8
  20. YO! I mean, hello, people of the Web. I'm here today to ask a question about which Fire Emblem game is better; both of which I have played through to the very end. I'm asking, from personal experience, which Fire Emblem game, between Fire Emblem: the Blazing Sword and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, which is better! Keep in mind that these aren't the only games in the series I've played through- I'm also partway through Sacred Stones- but personally, before I even make the list, I think it's going to be the latter. Now, let's start with the actual plots of the game... Category A: Chapters This is already looking bad for FE7's case. We've only started the list, and we already have an 11-chapter tutorial. Fans of the series know what I'm talking about. You know my pain. And if you don't, then here's the rundown; Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, or just Fire Emblem, as stated in the West, is the seventh game in the series, and boy, does it make a bad first impression. At the start of the game, you meet Lyndis, a nomadic girl from the plains of Sacae. She's one of the game's three Lord characters, and the main character of the prologue through chapter 10. However, what Lyn fails to realize is that ten of these eleven chapters will take you through portions of themselves to teach a new player how to play the game. That's all fine and dandy, but why learn the ropes if you already know the basics? I asked myself that question HARD. And when I realized I only got 13 units throughout the whole tutorial, two of which couldn't even fight, I knew I was in for a rough ride. And none of them were either of my two favorite unpromoted classes, Myrmidons or Mercenaries. Luckily, Lyn is designed to almost BE a Myrmidon, so I can partially excuse this. So basically, the game makes you do so much that it's possible to soft-lock yourself if all but Lyn dies by the end of Chapter 3. It basically forces you to make specific moves. And while all modern F.E. games do this in some way, THIS game takes it a step further and makes you make specific moves for TEN CHAPTERS. Not for the whole of all of those chapters, but for most of it. And during this time, your units CAN fall and won't be available again until later chapters (Dorcas being the earliest re-recruit in chapter 11), after which they might DIE. But, there IS a plus side to this. These eleven levels were one of my best tutorial experiences EVER. And don't get me started on Sain. Sain is the whole reason I kept playing- he was like a fourth Lord- but more on that in a later section. And the satisfaction that came from felling Lundgren was too good to be true. Of course, the game wasn't OVER yet, but STILL. After that, the game branches off to the plots of the OTHER TWO Lords, Eliwood and Hector, who are re-joined by Lyn in either Chapter 15 for Eliwood's story and chapter 16 in Hector's. And, as to conceal spoilers as much as possible, I'll only say right now that the plot is about some bad guys trying to open a portal to a dragon, and... I'll stop there. As for Birthright... where do I BEGIN? The story's so well-written, that I'll probably have to play Awakening to beat it, although I'd have to save quite a bit for that. And the TWISTS... Especially the two HUGE and sad casualties Nohr suffers in chapter 26... And if you don't know THAT, then, well, PLAY THE STINKING GAME ALREADY. No need to say that Fates wins this one. Category B: Characters Let's get one thing straight. I REALLY don't like losing my units. In particular, there are two units- Kaden and Sain- who I will treat as pseudo-Lords for what it's worth. What? I like the showoffs. So what? Real talk though, Kaden was my first S-rank (albeit with FemCorrin, who I still treat as canon). Plus, he's SO powerful late-game. Birthright didn't try to make a legend. It just... happened. And the day Kaden is added to FE Heroes is the day I buy a fancy tablet just to play that game. Sain, on the other hand, is more or less, stats-wise, the same as Kaden. Hits hard, dodges fast, doubles constantly. This is why I like these two! They're evasion MASTERS. The Cavalier class is my third-favorite un-promoted class PURELY because of Sain. And as for Kitsunes, they'd be up there too if you didn't only EVER get two. In the meantime, the main characters are WAY more stale than these two. The most interesting Lord, in my opinion, would have to be Hector. And he's a Tank, too, so he can take AND deal huge hits. Personally, I suggest giving a Brave Axe to him until he receives Armads, the Legendary Battle Axe. Also, he's totally the best "Axe Lord", end of story. Corrin was fun, too, mostly because she felt like... a more girlish incarnation of myself. Heck, when she fell for Kaden, I actually felt a little jealous. Her kindness factor is quite high, and she can support LITERALLY EVERY OTHER UNIT IN THE GAME, AND S-RANK ANY BOY WHO ISN'T HER SON! And YES, the male variant CAN S-rank every female who isn't his daughter. But in all honesty, Birthright's characters felt a lot more bland than those of FE7. Take Hana and Subaki, the royal retainers to Princess Sakura. Did you, in all honesty, ever actually CARE for them? Their supports are the only thing they have going for them, and I feel like even THOSE aren't anything interesting. And as for the only Cavaliers in the game, Silas and his daughter, Sophie... I honestly forgot Silas existed by the end of my first Birthright playthrough, even though I ADORE having a good Cavalier. His own DAUGHTER, whom you aren't even guaranteed to RECRUIT, is more personal to me than him. (Of course, that may partially be because she can strip her enemies ) The last characters in Birthright I actually LIKED were Kaden's daughter, Selkie, and Corrin's son, Kana. And the biggest reason I LIKE them is that... it almost felt like they're my ACTUAL CHILDREN... But yeah, apart from Corrin, Kaden, Selkie and Kana, the cast of FE7 feels better to me than Birthright. I don't know why. Category C: Game Mechanics Two words: Pair. Up. These two words were the entire foundation for Support Grinding in Fates and Awakening, and quickly became my personal favorite way to fight. I would pair up my couples so they would always fight at their best; actually, I think Takumi and Oboro are paired up right now, as a matter of fact, let me check... No, I'm actually at My Castle right now. Oh well. But for whatever, Fates totally screwed up the weapon triangle. You know how swords beat axes, axes beat lances, and lances beat swords, while tomes and bows are usually neutral? Yeah, apparently they wanted to add shurikens and knives, so those beat swords now and lose to axes. But that means tomes and bows have to be ADDED to the weapon triangle; tomes are basically a counterpart to swords, and bows join axes. And I almost ALWAYS deploy wizards to dispose of Knights, so that's a small problem there. FE7 had a different weapon setup; bows and tomes are neutral to the other three, but there's a different thing for tomes; the Trinity of Magic. Anima magic beats Light magic, and then there's Dark magic, which beats Anima, but loses to Light... And this was surprisingly less complicated than Fates! Fates had Dragon Veins as well; special tiles that, when one of a select few units stood on them, would trigger battlefield traps or open new paths. FE7 didn't have that, but it didn't need to. And remember when I said that Pair Up is my favorite way to fight? Well, to add that, they removed the "Rescue" command, which pulled a unit out of danger. And don't get me started on the fact that Cavaliers don't get their second move if they didn't fight or move all the way! FE7 also had breakable weapons. I honestly don't know why Birthright took this away, and nerfed the silver weapons. Now I almost only ever use Steel. In FE7, silver weapons are VALUABLE. Basically, gameplay-wise, Fates is nowhere near as simple as the original. Actually, it wasn't simple in the first place. But still, they tried! Category D: Difficulty Do I really need to go over this? Games have been getting easier and easier as time goes on. Birthright has endless grinding time, ridiculous amounts of gold for better weapons, and even a method to recruit enemies if they're felled by Orochi using the "Capture" skill. And it also has two ways to make the game easier: Casual mode, to simply retreat your units, and the ridiculous Phoenix Mode, for players who don't want their units to die AT ALL and want them back EVERY TURN. Needless to say, it tries to make the game easier. Despite this, playing on Classic mode REALLY takes some skill that I don't seem to have much of. In fact, by the end of the game, I only had eight units, only seven of whom made it out of the endgame! And I know that Fates' characters technically retreat more than die, but I'm talking from an FE player's perspective. FE7 is a lot rougher. It doesn't have Casual mode, so you'll have to make each decision count. And remember when I said Birthright had infinite grinding time? Yeah, FE7 has none of that. So you only have the chapters in the game to train your units to max levels. And they are TOUGH. And you know how in later games, your units can go beyond Lv. 20? Not in FE7. This means that pre-promoted units, such as Marcus, can only level up 19 times before running out of level. And for most, they don't even get THAT many. But, as I said before, the first 10 chapters are like a tutorial, which you can use to power-level those aforementioned 13 units. Even Nils the Bard. Of course, because of a HUGE difficulty spike in chapter 14, I wound up losing unit after unit in FE7. Then I tried again, and actually lost more of my army in Chapter 13. Overall, I would rate FE7 as generally harder. I really don't give a crud about the difficulty anyway... unless it's Hector's Hard mode. Lord, do I hate Hector's Hard Mode. Results What? Do I like playing FE7 more than Birthright? It's actually a stalemate! I don't prefer one game over the other after all! I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Now, the Sacred Stones... That's a whole different story. Fire Emblem 7 vs. Fire Emblem Birthright: Indifferent. They're BOTH Fire Emblem!
  21. OK, since the success of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, people have seen that Both stories of Mystery of the Emblem, War of Shadows, and War of Heroes have been remade, and everyone is speculating that Genealogy of the Holy War is going to be remade next, but the Director of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Kenta Nakanishi wants to remake Binding Blade next, Binding Blade was fan translated, and wasn't very good, but an official release of a Binding Blade remake will make up for it's mistakes, so here's how I would like the game to be like. The Gameplay. The GBA trilogy had amazing gameplay, but out of the 3 Blazing Sword had the best map layouts, the only issue I have with Sacred Stones' map layouts is that it had too many advantages, and the maps were far too easy, except for the final maps of the game, Binding Blade, had a bit of a poor map layout, honestly since it is going to follow the same maps of Binding Blade, I think this will be left unchanged unfortunately. The Difficulty. The Hard mode can be unlocked if you complete the game once, and some units get bonuses, in Hard Mode, but if Intelligent Systems manage to put Normal, and Hard Mode on it on the 1st gameplay, and once Hard Mode is completed, Lunatic Mode will be available, and considering that New Mystery of the Emblem carried out the Casual Mode for new players to enjoy, it will be added on here, but Rutger, Sin, Milady, and Percival get hard mode bonuses, I consider Casual Mode, and Normal Mode to be treated as Easy Mode. Seperate Paths. In Chapter 9, you are given the choice between 2 villages to rescue, depending on your choice, it alters the next 2 chapters, if you get Larum, then you'll pick up Echidna, and a better Gonzales, for more effort to train, and a late promotion, if you get Elffin, then you'll get Bartre, and a worse Gonzales, for an early promotion, and less effort to train, also after you get through Retaking the Capital, or Pinnacle of Light, depending on how you level up Shanna, Thea, Sue, and Sin, if Shanna and Thea's levels are higher, you go to Ilia, and if Sue and Sin's levels are higher, you go to Sacae, depending on your choice between Larum, and Elffin, one becomes a playable character while the other is resigned to Fortune Telling, and depending on your choice, one Divine Weapon will be obtained on your own while the other is obtained by the Elimine church and you get either Juno, or Dayan, if you choose to go to Ilia, you get Juno, and Maltet, if you choose to go to Sacae, you get Dayan and Murgleis, I think that it would be interesting to get both of them on your own, 1st you go to Ilia, then you go to Sacae, or there should be multiple conditions of victory to decide which path you should take, like Route the Enemy, you go one route, and the other route, you Defend a Stronghold, or Seize one. The characters. You know what's a load of shit? Thieves cannot promote into Assassins in Binding Blade, and Assassins are rare enemies, the only notable ones are Jerme, Gecko, Jamil, and Porcus, and if you count the Master Ninjas, the only notable one is Kotaro, returning the Assassin Class can help Chad be a better assassin than most of the Assassins in the series, the only ones he might not surpass in the series, are Jaffar, and Matthew, and Astolfo a slightly better unit, and all around Cath Sucks, plus some of the characters were pretty shitty, Sophia, Gwendolyn, Treck, Cath, etc. and some of the characters had no personality, Roy is nowhere worse as Kris, and Corrin, having no personality, and shitty growth rates, But there were great units such as Lilina, Milady, Clarine, Percival, Raigh, Rutger, Dieck, it would be good to fix some of the bad characters' stats and the Child Units, by adding Blazing Sword in the Remake, putting in the Parent System, making Roy's growth rates better, Lilina easier to train, Wolt a better unit, etc. And I'm wondering what happened to Lyn, maybe she died, or maybe she disappeared, and who is she married to, Eliwood is less likely because Eliwood's supports and some evidence shows that he married Ninian, Lyn Marrying Kent on the other hand, not likely, but the only possible husbands for Lyn are Hector, and Rath, making her the mother of either Lilina or Sue, but unfortunately, if they reveal who Lyn's real husband is, then it will effect the entire fanbase, a flame war will begin, then again, they might have Lyn remain single, Lyn never made an appearance in Binding Blade, so we are unsure what happened to her during the events of Binding Blade, however there are other characters that appeared as playable characters in Binding Blade, those being Marcus, Bartre, and Karel, so why not bring back older characters like Matthew and Raven, I was glad they didn't remove the support system in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, supports show the characters their full personalities, but Zephiel is one of the most well written villains in the series. Weapon Forging. Weapon Forging is an iconic addition to Fire Emblem, it 1st appeared in Path of Radiance, then continued on in the later games, so it would be nice to have Weapon Forging, those who don't know about Weapon Forging, it is a thing where you upgrade weapons, having their strength, critical rate, and accuracy increased, if Intelligent Systems can, they can decrease some weapon weight, so that units with low constitution, and speed can wield heavier weapons, plus the Divine Weapons were breakable in Binding Blade, which was a load of bullshit, but if they make them unbreakable it will be better. Trial Maps. The Trial Maps were added after reaching a certain condition in completing Binding Blade, some of them even needs you to download them, but adding them as DLC can make the Trial Maps available right away, the old maps will not require you to pay for them, but adding in new maps will. That's all I have right now, what are your thoughts? If they manage to remake Binding Blade, then it would be known as Fire Emblem Echoes: Legends of Elibe, or something like that.
  22. My favorites in the Fire Emblem series are. GBA: Elibe Saga. 2 Smash Characters: Telius Saga. 3DS: Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. (Finally playing it, and enjoying it so far.) Spinoff saga: Warriors. Past Titles: Genealogy of the Holy War.
  23. The feeling of having a Genealogy of the Holy War remake could be potentially be a possibility, and the Elibe Saga remake I always wanted, could copy some of the elements Genealogy of the Holy War offered, making the growth rates better than before, and have the units more useful, and not have them easily killed. That would have Roy's shit growths better, and more of the child units more powerful, and I'm hoping that it won't be forced to be like Awakening again, having the Child units being playable at the same time as the parent units, and having an avatar to have "Waifus or Husbandos." and I also want them to make the Legendary Weapons unbreakable, let's wait for Fire Emblem Switch 1st, to see if it is an official installment or a remake, then we'll see if we get a Genealogy of the Holy War remake, and an Elibe Saga remake.
  24. Hello, everyone. Now that I'm finished doing Binding Blade's Vindication balance project, I'm now working on this one. I call it, Promoted Power Madness, unlike the other patch, this one isn't a balance patch, but rather a new way to enjoy this game. The concept is simple, all playable and enemy characters are already promoted from the get go (with the exception of Hector or Eliwood in their respective stories in order to avoid conflict with their obligatory promotion), the playable characters also get a boost to their growths and the overall lv cap is raised to 30, enemies get their stats changed as well, but to a lesser extent, so that it fits with the changes whitout making it easy or unreasonably hard.
  25. OK, so I have run into a bit of a dilemma when trying to edit the text of Fire Emblem 7. See, I'm trying to translate the game into Irish, a language that uses the diacritical marks á, ó, ú, í and é. So, I thought, since the game has a Spanish localization, and the Spanish language has all of those diacritical marks, I can just edit that right? Well, it turns out FEditor Adv will only except ROMs of the American version of the game. So, I tried editing an American ROM, but the character "á" showed up as "?" in game. I've heard that if you can decompress the Huffman compression on the text in the ROM, you can edit the text manually with a Hex editor, like here, but I have no idea how I'd go about doing it with the Spanish ROM. So, is it possible to either edit the text of a European version of the game, or add new text characters into the American version, and if so, which would be easier? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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