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Found 11 results

  1. I was considering running either a Dark mage, master ninja, mechanist, paladin, archer, cavalier, dread fighter or one of the knight(?) classes. I really have no idea; first file was a priestess with magic boon and luck or skill bane, it was decent as a support. For ref; female Corrin here!
  2. I just came accross this unit. It's my first time falling accross this: SPD+, RES+, no bane. https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/fire-emblem-heroes-iv-calculator Has Donnel stat changed? Is the calculator off?
  3. I just came accross this unit. It's my first time falling accross this: SPD+, RES+, no bane. https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/fire-emblem-heroes-iv-calculator Has Donnel stat changed? Is the calculator off?
  4. So I've been planning a playthrough of Revelations for a bit, and for it I've really been considering have Corrin end up in the Vanguard class. And I started to wonder what skills, boon, and banes synergized with the class best. So, What are some skills, boons and banes that synergize well with the Vanguard class? Looking at it, it looks to be a very physical class, that would appreciate a bit more speed but I'd like hear more about it.
  5. Copied and pasted from here, in attempt to solve a mystery about Fates' gameplay mechanics: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/53yqqc/lets_attempt_to_derive_the_avatars_attack_stance/ Resources are out there for his growth rates, his mods, even his personal pair-up bonuses. But as far as I know, no such compilation is out there for the attack stance support bonuses in Hit, Avoid, Critical, and Evade. And I know that Serenes' postings cannot be the complete story here, as my Avatar gives different bonuses than they do. (On that note, Serenes also only shows the pattern of personal pair-up bonuses for Luck flaws at the currently time). Let's try to crack this mystery. What bonuses does your Avatar give to someone when they are standing next to to them, at what support ranks, and what is your boon/bane/talent. I have a +MAG/-LCK Dark Mage Male Avatar. He gives +15 Hit, +5 Avoid, and +9 Crit when standing next to his wife (S-rank). This contrasts with what Serenes thinks the answer is, which claims +15 Hit, +5 Avoid, +6 Crit, +5 Evade. If we build up a sufficiently large sample size of our boons/banes/talents and our attack stance bonuses, we can solve this mystery and figure out how it works. So post away so we can gather the data and figure out how it works.
  6. I'm just wondering what Boon/Bane/Talent combo I should use when playing conquest. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello! How is everybody? So, I was wondering how to make the most balanced avatar with the final class of Hoshido Noble. Once I've figured out the stat caps, I plan to use the statues to even Kamui out. I figured the most balanced boon and bane combination was HP+ and Luck-, but with two final classes for the original base class, I wasn't sure. I don't know how to calculate the boons and banes. So, if anybody could show me how to calculate or simply give me the final stats for each combination, that would be great.
  8. Hey, I wanted to get all of the 3 stories of Fates but i'm not sure about which Boon/Bane could be the best for Corrin.. In Birthrights I wanted to get Master Ninja as second class, I heard that +strength or +speed are the best boon and -luck the best bane. In Conquest I wanted to be a Malig Knight or Dark Knight so I thought that +magic -luck could be the best pair. What do you think could be the best boon/bane for these classes ? (No spoiler please the game is still not released in my country and sorry if my english is bad)
  9. Hey guys! I'm kinda new here so, I need help with pairing my unit. For Birthright and Conquest I made a Male MU with +Speed -Luck with a Mercenary Talent and for Revelations I'm planning to make a Female MU with the same stats and talent(Unless you can tell me something good for a FeMU, because I have no experience with tehm at all) Do you have any partner suggestions? Any would be appreciated! Thanks for reading and helping me!
  10. I finished my first playthrough of Birthright, and I am extremely close to finishing my first playthrough of Conquest. For Birthright, I chose +Speed -Res. I liked it, apart from the fact that even using dragonstones I couldn't play Corrin very defensively (and I had to keep him away from magic users). I found the ability to also heal others nice if a bit strange for an otherwise offensive unit. For Conquest, knowing that the Yato in that version boosts defense and res, I chose +HP and -Def because I heard that that combination would be able to withstand a lot of enemy attacks. Despite the Yato and Dragonstones, it wasn't. My HP was second to only Keaton, but my defence and res were still in the 10s by the time I was level 20/10. I liked the ability to use tomes but it was a bit redundant when I already had Elise, Felicia and Leo as magic units. In Revelation I plan on using either Hoshido Noble or Nohr Noble and I plan on using both the Yato and dragonstones (I found it surprisingly useful in both routes). I know that the Yato boosts strength, speed, defence and res. I don't know whether Hoshido Noble or Nohr Noble would be better for Revelations and I don't know what boon/bane would be best for utilizing the strength and speed boost when wielding swords as well as the boost to defences when using dragonstones. Essentially, I need a build that doesn't compromise strength, magic, speed, or whichever defensive stat is more useful (defence or res). So I'm asking: What Boon/Bane is best for Revelations and which final class is better: Hoshido Noble or Nohr Noble?
  11. So I've finished both Birthright and Conquest. My avatars Boon/Bane for birthright was +Strength/-Luck and my talent was mercenary and I had her marry Jakob. In Conquest my Boon/Bane was +Speed/-Magic and my talent was knight and I had her marry Silas and I enjoyed how Kana turned out for both but especially in Conquest. I'm starting revelations and was wondering if I should stick to he +Speed/-Magic or if I should do +Skill/-Magic for a knight again?
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