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Found 10 results

  1. Have you ever thought that the Fates generic enemy units were really well made and kinda wanted to build a team around them? The goal of this patch is to present a new type of challenge by making the player capture enemy units in order to build up their army. In contrast to my previous romhack, I tried to keep changes to a minimum. That being said.... Here are the changes made to the game: - Corrin's personal skill has been replaced with Capture. - All units excluding Jakob1/Felicia1 and Azura leave the party after their recruit chapter. They can still be used as player units on their recruit chapter. Paralogue units are still recruitable, meaning Mozu and Children will not leave the party. - Prison and its Lv2 upgrade is available at Chapter 6 for 0 cost. The Lv3 upgrade is available at its normal unlock time. (Chapter 20) - All Item Farms and the Arena and their upgrades are available at Chapter 6 for 0 cost. (Unfortunately the game is still locked to 1 gem farm and 1 food farm per save file.) It is HIGHLY recommended to cheat to gain an unlimited supply of My Castle Resources for bribing prisoners. If you are playing on 3DS, here are some save editors: If you are playing on Citra, here is the cheat for getting unlimited My Castle resources: Patch Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CUi3e4fNIG3sv75_g3gUFsGFzvZBoV_p?usp=sharing How to patch the ROM: Making Player Units un-recruitable is a lot more tedious than I thought, so for now this patch only includes functionality for Conquest and Birthright. I probably won't make a Revelation version. Thanks a lot for reading! It would be appreciated if you could share your playthroughs, report bugs, or leave some feedback! I might post some things from my own playthroughs as well. If you want to contact me personally, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord at windypanda1#4593.
  2. I've been using the Paragon Editor for Fates and I'm trying to figure out what needs to be fiddled with to make non capturable units capturable (Eg Kotaru and Kilma). As far as I can see there's no major differences between Kotaru's information on the chapter editor compared to say Kumagera's or Funke's (who are both capturable).
  3. Would it be possible to capture a Kitsune/Wolfsegner on their stages with Kidnap/Capture, or are they un captureable?
  4. Happy Belated Christmas Everyone! I am creating a database of captured generic units in FE Fates Conquest that I can use for future playthroughs (maybe an all captured/generics run in the future). Unlike Birthright and Revelations, generic units in Conquest can possess skills outside their base class set. Despite the having smaller skill pools then your regular army, these captured units come with boosted bases stats on Hard/Lunatic modes and increased weapon ranks in their promoted classes, which eliminates the dreaded E-rank weapon grind. Some of them might end up being some of the best units in your army (e.g. Haitaka, Kumagera, Rallyman). So far I have captured 25 units and I am on Chapter 22 of Conquest Hard Mode. Here is what I have so far: Units will be listed using the following format: Chapter XX - Mode - Name (if unique boss), Class w/ Skills upon capture Chapter 09 - Hard - Haitaka, Spear Fighter w/ Rally Defense, Strong Riposte Chapter 13 - Hard - Wyvern Rider w/ Quick Draw Chapter 13 - Hard - Diviner w/ Malefic Aura Chapter 14 - Hard - Kumagera, Oni Chieftain w/ Darting Blow, Certain Blow, Counter Magic Chapter 14 - Hard - Archer w/ Poison Strike Chapter 16 - Hard - Sorcerer w/ Inspiration Chapter 16 - Hard - Hero w/ Armored Blow Chapter 16 - Hard - Adventurer w/ Seal Strength Chapter 17 - Hard - Samurai w/ Quick Draw, Locktouch Chapter 17 - Hard - Shrine Maiden w/ Locktouch Chapter 17 - Hard - Master Ninja w/ Movement +1, Locktouch, Poison Strike Chapter 18 - Hard - Bow Knight w/ Quick Draw Chapter 18 - Hard - General w/ Warding Blow, Wary Fighter Chapter 20 - Hard - Great Master w/ Seal Speed Chapter 20 - Hard - Priestess w/ Lunge Chapter 20 - Hard - Spear Master w/ Renewal Chapter 20 - Hard - Falcon Knight w/ Armored Blow (For Paralogues, class and stats of enemies depend on your progress in the game at the time you start the paralogue. I completed all these chapters before I started Chapter 18, so these enemies will be in their base class) Paralogue 16 - Hard - Fighter w/ Certain Blow Paralogue 16 - Hard - Cavalier w/ Trample Paralogue 16 - Hard - Gazak, Fighter w/ Pavise, Certain Blow, Good Fortune Paralogue 20 - Hard - Wyvern Rider w/ Darting Blow Paralogue 20 - Hard - Senno, Apothecary w/ Lucky 7, Seal Magic, Potent Potion Paralogue 21 - Hard - Outlaw w/ Poison Stike Paralogue 21 - Hard - Zhara, Mercenary w/ Coutermagic, Pass, Sol Paralogue 22 - Hard - Knight w/ Inspiration, Wary Fighter, Armored Blow Feel free to help me by contributing units that you have captured using the specified format. I will update my list as I progress further into the game. Happy Hunting.
  5. So I decided to look at my first Nohr profile a bit ago. And I realized I had a captured unit called Kumagera. And now I have a question about him. Is it worth it to go back to hard mode and capture the hard Kuma? Or is my current Kuma good enough (It was on normal mode). (Kuma gets Countermagic and Darting Blow gained on hard) (He currently has Ignis, Death Blow, Certain Blow, Lancebreaker, Counter)
  6. Not sure if this is already on SF somewhere (I tried looking, but couldn't find it), but someone on GameFAQS asked about what all of the possible names are, and I managed to obtain them via some data mining: [spoiler=Hoshido Males]Akihiro Daisuke Hajime Hideaki Kaede Kento Kazuki Masahiko Mitsuru Nobu Saburo Yoichi Kazunari Rintaro Kazuma Hidetora Yamato Takanori Tomihiko Kenshi Jinpei Yohei Ariyoshi Mizuki Ukyo Ren Hiroyuki Tamaki Jin Hiromi [spoiler=Nohr Males]Gerald Hendrik Bernd Fritz Christof Virgil Hubert Konrad Ludwig Oskar Reinhard Sven Tobias Wenzel Andreas Otto Helmut Simon Manfred Wolfgang Stefan Roderick Tancred Theobald Leonard Liam Bertram Roland Edsel Elmar [spoiler=Hoshido Females]Madoka Kanade Chiaki Mikasa Komachi Momiji Eriko Asuka Koromo Akane Hiroe Fumi Saya Hotaru Haru Kasumi Chihiro Suzume Rumi Yayoi Tomoe Shizue Nanoha Miyabi Suzuran [spoiler=Nohr Females]Adele Beatrice Hilda Brigitta Cordula Dora Ingrid Kirsten Lotte Margot Stella Ursula Freyja Verona Gisela Gretel Judith Karline Anette Ernesta Romy Astrid Lulu Nina Thelma Rita Marta Marion Ilse Louisa I might have missed a few, and there may be some typos; I wasn't very careful while transcribing these.
  7. So i'm on the last chapter of Birthright, and have finished Conquest. Which means it's almost time for Revelations. However, i've seen a bunch of PMU, and they seem like fun. But i've also really like the useless capture bosses. Surely enough, i've decided to do the masochistic thing, and go through revelations blind on hard using Kamui, the capture bosses, and a few units you guys will pick. I'm doing this because someone had to at some point, might as well be me, and because eh, why not mix it up. One can only Mozu smash so many enemies. So now for some groundrules: 1. Revelations finale has 15 slots + Kamui. There are 13 captureable bosses in fates, 10 of which i'll be using (daniela and haitaka+ Kumagera are birthright and conquest only, respectively). This means there will be five open slots for real characters to fill. 2. You get to pick the Kamui's gender, boon and shortcoming, and final class. Also, online skill buying is a no no for this one, as is extend level cap seals. I'll have to work within the confines to build skills. 3. As for the five units, same rules apply, pick them, and their final class. Children are fair game (ill be needing to pair them off anyway to get my boss buddies) so tell me the mommy and final class. 4. The boss characters can have their classes picked to an extent. I say this because not all of themhave heart seal options, and no supports to leech classes from. So what you see is mostly what you get, but if you want a reclass, just holler and ill see what i can do. 5. I reserve the right to grind Orochi and Niles to be stupid good so i can actually bring the bosses home. If they're not picked for me, they'll not be deployed for story missions, but can help out in relevant paralogues. 6. I don't have dlc, so i can't use those classes. The one expection is before awakening, so there will be one of the lodestar and lord seals floating around. Assign them as you see fit. 7. I'll probably be finding some way to document this (either a blog or tumblr, not sure which yet) but i still need to figure out how to take photos on my 3ds. Working on it :P. So without further ado, let's meet the team goon squad. 1. Kamui +str -luk Butler S with Not Ninian 2. Lloyd (kana para og: berserker) 3. Llewelyn (kana para og: berserker) 4.Nichol (sophie para og: malig knight) 5. Candace (midori para og: adventurer and the headcanon waifu of the run) 6. Funke (asugi para og: adventurer) Dread fighter 7. Tabra ( shiro para og: berserker 3 so much class diversity) 8. Daichi (selkie para og:basara. notable as the only one on revelation with magic rank. boy oh boy) 9. Gazak ( Forrest para og: fighter/berserker) 10. Zhara ( Soleil para og:mercenary) 11. Senno (ophelia para og: merchant aka: one who will gold grind) 12. Falcon Knight Azura ;-; 13. Priestess Sakura (am i the only one who finds Sakura pretty meh?) 14. Great lord Nyx 15. Onmoyoji Hana w/ astra 16. Hinoka!Selkie as a Master Ninja (S-Rank w/ Asugi) (how'd you manage to zero in on my least favorite child ;-; at least she'll be a dodge tank) Be as vicious with the picks as you want. I'm not afraid. much
  8. I've seen videos of My Castle, but none bothered to show the prison. None of the LPs have shown capturing yet either. Additionally when is the earliest one can buy generic units at My Castle?
  9. I'm thinking this could lead to very interesting runs. You only use Kamui when you absolutely have to, Zero/Orochi, and their bosses or generics you capture. A thing to note is enemy units and Bosses keep all their stats and skills on the harder difficulties, aside from the enemy exclusive ones(Luna+ becomes Luna for example). Some of the bosses such as Gazzak also have powerful skills out of their class such as Pavise, Ravenstrike and Stubbornness. I've heard something about Captured characters being transferable across files. Me personally I'm going to try to go for a Bandit run composed of the Bosses! Then later I'll try one with the generics.' Nohr Generics Hoshido Generics
  10. Based off the info known so far, do you have any thoughts on the bosses that can be captured? Basically vote for your favorite. On a sidenote, I put Hormone and William together because it doesn't seem right to put separate them. If you're unfamiliar with the bosses, check the capturable boss section here. http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/other-characters/ Pics of each for those who don't wanna check out the Link. Gazzak William and Hormone Banba Nacht Dragee Daniela Funk Senou Daichi Kumagera Haitaka Vashala
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