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  1. Let's see : Joker : Sothis Ace : Byleth King : Dimitri Queen : Edelgard Jack : Claude 10 : Hubert ; Dedue ; Hilda ; Seteph No idea for 2 to 9. Anyone ?
  2. In Three Houses, missing character (Unrecruited) are : - All route : Yuri, Balthus, Constance and Hapi - Silver Snow: Felix, Sylvain, Mercedes, Annette, Ingrid, Raphael, Ignatz, Lysithea, Marianne, Hilda, Leonie, Hanneman, Manuela and Alois - Azure Moon : Marianne, Alois, Catherine, Shamir and Cyril - Verdant Wind : Annette, Hanneman, Manuela, Alois, Catherine, Shamir and Cyril. - Crimson Flower : Lorenz, Raphael, Marianne, Hanneman and Manuela If someone have done in Three Hopes please ask me what character are missing in each route : - Scarlet Blaze : - Azure Gleam : - Golden Wildfire :
  3. - FE1/FE3/FE11/FE12 : Marth, Caeda and Tiki. - FE2/FE15 : Alm and Celica. - FE4 : Sigurd, Seliph and Julia. - FE5 : Leif. - FE6 : Roy, Lilina and Fae. - FE7 : Lyn, Eliwood and Hector. - FE8 : Ephraim and Eirika. - FE9/FE10 : Ike, Elincia and Micaiah. - FE13 : Robin, Chrom and Lucina. - FE14 : Corrin, Azura, Ryoma and Xander. - FE16 : Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.
  4. Having prepared my OC future character. Warning, Golden Route !! Reference : - Awakening : The Future Past - Fates : Heirs of Fate My list of OC character by crest and their path : - Ernest : Anna (Silver Snow character) - Macuil : Harry (Verdant Wind character) - Seiros : Elle von Hresvelg (Crimson Flower character) - Dominic : Mike von Dominic (Azure Moon character) - Fraldarius : Aika von Fraldarius (Azure Moon character) - Noa : Lisa von Nuvelle (Silver Snow character) - Cethlean : Blair von Hevring (Crimson Flower character) - Daphnel : Wendy von Galatea (Azure Moon character) - Blaiddyd : Alice von Blaiddyd (Azure Moon character) - Gloucester : Leo von Gloucester (Verdant Wind character) - Goneril : Cheria von Goneril (Verdant Wind character) - Cichol : Saria von Aegir (Crimson Flower character) - Aubin : Soji Leclerc (Silver Snow character) - Gautier : Rose von Gautier (Azure Moon character) - Indech : Sophie von Varley (Crimson Flower character) - The Beast : Lucas von Edmund (Verdant Wind character) - Charon : Richard von Charon (Silver Snow character) - Timotheos : Vladimir (Silver Snow character) - Riegan : Thiago von Riegan (Verdant Wind character) - Chevalier : Max von Albrecht (Silver Snow character) - Lamine : Volkswagen von Martritz (Azure Moon character) - Flames : Jayden Eisner (Silver Snow character) Recap my OC character and class (Intermediate and Advanced) in each 4 route Silver Snow (7 character) : - Anna (Dancer) - Lisa von Nuvelle (Mage/Dark Flier) - Soji Leclerc (Theif/Trickster) - Richard von Charon (Mercenary/Hero) - Vladimir (Dark Mage/Dark Bishop) - Max von Albrecht (Brawler/Grappler) - Jayden Eisner (Lord) Azure Moon (6 character) : - Mike von Dominic (Brigand/Warrior) - Aika von Fraldarius (Mercenary/Swordmaster) - Wendy von Galatea (Pegasus Knight) - Alice von Blaiddyd (Lord) - Rose von Gautier (Cavalier/Paladin) - Volkswagen von Martritz (Priest/Bishop) Verdant Wind (5 character) : - Harry (Mage/Warlock) - Leo von Gloucester (Brigand/War Monk) - Cheria von Goneril (Brigand/Wyvern Rider) - Lucas von Edmund (Thief/Assassin) - Thiago von Riegan (Lord) Crimson Flower (4 character) : - Elle von Hresvelg (Lord) - Blair von Hevring (Priest/Bishop) - Saria von Aegir (Cavalier/Paladin) - Sophie von Varley (Archer/Sniper) OK now my OC story : - Chapter 1 : Silver Snow - Chapter 2 : Azure Moon - Chapter 3 : Verdant Wind - Chapter 4 : Crimson Flower - Chapter 5 : Reunion at Dusk (Golden route !!) - Chapter 6 : Final Battle (Golden route !!) How do you feeling about my OC story and character ? If good I develop more my OC story in those Chapter.
  5. I need to find the character who are a high magic growth and a class with high magic growth. But I haven't finded. Someone know what character who are high magic growth and a class with high magic growth ?
  6. I don't know what I say but Mae is a INCREDIBLE character for me : - Very motivated - Most trusted character with Celica - Extremely powerful mage (Can one shot) - High attack in my game (27 in my Final Battle) - Great voice - Really like her personality
  7. I wanna to discuss what character is very strong in "Solo". For me I have some character can be strong in "Solo" (Not sure) : - Byleth - Edelgard - Dimitri - Caspar - Dedue - Felix - Raphael - Leonie - Catherine - Jeritza
  8. For me, character love each other : - Byleth and Lord - Byleth and Seteth - Byleth and Flayn - Edelgard and Hubert - Dimitri and Dedue - Claude and Hilda (Not sure) - Linhardt and Caspar - Dorothea and Petra (Not sure) - Mercedes and Annette - Raphael and Ignatz - Marianne and Hilda - Catherine and Shamir - Catherine and Rhea - Cyril and Rhea - Constance and Hapi (Not sure)
  9. I remind you that the Paralogue must be done as QUICKLY as possible before it DISAPPEARED !!
  10. For me : - Alm : Conqueror - Celica : Rigain - Tobin : Oliphantier - Faye : Harrier - Clive : Skogul - Delthea : Enchantress - Mae : Enchantress - Boey : Guru - Genny : Exemplar - Saber : Yasha - Valbar : Spartan
  11. I want to know what character is Mudblood, Half-Blood or Pure-Blood
  12. List of my character nickname idea : - Edelgard --> El - Hubert --> Hubie - Ferdinand --> Ferdie - Linhardt --> Lin - Caspar --> Caspar - Bernadetta --> Bernie - Dorothea --> Dodo - Petra --> Petra - Dimitri --> Didi - Dedue --> Dedue - Felix --> Felix - Ashe --> Ashe - Sylvain --> Syl - Mercedes --> Mercie - Annette --> Annie - Ingrid --> Ingy - Claude --> Claude - Lorenz --> Lory - Raphael --> Raph - Ignatz --> Iggy - Lysithea --> Lysie - Marianne --> Marie - Hilda --> Hilda - Leonie --> Leo - Yuri --> Yuri - Balthus --> B - Constance --> Coco - Hapi --> Hapi
  13. - Seteth and Cyril - Flayn and Manuela - Manuela and Alois - Alois and Shamir
  14. Choose your Legend 1-4 is available for 2 week. Don't forgot for those who want a brave character.
  15. Spring Whitewing is reunited for summon today and tomorrow.
  16. What Fire Emblem characters have grown on you the most, and why? I’ll start. Petra and Linhardt from FE16, are mine. I was absolutely not expecting characters to go beyond their one note in this game, so for the entirety of Verdant Wind and Azure Moon (the two routes where you don’t start with them (and I didn’t use them)) I thought they would be the most boring characters in the game. Linhardt’s note is that he likes to take naps more than anything, including doing work or participating in class, and Petra’s is that she speaks in broken English (kinda). Petra’s isn’t even a personality trait, and Linhardt’s is more of an interest at that. So of course I thought they would be boring, but when I actually used them and got their supports that quickly changed. I didn’t expect them to be so nuanced (and for Petra to be a top tier waifu 👌👌). They went from my least favorites to some of my favorites on the game, some might even remember Petra made my top 10 three houses characters (iirc she was number 8 or 9), but what about you guys? What characters (series wide) have grown the most on you and why?
  17. So, cross referencing across 3 or 4 different pages to see all the different stats, growth rates, abilities, masteries, and whatever else has been a huge pain in the ass. So I decided to put it all together into one big chart. I also did a little write up about Advanced Classes and Master Classes to go with it over on reddit. If you find this helpful, maybe give it an upvote for visibility. I know the chart is going to help me a lot in planning my future runs, so I hope it helps other people. [EDIT: The chart is now complete with all DLC characters and classes! If anyone spots any mistakes, let me know and I'll fix it up!]
  18. Starting roughly half a year ago, I started doing a playthrough of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Originally, it was just gameplay with subtitled commentary I made for a friend who hadn't played the game, but as I learned more about how to use my editing program, I had more ideas for my project. Starting with chapter 24, I started making some visual novel-like scenes from scratch, to add a more humorous and dynamic aspect to my playthrough (though in retrospect, some of it is a little too silly). I started calling this series OVERpLAY, partly because of the use of overlays and that I'm doing more than just playing a game. I read somewhere that at least part of Kaga's vision for Fire Emblem was for players to make their own stories, and that's sort of what I'm trying to do with this now; have some more character interactions, show some ways the deaths of some characters have affected surviving ones... ... and also play some things for laughs. Here is Chapter 24, where I started doing stuff in the "OVERpLAY" style: I was, admittedly, still trying to find some direction when I made this, and some of the humor, particularly early on with external references, which even I find a little cringy now. Also, in case you're wondering why the dead unit list is so long when the Aum staff is used, when when this was still an LP I made for a friend, I deliberately sacrificed my guys to access the gaiden chapters so I could show as much of the game as possible. Here is the Endgame: This is where I started doing stuff the way I currently am: while still mostly comedic, there are some serious moments too, and I used my additional scenes for the sake of some extra character depth, like Marth feeling the pressure of living up to Anri's legend. Lastly, here is the Shadow Dragon Epilogue: I bring everyone back to life for the sequel in an unapologetically contrived way, and make shoutouts to what's to come in Echoes and New Mystery. The very end also lays some groundwork for some of my plans for NMotE, but I'm not saying where that is. ? Here is the full playlist: As I said, Chapter 24 is where I started doing stuff in the OVERpLAY style, but here you go if you're interested in seeing how things got to that point. If you're interested in seeing an expert playthrough, though, you won't find it here. I'm planning on doing a New Mystery of the Emblem OVERpLAY in the not-too-distant future, building a story around the results of an Iron Man run, but for this, I deliberately killed off units for the gaiden chapters and I wasn't above stuff like arena grinding. Here is an unfinished video showing the progress of my current project, where I set up a little competition between my units: Here are some screenshots: Anyway, I really hope you enjoy these videos, and if you do, please leave a like and comment for the videos, and maybe consider subscribing to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC47MYIuECuL7-mLMDIf403Q It would mean a lot.
  19. Hello all! So for quite some time now, I have been creating my own sprites and splices of Fire Emblem characters (all GBA era) and using them for D&D characters that I write hefty backstories for. It's just one of my favorite creative outlets, and I always find it enjoyable to see a finished product ready for a campaign with my friends. I have made around 15-16 characters/sprites now including the one in my profile picture, entitled The Yeoman; The Yeoman is the character and design I am most proud of. Anyway, I've come to a point where I've written so many characters that I really only want to do one or two more, and I think it's time I really start working on my magnum opus. I'll handle the backstory all on my own, but I really want to make the sprite from scratch. This means doing more than just splicing two or three characters together and recoloring it all. However, I am not the best at drawing these from scratch, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out. What I am looking for is a GBA style custom sprite based on some images that I will provide you of the character that I envision. If any of you can show me some of your previous works, and they look coolio, then I'd love to have you do the job for me, and in the end I would be willing to pay for your services no matter how much time you need (if you really impress me a lot, then I'll adjust the adjust the payment quite handsomely, say 40-50$). Alrighty, so if anyone is interested, please message me, and we can discuss further. Thanks y'all!
  20. Just a random question? Who is the most powerful unit in Fire Emblem, assuming level ups are (example): 10 level ups and a 50 strength growth = plus 5 strength growths. By stats and (if applicable) legendary weapons. I know Ryoma is very powerful but also, so is Lewyn, and even Hector. A list by game would be good to start before going in deeper. Gaiden = Echoes so use Echoes weapons/growths. Same for Shadow dragon and New Mystery.
  21. Now we know of the war phase of Three Houses, and what the three house leaders will look like in this phase, who is everyone excited to see after the five-year gap?
  22. Guest

    Why everyone hates Rebecca?

    Ok, I have seen loads and loads of people saying that ''Rebecca is trash lol''. I just don't get it. I know that Wil comes with the Lyn Story ''bonus'' and some-what medium growths but...What makes her THAT bad?
  23. Hey guys, Here's what's been done so far: - dumped the installed CIA as a .CXI using GodMode9 - extracted gamedata.bin.lz from .CXI file by mounting it as an Image - tried to paste edited gamedata.bin.lz within the currently installed title (mounted as image) - met with error saying I cannot paste files in a virtual game path I'm trying to edit the classes and characters using Nightmare and FEFeditor but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  24. Often times, it is often argued that certain lords are boring just because they don't have character arcs. But protagonists in other media have shown to be compelling in spite of them being flat characters. Here is a video that discusses this often repeated criticism. Do you believe this also applies to various Fire Emblem lords or do they need to be developed as much as possible?
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