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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, here is a bit of an interesting idea of an LP I think. Some of you might have heard of the PlayStation 4 video game Dreams, a game/tool engine developed by LittleBigPlanet developers Media Molecule. Long and short of it, this is a game where if you... dream it *hiss* you can make it, you can see it, you can use it, you can watch it, you can play it! This game is a monster to dive into and quite a bit to master, but in the end something that I think is really worth sinking into if you want to push the limits of your creativity. I've been playing for the last few days and I have only begun to get the hang of it myself. And the content in there has been really fun to dive into as well. A lot of it has been so fun that I've decided, "Hey, maybe I could use this to promote my video stuff?" And that is the way I plan on doing a "Let's Play" of Dreams for the PlayStation 4. I will be wandering and searching across the game for new content and new sights that seldom get promoted and hopefully be able to showcase what Dreams is really capable of. So what can you expect from this corner of the LP corner? Primary idea is to do the LP of games that are on this game here like I said earlier. Anything could be suggested though, if you want me to watch an animation/short and commentate it MST3K style or just stare at a full beech breakfast showcase for a certain duration, within Dreams the potential is only limited by what you perceive as being possible. On top of that I plan on doing a segment I'll call "Development Journal". Yeah, I plan on creating stuff in Dreams as well, it's probably going to be a while though because I'll have quite a bit here to get used to and master before it fits my standards of presentable. Stay on the lookout for them though, I hope they are all sights you look forward to seeing realized one day. Now you're probably wondering, "I don't have access to Dreams, so how can I suggest stuff?" It's pretty easy actually, Dreams has a website that you can access as well as a search function below: https://indreams.me/ Just think of anything you would like to suggest for me and I'll get around to it. In the meantime, I would like to present to you proof that I do intend to do an LP of some kind... An LP of the first ever Fire Emblem appearance on Dreams: Nino's Dash. Quite the character to first represent the series on this game isn't it? The game is pretty simplistic and short, but it's not a bad first impression for the series to appear on here I think. And so with that, I hope you all look forward to future dream diving and future explorations of this game. Come with me guys, and let's dream on!
  2. The next poll from it. The tactician avatar's Lv.1 based stats are HP 16, other stats 4, all stats based growth 20%, movement 5. Let your avatar becomes a remarkable unit! (The tactician class and the promoted one is able to wield Magical Weapons, Long Bow, Physic Staff, and Tomes with range 3-10 if the respective wielding-proficiency requirements has been fulfilled.) Have fun....
  3. This poll only for players who likes the avatar (my unit) features despise the avatar might affected the storylines or not. All choices are personal preferences and feel free to fun. Best regards.
  4. I'm just wondering what Boon/Bane/Talent combo I should use when playing conquest. Thanks in advance!
  5. || F I R E . E M B L E M || O R I G I N . of . C R E A T I O N temporary topic for fee3 or something >>[ tumblr page ]<< -----------------==+==----------------- { s t o r y } An abduction. A secret. A disaster. Fifteen years have passed since the Fall of Ashgarde; its ruling family lost, and its land and people left to an uncertain future. The embrace of chaos casts Spelaria into turmoil as a conspiracy generations in the making threatens the entire world. Unaware, a boy and his sister seek the answers to their past... -----------------==+==----------------- { a b o u t } As with many hacks, FEOC began as a community hack. What initially was to be a casual exercise in hacking FE7 soon developed full-scale as the project garnered interest. However, the conflicting interests of too many parties eventually called for a decision that would later change the scope of the entire project. FEOC became a private project primarily due to waning interest from the original participants, as well as a lack of cohesion when it came to characters, plot, and a general unwillingness to compromise on a number of fronts. While little tangible product has been produced thus far, we ultimately hope to share with you a brilliant, engrossing product with well-developed characters, an intriguing plot, and, most of all, a believable original universe of our own creation. -----------------==+==----------------- { p r o g r e s s } | STORY | 3/?? (Dmi) | 0/?? (Osc) | 0/?? (Rhae) planned| Chp 5 [Osc] written| Chp 5 [Dmi] hacked| Chp 3 [Dmi] | GRAPHICS | 36/?? (PC) | 28/?? (EC) | 3/?? (NPC) maps| Chp 3 [Dmi] icons| 7/?? interface| none CGs| none -----------------==+==----------------- { c r e d i t s } hacking| AK, KoT graphics| Char, AK, Army, KoT story| Army, Char, AK | thanks | Intelligent Systems, Nintendo all of the lovely people who have made FE hacking possible and all of our friends and supporters
  6. I didn't know where else to put this. So over this last week I was at a game design class. At this class I was put into a team and we had to make a game. The game we've made is Paper Assault. This game is decent seeing as how it is made in two days and this is my first game that I've made though a lot of stuff we planned on being in there was cut because time constraints and problems with getting it to work (such as two more enemies). Papaer Assault is a top down shooter like Tohou. Here's the link to download of you want to try it. Folder Version: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nse227htgz3ejbq/Wt-xlE5uXt RAR version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/njkxzkdkfl1ylcv/Paper%20Assault%20game.rar
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