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Found 8 results

  1. I’m hosting a Three Houses D&D/Rp game thing that would ideally include 21 of you folks! You don’t have to be an expert or anything at D&D nor Roleplaying, simply join and try it out if you’re even remotely interested! This will be played entirely over discord so send me a pm to be invited! The game itself: There will be primarily three big parts of the overall game. Class Sessions, “Weekends” and Battles. Class sessions are small periods where everyone will get together in their classes’ voice chat and “Train” a specific proficiency in a weapon, just like in Three Houses, and the professor will give everyone a little “lesson” that will be a hint towards things to come, whether they appear on the “weekend” or during battle, the professor will have given you ample information to react to this unknown threat. These class sessions should only last about 7-10 minutes each anyway and won’t actually require work of any kind, everyone can hangout and chat if they would like. “Weekend Time”: The discord will have several voice chats labeled as different areas of the 3H monastery. During this also 10-15 minute time you will be able to hop between each chat and different events will occur, but ultimately where you are at the end of the 15 minutes will decide what you gained or what event you will be involved in that “Weekend”. Finally combat/battle: There will be large scale battles like the battle of the eagle and lion where EVERYONE is involved head to head and there will also be a story that goes along with this huge game. Friends may turn against eachother or maybe not! You can also recruit others from other classes. There will be non-head to head fights as well where a single class will face off against enemies, and outside of “In-School” fights people can die if they run out of health! Because we are on classic that would mean you are dead forever, and you will be temporarily removed from the discord until the story comes to a conclusion. More about how the combat functions will be provided when we start! We hope to meet on weekends and it shouldn’t be incredibly time consuming but I’m hoping it’s more fun than anything! I also plan to stream the whole thing on twitch for those who are too afraid/were not able to join! I love all you community and send me a message if you wish to be a part of all of this!
  2. I get the feeling a good bit of you here have played D&D in the past, especially the older members. I want to get into Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, I just need the books. I have the wikia page favorited, but I am abiding by how it does not replace the books. I have plenty of B-day/Christmas money to get plenty. Anyone interested in playing when I am ready? Edit: We can also discuss our experiences in tabletop games, including notable stories.
  3. Critical Role is a popular weekly Dungeons & Dragons game live streamed on Twitch(uploaded to YouTube as well) featuring a group of voice actors including Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Liam O'Brien, Sam Regal, Taliesin Jaffe, and Ashley Johnson. I got into this show a year ago just as they started their second season and it's become something of a weekly routine for me to tune in and keep up with the ongoing story. Knowing the show has such a big following, I wanted to know if we had any other Critters here on Serenes Forest and maybe start a discussion if there's interest. Links below to the show on YouTube if you haven't seen the show, but would like to try it out. I'm linking both seasons, but I recommend season 2 for newcomers since it starts at a proper beginning and watching season 1 is not required to enjoy it.
  4. I am currently looking for collaborators on a project to create simple, Fire Emblem themed miniatures for use in tabletop games or possibly say, a themed chess board. I have purchased a 3D printer and spent the necessary time fine tuning it, and I am confident it is up to the task! But now I need some help! I'm looking for someone with experience creating digital 3D models to help bring this vision to life. I am willing to pay for commission designs or if you'd like I'd be happy to print out some of your other designs and send them to you in return. Let us be allies in this project! My ambition is to create simple, generic ones, in the style of the old GBA battle sprites for each class. etc. They don't need to be immensely detailed or very high polygon. (: I think it would be great if we could bring some of the charm the GBA sprites had to real life. ^^ If you're interested in joining forces or know someone who might be let me know! Send me a message or we can talk here in the topic. You can also send me an email at [email protected] And if anyone else has any Fire Emblem 3D models they want to see brought to life, I'm just itching to print things! ^^
  5. Well thinking I thought of an interesting game to make. Not a ROM or anything like that. But a Fire Emblem D20 system, similar to D&D. Could pull from the Fire Emblem Fates Boons/ Banes, for character creation. As well as make characters start out as a villager class, similar to Echoes. This is still in the early stages of creation and drawing board. However, once completed the roleplay essence of D&D should mix with the the fast paced action of the Fire Emblem series. Things that I can make work in theory: Class percentile for level up, (HP, Atk, Mag, Skl, Spd, Lck, Def, Res). Boon/ Bane Effects per person at a ±10% Base Weapon and Spell Accuracy Rolling to hit with a fixed damage. Things that I can see making to work as of right now: Changes in accuracy based upon character skill, and enemy speed Starting stats Movement (With and without the use of miniatures). How EXP is earned. How certain character or weapon skills would work. Would players have access to the classes that are reserved for the protagonists in the games, (Lord, Princess, etc.). Would players be perma-dead or would any campaign be run on the equivalent of "Casual?" How would fights come to pass, like who would move first? So more hurdles than clear fields right now. Which is to be expected in a game that is still a fledgling. However any insight would be most appreciated. I will attempt to write things down in a formal document as a "Handbook." Thanks
  6. Recently I found the rules for Dungeons and Dragons Rules Cyclopedia. For those who don't know, Rules Cyclopedia is a collection of the Dungeons and Dragons Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, and Immortals sets (or BECMI for short), which existed before D&D. Rules Cyclopedia makes some minor changes and adds a few things like a small skill system but otherwise it's unchanged. I think its really cool personally; there's depth to the game but it doesn't get bogged down by complicated rules like AD&D and the later editions. The book also has better structure and writing than the AD&D books. It's surprisingly easy to homebrew (I think there's a pdf out there that explains the mechanics for creating new classes/races for example) and best of all it's easy to pick up and play. I think if I introduce someone to D&D, I'll start them off with the Rules Cyclopedia before showing them the later editions/Pathfinder. What about you guys? Have you guys played this or read it? Do you know anyone who has? I'd be interested in playing with some of you guys if you are btw. What are your opinions on it?
  7. So, seeing a lack of D&D thread here, I figured I should start one. Pathfinder is "Close enough", and D&D video games count too, I guess. Are you in a game, what edition, and what sort of character? Tell some stories, share some advice, and so on. Feel free to argue about settings, but not editions, and share homebrew you find interesting or made. . For myself, I'm in two games- one in-person, Pathfinder in a homebrew world,, the other online, 3.5 in the Eberron setting. First one, I'm running an Aegis/Soulknife that can basically be described as a karate bugman. Second, I'm running an Artificer, aiming for Renegade Mastermaker. Throwing and Returning are almost required for my Battlefist, obviously. Ghost Touch, too, given what happened last session... Anyway, go nuts. EDIT: And I suppose I'll toss up a list of free D&D editions/retroclones. 3.5 E, found in the form of the SRD, or the infinitely better navigable Hypertext SRD. Pathfinder, basically a clone of 3.5, with some changes. And it's 3rd-party-material-including d20pfsrd incarnation. Swords and Wizardry, a clone of the Original D&D games. Dark Dungeons (Not the Chick Tract, don't ask), a clone of the Rules Cyclopedia version of the game. Labyrinth Lord, based on the Magenta Box version of the game. If anyone has other suggestions for retroclones and other legal free versions of the game, I'll add them to this list.
  8. So, some people on this forum have been doubting my of the actions, I dont want to bias you so here is an account of the events so you can decide the morality and the alignment of the actions. So this is from a 2nd edition module, can't remember the exact name. We were 3rd level quick rundown of alignments neutral is in between the two extremes good=think of morales evil-=tno morales lawful=for order chaotic prizes individuality
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