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Found 18 results

  1. I posted this in Serious Discussion because I want realistic answers. Growing up here in the Philippines, which is a Catholic-dominant country, (I'm not Catholic though) we are taught that a lot of things are vile and evil, such as Halloween and Harry Potter. (You know, I found it ironic that a library in a Christian school had copies of (from "least" "offensive" to "most" "offensive") Captain Underpants, Percy Jackson, and even Twilight, but no HP books to be found.) Now the "worst offender" has probably got to be D&D. Toy stores have Halloween catalogs, I've met a lot of Harry Potter fans (including myself), but I've yet to see a Filipino who plays D&D. Now, I want to get everyone's opinions on the matter. Is it evil? Or is it something neutral? The problem is, most online sources are biased. I want to see individual, unbiased opinions.
  2. Here's something I've been thinking about recently. Does plot contrivance really matter in regards to objective narrative critique or analysis. Cause when you think about it, stories are inherently contrived. To be contrived means for an event to not happen naturally or organically. With that definition, One could make the argument that stories are inherently contrived because every event within the story does not happen organically or naturally as everything is pre-ordained by the author in order to sell a narrative or idea. Every plot point in almost any story can be considered contrived to some degree. Like to take echoes as an example. What are the odds that Slayde would just so happen to walk around Ram village which just so happens to be where Celica(the princess he failed to kill) was hiding and Slayde just so happens to be spotted by Tobin which just so happens to spiral into the conflict that gets Celica revealed to him forcing her to flee to the monastery. What are the odds of that happening? not likely I assume but that doesn't matter because we are already invested into the emotional conflict of the story's narrative. Without this contrived moment, the story would not have played out as it did and story would not be able to explore the ideas it wants to in the way it wants to. I bring this up because you can find contrivances like this in every story good or bad and imo it overall doesn't matter because it doesn't really take away from the conflict at hand. The emotional investment is still there regardless of the contrivance. It does not take away from the themes or ideas that the story is opt to explore. Plot contrivance relies heavily on the breaking of suspension of disbelief which is subjective. What may shatter one person's suspension of disbelief will not shatter another's and that's totally okay. It's just that in regards to objective narrative critique or analysis subjective claims like that hold very little weight if you ask me because it cannot be proven. It's all down to personal preference at that point which is fine but it shouldn't make a story better or worse. Though that's just my take what you all think? does plot contrivance truly matter?
  3. Want to debate about fire emblem so I decided on thracia 776 (in my opinion it is one of thee most polarizing FE games in terms of unit debates) I will argue about any units but I am going to start with this, "Marty can be one of the best units in your army if trained properly"
  4. This may be a "heavy" topic considering the general consensus people have on it but I feel it's something that needs to be discussed given the recent discussions regarding camilla and the hot spring banner. As the title of the thread suggests, what are the rights and wrongs of fanservice? I am under the belief that fan service in it of itself is not a bad thing. It all depends on its execution. So my question to you all is when can fanservice be done right/tastefully/appropriately? and when is it done wrong? My personal stance on the matter is that so long as it does not hinder the overall story, game, or characters then its fine. Like for example, Beach DLCs/banners are fine because well they're harmless for the most part. If placed appropriately, then they can serve as sort of fun little distractions for both the characters and viewer/player. It doesn't detract from the overall story because it's just a little side story that has little to no bearing on the actual plot and if done right makes sense.
  5. So after watching these two videos, I'm not entirely sure how to feel. On one hand they do make a valid point but on the other I can't help but can't shake this feeling that there's something wrong with the argument presented. I don't know my thoughts are all over the place and I wanted to see what other people think to more coherently organize mine.
  6. So, what your thoughts on having a game where no character have a class and they instead just use a specific weapon like in Heroes, except that they might have access to a second weapon or a new movement type upon promotion? I think it might open a more diverse set of characters. An archer would not have promote specifically to another class of just two options. Instead, he could become someone that wield a bow and lance, a bow and axe, or even just gain a mount and the bow itself. Meanwhile, his archer buddy might just promote to a unit with an entirely different set of weapon accessibility. Character identity would not be effected by this process either. I honestly think that the lack of classes would improve it. Here we have one sword fighter from a noble house; equipped with a skill that allows him to use rapiers and the legendary weapon and there, we have the gruff, buff warrior who is also a sword wielder. This guy would be wearing chains, rags, and large gauntlets to make him seem like a threat to his enemies. Hell, with the lack of classes, we could probably even have extremely tall allies and enemies. No one is bounded to the weapons their classes allowed them and their actual roles compared to what they do can be taken more seriously. (Actual knights for example that could use swords and lances and is not found wondering with a group of bandits for whatever reason. ) We could have mounted knights and lance wielding samurais. I personally could stop questioning the reason Lords have this specific class that no one else in the game have access to despite obviously being lords in other parts of the world. In terms of modelling and clothing, Intelligent Systems have a crap ton of funding and tech because of the success of FE Heroes and it's previous main stream FE games, I don't think it would be too much of a hassle for them to make a specific set clothing for each character. Hell, they can get away with people having similar clothing because of uniform standards and even keep the same general move set for the majority of the cast. (Although, I only guessed that Intelligent Systems had massive success. I'm doing a fact check at this movement. XD)
  7. @eclipse suggested that all discussion of Bride Sanaki and the controversy surrounding her should be moved to here, so here I am. As for my own two cents, I'm just shocked at how controversial the whole situation is. I believe this is the largest controversy surrounding a single unit the game has ever had (outmatching even Ayragate) and a lot of toxicity has been thrown around on both sides. As for where I stand, I don't exactly approve of it for the reasons stated in the locked thread by several people, but I also feel that the backlash is almost completely unjustified, as the seasonal banners are supposed to be all about heroes in cosplay. Another thing worth noting is how we are pretty much playing out Sanaki's character arc: (FE9/FE10 spoilers in the textbox) Anyway, I hope that people's thoughts on the issue can be discussed in a civil manner.
  8. okay first of all Idk what forum type to put this under so yeah. Anyway, I've been thinking about this sort of thing a lot recently because of all the distaste I see for characters like severa, camilla, peri, and tharja. people say they're bad characters because their mean, immoral, psychotic, etc. Personally I like all those characters except tharja mostly because well they were interesting characters in my eyes. I think people need to understand there's a difference between a likable character and a well written or interesting one. Like just because a character is a good person that doesn't automatically make them a good character. I mean just look at characters like kirito or corrin. I dunno if what I'm saying even makes sense but it's something that's been on my mind is all.
  9. In FE7: Priscilla is a great healer, and has much better mobility than Serra. Also, the only playable Valkyrie in the game. Heath is often forgotten about, which is strange, since his supports are pretty good. I also find Wil to be a much better archer than Rebecca (here come the flaming arrows). In FE8: Rennac is pretty funny, and is better than Colm. Artur was my Sacred Stones MVP. Tana is by far my favourite pegasus knight. In Awakening: Meh, everyone is pretty much loved to death in that game, so nothing there. In Conquest: Shura is amazing. Would've liked more supports though. He's the kidnapper of Azura, yet doesn't get a support with her. Odd. What are your underrated characters?
  10. YO! I mean, hello, people of the Web. I'm here today to ask a question about which Fire Emblem game is better; both of which I have played through to the very end. I'm asking, from personal experience, which Fire Emblem game, between Fire Emblem: the Blazing Sword and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, which is better! Keep in mind that these aren't the only games in the series I've played through- I'm also partway through Sacred Stones- but personally, before I even make the list, I think it's going to be the latter. Now, let's start with the actual plots of the game... Category A: Chapters This is already looking bad for FE7's case. We've only started the list, and we already have an 11-chapter tutorial. Fans of the series know what I'm talking about. You know my pain. And if you don't, then here's the rundown; Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, or just Fire Emblem, as stated in the West, is the seventh game in the series, and boy, does it make a bad first impression. At the start of the game, you meet Lyndis, a nomadic girl from the plains of Sacae. She's one of the game's three Lord characters, and the main character of the prologue through chapter 10. However, what Lyn fails to realize is that ten of these eleven chapters will take you through portions of themselves to teach a new player how to play the game. That's all fine and dandy, but why learn the ropes if you already know the basics? I asked myself that question HARD. And when I realized I only got 13 units throughout the whole tutorial, two of which couldn't even fight, I knew I was in for a rough ride. And none of them were either of my two favorite unpromoted classes, Myrmidons or Mercenaries. Luckily, Lyn is designed to almost BE a Myrmidon, so I can partially excuse this. So basically, the game makes you do so much that it's possible to soft-lock yourself if all but Lyn dies by the end of Chapter 3. It basically forces you to make specific moves. And while all modern F.E. games do this in some way, THIS game takes it a step further and makes you make specific moves for TEN CHAPTERS. Not for the whole of all of those chapters, but for most of it. And during this time, your units CAN fall and won't be available again until later chapters (Dorcas being the earliest re-recruit in chapter 11), after which they might DIE. But, there IS a plus side to this. These eleven levels were one of my best tutorial experiences EVER. And don't get me started on Sain. Sain is the whole reason I kept playing- he was like a fourth Lord- but more on that in a later section. And the satisfaction that came from felling Lundgren was too good to be true. Of course, the game wasn't OVER yet, but STILL. After that, the game branches off to the plots of the OTHER TWO Lords, Eliwood and Hector, who are re-joined by Lyn in either Chapter 15 for Eliwood's story and chapter 16 in Hector's. And, as to conceal spoilers as much as possible, I'll only say right now that the plot is about some bad guys trying to open a portal to a dragon, and... I'll stop there. As for Birthright... where do I BEGIN? The story's so well-written, that I'll probably have to play Awakening to beat it, although I'd have to save quite a bit for that. And the TWISTS... Especially the two HUGE and sad casualties Nohr suffers in chapter 26... And if you don't know THAT, then, well, PLAY THE STINKING GAME ALREADY. No need to say that Fates wins this one. Category B: Characters Let's get one thing straight. I REALLY don't like losing my units. In particular, there are two units- Kaden and Sain- who I will treat as pseudo-Lords for what it's worth. What? I like the showoffs. So what? Real talk though, Kaden was my first S-rank (albeit with FemCorrin, who I still treat as canon). Plus, he's SO powerful late-game. Birthright didn't try to make a legend. It just... happened. And the day Kaden is added to FE Heroes is the day I buy a fancy tablet just to play that game. Sain, on the other hand, is more or less, stats-wise, the same as Kaden. Hits hard, dodges fast, doubles constantly. This is why I like these two! They're evasion MASTERS. The Cavalier class is my third-favorite un-promoted class PURELY because of Sain. And as for Kitsunes, they'd be up there too if you didn't only EVER get two. In the meantime, the main characters are WAY more stale than these two. The most interesting Lord, in my opinion, would have to be Hector. And he's a Tank, too, so he can take AND deal huge hits. Personally, I suggest giving a Brave Axe to him until he receives Armads, the Legendary Battle Axe. Also, he's totally the best "Axe Lord", end of story. Corrin was fun, too, mostly because she felt like... a more girlish incarnation of myself. Heck, when she fell for Kaden, I actually felt a little jealous. Her kindness factor is quite high, and she can support LITERALLY EVERY OTHER UNIT IN THE GAME, AND S-RANK ANY BOY WHO ISN'T HER SON! And YES, the male variant CAN S-rank every female who isn't his daughter. But in all honesty, Birthright's characters felt a lot more bland than those of FE7. Take Hana and Subaki, the royal retainers to Princess Sakura. Did you, in all honesty, ever actually CARE for them? Their supports are the only thing they have going for them, and I feel like even THOSE aren't anything interesting. And as for the only Cavaliers in the game, Silas and his daughter, Sophie... I honestly forgot Silas existed by the end of my first Birthright playthrough, even though I ADORE having a good Cavalier. His own DAUGHTER, whom you aren't even guaranteed to RECRUIT, is more personal to me than him. (Of course, that may partially be because she can strip her enemies ) The last characters in Birthright I actually LIKED were Kaden's daughter, Selkie, and Corrin's son, Kana. And the biggest reason I LIKE them is that... it almost felt like they're my ACTUAL CHILDREN... But yeah, apart from Corrin, Kaden, Selkie and Kana, the cast of FE7 feels better to me than Birthright. I don't know why. Category C: Game Mechanics Two words: Pair. Up. These two words were the entire foundation for Support Grinding in Fates and Awakening, and quickly became my personal favorite way to fight. I would pair up my couples so they would always fight at their best; actually, I think Takumi and Oboro are paired up right now, as a matter of fact, let me check... No, I'm actually at My Castle right now. Oh well. But for whatever, Fates totally screwed up the weapon triangle. You know how swords beat axes, axes beat lances, and lances beat swords, while tomes and bows are usually neutral? Yeah, apparently they wanted to add shurikens and knives, so those beat swords now and lose to axes. But that means tomes and bows have to be ADDED to the weapon triangle; tomes are basically a counterpart to swords, and bows join axes. And I almost ALWAYS deploy wizards to dispose of Knights, so that's a small problem there. FE7 had a different weapon setup; bows and tomes are neutral to the other three, but there's a different thing for tomes; the Trinity of Magic. Anima magic beats Light magic, and then there's Dark magic, which beats Anima, but loses to Light... And this was surprisingly less complicated than Fates! Fates had Dragon Veins as well; special tiles that, when one of a select few units stood on them, would trigger battlefield traps or open new paths. FE7 didn't have that, but it didn't need to. And remember when I said that Pair Up is my favorite way to fight? Well, to add that, they removed the "Rescue" command, which pulled a unit out of danger. And don't get me started on the fact that Cavaliers don't get their second move if they didn't fight or move all the way! FE7 also had breakable weapons. I honestly don't know why Birthright took this away, and nerfed the silver weapons. Now I almost only ever use Steel. In FE7, silver weapons are VALUABLE. Basically, gameplay-wise, Fates is nowhere near as simple as the original. Actually, it wasn't simple in the first place. But still, they tried! Category D: Difficulty Do I really need to go over this? Games have been getting easier and easier as time goes on. Birthright has endless grinding time, ridiculous amounts of gold for better weapons, and even a method to recruit enemies if they're felled by Orochi using the "Capture" skill. And it also has two ways to make the game easier: Casual mode, to simply retreat your units, and the ridiculous Phoenix Mode, for players who don't want their units to die AT ALL and want them back EVERY TURN. Needless to say, it tries to make the game easier. Despite this, playing on Classic mode REALLY takes some skill that I don't seem to have much of. In fact, by the end of the game, I only had eight units, only seven of whom made it out of the endgame! And I know that Fates' characters technically retreat more than die, but I'm talking from an FE player's perspective. FE7 is a lot rougher. It doesn't have Casual mode, so you'll have to make each decision count. And remember when I said Birthright had infinite grinding time? Yeah, FE7 has none of that. So you only have the chapters in the game to train your units to max levels. And they are TOUGH. And you know how in later games, your units can go beyond Lv. 20? Not in FE7. This means that pre-promoted units, such as Marcus, can only level up 19 times before running out of level. And for most, they don't even get THAT many. But, as I said before, the first 10 chapters are like a tutorial, which you can use to power-level those aforementioned 13 units. Even Nils the Bard. Of course, because of a HUGE difficulty spike in chapter 14, I wound up losing unit after unit in FE7. Then I tried again, and actually lost more of my army in Chapter 13. Overall, I would rate FE7 as generally harder. I really don't give a crud about the difficulty anyway... unless it's Hector's Hard mode. Lord, do I hate Hector's Hard Mode. Results What? Do I like playing FE7 more than Birthright? It's actually a stalemate! I don't prefer one game over the other after all! I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Now, the Sacred Stones... That's a whole different story. Fire Emblem 7 vs. Fire Emblem Birthright: Indifferent. They're BOTH Fire Emblem!
  11. What's your least favorite character in the whole series itself? Personally, my least favorite is most likely Peri (FE FATES)
  12. Hello everyone. So I've decided to ask a question every week now. (Ok I did two this week I'm sorry...) I'm always seeking opinions on why this is good, or this is bad, and why, because we all don't share common interest/beliefs, but sometimes we do. Thus, I want to bring certain topics into the limelight every week and discuss why you think about the topic. This week, I want to ask a question, more or less the game that 'Saved the Franchise', Fire Emblem Awakening. What did you find enjoyable about the game? It could be everything, or it could only be the music, the sprites or a certain boss in the game. I don't mind, but I would like WHY (As backup evidence, it's always good to strengthen a claim.) Same thing with what you didn't like about the game. I would like One Pro, and One Con, if possible... even if it was the smallest detail. Please also keep 'arguing' to a minimum, the last question I asked, it got a little 'out of control', so please try not 'go to war' with each other. Thank you guys, and can't wait to see your opinions! (Also Sorry if I broke any rules again Mods.... I'm still not use to forum posting...)
  13. Well, I'm not the smartest cookie in the jar, the most historical book on the shelf, or the most creative cloud in the sky, but there's one question that has been nagging me for a while and I'm surprised that it has not been brought up yet. Why is the eastern culture of the light and western culture of the dark? I'm not at all going by personal opinions, just things that I think about. There's nothing wrong with darkness or lightness, so no offence should be taken. But let me explain, Hoshido is home to ninjas, Oni savages, and samurai. Nohr is where the knights, paladins, and heroes are from. The sacred weapons of Nohr is named after heroes and one of them means peace and victory. The Hishidian sacred weapons are named after gods who are sometimes considered troublemakers. Even their respective music seems kind of backwards. The bagpipes and whatnot is louder, has more presence, and reminds me of something proud like light to me. Whenever I heard the instruments of Hoshido (before playing fates) it was usually within a stealth ninja game or Naruto. I don't at all mind it; I'm just curious. Thoughts?
  14. ~Voting Phase~ Rules/Goals: Conquest Hard mode No DLC/Spotpass/Einherjar/Lottery Shop/Invasions etc No Kids or their paralogues. LTC, no absurd set ups (<5-10% chance of success). Reclassing, weapon/item shops, smithy allowed. Have fun! Right now is the voting phase! Even if you are new/inexperienced with this game/debating feel free to drop a numerical vote with some logic behind it (remember your favourite units aren't necessary the best units =p) and then using averages we can tier smash-bros style. After we've done the initial orderings, which I predict will be popularity based and while it'll definitely be wrong we can reorder people drastically through debate. That doesn't mean discussion is discouraged while voting! Please use each others thoughts and ideas to help influence your vote - which won't be locked in until next week (1 week per character). It's best to keep an open mind and talk using averages found on the site rather than personal experience. To make it easier for me to find your vote if you could put two hastags before your vote (e.g. ##Avatar: 10) that would be greatly appreciated. Tiers will be spereated by a large numerical difference, votes out of 10 please. Current standings: The rules are also open to discussion.
  15. As far as I'm aware, anyway, he seems to be, especially in Revelations. I haven't played the Radiant games (can't find any at a decent price), but I'm pretty sure they have an Oifey, too.
  16. So if you've looked into gaming news recently the Wii U has sold 9.2 million units in two years which is lagging behind the Gamecube and even the Sega Dreamcast at this point in time. This is after we've had a 2D and 3D Mario game, after Mario Kart 8, and after Super Smash Bros 4. Third party support continues to dwindle because of the underpowered hardware and Nintendo's general alienation of third parties altogether. Its also worth noting that the videogame market was not as big then as it is now. As you all know Nintendo had a rocky start to this generation with meager sales of its home console. The 3DS recovered in a big way and is now dominating the handheld market due to heavy hitters but it too started off in much the same way. It doesn't stop there though. Nintendo has proceeded to make controversial and very nonsensical business decisions. One of them being their recent move to create a network on youtube that gives 70% of the profits to the user to let ads be posted (many networks provide much better rates btw) without fear of being copyrighted by Nintendo for using footage of their games in videos. This follows the mass of copyright claims they made earlier in the year. Despite youtube users practically giving free advertising for their games (which they desperately need) through lets plays, footage, etc...they seem to proceed to alienate what seems to be a loyal and active consumer base. Then there is the amiibo debacle in the US. Granted they are selling like hotcakes but Nintendo has done nothing to recitfy the supply causing scalping to skyrocket and a loss in profits they could otherwise have. They already have sites set up to order amiibo from them for standard retail price in NOE, Australia, and in Japan but not in the US. Why the hell not? This is not a I hate Nintendo thread or post. Quite the contrary, its I'm concerned as all hell thread and wondering if anyone else has noticed similar things as of late? I personally think that losing Nintendo or Nintendo fading into irrelevancy could be one of the worst things for the industry. One its less competition but Nintendo also produces unique experiences you can't find anywhere else (Fire Emblem just being one such example). This is purely a disscussion thread and I'm wondering if anyone has noticed these unsettling facts. Please refrain from flamming others or igniting a flame war that dosen't need to be around. EDIT: If this is the wrong place to put this I apologize. If its more fitting in the Debates section or Entertainment have at it Mods.
  17. so this are considered the best 2 rockstar games by many. which is your favorite
  18. Ok folks, it is time to settle something that has been a hot topic for a while, among the kid Fire Emblem units, who is the stronger unit between the ever fabulous Inigo Shin, or the massive chump (just like Shin), Brady Horace. We are assuming efficient play, as much as it pains me to use the term. No sitting around killing reinforcements and the such, or spending turns waiting for the enemy to come to you. Lastly before I begin, I'd both appreciate no interruption until all is said and done, feel free to comment when they're done. Judging will be done by a neutral arbitrator that has never played a Fire Emblem game, such as PKL, Refa, or Sharpy. Keep it clean, guys. Each personal attack will result in a 4 turn penalty for your theoretical playthrough. If you are banned from SerenesForest from said attack, it will be increased to an 8 turn penalty. Warp is banned. Wendy is free.
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