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Found 3 results

  1. This patch integrates exclusive items from the now-defunct Online Shop into normal gameplay. Why does that matter? Well, I'll let the wiki explain it: "Along with most Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services, the online shops in both Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem permanently closed on May 20th, 2014. For Shadow Dragon, this had the effect of rendering the Elysian Whip (and in turn the Falcoknight class) and three of the Brave weapons as essentially unused content... for new save files created after that date on original cartridges." [Emphasis mine] Now, all those items are back in the game as droppable items (or in some cases, in the starting inventory of certain characters). A list of what went where: Chapter 7 - generic archer has droppable Longbow Chapter 9 - generic pirate has droppable Poleax Chapter 11 - pegasus knight has Elysian Whip Chapter 13 - boss has Master Seal Chapter 14 - boss has Master Seal Chapter 15 - generic dracoknight has Elysian Whip Chapter 18 - Sternlin (the boss) has Brave Lance Chapter 19 - generic hero that starts near Tiki has Brave Sword; Tiki has Elysian Whip (droppable, if you want to kill her to access 24x) Chapter 20 - Lorenz has Brave Bow (not droppable; must recruit him to get it) Chapter 20x - Ymir starts with Brave Axe (not droppable; must recruit him to get it) Chapter 6x - Athena starts with Wo Dao Be warned, these enemies will use these new items against you until you kill them and claim the weapons for your own. However, depending on your difficulty (primarily if you're playing on Normal), two or three of the above enemies will lack the weapon rank required to use the new items, although they will still drop them as normal. On higher difficulties, all bets are off - everybody is skilled enough to use everything in their new arsenal against you. In addition, Falcoknights have been updated to use their FE12 stats; previously, as the class was not in the original FE1, the developers intended it mostly as an easter egg and did not seem to balance it. As a result, the Falcoknight had absolutely no advantages over the Dracoknight. Now, the Falcoknight has higher Speed, Skill, and a higher maximum Speed, but lower Strength than the Dracoknight, in line with their appearance in FE12. There are two versions of the patch: OnlineItemsInGame.XDELTA incorporates the Updated Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch. OnlineItemsWithHardPrologue.XDELTA incorporates BOTH the Updated Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch and the Prologue in Hard Modes Patch. USE ONLY ONE PATCH, NOT BOTH. This was made using the US version of FE11, so you should use an .nds file from that region. Installation: 1. If you have not already, download the Delta Patcher utility here: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/704/ 2. Obtain an unmodified ROM of FE11. I cannot help you do this. 3. Extract DeltaPatcherLite.exe, your unmodified .nds file of FE11, and EITHER OnlineItemsInGame.xdelta OR OnlineItemsWithHardPrologue.xdelta to the same folder. DO NOT USE BOTH .xdelta FILES; CHOOSE ONLY ONE. The difference is explained above. 4. Open DeltaPatcherLite.exe. 5. Click the "Open" button for the "Original file" box and select the unmodified .nds file of FE11. 6. Click the "Open" button for the "XDelta patch" box and select EITHER OnlineItemsInGame.xdelta OR OnlineItemsWithHardPrologue.xdelta. 7. Click the "Apply Patch" button. Users with older PCs may have to wait a few moments. 8. Your previously unmodified file, which you selected in step 5 as the "Original file", is the patched ROM you should now use. Download here Download DeltaPatcher from here (you need this to apply the patch to your ROM) Your original ROM's checksums should be: Original CRC32: 4CE55236 Original MD5: 5B7A037DFF5A904078404922642A01E8 Original SHA-1: 5174FBAB0C159CE247CCF133A8103B79FAE1435F If you don't know what those are, this website can explain: http://onlinemd5.com/ Patched MD5 for OnlineItemsInGame.xdelta: EDF64863CE7C86D652B3752F4E2D8922 Patched SHA-1 for OnlineItemsInGame.xdelta: 33E18A412557D5C2F967C20F9E5E7E9D4C92A4D6 Patched CRC32 for OnlineItemsInGame.xdelta: 7AC6FA51 Patched MD5 for OnlineItemsWithHardPrologue.xdelta: 20D44513267CB8BBD4C19F337922F341 Patched SHA-1 for OnlineItemsWithHardPrologue.xdelta: D07060A0A878602B1210CAEE4C0C62BE3130BA92 Patched CRC32 for OnlineItemsWithHardPrologue.xdelta: FE856158 Credits and Acknowledgments: - Robert of Normandy a.k.a. RobertTheSable for their Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch. Permission was given to incorporate this patch into other hacks here: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/51430-fe-shadow-dragon-gaiden-requirements-removal-patch/&do=findComment&comment=3665588 - Blazer for their suite of Shadow Dragon hacking tools, which can be found here: http://www.feshrine.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=422&p=85130 - Mariode for their update to said suite of tools, which can be found here: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/66930-fe-shadow-dragon-unit-disposition-editor-modules-itemclass-editor-update/ - SadNES cITy Translations for their Delta Patcher tool, which can be found here: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/704/ - The FE Subreddit Discord, for balance advice and suggestions for item placement; thanks in particular go to Wishes, Hype, Krash, and Nino4999 - Will and Sam for their inexplicably continued friendship Have fun! - Ciro
  2. I have played chapter 11A for the second time and I still don't have a good strategy to let all the Pegasus Knights of Tate's army alive to get the Elysian Whip. My problem is that I have trouble to reach Tate in time without losing any Peg. Knights. Klein will be circled by the 4 Peg. Knights so he cannot move. If I rescue Klein with Thany, the Peg. Knights would attack Thany and kill theirselfes. Further problem are Klein's NPC-archers, who will attack and oneshot the Peg. Knights. So I even have to rescue all of them. Even rescue, take and drop actions and using Lalum hasn't helped so far. In this chapter I also have trouble to protect all the villages. Mainly the village on the top right will be destroyed by a brigand, because I cannot visit it in time. Though I think a promoted unit can rush to the right. So I would ask for a good strategy to let all the Pegasus Knights alive to get the Elysian Whip in this chapter.
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