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Found 1 result

  1. It's a little bit overdue, I guess, but I wanted to make sure I had at least something presentable before I made the thread. Welcome to the FE7 retranslation effort! This was inspired partially by all the various attempts at an FE6 rewrite (at the time there was also a large movement to remake the Thracia and Genealogy translations patches, although that seems to have died down). Seeing all those got me thinking that the FE7 script could use some touching up as well; the localizers did an excellent job, but I feel that they missed some key parts of the script that the J version had. Therefore, this project is an attempt to preserve and recreate the feeling of the original Japanese FE7 script. Unfortunately, I'm not actually good at reading Japanese, nor am I a particularly exceptional writer myself. However, I have managed to work around this issue by using google translate (making sure to first translate to multiple languages [such as Finnish] before English, just to make sure the original meaning is preserved). The patch isn't finished yet, but I have enough that I don't feel bad making this thread! [spoiler=More details]now that i have your attention I now present to you the FE mechanics modpack (formerly known as CTFE)! This isn't really a standalone hacking project, per se, as much as a collection of various utility patches that I've been putting together for a few months now. The reason I haven't really been releasing much of my work recently is that i haven't actually been doing a whole lot of hacking at all, and the stuff I have done is hardly worth a solo release. What this modpack is meant to be is a set of hacks that mess with various things that I've heard complaints or requests for. Things such as a retooled experience formula, or more customizable poison damage. Progress will be (and has been) slow, but my hope is that now that I have this thread up I'll be a bit more motivated to deal with this in my free time. Beyond that, though, the singular patch that I'll be releasing will be playable as a standalone game, altered script and all. It won't contain much more than "lol every mod is applied" but it will include a script that i hope is entertaining, as well as a few of my experimental maps that I made on whims. Finally, there are two things that I very deliberately included in that set of screens. You get a cookie if you can find them. [spoiler=plans]EXP formula change (the actual formula i'm still working the kinks out of; all i know is that i'm intending to make it based on stats and that mounts get decreased exp gain) %hp damage on poison %hp damage devil weapon recoil class-specific passive abilities (example: snipers get 2-3 range on all bows) fe10-style crossbow weapons (ignore wielder strength) fe5-style crits arms scroll variable weapon stats based on wlv mounts are unrescueable excess hit over 100% is converted to crit chance hidden fatigue system x2 vs x3 effectiveness variable seize-worthy characters FE7x-style bow weapon triangle mechanics (WTA at 2-range, WTD at 1-range) WTA-neutral weapon ability FE11/12 soft weapon locks special weapon triangle (WTA vs own type, WTD against others) psuedo-branched promotions (use different item to promote to different class)
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