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Found 201 results

  1. Since FE4 has a new translation lately and we can finally enjoy the epilogue and see the units' stats and credits, we decided to do a LP of this game. This will be a normal playthrough. If someone should die (which will be the case most likely for me at least since I suck in FE), we will reset because we want to have a good second generation. The target is to have fun and to see all the characters' ending in English language. After each seized castle we'll change. Sophie will decide about the pairings.
  2. FE4 has many name charts. However, they tend to list only two lists of names and no more. This chart I made compares every translation patch released that I know of, along with all the FAQs on GameFAQs. It can be used as a point of reference to see when names were introduced or when older names fell out of use. http://mediafire.com/file/yft8d8z8aunw83c/Darrman&27s+Fancy+Name+Chart+Thing.xls
  3. I search answers for these questions: - Ways to unlock the unobtainable holy weapons or holy blood - + How to aqurie/hack and use siege tomes and dark magic Thanks for answering
  4. I'll list mine from each game. Mystery of the Emblem: "Advance"(Beginning chapters theme)and "Holy War"(Final chapter theme} Genealogy of the Holy War: "Girl of the Spirit Forest"(Chapter 1 theme) and "Lionheart Eldigan"(Chapter 3 theme) Thracia 776:" Advance B" and "Base" (Haven't played much of Thracia 776)
  5. Hey folks! I just felt like doing a completely unnecessary text on why I feel like Alec is actually a pretty good unit in my opinion. So yeah, just keep on reading... First off, I just want to clarify that I don't think that he is freakin' amazing and/or better than Sigurd or anything like that, but whatever. But still, I think he does have many redeeming qualities that makes him totally worth using overall. First, let's talk about his skills. Alec, while not having access to any class skills, does have two personal ones permanently attached to him: Pursuit and Nihil/Awareness. Pursuit is possibly the MOST important skill in the game, because it essentially allows a character to function like a ''normal'' unit in the series, and also because it has a near 100% chance of doubling your damage output for a round of combat. But Nihil, while much more situational, also has its cool uses! It basically negates anything that is not Wrath and normal attacks, such as critical hits, effective damage and even enemy offensive skills. I dare to say that this makes Alec into an ideal choice for specific situations, such as recruiting Ayra - dues to Nihil negating the super-nasty Astra - and if he has lucky stat growths, he may even handle most of the dracoknights in Chapter 5 because of the horseslayers being horrible against him, or he could do it with foot-locked units if he's not good enough. Point is, while one of those two skills will not be always useful, they do work quite well in his favor. Secondly, how is Alec exactly as a combat unit? Well, the big reason why he is salvageable for many people is because of this: Alec is a Cavalier, with perfect availability, in FE4. Since Genealogy is (in)famously known for its HUGE maps, being a mounted unit in this game is perhaps the biggest thing you can going for you, since you can traverse way more rapidly terrain and join the fight before all foot-locked soldiers. And let's not also forget the ability to move the remaining distance after doing an action (Canto). And since he joins at the same time as Zigludo-Senpai Sigurd, Alec can be put to use immediately! Lastly, what about his stats? Honestly, this is where it kinda falls off. While he does have pretty soolid base HP for FE standards, his other startings stats are otherwise only Okay, especially with a mediocre Defense of 7. As for growth rates, since he is from the famous Cain archetype, Ale sure likes getting good Skill. However, his Speed actually only has one more point than Strength at base (10 vs. 9) and both stats share a 30% growth (and Defense also has a 30% growth, strangely). Even then, since enemies are not terribly fast and that swords are really light, he will pretty much always double anyway, so it barely matters. However, it is true that is Strength is shaky, but I do think that 16 to 17 Power when freshly promoted at Lvl. 20 is good enough to work out. At worst, he could be a solid weakener for others, y'know? Speaking of, his promotion to Paladin is serviceable, but still one of the weakest gains in the game, with +2 or 3 points in every stat that isn't Magic or Resistance (+5, surprinsingly) and a better rank in Lances. Sure, many would argue that being locked from Silver and Blade weapons is a bummer, but Steel has not exactly garbage might, and should you feel that it's weak, you could still give him a magic sword after promotion, or even Ayra's Brave Sword if you are *ahem* Brave enough. (sorry...). I also think that giving him a high-kill weapon - thanks to his high Skill - is not a horrible idea... So yeah, this was a stupidly lengthy text about me defending why I think Alec is actually pretty good. Sure, he will not one-round anything on his way, but if you give him the right opportunities, I am certain that he'll fill a spot/niche in your army that is not a benchwarmer! Please comment and give me your thoughts! ^^
  6. My memory's a bit hazy since it's been a while that I played FE4. I'm not exactly sure of how I feel about Ferry and her usability ingame, that is, combat,movement e.t.c, you get the gist. She is of course a pegasus knight and I'm fond of those type of units. But, honestly, I can't think of how useful Ferry is. She is particularly helpful in saving villages, especially in ch3 and ch4, if she can take some damage from some nearby enemy.But, before promotion, she's...just got the highest movement amongst everyone else, and her combat is fairly average. She sometimes dodges and I never found her to do much damage(better damage then Alec at least). She does have enough HP to atleast survive..three attacks, I guess? She's also helpful in protecting Briggid,Tiltyu and Claude in ch3, as she can just fly there. So, I want to know, what are your thoughts? Is she a good useful unit, or just average? And how can she become much better before promotion? For me, personally tho, being a pegasus knight, I prefer to use Ferry, as much as possible. Ps sorry if this topic was kinda pointless.
  7. I remember months ago when Fates was about to be released in the west, someone did portraits of the Hoshidan and Nohrian royal siblings in the style of the portraits of FE4. I have no idea who made it, or even where to start looking for it, so I'm wondering, has any of you seen it? Or at least know who the artist was? Any help is appreciated in advance.
  8. Now that we're finally through my excursion into Android FE clones, let's tread into slightly more familiar territory... FE4 Binary, or just FEBinary, is a Japanese ROMhack of Genealogy of the Holy War, created by a hacker credited as "Habana♦887.bsRoNI". The story and maps have largely been left alone in favor of major modifications the game's mechanics, adding new weapons and classes, making enemies more diverse and challenging, and generally making the game less wildly unbalanced while expanding the player's options. The changes are fairly under the hood at first, but become more and more pronounced as things wear on. Inheritance has also been changed to make pairings like Dew X Lachesis and Lex X Ira more viable and unique than before, and generally greatly reduces the need for passing down Pursuit to as many children as possible in favor of more interesting skills and weapons. Since the story has largely been left alone, I won't be touching upon the story events beyond how they affect gameplay (the hack's in Japanese anyway, so it's not like there's much to see for most of us). I'm also assuming people reading this have at least a passing familiarity with some of FE4's mechanics, as I'll largely be explaining the changes in terms of how they're different from the base game. I won't be listing growth rates, either, as no one's growths have been changed in the slightest. Also, I'm not playing for ranks or LTC here, so I'm gonna be taking a fairly leisurely pace through things and taking whatever sort of advantages I can get. Sorry if that's not what you're into, I'm just not good enough for that kind of stuff! With all that yammering out of the way, let's start the LP! Prologue Part 1: Mechanically explaining mechanics Nobody told me there was a typo in the first fucking sentence of the first fucking post and I'm ashamed for life.
  9. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=46497 So what happened to this guy happened to me. except Faval never spawned, and instead Asaello did appear, Sety as well wouldn't appear, but I already have tried reclearing chapter 5 ( I did it twice....) Picture evidence: Patty: http://puu.sh/r3WOC/f6d402c0c5.jpg Asaello: http://puu.sh/r3WNH/9c63efc1bc.jpg Fee: http://puu.sh/r3XGa/d5b806dee0.jpg Hawk: http://puu.sh/r3XB6/486b8f748e.jpg Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this :/? Any help would be appreciated I have tried soft resetting and they still appear. If by redo level 5 then go back to level 8 is what the Original post meant, I haven't done that, do I need to?
  10. I need help with FE4 (Geneology of the Holy War). I was wondering if anyone could lend me aid? I know nothing about this game. And I NEED help with if I want to play it!
  11. I've been interested in FE4 for a long time. I've always wanted to do a LP on it, but with the mechanics introduced into the game, I feel I would need some guidance. Due to this, I feel I would play FE4, but with the new ROM Hack version of it and bring a Co-Commentator on for the journey. To be a Co-Commentator for this LP though, I need someone who has a decent understanding of the story, gameplay mechanics, and the characters as well. Once I've found a Co-Commentator for this, I'll begin the LP of it. I'll be waiting!
  12. Welcome, chicos, to my blind run of the Jugdral FE games! I plan to do them chronologically. The first section will be the first generation of FE4, starting at the Prologue and ending at Chapter 5. Then, Thracia in its entirety will be played though, with the rest of Genealogy following that. Please do not spoil anything that happens in these games, as my intention is to play them with minimal help. However, gameplay mechanics that are important to understanding how the game works that I may not know are welcomed to be explained. Progress: Thracia Ch. 5 complete [spoiler=Gen 1 pairings]Midayle X Adean Lex X Ayra Azel X Raquesis Alec X Sylvia Beowulf X Ferry Levin X Tiltyu Jamke X Briggid Click here for navigable archive of updates [spoiler=Original text]My goal right now is to play through every single FE game, and I've decided to go to 1-5 to start that. I need some motivation to get these done. So, I'm going to do an Lp. I've touched most of these games a little, but otherwise I have no knowledge unless you count FE11. I hope to have a really derpy time with this. Send me off on the road to nowhere!
  13. EDIT: Note that most of the skills I added to the characters eventually got removed, as I decided it'd be more interesting to add class skills instead, so the enemy benefits too. Before anyone asks, yes I'm still doing GhebSaga. I'm just procrastinating waiting until the poll gives me a clear top 5 to use in the next test. This is a side LP I'll be doing alongside GhebSaga. Anyway, I've been wanting to LP the new FE4 translation ever since it came out, but I wanted to wait until the beta was over or nearly over. At this point, beta 7, the patch is pretty much finished enough for me, and has a bunch of cool bugfixes and shit, too. However, I don't want to do a standard FE4 run, because anybody can do one of those. Instead, I decided to hack it so that every class (except pirates and brigands, because I don't want to have to rush villages) now has 9 move, making the gap in usefulness between mounted and non-mounted units in this game significantly, if not entirely, narrowed. Yes, I mainly did this so Arden could be good. Because my units will be facing a lot more combat now that everything has 9 move, I also buffed everyone's bases and growths to varying degrees. And just for fun, I gave most units more skills and made some minor edits to many of the weapons. I'll probably release a patch of this to the public so you guys can experience it for yourselves eventually, but right now I've geared it towards this specific playthrough, and the units I'm benching (the cavs, Midir, and Lex) haven't been buffed nearly as much as everyone else. As far as pairings go, this is what I have planned: Jamke/Aideen Arden/Ayra Finn/Raquesis Claude/Sylvia Lewyn/Erin Azel/Taillte Dew/Bridget Anyway, without further adieu, let's begin... Prologue part 1: Next time, we take back Jungby castle! P.S. Keep in mind that this run is primarily experimental, and a result of me dicking around with Nightmare. And while some of the extra skills were added on a whim because I wanted to see how a character performs with them, while others were given because I wanted to see how their kids do with them. Leif and Seliph's parents in particular were given sword skills because I want to see if Leif and Seliph can inherit them. Addendum: I learned that Patty, Lene, Ulster, and Larcei are literally the only kids who can inherit sword skills. Turns out inheritance of them is by child, not class. This was a major reason I removed the personal skills in favor of added class skills.
  14. Posted the same thing on Gamefaqs. NO GAME WAS ANNOUNCED, THIS IS JUST SPECULATION. I have seen a lot of mixed opinions about a potential FE4 remake, I want to know yours. Do you think the game would be ruined, or it would be fine? Here are some of my thoughts/concerns. Let's start with the gameplay: Maps: There's a reason why this game is called Horse Emblem, the maps are HUGE, 1 chapter in this game is like 2 or 3 chapters from other games, this is why foot units are harder to train, they get left in the dust, even if they are extremely good units like Jamka or Ayra(not that much, Ayra is the best gen 1 unit after Sigurd, but her Mov still hurts her), many newbies are really turned off by this, but if they make the maps smaller it wouldn't feel like FE4 at all, it's one of the things that makes this game so special, I think maybe adding checkpoints after seizing a castle would help. Holy Blood and Holy Weapons: All the Holy weapons have 30 MT and give stat boosts. Holy weapons such as Yewfelle and Mystletainn grant Skills to the weilder. Some people say this makes the game unbalanced, but IMO every unit is perfectly viable save for Hannibal and Ardan, even if they lack Holy Blood/Holy Weapons. That doesn't mean that Holy Weapons are perfectly balanced, they need a nerf, especially with a monster like Lewyn!Arthur who can use Forseti right away in chapter 6. The plot: Incest: People call this game Incest Emblem, but the only canon incestous pairing is Arvis x Dierdre and this happens because it's a major plot device, all the other incestous pairing are optional and before you bring Seliph x Julia, they have a negative love growth, the fact that they can be paired via the jaelously system is more likely to be an oversight if anything. I couldn't care less if they censor the incest in this game, but if it gets censored, they would be forced to chage the plot(which I'm against) or at least change the relationship between Arvis and Dierdre to something like cousins instead of half siblings. Lore: This one is mostly fine, but there are some "darker" plot events such as Child Hunts and Massacres, and we know how Nintendo tries to be "family friendly". I'm also worried about they pull something dumb like paralogues in Gen2 that allow you to recruit the parents, just... no What are your thoughts?
  15. Recently, I purchased Mystery of the Emblem and Genealogy of the Holy War from a convention last week. They both come with some really nice art and FE4 even includes a map of Jugdral. I'm fairly new to scanning, and I'm not exactly sure what I should keep an eye out for. I want to try and scan both instruction booklets in full, and want them to look presentable. Here's an example of something I scanned, a card included with Mystery including several of the characters you start with. http://imgur.com/a/LojKF The scanner I'm using is a Deskjet 2050, it's currently the only scanner I have access to.
  16. Hi all, you might all know about the famous Japanese hack of FE4 Remodel 2.97. While it is a very good hack, not everyone like its new version of character portraits, I myself prefer the old FE4 style. And that's what this patch does, it restores the portraits to the original style. So you can enjoy the new elements and the old portraits at the same time. Please apply this patch to a clean FE4 rom with header. You can find the read me here. Before After fe4(RR).zip
  17. Hello, I'd like to share with you with some stuff from my FEXP fangame. I make with help of my good friend Lord Wolfram. Story: The story is about Arclite Alterion, son of the well known warlord. One day his father vanished without a trace and his castle was taken over by coup d'etat. Arclite, alongside knight commander, his subordinates and good childhood friend, escapes from his father's former territory. And from that part the young boy with remains of the fallen kingdom are wandering around the land, gathering the troops to face the force which took over his home. [spoiler=Gameplay notes] - 3 tiers - Neutral army units like in some chapters of FE4, indifferent and non-passable by other armies - Bandits as separate army - Neutral active units, hostile to everyone except yellows - Added Master Knight class as 3rd tier for any of mounted knight class sets There is some videos and screenshots from different stages of development. [spoiler=Screenshots] [spoiler=Vids (They are veeery old)] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVhjTLIPn4M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I5NrcWwGQc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtDBTHLD7Ck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhDdxo9xppo Any assistance will be appreciated, if you want me to add some particular info 'bout it, i'll add it into this post.
  18. So I'm doing my first playthrough of Genealogy of the Holy War and I've run into a problem regarding who Briggid should marry. My main choices are Dew and Jamke. The main factor between who the father of Patty and Faval should be is who passes down items to who. I know Faval gets Yewfelle from Briggid which leads me to believe his equipment comes from his mother, but I don't know this. If it turns out that he only gets Yewfelle from his mother and everything else from his father then Jamke will be the father. If Faval gets everything from his mother then I'll make Dew the father, as he passes down the Bargain skill to both children and Sol to Patty. If anybody has information regarding the item inheritance of Patty and Faval then that would be very much appreciated.
  19. Here's my plan for my first playthrough of this masterpiece - at least so far (currently at Chapter 3) : Fury x Noish Lewin x Tiltyu Ayra x Holyn Aideen x Midir (already sealed) Lachesis x Beowulf Sylvia x Claude Briggid x Dew OR Jamka (not decided yet) What are your thoughts? Also, I'm kinda worried about pairing Fury with a physical unit, because while Fee will surely turn out great, I'm worried that Sety will be sh*t because of that. Is it alright? Thanks in advance!
  20. Now that Prjoect Naga is in open beta I am considering playing through again and going for an A rank. I think that quite a few others will be replaying it too so it might be good to have a thread for such a difficult task. Anyway, I notice that to achieve an A rank you have to beat the game in less than 400 turns and get more than 100,000 exp. How is possible to get all the terrible units up to snuff AND get the desired love pairings all within 400 turns? it just seems impossible. Can anyone help?
  21. It's the mainboss of chapter 9 in FE4. I found this fight almost unfair because of two things: continue - He's able to attack twice. The main problem is that his Gungnir kills everyone with two hits, some units will be oneshotted. prayer - That's even worse. If he's on low health, it's almost impossible to hit him. At least in my run no one could. His 5 authority stars make it even worse. Even balmung didn't have a good hitrate. The maximum was 76% with balmung only thanks to Nanna's charisma skill. It took me like 100 attempts to kill him I had to finish him off before he reached prayer mode. Thanks to Gae Bolg it was possible. Seriously it was the hardest and most annoying bossfight to me of all FE games I've played yet. It's too luckbased for me mainly because of his continue.
  22. I changed the font of FE4 ,and i began the translation. But,the text are show bad. How fix this? The Kanji is not listed is the hex editor. View my attach png files. EDIT I fixed the problem.View File 3.png
  23. I am a spanish speaker,and I am translating FE4. I use Hexecute RC7,and my first attempt for changing the text it was OK. I load the file english.tbl,and i changed a few letters of the Cap 1. But,when charge the english.tbl file,content varies each time charge. Example I:1 time:Load Prologue text and Cap 5. Example II:Load Chapter 3 and 9. Or whether the text never appears in its entirety. Is diferent every time,and not leave everything and this messy. And,so I can not translate comfortably This is problem of Hexecute,the english.tbl file,or is normal? If file problem could you send me another tbl file,or hexadecimal editor with tbl support. Thank,and please help.
  24. Well, I've been only two on this forum. I first thought that FE4 was regarded as one of the best in the series. However, the more I read on SF, the more I think that this game gets a LOT of haters in this community. So, I made this poll to see the real situation! In short, what would be your rating out of 10 for FE4?
  25. Lewyn: "Hi DAD!" Reptor: "what!?! impossible no one in my family is married to.... Titlyu didn't!" Lewyn: "Oh she did a lot more then just marry me,we have two lovely children,isn't that great?" Reptor: "NO! I'm putting an end to this RIGHT NOW and then I'll take Titlyu back and the kids!" Lewyn: "Gods what is with you overprotective father types and flipping within out when your daughter comes home married to a guy? Reptor: there are no words to describe how ridiculous you sound!..." Lewyn:"But father I..." Reptor: "I what? was only trying to get on my good said you can start by begging for your life and address me properly." Lewyn: "Ok Reptor of house Freege,is there anyway you can Let me and Titlyu stay together or is there no swaying you?" Reptor: "No way I'd let her stay with a man like you. Now any last words?" Lewyn: "You gotta go and I hope titlyu will forgive me for this,it just can't be avioded."
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