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Found 267 results

  1. So after the second prologue cutscene in FE8, it goes to the map (I replaced the old map with a new one via MarkyJoe's Youtube tutorial) and then freezes a bit after the character replacing Seth (the archer) comes out and moves. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks! [spoiler=Screenie] Edit: When I went into the Hex Editor thing, I couldn't just add a new line since the last line wasn't complete, so I added zeros to the end of it. Not sure if that's relevant.
  2. I changed Seth's class to Archer (F) and made him female in both his recruitment AND his character, but he's still a paladin? His stats changed (I changed them) and he did get the bow I gave him, but he has his other weapons and his weapon ranks (in addition to a bow rank I gave him). Do I need to do more? Thanks!
  3. So, I've had this idea going in circles around my head for several weeks now, and I've finally decided to start working on it. Most location names are still works in progress. Here goes nothing. The continent of Agravaal is a land of constant dispute. Borders are pushed and changed by the year, with most villagers spending their lives under at least three different banners. The landlocked kingdom of Barathal (replacing Renais) is arguably the most feared nation in the present day, with infiltration units scattered across the continent, and a respectable front-line army. Rothval (replacing Frelia) specializes in prolonged pitched battles, with a much higher number of armored units and healers than the other lands. Revagas (replacing Grado) is the foremost power in direct confrontation, with more soldiers than any of the other nation, though they may be lacking in training and skill. To the East lies Arrakis (yes, I know some Dune lore, replaces Jehanna), a desert land known for its Pegasus and Wyvern units, and a larger-than-average population of magic users. Furthest to the north lies Jorroheim (Rausten, use a Nordic pronunciation), a mountainous land home to arcane groups who worship arcane beings and offer counsel to any who seek it, as long as the coin purse is big enough. Then, there are The Lost Lands (Carcino), a land of un-claimable hell, home to the most vile of criminals and mercenaries, and the only region to have set borders for more than 50 years. The player will follow the tale of Elric (Ephraim), the commander of a small Barathalian special operations force, and his role in the latest round of open warfare, in which something is different... [spoiler= Planned Changes] Playable cast changed from 33 to 26 Weapon uses increased, and all shops will be removed Will have classes inspired by classes from other games, like the Mage Fighter (promotion for Mercenary and Mage, replaces Ranger for Merc and Sage for Mage) Dark Rider (replaces Summoner, mounted unit that uses swords and Dark) Baron (replaces Druid, uses Swords, Dark, and Staves, basically General with magic) General will now have Bows along with everything else Wyvern Lord gets Axes instead of swords to make it more a more competitive choice compared to Wyvern Knight Pegasus Knights will have their second option changed from Wyvern Knight to Pegasus Warrior, which uses Bows and Lances instead of Bows and Swords Mage promotes to Mage Knight (Anima and Lances, mounted) or Mage Fighter (Anima and Swords, foot soldier) Sage replaced with Holy Flier (Sage on a Pegasus) Valkyrie gets Swords in addition to Light and Staves Female Myrmidon will promote to Hero or Swordmaster, instead of Assassin Priest promo options: Bishop (unchanged) and War Priest (Axes and Staves) Fighter promo options: Warrior (unchanged) and War Priest Knight gets Swords in addition to Lances There will be three types of Cavaliers and three types of Paladins (all will still be able to promote to Great Knight) Blade Cavalier (Swords and Axes), Blade Paladin (same) Lance Cavalier (Lances), Lance Paladin (Vanilla FE8 Paladin) Axe Cavalier (Axes), Axe Paladin (Axes and Bows) Rouges will get a class-exclusive Light spell. Ephraim Lord renamed to Commando. Ephraim Great Lord renamed to Duke. Duke unlocks swords. [spoiler=Chapter Names] Prolouge: Ambush! 1: Escorting the King 2: Initial Forays 3: In Enemy Territory 4: Woodland Nights 5: Urban Warfare 5x: Price of War 6: Open Confrontation 7: Storming the Fort 8: Surrounded Interlude (Route Split does not change main character, only the path. All units will still be uinlockable). 9A: Holding the Line 10A: Through the Lost Lands 11A: Mountainside Battle 12A: In the Valley 13A: Paving the Way 14A: The Strike 9B: The First Blow 10B: Securing Passage 11B: Battle at Sea 12B: Evading an Army 13B: First the Heart... 14B: ...Then the Head 15: Duel in the Sands 16: Retaking the Throne 17: Headed North (Unlock all Holy weapons upon completion) 18: Traitors' due 19: Divine Rights 20: To Kill A King Final: EscapeI Let me know what you guys think. I look forward to hearing from you guys!
  4. So yeah, I'm back because FEditor is confusing me. Again. My problem this time is that I have successfully inserted two portraits into an FE8 ROM, but only one of then are selectable for use in the Character Editor module for Nightmare. Even when I go back into FEditor both of the inserted portraits are there. Once again, any and all help is appreciated.
  5. I recently got into ROM hacking after watching some things from Markyjoe, and just started to use FEditor in conjunction with Nightmare. I problem I've been having with FEditor specifically is that when I use it to insert custom battle animations into my FE8 ROM (after inserting on, saving then quitting, then inserting the rest), I am completely unable to select the Animation Manager from the drop down menu. Any and all help is appreciated.
  6. So, I want to have the FE8 General class use every strength-based weapon (swd, axe, lnc, and bow). But the custom battle animation editor in Nightmare 2 only lets you have 4 weapon animations. Is there a workaround for this?
  7. Hello guys, I've been having a problem with linking Charas Palettes to the characters. In FE7 there were some bytes in the character module, that you set what was his palette for his normal class, abd his promoted class. However, there's no such bytes in Fe8's character module. What I want to do is this? I've replaced Gillian with Batta, replaced his Knight Palette index with Batta's Brigand palette, I loaded Batta as a Brigand, however: He uses the Default Generic Color :( (Same happens with all other characters, whose corresponding characters in Vanilla, weren't the same as the new) I've assumed that the game uses the palette if the character is the class, that's why(I think) there's no palette byte in the character modules. So, my question is: How do I link palettes to characters? I know it must be possible, since Alfred's hack and Blademaster's hack have characters with custom palettes. I hope I've been as much informative as possible.
  8. Okay... this time be more specific.... XD I was working on FE8 because I thought it was similar to FE7, everything OK, I programmed all the clases along with the map sprites on a FE8 rom, I used some patches and I was preparing all the custom animations, everything ok, but I wanted to test the events and then I couldn't... When I replace the prologue events the game crashes at the beggining of chapter 1, I solved this using MNC2 instead of MNCH in order to choose the following chapter and it worked correctly, but when I try to go to chapter 1 from chapter 2, the game crashes again at the beggining of the chapter (once the game shows the name of the chapter), I tried to solve the problem by turning off the World Map Cutscenes, replacing the events of chapter 2, etc but nothing worked. I saw that some users had the same problem, but I couldn't find any solution, somebody knows what do I have to do?
  9. So, since my former playthrough was off topic far too boring, I decided to do something a little more interesting this time around. Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, A 5-Character Run. This challenge idea came to me waaaaaaaaaaay back when, and it's inspired by Ephraim's end-game statement: I will be doing Ephraim's route (as honestly, I have ALWAYS played Ephraim's route, and do not truly have as much knowledge about Eirika's route for this sort of thing. Besides, I like Ephraim's route more than Eirika's. I like Ephraim more than Eirika, period. In fact, I'm an Ephraim fangirl so SPHEAL WITH IT. THE CHOSEN HEROES Ephraim (Lances*) Franz -> Great Knight (Swords*, Spears, Axes) Ross -> Fighter -> Warrior (Axes*, Bows) Neimi -> Ranger (Bows*, swords) Artur -> Sage (Light*, Anima, Staves) * = S rank. I tried to make a lineup that covers as many of the ancient weapons as possible... Utility Characters Eirika (Forced unit for first 7 chapters) Vanessa (For rescuing in ch2, distracting the spider in chapter 6) Any character which recruits another character RULES! 1: Only the five chosen characters may participate in combat. 2: All other units must have their weapons stripped off of them to prevent accidental attacking 3: The prologue, ch1, and possibly chapter 5x are exempt to the above rules for obvious reasons. 4: Eirika may see battle for the first 7 chapters, but after that, must not be used. Not even in the final chapter, despite being forced in that one. 5: Utility characters may be used, but they are not allowed to actually attack. 6: Nobody may die. 7: The Tower of Valni may only be used to increase levels before promotion. So obviously, in the end this isn't going to TRULY be a five-character run, but whatever. Technicalities aside, the goal here is to win 90% of the game with only five characters and prove Ephraim wrong, only for him to say it anyway because the devs didn't think of everything. XD This will be recorded, but I won't be actually commenting in the video, as it takes far too long for me to do that sort of thing, and it's usually why I lose interest in LP's to begin with. SO, HERE WE GO! Chapter 1, where I ATTEMPT to follow the rules, but unfortunately had to break them due to issues:
  10. Basically what it says on the tin, I wanna see if I can change what music is played during the Dancer's "dancing" scene in FE8. Anyone know how to do that?
  11. I've been working on a FE8 ROM , I changed the pointers from the class and map sprite tables and inserted map sprites the GBA Graphics Editor, I want now to work with feditor, but whenever I open the Spell Animation Inserter it crashes. :c
  12. I imported the Dancer animation from FE7 into FE8, and had the unit use magic, and it worked perfectly, but in FE7 when I tried doing the same exact thing, it didn't work, the game locked up at the end of the battle. It'd probably because FE8 handles animations slightly differently than FE7, which is not anything new. I just found it to be interesting.
  13. So, I changed Amelia's Recruit promotions to Soldier and Female Mercenary, just for shiggles. I also added the Female Mercenary custom animation to the appropriate class through FEditor. When I go to promote Amelia, the screen goes black. Did I do something wrong, or is FEditor being funny with me? Yet another question: How do I create a custom class in FE8? I want to have the Halberdier available as a promotion for the soldier class, but I can't figure out how to make the class and put it into the game's files.
  14. Hello, everyone! I'm sure you missed me and my LPs terribly, so I'm going to rectify that. I'll be playing a reskin of FE8 called Master Version, by Bright Vega. The hack's topic can be found here. The objective is to make FE8 more difficult without just inflating stats; I hope the author has succeeded in this regard and look forward to playing this. I'll be playing Ephraim hard mode, which is supposed to be difficult. It should be noted I've not played this before, so any, uh, surprises will be, well, surprising. I'll almost certainly use savestates, but I'll try to minimize their use, and I'll also give a summary of what's different at the end of each chapter. Without further ado, let's master this version! That sounded better in my head. [spoiler=Chapter 1] So, we have a slightly modified title screen. It tells us we're playing something different from vanilla. I approve. The menu backgrounds have been changed, and I gotta admit, that looks spiffy. I will, as previously mentioned, be playing on difficult mode. The text hasn't been changed as far as I can tell, so I'm just skipping through the cutscenes. There's also a nice background for the chapter title, although I caught it a bit late (I'm guilty of mashing the space bar waaaay too often). Our enemies are the standard two fighters and O'Neill, so I won't show placement. I can't tell if these guys have been nerfed or if they were always this shoddy, but either way, they won't pose much of a problem. Also, notice the new background here as well! I'm not a HUGE fan, because it's sometimes hard to read the white text on the mostly-white background, but it's not a big issue, and the fact that Vega changed it at all is a nice touch. O'Neill, on the other hand, got a bit of a boost to his stats. Eirika can't double him anymore! In exchange, he gave up his name for the generic-sounding "Commander", and for some inexplicable reason has A in all physical weaponry. He also drops some gold, which is nice. On our side, Eirika seems to have gained a few new items. The slim sword needs no explanation, and it's nice to see the rapier's got some more uses, but what's this Star Seal nonsense? Tada! It gives +1 to all stats. Not overpowered, but a nice item to have when you're trying to level up some of the newbies. Eirika also starts out with E swords. Nothing new there. I like the vulnerary icon, incidentally. Seth's also got a surprise in the form of an Angelic Robe. I think Eirika would be the candidate for it at the moment, but I'm going to hold off using it for a bit. He also has a silver sword in place of a steel sword, and-hang on, 9 movement? I'm not sure this is a great idea, but I'm going to reserve judgement for now. The usual shenanigans for the prologue. Moving Eirika here allows her to... ...crit-kill the two fighters on EP 1. She does take a hit, but in vanilla, if she's on the forest, O'Neill won't hit her. That being said, I heal up just in case this beefed up O'Neill Commander pulls of some bs. I'm not going to savestate on the prologue now, am I? But no bs ensues. Eirika crits for the win and gets a nice level and some gold. [spoiler=Chapter 1 Changes] All this information is taken from the text files kindly provided in the download. I'm not double-checking them in Nightmare. Growth Changes: Eirika: Str +5, Def -5, Res +5 Seth: HP +10, Skl -5, Spd +5, Def -10, Res +10 Bases Changes: Eirika: Str +1 Seth: Skl +1, Spd +2, Lck -1, Def +4, Res +2, Mov +1 Promoted Unit Caps Changes: Great Lord (F): Str +1, Skl +1 Paladin (M): Spd +4, Def -1, Res +3, Weapons Changes: Slim Sword: Might +1, Crit +10 Silver Sword: Rank -1, Might -1, Hit -10, Uses +5 Rapier: Hit +5, Uses +10 Silver Lance: Rank -1, Hit -5, Uses +5 Iron Axe: Weight -2, Uses +5 Enemy Growth/Bases Changes: None. Thoughts: You took Seth, arguably the best character in the game, and made him and his class even more OP. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. Iron axes having less weight makes things easier for Ross when he arrives, I suppose. [spoiler=Chapter 2] Our boss again has some cash, and the two soldiers traded in their iron lances for some two-range weaponry and droppable pure waters. They're still shit, though. Oh, hello! A and S ranks get some additional bonuses, detailed below, so this makes this guy slightly more dangerous. Eirika runs towards the fighter. Seth chills in the background. Will have to see whether their bases were changed. Eirika gets a meh level. Gilliam and this soldier demonstrate their incompetence. Some more than others. Franz was supposed to get the kill from Gilliam's chip; unfortunately, he'll probably have to take some damage now. BOTH OF YOU ARE DISGRACES TO YOUR RACE! Gilliam attempts to redeem himself. Hang on, something looks different about these guys... ...Yeah, probably not gonna use this guy. Apparently I'm going to need these. Neener neener neener blah! Forgot to free up his inventory beforehand. I dropped the 4-dose vulnerary. Utterly useless. Seth drops Eirika in front of the boss, he attacks her, and she ORKOs him for a nice level. Money and more money! [spoiler=Chapter 2 Changes] Growths: Gilliam: Str +10, Skl +10, Res +5 Franz: Hp -10, Str +10, Spd +5, Luk +10, Def -5 Bases: Gilliam: Con -2 Promoted Unit Caps: Great Knight (M): Str -1, Skl +3, Def -2, Res -1, Mov +1 General (M): Str +1, Skl +1, Spd -1, Res -3 Weapons: Iron Sword: Uses +4 Iron Lance: Weight -1, Uses +5 Enemy Growths/Bases: Knight: Base HP +3, Def growth +2 Ranks: A rank gives +1 damage and +5 hit S rank gives +1 damage, +10 hit, and +5 crit. Thoughts: Nothing too drastic changed here. Pegasus knights/Amelia become a tad more dangerous because they don't get weighed down as much by iron lances, which is kinda nice.
  15. So, I opened FEditor, added spots for the FE10 Fighter animations (Melee, Hand Axe, and Disarmed). I then put the aforementioned animations into these three extra slots. I saved this data into a junk copy of FE8, opened Nightmare2, and used the Custom Battle Animation Editor and put these animations under entry 0x8E60000, I then made this the battle animation for the Fighter class. I went into the game to see if it worked, and the game used the map screen instead of the normal battle screen. Where did I mess up, and what's the fix?
  16. Hello there ! So I've finally managed to load my character's portrait into FE8 and I choosed to replace Seth with it. Now, I would like to know how I'm supposed to change his class ? I was wanting to make my character a fighter, so that would be great if I could not stay as Paladin for ever xD. And also, how do you exactly edit the sprites of the character in battle sequence ? I need to do it in order to have the color match with the sprite. Thanks for helping me ! Edit : Solved the Class Change problem by myself by using an elder version of Nightmare.
  17. Matonmx01

    FE 8 Help :c

    Hello, i need help with the Worldmap events :C, Someone have a tutorial or something :c ?
  18. From the creator of Corrupt Theocracy, Blademaster! has created a sequel called Sun God's Wrath in Fe8. Looks really good so I am going to LP it and play it blind. I didn't read everything in moniker's LP but I am more of a gameplay guy anyway so not knowing the history exactly is not a big deal to me, I can still get the gist of it. For more information on the lore and stuff go here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=53190 I will be playing this in hard mode to also be somewhat of a beta tester for that mode and provide feedback as I go. Let's get this shit started. Prologue, laying down the story
  19. Hello there! well I have been playing this hack called Fire Emblem Girls for quite some time and I am enjoying it a lot! I am at the final chapter now but gonna Tower abuse and Ruin abuse after in creature campaign. Now there are a few things about this hack that I still do not know despite me playing all the way up to the last chapter. I will list them below ah and did I mention this thing is ridiculous hard? i could have sworn I picked normal mode Lol. 1.What are the stat caps on this game? I went to the lagdou Runis and saw a skeleton with 50 strength!! what the heck is going on there? is that a bug there is no way they can be THAT HARD right? I think HP maxes at 80?? I noticed this hack has the flavor of SNES Fire Emblem games and I really like that since I loved the SNES era the most so I am really enjoy the HP not 60 cap as 60 is way too low for HP heck maybe I am still wrong and HP caps even higher. 2.How does weapon weight work in this game? is it still Con - weight of weapon? or Str - weight of weapon? I have on many occasions had enemies able to double attack my units despite them either having an almost equal speed stat or a speed stat that matches. Manaketes are very guilty of this actually manaketes got slighty downgraded here before they used to be the terror of the battlefield now.. I find they get Ok`ed easily darn weak dragon stones but maybe i can fix it with increased Con I hope. 3.How many times can that Knights crown Promotion item be used? and is it`s purpose what I think it is for? I have come to think after using it the purpose is to make it so your units stat caps can go further I believe that is how you get stats of 50 or higher? by repeated use of it? so when does it come to for them to stop being used? stats do have limits in this game right?? and is it possible to max stats without the use of this item? as there are certain units I would like to keep in their base classes like for example Selena she joins as a Mage Knight I would like her to stay as one but also able to ma stats the item does not give here choice to class swap to Mage knight again I am not a big fan of swapping classes. 4.Is it my eyes or do the monsters inside the Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins every visit getting stronger and stronger? the last time I went to the tower the enemies seemed to jump to Level 39 and higher seeing Zombies and skeletons walking around with max stats.. is not.. normal Monsters are not supposed to be a threat like that gah especially in the Tower of all places that was supposed to be a level grinding spot but it is not safe to train weak units there anymore it seems. Well with the use of Mine bug it can be possible but without no. So yeah do enemies get stronger each visit? this is starting to remind me of Romancing Saga the stronger you got the stronger the monsters and i level grind a lot so... But anyway yeah I just wanted to know that stuff as I plan on 100% completing the game so i need to know what stat caps are so I can max out every unit. I wanna record a video of this game some day and show off the ruins and tower but it won`t happen with enemy units walking around with 50 stats.
  20. If so, how would one go about doing that? I'm just curious, considering something for a future project, and it's not that high on my priority list. I'm talking about like, the same exact way say, Ross works when it comes to leveling to level 10.
  21. I was bored so I made a support planning sheet for FE8. It automatically correlates data to duplicate cells (ie Rennac/Dozla to Dozla/Rennac), so you should only edit what's above the black boxes. It also sums the values of each row on the right side so you can make sure no unit has more than 5 support conversations planned. I'll link the version in my google drive, so you'll have to save a copy to your own before you can edit. Doesn't support the "A B C" system that FE uses, so just pretend 1 = C, 2 = B, 3 = A. Hope it's of some use to someone. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15_NpGXOYhPkKw6-vpBJNJQVdIdOEE85fdnxQj1R3K8s/edit?usp=sharing
  22. Everyone says archers are bad. I would agree with them. So, lets play FE8 with possibly the worst class in the game! [spoiler=Rules] Difficult mode because FE8 has the tower of grinding You get to decide which route I take (Please not Ephraim...) I'm doing Ephraim's route because the people have spoken. Only the twins (Eirika and Ephraim) and bow using classes may be used. Moulder, Natasha, Tethys, and Colm may be used. Any class that is not naturally bow locked (Warriors, Rangers, etc.) Can only use bows. The poll decided I get to not have this be a thing! I can only use archers. Savestates will be used. Tower and Arena abuse is a thing. Now that that's sorted, let's start this thing! [spoiler=Prologue] As said before, I'm playing Difficult mode. Plot. Nothing's changed here. Gimme that sword and get the hell out of dodge. Today is the day a little girl will face multiple grown men in fisticuffs and emerge victorious. As seen here (Yes that was a crit. On my first attack. Luck seems to be with this run.) Now to get the boss off that forest of his. TACTICS! Prologue Bosses: Getting beaten by little girls since FE7. Now that's how you don't get a 4-Stat Level Up, folks. Prologue is as easy as ever. See you next time on LITTLE GIRL SOLO: THE RUN ARCHER EMBLEM!
  23. So I've been testing the waters of hacking FE8, and one thing I seem to be encountering is that when I try to promote to a class to which I've assigned a custom animation, the game stops on a black screen. e.g. I've put in the FE10-style Fighter to replace the original, but I haven't overwritten the original (i.e. added it to the ROM via FEditor).I try promoting Ross and the screen goes black. Any tips or such?
  24. So... My idea is to have a story consisting of four separate Lords' tales that can be played in any order. Once you have completed one of the tales, you are able to continue nonto the next Lord's tale. Once all Lords' tales have been completed it would unlock the final tale which brings all the Lords together. If anyone has played Live-a-Live its a concept inspired by that. I have played Arch's Elibean Nights. He has a similar mechanic he uses the maps sprites for. Is there a way to utilize the mechanics in either FE7 or FE8 Lord selection that could do this method? ...which would be better? Would it be better just to utilize the map events rather than fiddle with the Lord choice coding? :0 Keep in mind, I am more of an artist than a coder. Any thoughts or help with this would be very much appreciated! :D
  25. Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to the forum and I'm making a FE8 hack. It's not too ambitious, just basically vanilla FE8 with some new and rebalanced classes, extra weapons, extra supports, much harder difficultly, and eventually (if I can figure out how) a few more chapters. I don't want to go down in ROM history, just create a better alternative to regular FE8. Re-Balanced difficulty and class changes. AKA, the bulk of what I'm doing. Things done already are highlighted in Green New Content AKA Stuff I largely don't know how to do yet. As you can see this is a huge undertaking, and I don't expect to finish it all. I'm going to use available animations for all I can, and maybe beg help for the animations that don't exist yet. There are animations for the halbardier class I want to use, but the link in the animation resourse thread is dead. I also once saw a video of a swordwoman attacking with a mauth dog that I want to use for Velour, but I don't know what the deal is. I hope to be able to work out a deal with people who can help me. I can write smut for you perverts if you give me what I want Right now I've increased the difficulty of the presplit and about four Erika route chapters, but that part is the easiest thing I have to do. Any feedback you folks can provide is much appreciated.
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