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Found 267 results

  1. I am currently making a bunch of edits to FE8, one of which is changing Ross into a Pupil. I've changed his character to the class "Trainee Mage (1)". I've edited Ch.2 so that Ross comes as a "Trainee Mage (1)", holding a Fire tome and a Vulnerary. He's reached level 10, but he's not auto-promoting before the start of the next battle. What could be the problem? Apologies if this is a known issue.
  2. And technically first spriting attempt in general. As you can see, it looks almost nothing like Asvel. The current colours for his hair are from his Thracia sprite, I intend to tweak that a bit but the hair is a mess and I'm not sure if that base is going to be easy to work with. I tried to make his hair poofy-ish? Though it didn't exactly turn out that way. Tried to make a smile but it's more like a smirk. I guess I'm just asking for some advice, criticism, if someone wouldn't mind. I need direction.
  3. I thought I followed Ultimate Tutorial to insert a new background but it messed up pretty bad :( I repointed both the graphic pointer and palette pointer to free space but it still ended up like this. No idea how to solve it. Please help.
  4. Quick question! Would it be possible to set some of the skills into scrolls in such a way that one could have the scroll in their inventory (or use it), and give them skills like Great Shield or Pierce?
  5. In my hack I've replaced Seth with Eliwood and Franz with Roy(and made him a Mercenary). Initially I was satisfied with them, but I wanted to go further and put in their personal lord animations and classes. I had already replaced the normal hero with Raven's personal hero sprite from FE7 and have replaced several classes(such as Tent with a promoted Soldier that uses the same animations), so I know how to do it, but I didn't want to make classes that are common with enemies have their lord animations, so I figured I could replace the Journeyman with the FE6 Lord and the Recruit with Knight Lord, since I'm using neither. After going through the process of changing everything in Nightmare and inserting the animations through FEditor Adv, I test the game in VBA and while everything's good on the naming/description/map sprite end, both of them acted as if animations were disabled when I tried to attack with them. I then started to wonder if this behaviour was the same that prevents the Priests and Shamans in my hack from having animations while using Light magic/Staves, where there might be some sort of weapon lock that Nightmare can't change. I'm still not sure if that's the case or not, because replacing the female Great Knight with the Knight Lord did trigger the entering battle animation, but it freezes partway. TL;DR how do I get this to work?
  6. download patch (fe8) interesting emblem 8 is a new hack i made and i can safely say that you have never played anything like this and it will blow your mind Screenshots: Testimonials: "wtf is interesting emblem tho i'm so confuuuuuuuused" - RisingSolaris "interesting emblem is interesting" - Mekkah "Interesting" - Ukelele "very interesting" - Darrman "oh fuck yes it is interesting" -Mystic "im enjoying it so far" -Lodestart_LTF "I liked this" -Dr. Letha, M.D. in Thracialogy "Why I Thought this was RWBY Hack :(" - EvilElectro "what the fuck circles" - Pixel "circs you son of a bitch" - Blaze "WAIUT WAHT THE OTHER UNITS MOVE OOOH" - Glacoe "reply soon" - Zane "i've never played this hack, why are you asking me" - SgtSmilies "10/10 blows every other game out of the water" - circleseverywhere ok that's all thanks for playing
  7. Hello. I'm fairly new to using Nightmare 2 (and hacking in general). With the help of Crimson Red's Ultimate tutorial I was able to figure out the basics of using the program. I set myself some easy goals at first, and I successfully changed around some basic weapon values, shops, and character stats in the FE7 rom, and everything was in working order. I wanted to do the same and a bit more in the Sacred stones, starting with swapping around spell animations, but, there isn't any "spell association" module for FE8 like there is with FE7 (I downloaded all my resources from FEshrine) and in fact, there seem to be a few differences in the modules included. I did do a bit of searching, but most of the info I find is only related to FE7. To clarify, all I'm trying to do at this juncture is edit existing animations that are already present within the ROM, like say, I want to give a non-ranged lance a throwing animation, or give an existing sword a spell animation. Is there any way around this? Is there any way to acquire more nightmare modules for FE8? Thanks for your time. So far I've only used Nightmare 2, nothing else.
  8. Fire emblem 8: Quality of Life Patch a.k.a. FE8 but it has QOL engine hacks made by the community This is a compilation of some for the QOL improvements that have been made through assembly by the guys at Serenesforest/FEuniverse, intended for those who want to play FE8 vanilla or randomized and want some of the features these provide but don't want to get onto the buildfile or just are too lazy to do so. Content: FE8 Essential Fixes Compilation(compiled by crazycolors) Full list of content within the Essential fixes: Show heal amount (by Tequila) Colored Stats, Show growths in game and Talk (by Tequila) Hod L to Enable/Disable animations ( by circleseverywhere) Battle stats with animations off (by Tequila) Item preview(by Zane) Danger Zone (by circleseverywhere) Monster weapons Stat Display fix (original by Brendor/EA Version by Circleseverywhere) HP Bars (i think it is made by circles, but i'm not sure, if anyone knows correct me please) Let me know if i derped on something or there is another quality of life patch that you think should be here. DOWNLOAD No HP Bars version F.A.Q. or Q.I.T.P.W.A(Questions I Think People Will Ask) Q: Hey, i am getting lag on Chapter 8/ any other big chapter with lots of units A: If the lag makes the game unplayable for you disable the HP Bars on the settings, and even if that doesn't work use the No HP Bars version, just make a savestate with your emulator, patch this onto a new ROM and load that savestate. Q: Can i randomize a ROM with this patch installed? A: In theory, yes, i tried with Otaku Reborn's randomizer and it didn't seem to have any problem, but i can't be 100% sure, if you find any error that might look to be related to this just post it and i'll try to fix it Q: I installed this to X ROMhack/Rebalance hack and now my game crashes A: That hack might change some things that the patches use, so if you want any of the things these patches do ask the creator of the hack to add them. Q: How did you made this? A: I made it using the buildfile method and adding all the patches and changing some texts, i recommend checking the FEE3 2016 video for it, if you got any further questions the peoople at feuniverse.us and their discord know much more than me and will be able to help you much more. Q: Can i include this on my ROMhack? A: You shouldn't, instead you should look for all the patches, add them and configure them by yourself. Q: You left out some of the Essential fixes, why? A. I left out things that would change the actual gameplay, like the weak promoted enemies fix and the EXP coefficient fix cause i wanted this to just be fe8 with QOL changes and the same gameplay, and even if its minimally, they affected a bit the gameplay. I also didn't add the Intro cutscene skip or the new game text skip cause there might be people who want to watch them. Q: Can you make a FE6/FE7 Version? A: For FE7 Yes, i will start working on it someday, but some patches aren't available for FE7 and i am a complete noob on FE7 hacking/FE7 in general. For FE6 it will surely be impossible, almost none of these patches has a FE6 version and i know even less of FE6 than FE7. Q: Can i make a FE7 version myself? A: Yeah, feel free to do it and when you post it PM me and i'll ad a link to your post on this question.
  9. I just finished Eirika's route, after playing a bit over half around 8 months ago, then picking it up again this month. I really enjoyed the game, but is Ephraim's route that different or more difficult than Eirika's? As much as I liked it, the only enemies who gave me any trouble at all were the endgame manaketes and Lyon. I didn't finish with everything I wanted, either, as I barely got any supports before I got stuck in the endgame. I also just bought FE7, but I'm not sure whether I should just start playing that or to start Ephraim's route. Is the game worth playing again immediately after beating Eirika's route, or should I wait a while?
  10. I want to insert several animations in all the GBA games but keep running into a problem. I've followed the steps in the animation thread for insertion, but I can't get the game to run afterward or worse. the game crashes when any battle takes place. Here are the steps I took: Open FE Editor Render Edition, go to Class Manager and up the max index by the number of animations I intend to put in, proceed to put in said animations then add the correct information in hex for the classes. If I try to replace existing animations it either freezes up or says something along the lines of using too many editors at once. The animations I'm trying to add/replace are as follows: FE Binding Blade: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Yetizerker, Lalum w/ Staff, Elphin w/ Magic, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General FE Blazing Sword: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Yetizerker, Ninian w/ Staff, Nils w/ Staff, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General, Knight Lord, Hector Lord/ Great Lord FE Sacred Stones: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Hawkzerker, Tethys w/ Staff, Druidmancer, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General, Great Knight, Female Assassin I've tried looking through lots of threads to see if a similar problem was reported but I came up empty. Any push in the right direction would be appreciated!
  11. im ultra and here im going to put down come concepts for a around 10 chapter hack which i call "Fire emblem Terraform" now this is the first hack im working on in over 4 years and thus i am incredibly rusty with just about anything regarding hacks, let alone fire emblem hacks so please bare with me and i will take all Criticism. This is a hack of Fe8 Specifically for the monster classes and world map Plot in the continent known as Terran Humans and Monsters Co-existed as Equals and lived in peace for thousands of years, however due to the Monstrous appearance of the Monsters the Humans attacked them after a great battle to decided the war both sides came to an agreement. Terran would be Divided into 6 Kingdoms Separating the humans and monsters into 3 kingdoms each. the human kingdoms Vitcoln, Colay, and Luno and the monster kingdoms Sullioe, Embol, and Terraleo. Peace Reigned once again. one day the human kingdom of Vitcoln launches an attack on the Neighboring Monster kingdom of Embol. the Vitcoln Prince Mike Learns about his fathers intentions to attack Embol and Flees the Vitcoln Castle with childhood friend Rix, and Monster guardian Yevelt. they flee to form an Alliance to stop the inevitable War. this is their story Progress Dialogue for the prologue has been Written the Lords Mike (Bow)Lord Growths: Hp: 70 Str: 80 Skl: 80 Spd: 60 Lck: 10 Def: 40 Res: 40 Rix (Light magic)Lord Growths: Hp: 70 Mag: 60 Skl: 100 Spd: 50 Lck: 40 Def: 10 Res: 50 here is what is planned: - a ton of new classes with new animations - updated Animations for old classes - Making bow users actually good - some sub par at best map design - around 10 chapters - around(hopefully) 18 playable characters - uhhh Moral Grey plot??? i will Cross out the ones that are done i will be sure to update this when more progress is done on this Tragic story, Tragically im sure
  12. i started messing around with the nightmare editor and i was wondering if i could equip certain item to certain character for example lets say i want to give erika the mani katti (i know she cant use it) but could i do it from the item editor
  13. Does anybody know how in fe8 eventing, I can make like a kind of "if" event. in other words, an event that is triggered only if something specific happened or happens. an example would be: if a specific character dies, then a unit warps in and gives You an ítem. which the ítem part i know just not how To trigger it ONLY if a specific character dies. thanks...
  14. I'm relatively new to nightmare and how to use it effectively, i figured i'd preface this because it might be a simple fix. I was curious as to how i could edit Eirika's base class to be a mage so the Recolor i did of her palette could put inserted. Even if i can't edit her (if it messes up the game a little too much she can just deal) some other characters like Gilliam for example don't have an option to be changed to a social knight (what he randomized into). Franz on the other hand i can change into a myrmidon for his base class so changing his colors should be easy. Am i missing something obvious? or is it more complex? I'm going to apologize ahead of time if this has been solved before and i just didn't find it in the 5 pages of searching i did. Edit: I'm dumb my bad, you can't scroll when its engaged but if you just have it as regular you can scroll when its not open
  15. What is Charity Emblem? Charity Emblem is a for-charity 24-hour streaming event taking place on March 4th-5th where a group of friends will play Fire Emblem games and raise money for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. Heavily inspired by Zeldathon, we wanted to give back to the world and support children’s research in a meaningful way and have fun doing it! Check us out at twitch.tv/CharityEmblem Who Are We? -Phillip Ball -Zane Nelson -Alex Ball -Josh Ball -Charles Schmitz -Ian Farrell -Tony DeWitt -Nathan Himes -Ariana Selzler What’s The Plan? (All times PST) 1:00 P.M. March 4th: Zane kicks off the stream with Fire Emblem 7, the first game released in the U.S. ~10:00 P.M.: Phillip takes the reigns with Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. ~5:00 A.M. March 5th: The Couch Squad will collectively take on Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance with hilarious results. **If we have extra time we will be playing some more stuff, but we’ll leave that as a surprise for now!** Why St. Judes? We chose St. Jude's Children Research Hospital because they have been fighting cancer and other horrible diseases since 1962. They've proven to be a reliable charity that has helped the lives of millions of children either directly through treatment or indirectly through their research. We are happy to help them kick cancer's butt and have fun doing it! How To Help 1. Come watch us and donate! We’ll be live on twitch.tv/CharityEmblem on March 4th-5th. 2. Advertise! Tell your friends about this awesome event coming up! 3. Have a suggestion for something you would like to see us do at the event? Message us here, or at [email protected]
  16. Here's the first hack which I'm currently working on. For simplicity, I decided to start with a difficulty hack to improve the gameplay of FE8. The aim of the hack is to ramp up Sacred Stone's difficulty via map design changes and enemy weapon/stat upgrades. In particular: -Enemy weapons scale very quickly -Enemies have high offensive stats -Weapon hit rates in general have been greatly improved (Hard mode enemies also get bonus +15 Hit) -Enemy AI/placement changes to prevent bait and kill tactics in some maps -Anti-turtling added to some maps in the form of thieves w/ chests/villages and reinforcement spawning (no ambush) -Player units also have their bases and growth rates buffed (except for Seth, who got a nerf to his bases but a buff to his growths nonetheless) -Better weapons are made available to the players a lot earlier via shop updates -All promotion item drops have been replaced with Master Seals -More stat boosters are dropped, obtained in the early game Hard mode is recommended. Though there do exist some differences between Normal and Hard (i.e. reinforcement timings and additional enemies on Hard), Normal is not properly balanced right now since some chapters are the same as Hard while others, especially the first few chapters, are a lot easier (also Normal was not tested). Dropbox Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/djolyst8u86t2gr/AACpWjp2tcQzKswGBg542ttMa Apply the patch to an English FE8 ROM. Change log is provided for download in the link above. Sample Gameplay (Prologue ~ Chapter 1): Some small features added to the hack: -Addition of weapon rank bonus (thanks to Vennobennu's patch) -Hard mode enemy Hit bonus (Vennobennu's patch) -DS style supports - bonuses are added once at the beginning of the chapter - see change log for the chapters required to build support rank (thanks again to Vennobennu) -Fixed enemy stationary range display (credit to circleseverywhere) -Danger zone toggle, use select key by default (credit to circleseverywhere) Current progress: Prologue ~ Chapter 8 has been done Have a try and please leave a feedback :) Also, feel free to suggest a name for this hack! I'm very uncreative :( Screenshots:
  17. Heya! So I was noticing that there are a bunch of "Unknown (Zero)" variables present in the character data blocks, and I was curious; does altering those screw anything up? The real question here being, could I repurpose them into something else, like, say, additional stats, weapon levels, growth rates, etc.? I realize doing so would require ASM modifications to be done elsewhere to make it work, but if it is possible, that'd be super cool and open up some awesome new possibilities.
  18. Does anybody know of a DESCRIPTIVE TUTORIAL on how to put in custom music in fe8? And how does it work? Can I put in ANY SONG from anywhere? If so how? Please be very descriptive, I have no clue how this is done and I really want to put all kinds of music in my game. Thanks for listening.
  19. Ok, so I know that this: FIG1 attacker defender 0x0 starts a normal fight... You just put the character ids in and the characters have a normal fight. But does anybody know what I need to do, If I wanted two specific units to do exactly what i want? By that I mean, get them to do criticals, automatically miss, sureshot, pierce, etc. Thank you....
  20. Please somebody help me out: I have here events for chapter 1: #include EAstdlib.event EventPointerTable(0x0A,ThisChapter) ORG 0xE80000 ThisChapter: POIN TurnBasedEvents POIN CharacterBasedEvents POIN LocationBasedEvents POIN MiscBasedEvents POIN Dunno Dunno Dunno POIN Tutorial POIN TrapData TrapData POIN Units Units POIN $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 POIN BeginningScene EndingScene Units: UNIT 0x42 0x07 0x42 Level(2, NPC, 1) [2,2] 0x00 0x00 0x0 0x00 [0x04, 0x6C] NoAI UNIT TurnBasedEvents: END_MAIN CharacterBasedEvents: END_MAIN LocationBasedEvents: END_MAIN MiscBasedEvents: CauseGameOverIfLordDies END_MAIN Dunno: //DO NOT TOUCH WORD $00 Tutorial: //DO NOT TOUCH WORD $00 TrapData: END_MAIN ALIGN 4 BeginningScene: MUS1 0x06 _0x0E22 0x28 _LOAD1 0x1 Units ENUN MOVE 0x42 [4, 5] ENUN CUMO 0x42 STAL 60 CURE TEXTSHOW 0x90B TEXTEND REMA ENDA EndingScene: ENDA // Events // Manual Movement // Scripted Fights // Units // Shop Data MESSAGE Events end at offset currentOffset The problem is, as soon as it gets to showing the text...it freezes. BUT IT ONLY FREEZES IF I CHANGE THE TEXT OF 0x90B For example: If I leave the text (0x90B) like this (Regular text): [OpenMidLeft][LoadFace][0x04][0x01][OpenMidLeft]Ahhh[ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove][A][0x02] No![.][A][X] It works fine... But just for changing the portrait, like so: [OpenMidLeft][LoadFace][0x45][0x01][OpenMidLeft]Ahhh[ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove][A][0x02] No![.][A][X] The game freezes completely. Does anybody know why? Thanks for listening...
  21. Okay, I tried searching around here on the question boards, but got no good answer. Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to add new units to the vanilla FE8 cast. The problem right now I'm having is giving the new units supports. So in the supports library I have Eirika supports CC!Selena, but the unit is non-selectable. I tried linking the two units in the Convo Availability Editor and got nothing, and before you say "Set the unit's support pointer..." it is all ready set in the unit's Character Editor. Any help would be appreciated, I have no idea what's wrong!
  22. Any chance someone has created a mod/hack that imports Roy from fe6 into fe8? Roy is one of my favorite characters and i would love to see this sort of minor hack. If something like this already exists I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Thanks!
  23. So i want to do a pick my edits run of fe8. If you don't know what a PME run is, it involves people submitting and edits they would like me to make to the rom - stupid or serious. Anyway please submit any ideas you have.
  24. I've been playing FE8 lately and I'm currently on chapter 12. I've trained both Joshua and Marisa both to level 20 and I need some advice on what to promote them too. I have an A Rank support for Joshua and Natalie(because his defense is trash) and I'm planning to give Marisa a Joshua support too. That is all, thanks guys.
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