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Found 5 results

  1. What role do you all think the leaders of both kingdoms will play (aside from being the supposed leaders of their countries)? Also, I wanted to see if anyone actually confirmed that Garon is the father of the Nohrian siblings and not actually just the leader of their country. I mean, who would want to sleep with him?? Did we all just assume that the lady in the Hoshido playthrough is actually the queen of Byakuya or Kamui's mother, or is there any genuine evidence of it? Much of what we know appears to come from speculation. Thoughts?
  2. Regarding the status screen of the few characters we've seen and their skills, what do you all speculate will be some new skills in this game? Potentially, Kamui's main skill might be the Dragon's Vein/Pulse ability, while Aqua's might be singing (similar to galdrar).
  3. At this point, we are aware that the Hoshido version of If will be considerably more accessable than the Nohr version, but what exactly does it mean by this? This is most likely because Hoshido is said to have a world map, while Nohr doesn't, which, considering the story behind the games, makes sense. What else could be different about the two games? Culturally, they appear different, and it seems like they made classes a part of that, since Nohr has many more mounted classes than Hoshido (given that all of the Nohrian siblings are on horseback, aside from Camilla, who rides a wyvern). Also, weapons are said to be different in both regions. Anyone want to expand on these and add anything else they noticed in relation?
  4. So there's been some discussion on Kamui's class and such, so I'd like to state my opinions on the matter (please be mindful that this is my first post and I've only played Awakening, so I am not as familiar with previous generation concepts): I do not believe that the class is directly tied to the manakete class. Kamui clearly does not appear to have the longevity ability that most (if not, all) manaketes in the series have. The transformation that Kamui goes through is different from other manaketes (or at least, from the versions in Awakening). Also, Kamui is clearly a different type of creature, given the new appearance that they have. Because I cannot read Japanese text, for anyone who is able to, would you mind elaborating on the translation of the status screen and such that may possibly give us an idea of what kind of stones will be usable in game (if there is any indication of this at all)? I feel as though it won't be dragonstones, exactly, given that Kamui is obviously not a manakete. Also, for those of whom it concerns, what drew you to the conclusion that Kamui was a manakete? The only similarity I saw was the use of stones and transformation (which doesn't even appear to be the same as in most games). Finally, anyone got an idea of what Kamui's custom class might be? Just want to know what thoughts you guys might have on it, given that I have literally none (since an activation skill seems a bit too early on to have in the game, so I've seen).
  5. Just some cool and random Screenshots I took from the new trailer
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