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  1. I'm working on a FE8 romhack in FEBuilder GBA as a personal project. It's my first time making a romhack, mainly just to have a small thing to be made I'm trying to make there be a Gaiden chapter after one of the missions. I made the map over map 44, which is one of those maps that exists for cutscenes that's not a real level, assuming this was space that wouldn't matter to use since I'm not using those cut scenes. However, I've realized the start event for this map is 9FF354, which is shared by other cutscene maps. I have already used event 9FF354 for another cutscene in my romhack, so editing a level start even there will mess with my existing cutscene. I realized this after doing level design and enemy placement for this chapter. I wanted to ask: 1. Is there a way to change the address a levels start event is to a new event? 2. If not, is there a way to copy the map and enemy placement i've done to another chapter so i don't have to recreate this all manually? 3. Is there a general best practices in FE8 hacking around dealing with these non-map cutscene levels that there's so many of? Will messing with them cause any other unexpeted problems?
  2. I recently started making custom animations for classes following the ultimate tutorial. I already managed to make and replace a few of them successfully. Yesterday I was making another one, I loaded the script with Feditor, but when I tried to save it it gave me the following error: Model.PortableClassAnimation.writeToFile: Exception PCA: Stream error in call to dump (File) and it only creates the Frame Data.dmp file. Now it happens even with the previous animations I made, which worked before, so it isn't the new script's fault. I tried closing, opening and saving feditor, loading an idle animation script from the ultimate tutorial, using an unmodified rom, downloading feditor again, and resetting the computer; but none of these changed the problem. Any ideas?
  3. I want to get into creation but I'm having trouble running the Feditor file on my mac, probably because it's an exe. Is there any alternative program I could use, or a different version of the program available, or any way around it at all? I have a Macbook Pro. I know it's not built for doing this but if there's a way then that'd be great.
  4. I’ve been trying to download FEditor Adv. but I can’t get it to download. Are there any alternatives to FEditor?
  5. I've been working on a GBA hack for a while now and am just starting to toy with the idea of inserting my own custom animations. However, upon trying to feed the editor my script after finishing up the frames, it won't parse past line 285. I have included a screenshot of my script and the error, can anyone help me out?
  6. I've been working on a GBA hack for a while now and am just starting to toy with the idea of inserting my own custom animations. However, upon trying to feed the editor my script after finishing up the frames, it won't parse past line 285. I have included a screenshot of my script and the error, can anyone help me out?
  7. I know that there are multiple topics on this issue, but I've read all of them and am still hopelessly confused. I'm really new to FE hacking(this is literally my first attempt at doing anything outside of basic nightmare editor) and was going through Blazer's ultimate tutorial(http://www.feshrine.net/ultimatetutorial/) when I got very stuck on the custom animation part. I made a frame called standing.png and then copied Blazer's default script(below if you want to see it) to try and test it. It came up with the error " Unexpected error reading or loading the script." I can't figure out what's wrong with it, I'm assuming it's something wrong with my sprite since I'm using Blazer's script, but I have no clue what the issue is. The image is 248x160, I used Usenti and made sure it only had 16 colors, which I put into an 8x2 palette in the top right, and there's only one file so it shouldn't be an issue with mixed up palettes. I'm so confused and just really need help.
  8. I'm very new to hex editing, but I thought it was simple enough that I could do it on my own. So, I'm trying to put Circleseverywhere's FE8 Native Instruments BIN into my FE8 hack, and it worked perfectly with a clean file (the custom music works and everything). Now, I tried the same with my edited ROM, which has nightmare edits and text/portrait/sprite edits from Feditor Adv, and the game crashes whenever actual gameplay comes up. I can navigate the title screen and even access the sound room to hear my custom music, but the World Map and Link Arena cause the game to freeze. I tried inserting the BIN into the free space at 00B2A610 and free space I made myself at the end of the ROM, both with the same results. Another quirk is when I start a new game: immediately after the cutscenes end, the game resets itself. Is there an issue with the free space that's conflicting with Feditor Adv or Nightmare? And if it is, is there an easy fix or would I simply have to start all over with a clean ROM?
  9. So I wanna make Lyn Black, and the portrait was easy enough, but the battle sprite... I dumped all her animations like so: Editted them in paint.net Usenti says its 16 colors I even resaved it using usenti and the pallete did get wonky? Heres the error I'm getting Where am I going wrong? I am working off like 4 or 5 years old hacking knowledge.... Is Paint.net messing thing up? SHould I only work in Usenti?
  10. Hi. I want to edit the text for Guy's recruitment in FE7 in FEditor but I don't know where the pointers are. And if possible can someone show me the pointers where the game starts?(Eliwood Mode)
  11. I've been working on a custom animaiton. But when I inserted it I got this error: Model.AnimationBuilder.addFrame: IllegalArgumentException That image uses too many tiles! I'm not sure how to handle this. (My script works fine though. The palette is fine too) This is what it looks like in Usenti:
  12. So I decided to download those FEditor custom animations in the Resources thread for personal use to mess around with in FE8. I'm using the Wyvern Rider/Master with Axes. The problem is that I only see the map sprites. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I also apologize in advance if this question has already been asked before.
  13. I tried to insert my custom weapon icon into the game. The graphics offset is C5EA4. Before that, I already inserted custom animation and everything worked just fine. But everytime I inserted icon using GBA graphics editor, animation either glitches or won't play at all. FEditor spell animation manager won't open again as well. Finally I tried to delete nlz file and sav file and retried, but it still screwed up... I don't know what to do now. :( Can someone help me? To make it more detailed, I used the full icon sheet extracted from the rom.
  14. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the class animation creator is not working for me in FEditor. I am trying to insert a script of an animation that I made; however, every time I get the following error. I exported all the Pegasus knight frames (script included) and made some changes. Every sprite in the animation has the 16 color requirement, so I still get the error. I also get the same error when I try to insert the original and unchanged pegasus knight script in the class animation creator. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is there a prerequisite I am missing here?
  15. The download worked just fine yesterday, but now dropbox is giving me the error 404 message. There are no other working download links that I know of. If someone could explain what's going on that'd be nice...
  16. I can't figure out how to make it so the animation waits for the handaxe to return. I looked at the docs and there was nothing about it, but I doubt its hardcoded, as there do exist custom axe animation in the comunity. So, how do you do it?
  17. Hello. So, i'm a complete noob at hacking and i'm currently testing a "custom" animation for FE7. At first, i decided to just edit an existing sprite to see if it would work. I chose the beta Lyn Durandal animation and started editing few of the frames. I used paint.net and it worked fine. I got a few frames ready and i wanted to test them before doing any more of them. However, i'm having problems with editing the script. As i said, i just started and don't know that much about hacking. I've got the "standing" sprite working fine, but only 1-2 of the frames i made work. If i put any of the others into the script, FEditor Adv will just say "Unexpected error loading or reading the script." I have checked the sprites i use. They have the correct size, file type and the palette should have less than 16 colours. I don't know if the problem is in the script i've used. I got the example one from the Ultimate Tutorial, but i don't fully understand it and i don't know where to put all of the frames. I know this sounds stupid, but everyone has problems when they start... i hope someone can help me. Here's a link to the script, so you can see if i made a mistake: http://pastebin.com/WtdVnDxK Also, here's a few screenshots so you can see that a few frames work. And if you need the sprites to see if there's any errors, here they are: http://imgur.com/a/q3D1u thanks.
  18. I hope that I'm in the right place to post this, this is my first real post on a forum. So I'm working on a little something currently. I got most of the resources required to make a fan game this weekend and I as testing it out by doing a few recolors to make the base of the characters but when I tried to add a recolored portrait into Feditor, it wouldn't upload, I can attach the image file to the post (the hair isn't finished being recolored because I went and did some extra copying and pasting trying to fix the problem to no avail), I followed a basic tutorial I found online and made it a BMP file as well as having all the different faces needed and being 128x112 but it just won't upload. If anyone could help me that would be great! Ciel.bmp
  19. Ok, so the issue is: I opened my hacked ROM (FE8) with FEditor, did exactly nothing in the FEditor, then I immediately save. When I go back and loaded my ROM in an emulator, all of my units all of a sudden gained a bunch of stats (I didn't see any pattern to the amount of stats gained). Is this because FEditor is writing the wrong data to the wrong offsets? The units' base stats didn't change, I checked with Nightmare. Maybe FEditor did something with the save files? But when I loaded my backup ROM from before I saved with FEditor, all my units' stats are fine. Has anyone had this kind of issues before with FEditor or am I not using it correctly? Also, I've had other issues with FEditor: if I tried to edit text in the Text Editor, even something simple like adding a letter to a name, the game would crash when it tries to load the unit with the modified name. So far, I've only managed to be able to modify text in FEditor by first opening up the ROM, then immediately save, then open up the same ROM again and then I can edit and save. But as mentioned above, this causes other problems as well (so far the only issue I've noticed is with the unit stats)...
  20. Anyone had this problem before? It is werid, i think Feditor corrupts the data when i enter new animations/portraits/spells/text, i dont know why but the cavalier animations are borked, and some other animations are Irreplaceable, or cannot be updated, and some of them just became invisible.... Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks a lot. It also says pca failed to write
  21. Hi again, i want to insert some spell animations on my hack, spell asociation is reppointed, maybe that is the issue, also: HAS A CHECKSUM SET UP METADATA VERSION: 20110104.1 INITIAL FREESPACE BLOCK FOUND: 01700A10 017057E0 When i try to open spell animation inserter i get That in the CMD, something about the adress out of bounds...0xD1172800 Maybe i ussed the new version and then mixed it with this old version...Is there a way to fix this
  22. Okay, so, I've been hacking for a pretty long time, but I've only done minor stuff (to fire emblem atleast) and I've found a lot of amazing custom animations I'd like to try adding to my game, and while I've read the tutorials and understand how, my current problem is that I want to start with a pre-hacked base rom, specifically: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=58795 why, because this hack fixes every problem I had with fire emblem 8. What I'd like to do is add some custom animations to add some new weapons to specific classes to make the game a bit more challenging.(I'd be giving the enemy these new weapons also) My problem is however that I tried opening the rom in Feditor and it wouldnt let me access the animations at all, but I opened a clean rom of FE8, and it did allow me. So my main question is: is there a way for me to add the animations to this hack, or is there no way for me to do so. If you need more information I'm happy to provide it.
  23. Hard to properly word it. Sometimes (not always) the frames of a spell can be distorted or blink and not clean. Rarely the whole spell animation can play without any issues. Also it's not the same frames every time, but it changes randomly. ex. Sometimes, frames appear like this: instead of this The script: - At higher FPS it is more frequent and affects more frames. At lower FPS it's a bit better. - All frames are 15 colors +1 transparent.
  24. I have this problem with Feditor (both old and new version) where if I insert a new animation in "Class Animation Manager" or a spell script in "Spell Insertion Manager" in a ROM quit -> save -> exit the program the tools lock up the next time i re-open Feditor and try to access those tools with the same modified ROM. Feditor doesn't freeze, only the used tools don't respond anymore. Using a fresh ROM has no issues, but as long as i do any slight modifications through these 2 tools the tools for that ROM are off. For the class animation i just expanded the Max Index through Feditor options (C9->CA) and for the spell animation script i just inserted the script on a "nothing" option (0x36). Also every time i open a new fresh ROM with Feditor, I always firstly save->close->exit and then re-open to do the changes. Any fix, or am I just using it wrong ?
  25. Since I'm new in this hacking business, I wish to learn more about FEditor, especially the Text Editor. I followed several tutorials, and so far, so good. But I seem to have problem with things like how to put all the text control codes in their proper places. When I tried to put things in the text editor, all I got was a high-pitched noise when I played the ROM. Is there any guides on how to place these codes? Also, what's the code that makes the portrait shake (like, jolt in surprise or something along the lines)? It's not specified in the readme.
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