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  1. What skills should I give to the children. Pairings: ChromxSumia VaikexMaribelle Lon'quxOlivia? GregorxCordelia KellamxSully GaiusxLissa VirionxCherce? StahlxPanne RickenxMiriel DonnelxNowi HenryxTharja I choose these based on how much I like the supports+plus good stats.>
  2. I'm on chapter 15, and I currently have the paralogues for Owain, Yame, Brady, Severa, and M!Morgan available, but I've been refraining from doing them for now because I wanted to know if there was an optimal time to unlock the 2nd gen units. Does it make a substantial difference if I wait? Or should I just get the 2nd gen as soon as possible?
  3. Taken from the FEU thread [Below is the old content of the original thread post] v0.9.6 is here, finally, nearly half a year of work later. I really should have released this a long time ago. Direct integration of genderlock removal as well as streamlining of installation are just a few under the hood changes of many that have happened. Lucina can now recruit all 2nd gen across all paralogues with unique dialogue depending on whether or not she is the sibling, or the mother in the case of the Morgans. A ton of other changes, including the additions of the Valentian Falchion and Binding Blade as well as some experimental changes to stats have also been made, so check the patch notes for further details. Here is a link to the modded files. As ever, you need to dump your own roms. If you want to play the hack with Gay Awakening, you'll need the compatibility patch. You'll have to get Gay Awakening from its source. To install, simply right click on the game in Citra, select open mod location and paste the unzipped files into the romfs folder there. This tutorial will help for those of you with a modded 3DS or flashcart. You can view the notes for v0.9.6 here and the full changelog here (slightly outdated, to be fixed soon) Making this possible and accessible in the first place is because of Thane98. Thanks to the amazing tools in Paragon and Exalt, progress isn’t as slow as it could be. Highly recommend using these if you want to get into FE3DS romhacking! With enough feedback, I could make something cool out of this. This will probably be quickly updated, as I’m still playing around with a lot of the gameplay changes. There is a lot I still want to do! Oh yeah, and I have a discord for it too now. I hopefully want to create a space that helps progress 3DSFE hacking in general!
  4. I am stuck. I'm not sure where parameters for supports within Awakening's files are. I've successfully added a brand new character to Awakening AND hooked up supports and dialogue to them. However, whenever they gain support points, they will never activate C rank and continue earning support points infinitely without triggering a conversation. I'm not sure why this is, but I'm guessing is because of some kind of lacking trigger. Any idea where I should look? I know it's not an issue with the way I implemented the supports because I added a new line to two previously unsupportable characters (Chrom and Walhart) and it went swimmingly. Any help is appreciated, cuz I dunno where to go next! this seems to be somewhat new for somebody to do based on my research. If anybody wishes, I can attach the modded files and my testing save so that they can play around with it themselves.
  5. I want to figure out the best classes and skills for all units (including child units and spotpass units, i.e. Emmeryn, Gangrel, etc.) based on strategy AND storyline (basically what's good for them gameplay-wise AND story-wise). Yes, I plan on getting all DLC and tackling Apotheosis. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated!
  6. I’m trying to get the best use out of my child units with the pairings I went with, so wondering what skills I should inherit and what classes I should aim for. The ones I need advice for particularly are: Gaius!Kjelle Lon’qu!Owain Henry!Brady Kellam!Laurent Vaike!Yarne Frederick!Cynthia Stahl!Gerome I also wouldn’t mind input for what final classes I should shoot for on the rest that I’ve already recruited since I had a better idea what skills I wanted on them. Olivia!Lucina Chrom!Inigo Cordelia!FMorgan +Skl -Res MMU!Severa Libra!Noire (And like. Donnel!Nah but she’s got manakete I think she’s good)
  7. Owain is my favorite Fire Emblem character alongside Ike. He is a very well written character for someone who is considered comic relief. His character revolves around him putting on a facade of an eccentric hero (chosen hero by fate and the sort). He does this to mask the trauma and anguish he feels of losing his parents and to put on a brave face for his comrades and make them feel better. It's cool to see a game go into the psychological aspect of a character while also making it their trait that makes them stand out. Owain can be hilairous and silly but he can also be romantic and sensitive too. He has hope that they truly can change the future of the time that has not been affected by Grima yet. It would be amazing to see an anime about Owain in particular. He is just so interesting and gives off the same vibe Steins Gate's Okabe Rintarou (Hyouin Kyouma) does, being over top and eccentric but also dramatic and deep as a character. The supports I particularly like are his Severa/Selena, Inigo/Laslow, Morgan, Lucina, Ophelia, Leo supports. I ship him with Severa in particular because I find it hilairous and sweet how someone like Owain, with his chuunibyou tendencies can win over a tsundere like Severa's heart. (Also because their dynamic is practically Okabe and Makise from Steins Gate in a way lol). I like the awakening trio's dynamic, they are immature and clearly dealing with their trauma rough in awakening, but you see them grow and develop in fates and change for the better. (Owain still has his quirks, even moreso tbh, but that's beside the point). I love that its revealed that Severa named her weapon after Owain since the beginning because he was always special to her. I love the fact that in Odin's S support, he mans up like a true man and tells the woman he loves how he feels (a lot of men can learn from him). His bromance with Inigo is hilarious. I love how Inigo is such a bully to Owain but then they eventually become best friends by Fates. You clearly see their bond in Fates and how long they have been friends. This all leads to their dlc paralogue in Fates (which I'm so happy they did and I would have wished it became its own side story game at one point or even anime OVA because they have such a wonderful dynamic.) Now I understand that the story of the dlc is dragged down by Fates writing. But if we are talking about just the interactions alone shared by these 3, it's surprisngly believable and well written. I enjoyed the paralogue so much in fact, that it made me want this dream of having an OVA of these 3 guys to become a reality. It just surprised me to have me fall in love with these characters (especially Owain) that were just side characters in their respective games. It's great. I married Lissa to my Avatar, so Owain is my son. Which means I got to see the wonderful sibling support with Owain and Morgan which is very well done as well. They feel like true siblings and I like seeing Owain in a big brother role, it shows he takes responsibilty for his family (as they are the only survivors of their own) and that he truly cares for his sister and will protect her at any cost. Lastly is his wonderful support with his very own daughter, Ophelia. His daughter is literally the splitting image of his mother in looks and splitting image of him in personality. It's so entertaining to see these two together and play in this eccentric fantasy they created. In Ophelia's case, though less reason being of a trauma, but moreso as just being chuunibyou in general (probably due to Odin's influence). She wants to become a "Chosen One" like her father, as that is the title their family strives for some reason. By the A support, a rare side of wisdom is shown from Odin. He tells Ophelia that all that stuff about chosen ones is nonsense. To Ophelia's surprise, she is disheartened by the news. But, Odin reveals it does not matter because she carries the blood of his mother, one of a legendary hero, and a father who died saving his life. He goes on and tells Ophelia, that she can be proud of who her ancestors were but that she isn't chosen for the same role, such as he. His message basically states its okay to be a side character but sometimes, the side ensemble is what makes the main heroes shine brigther. "A strong side ensemble ensures that the star shines brightest of all". I found this line particuarly touching and deep. And I won't lie, even teared up by the end of the support. It doesn't matter if you are paritcualrly special or talented. What matters is that you can help someone that IS, and your wisdom and help can aid someone that can do something great for the world. And knowing you were apart of their journey and growth makes it all the reason worth in doing your part. Because you were the one to help them shine brightest of all. You were their Chosen Ones. Thank you for reading my thread. It got a little philosphical there at the end but I guess I just like to take something special and meaningful out of the things I consume from video games. I believe that's a good trait to have though. Let me know your guys' thoughts on Owain and why he is OUR Chosen One ❤
  8. Catherine and shamir count as jaegans for the purpose of this discussion. Also, Imma go with frederick for the sole reason being lunatic+ and Lunatic are impossible without him.
  9. So I went to register specifically to ask this question and turns out I had an old account on here already (specifically made to ask one question)! Makes sense that It'd slip my mind since it's from 2017, but I still thought that was kind of funny. Pretty sure no one actively works with Awakening anymore, also sorry if this is in the wrong category, but I've recently become interested in playing it over and over again and I wanted to make my experience nicer with some custom designs. Problem is I'm not sure how to properly make custom images for Awakening that work in-game, and I can't find any tutorial that's for Awakening and not Fates. I'm genuinely sorry if this has been posted before but I haven't found anything proper. Trying to search for methods lead me to a tutorial on modifying Fates Live2D textures which supposedly worked the same for Awakening according to another forum post I found (If I find it, I'll link) give and take a few steps, but that hasn't worked for me. The method I've tried based off of that is Extract .arc file with FEAT + the ctpk.lz of the portrait I want to edit Edit the image, save it as tmp.png in a folder along with the xml file given when extracted Create the ctpk file with ctpktool Compress the file w/ puyotool (lz11 compression) Rename the file to [emotionname].ctpk.lz Open the file with HxD, copy and past the first four bites at the start, change the first 11 to a 13 (I thought the image not working might have lied here, so I tried testing this with an 11, a 13, and whatever number FE:A specifically had at the start of their other portraits, none worked) Save the files, repack them as an .arc along with all of the other emotions, put them in the game. As there's no 52 at 0x39 in Awakening's portraits, I didn't change any numbers there. The game doesn't crash when the portrait is ""loaded"" (I'm using MU/Robin's default portrait as a test so I can see it immediately.) But nothing shows up. Just a transparent space where I should be getting an image. Anyone know how to do - basically what's said in the title? I don't need a super in-detail tutorial or anything, just some help on where I'm going wrong as I feel like I'm going to keep hitting a dead end using a method for a different, newer game on an older one. The first title is a little vague as I also want to be able to edit the textures of certain models, which I assume is the same process, but It's not as important to me as getting custom portraits. Thanks a lot in advance!
  10. If you own a copy of fire emblem awakening and want to take part, upload a photo of your best unit and compare it to others who post. Deadline 15/7/2020 Note: Just thought it would be a fun idea and I don't really know if anyone will take part
  11. So this class was my fe awakening personal class. Nurse - a delicate healer who heals there allies with staves.Cannot attack War nurse - a seasoned and delicate nurse who heals with staves and hurts with bows from a distance. Stats lv.1 strength - 1 magic - 11 skill - 13 speed - 16 luck - 14 defense - 6 resistance - 13 Stats lv.60 strength - 22 magic - 26 skill - 24 speed - 25 luck - 31 defense - 19 resistance - 22 war nurse lv. 1(stats) Strength - 9 Magic - 8 Skill - 11 Spd - 11 Lck - 11 Def - 10 Res - 8 Stats Lv.60 Str - 32 Mag - 44 Skill - 33 Spd - 43 Lck - 44 Def - 27 Res - 43 Skills Hospitality if user heals with staff the same amount of HP we’ll be healed back to the user Healtouch when healing with staff adds 5 HP to amount recovered. demoiselle Avoid and Critical Avoid +10 to all male allies within a 3 tile radius. lady’s stave Staves can be used without expending uses and if its Range is under 10, it is increased to 10.
  12. So this class was my fe awakening personal class. Nurse - a delicate healer who heals there allies with staves.Cannot attack War nurse - a seasoned and delicate nurse who heals with staves and hurts with bows from a distance. Stats lv.1 strength - 1 magic - 11 skill - 13 speed - 16 luck - 14 defense - 6 resistance - 13 Stats lv.60 strength - 22 magic - 26 skill - 24 speed - 25 luck - 31 defense - 19 resistance - 22 war nurse lv. 1(stats) Strength - 9 Magic - 8 Skill - 11 Spd - 11 Lck - 11 Def - 10 Res - 8 Stats Lv.60 Str - 32 Mag - 44 Skill - 33 Spd - 43 Lck - 44 Def - 27 Res - 43 Skills Hospitality if user heals with staff the same amount of HP we’ll be healed back to the user Healtouch when healing with staff adds 5 HP to amount recovered. demoiselle Avoid and Critical Avoid +10 to all male allies within a 3 tile radius. lady’s stave Staves can be used without expending uses and if its Range is under 10, it is increased to 10.
  13. I've been writing on and off for a while, but between a relatively recent replay of Echoes and a less-recent replaying of GotHW, I came up with a Crossover story centered around Sigurd surviving Belhalla in a modern AU where he finds himself barred from contacting anyone he ever knew. While I'll try to update it here first from here on, here's the first chapter of Little Chalphy (link leads to AO3, so warning if your Job/School forbids access to it). Any feedback is welcome here. While I've been translating documentation and whatnot for a long time, it was only up until a few years ago that I gained enough confidence to start writing fiction in English, so any daft bits you find that sound odd/goofy/out of place to you, do not hesitate to let me know. Good day to you all and thanks in advance.
  14. Which mainline Fire Emblem game do you feel hard the hardest soldiers and why?
  15. Hi, I think something is really wrong with FE13. Not something like durability, gold costs, shops upgrading far too slowly compared with the ennemies' weapons (like when you have access to steel while the ennemies get silvers and you get silver or killer when they get braves...), beast stones being a myth before chapter 10/12 and dragonstone being barely enough before beating Gangrel (just before getting access to the shop that sells them...a shop selling transformation stones...for real?). That's certainly a stupid design but Awakening wasn't a game for logic, coherence. It was a game for fans and new comers to enjoy and play with adaptive difficulty (with really high gaps between each difficulty and the return of FE6 stupid EP reinforcements). No, what I'm addressing here and now is...THE most awfully balanced stat. I mean, RESISTANCE. You know, a stat very useful for late game, mid game and not deniable for early game when ennemies power creep each chapter before staying still for 5 consecutive chapter just before the mid game power creep. When you take damage from physical ennemies while magical attackers take out 1/2 of your HP in one attack. With D ranks. Cordelia, your bulky offensive pegasus, has 90% in HP, 60% in str, skl and spd, 45% in luck and def and...35% in res, starting with 8 res level 7. Level 20 she'll have on average 12.55 res. Level 20/20 Falcon knight she'll have 17.1 res not counting promotion bonus. Magical ennemies in late game deal 35-40 damage easily, even the ones who use 10 range tomes hit more 30-35 without difficulty. A pegasus, class made to tank magic damage and kill mages before they slaughter your whole team, takes 20 damage on average from each of those mages who manages to hit her. Sumia starts at 7 res level 1 and has 40% res. Level 20/20 she has an average of 22 res without promotion bonuses. Still taking 15 damage per hit on average in late game. Maribelle has 6+2 level 3 and 55% growth, average of 25.8+2 as a troubadour/walkyrie level 20/20 without promo bonus, and 24.whatever+2 as a war cleric. A unit whose only defensive stat is res still takes 12 damage on average in late game, and her 18 base HP and 65% growth don't let her the pleasure to face tank magic while any physical ennemy can come in and finish her at 60% HP (15% def growth as a valkyrie and 20 as a war cleric, 75% hp as a war cleric). Lissa is even worse: starting at 4 res, with 50% growth as a cleric and downgrading to 45% after promotion, she has 22 res on average without promotion bonuses, with 70% hp growth as a cleric/sage and 80% as a war cleric. She's a healer with the same res as a physical unit (Sumia) in end game, starting with less res than said unit. Nowi has 2+9 res with dragonstone and starts at 18 HP, with 50% res growth. On average level 30 she has 16.5+9 res (25.5), the same as Maribelle before res +2. She doesn't get any promotion bonus. Even your hybrid hyper tank has only 60% magic damage reduction without abusing seals. This game was completely balanced around multi-reclassing instead of being balanced to be enjoyable with base classes and normal gameplay. You can't even choose to de-activate the attack stance mechanic, so if you wanna play old school, you loose your support bonuses. Avoid has been severely cut, with spd *1.5 instead of 2 and luck *.05 instead of 1. So in a normal game you have your highest dodge/res magical tank/mage killers who take 40-55% of the damage magic attackers deal and they have 37+2 spd 30 luck (Sumia), 39*1.5= 58.5; 30*0.5=15; 58+15=73 avoid. The ennemies who target Sumia have ~140% hit rate, they are higher than 60% hit rate. Awakening has craptastic res levels even on the highest res units, and res growth per class is incredibly low: 10% for pegasus, 5% for mercenary, like pegasi and mercenaries were supposed to have nearly the same res...seriously? Nowi at 50% res! Myrrh had 7 base res +20 in FE8with 30% growth at level 1! Fae had 6 base res +20 with 50% growth in FE6! Nowi is pure trash compared to these! Not only on the res part, but also on the def with 2+15 base for Fae with 30% growth and 2+15 base for Myrrh with 150% growth! These manaketes barely took any damage from unpromoted ennemies in their joining map (at least Myrrh since I didn't go so far in FE6, too boring, maps are too big you spend entire turns just walking), while Nowi get 2 shot in her joining map with Gregor backpack increasing her def and more base HP! Her only good point is having more uses of dragonstone and getting dragonstone + by the end of the game, not salvaging her awful start and unability to do anything once she inevitably breaks her first dragonstone while levelling up to get on par with your other units without getting any kind of bonus exp (no paragon, no exp *1.5 or other kinds of bonuses from GBA games), unlike the GBA manaketes who could reach level 20 in 19-30 fights and keep 20 uses at max level to kill the most dangerous ennemies, while having no 2 range allowed them to tank ranged attacks without loosing durability; Nowi hits at 2 range, and thus looses durability so she breaks her dragonstone much faster than the other 2). Even Tiki, with 12+9 base (normal dragonstone, not counting dragonstone +), only reached 18+9 (27) res while having the highest res growth of all of Awakening's cast, simply she joins already at level 20, not helping much, and her recruitment chapter on anything above normal is really annoying, with late game level ennemies, every one of them flying, packing on your weakest units with 40+ damage each while you had to maintain a turtle-like formation to take the incoming ennemies out and then go kill the next ones before coming back to turtle again and again for like 10+ turns before you can finally end that pain by rushing the boss with your best units and torture them to make them pay for this awful level design they have nothing to do with (thanks Intelligent Systems/Nintendo devs for this game so purely made of brute force and suicide, it feels like playing The Lord of the Rings instead of watching it, but you don't have many parts where you can kill the boss to end the chapter). This game is a pain for these reasons, and I miss my magic nullifying units each time I play awakening without playing dread fighter. Oh man, why did they put so much damage AND accuracy on every single magic ennemy in the game? The prologue already sends you to hospital with it's mages. If you have tips on how to get a mage killer invulnerable to magic without using second seals like 3x in a row or having 10+ levels more than the ennemies (well it's the same since you have 10+ levels more than them at that point) with the rare anti magic units. And without nosferatu involved because it breaks the game by existing and being buyable from chapter 4 onward as long as you have gold... For me it's like, let your mage killer behind and send them kill the mages, until you get to Valm and the mages become dark knights who tank all damage better than your units tank theirs... and you've got to risk your more physical oriented units to finish them off cuz your mage killer left them at 40-50% HP... So in the end, I say "F*** off, this game is not a T-RPG, it's a hack n'slash, just grind your way through the 50 ennemies who deal 70% of your damage each and come 5 by 5 on each of your units". It always ends like that. I'm not into puzzles. At least I finished this game twice. I didn't even get to the 2/3rd of Fates because it has no story to keep me in and gameplay also becomes boring or map design annoying at certain points, and I quit because I'm bored. I did FE8 like...15 times from the beginning to the end, 10x creature campaign, completed lagdou ruins so many times I don't even recall (I was into min-maxing my units), stopped more than 50 playthrough during mid game and hundreds around chapter 6-12 but I can't even get to chapter 19/20 of Fates and Awakening becomes boring during the Valm arc, and ends up completely boring after the Valm arc, when you don't even feel like there's a point in continuing to play, because any random encounter is harder than the main game anyway, DLC are harder, and unit balance is just about who get the most second seals and the best skills. I feel like Fire Emblem has gone out of it's genre, Awakening being the one at fault for taking a 180° bend from Fire Emblem, downgrading everything introduced in the Tellius series (rabbit is worse than anything in Tellius games, I even preferred the herons although I hate dancer-like units outside Fates), the height/balcony bonus/malus has vanished, the indoor movement malus to mounted units has vanished, allowing mounts to return to their all around domination in rushing tactics and in Fates cavaliers even benefit from elbow room, one of the most OP free damage skills in the game, and they have it from level 1. Transformation takes no management again, has no drawbacks unless weapon durability is a drawback (more for Taguel than Manakete who can buy dragonstone + anyway from the beginning), so manaketes can freely attack/counter at 1/2 range, I feel like this game just wants you to play the same way as in a hack n'slash: maximize your sustain and damage, and go slaughter waves of ennemies after waves of ennemies. Team building is limited by open maps with a mix of flying ennemies, cavalry and foot units, meaning you can barely use squishy supports from the Valm arc onward, you have nothing to answer the 10 sages/sorcerers with 10 range tomes too far for you to reach, while they can eat half of your units' HP in one attack or 2 while being virtually invulnerable until they have used all their durability and become useless. So, now I'll literally play Awakening like I play Diablo 2 and 3, grind and slaughter waves of ennemies who now can't scratch you anymore cuz the game allows and encourages you to be 20+ levels above your ennemies. And forge like your life depends on it, because 1RKO means less possibility to be RNG-screwed. End of...is it even a rant?
  16. I'm replaying Awakening and I've gotten all the other kids and I'm saving Severa for last but i'm conflicted for who to pair cordelia with Gregor or Libra? Statwise and Skillwise
  17. Hey, I'm new here so if this isn't the right place to ask this please let me know. I've been wanting to add swords to the Griffon Knight class in Awakening to differentiate it a bit more from the other flyer classes. Where could someone who knows very little about modding go to figure out how to do this? Or does anyone know of a project that already does this?
  18. I've been playing through FE13 on HM/Ironman, asking my partner to choose all of my pairings. I realized her method for pairings units is visual, she picks whoever look like a cute couple and then confirm the pairing if they visually mesh with their children. I usually pair units based on either optimization or specific builds I have in mind for that run, so this has been an extremely unique experience. So far it's been a lot of fun playing through with another entirely different system for pairings, and I'm curious how others here determine their pairings.
  19. I just wanna see who enjoyed 13. I enjoyed it for being senseless and fun, but I know a lot don't like it. Let's not be negative please, just a simple yes and no. (First time making a poll, sorry if it's uh bad)
  20. What if the fire emblem heroes were to fall and all their adventures were given to random people? The fire emblem has been corrupted by the presence of the fell dragons, now a lone group of adventurers must travel to the different worlds and pick up where the fallen heroes started. (roleplay is welcome to everyone, would prefer it if we roleplayed on discord. Canon and ocs are allowed
  21. So I decided to just sit down and make a list of every legacy bonus character in Fire Emblem Awakening who had some kind of special property that couldn't be replicated by just any old MU or other legacy character of the same gender. There's not really a whole lot more to say than that, so here's the list! Note that I've only listed the skills the characters couldn't normally learn through reclassing/leveling up. This is not meant to contain their complete base skill sets.
  22. I'm currently tinkering with Awakening so I would like to know how to edit growths, any help I can get is appreciated. I'm currenlty using FEAT to decompress the .bin.lz files and the Class Editor and Character Editor 1.1 modules to edit my files. I would also like to note that the Awakening Nightmare modules aren't on the resource directory, should I make that question there?
  23. So to include only the key details, I want to swap an English Avatar voice bank with a Japanese voice bank (Boku #2, the voice option that was excluded from the english release's japanese voices), i'm assuming this can't be done through simple save editing, and i'm not 100% sure about the process, will any of the sound files themselves need modifying to work correctly? Or can I just replace the English MU files with the Japanese MU Files and everything will work fine? However, if this isn't an option, is it possible to force the Boku #2 voice to play in the English release with a hex edit? Or do the unselectable voices not exist in the English release all together?
  24. Hi! I figured out how to rip models from Fates. But now I'm trying Awakening, and I have all the files extracted. But every time I try to load a body model, it doesn't load on Ohana3DS. Weapons load fine, but the bodies are what I need, and they won't open... Has anyone figured out how to rip them?
  25. After finally getting to the final step in the Gay Awakening, I keep getting INVALID changing the romfs setting. If it helps I'm trying to get this going on a digital copy however, I also bought a physical copy and the path remained INVALID. So I pretty sure that I messed up somewhere but I really don't know how or where.
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