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Found 1 result

  1. [spoiler=Old Information about Ironman runs] Hey there guys, I just started recording a FE7 Hard Mode quickplay, and thought a natural place for more people to actually find my gameplay is Serenes Forest of course. I'm not sure what the preference for LP's on SF are, so i just went ahead and did a video LP because I felt it would be more entertaining to watch than to look. Each episode will consist of multiple chapters in one, since I will mostly not be doing any story commentary/voiceover, as there are several of them out there already and I wish for my LP to stand out as much as possible. Here is the link to my playlist. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZUC2vCaB_Ky3oT1rBgrcj-E2o6dJFpUD *IMPORTANT* This will be streamed on my Twitch Channel on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM EST unless otherwise notified. I will only be uploading and reporting highlights of my FE streams from Twitch from now on, as I do not have time to edit and record full on footage as I used to have. So come by and watch the show while I'm playing live and have a great time! :D Check *Update 3* Link to my Twitch Stream. http://twitch.tv/n7_average_azn *UPDATE 1* *UPDATE 2* [spoiler='Death Reel of Character Deaths so far:'] Current Death Reel of the Blind Lyn/Hector HM Ironman LP/Stream here! I can only imagine how the rest of this Ironman Lyn/Hector HM LP/Stream is going to go... :'( *UPDATE 3* *UPDATE 4* [spoiler=Added End Run stats of Attempts 1 and 2] Attempt 1 ended at Chapter 29: Cog of Destiny Attempt 2 ended at Chapter 19x: Prisoner of Magic *UPDATE 5* [spoiler=Yes, this is attempt #13.] So as you all may already know, my bad luck came so badly on tonight's stream that I had to restart several times because I lost several key characters... and just wasn't willing to push forward, so I managed to rage reset from the beginning of HHM 10 more times! This was due to mainly Chapters 11 and 13x, because I was either too hasty, or too cocky in my tactics. It was also because i was tired, so I'll make sure that the next HHM stream on Thursday is more appropriate :D I'll see you all there Thursday! :D *UPDATE 6* [spoiler=My 3rd semi-successful Ironman run (Attempt #16).] Just in case you guys missed it, this is how my 16th Ironman run failed. I hate FE7 Luna. Oh Rindisu... :'( *UPDATE 7* [spoiler='My stats of my EHM run so far.] Chapter 16: Chapter 20: Episode 1: As of right now I have Episodes 1 - 4 completed and uploaded already. I have around 6 or 7 episodes worth of content recorded from my LP stream that needs to be edited and rendered. It should be done by this Friday, December 20th. It will be shortened to 30 mins episodes for your convenience. Me and Rindesu hope that you all enjoy this series and thanks for watching!!! Hector Hard Mode is now in effect! *UPDATE END* What this so-called "quickplay" Stream/LP consists of is of the following: Taken straight from my video description I know I said in my first video that I will be doing Lyn Hard Mode then Eliwood Hard Mode, but I wouldn't mind doing Hector's story instead (on Hard mode of course) if the demand for it is high enough. I also don't mind taking any character requests if you all have any specific characters or strategies that you want me to use. I will consider them as long as it doesn't conflict significantly with my guidelines I have already set. And of course, anything in this LP is up for debate such as who gets promotions or not, and story narrative if you wish to have it. I don't mind doing story narrative, I just want you guys to enjoy what you see. :D I hope you guys enjoy this series at least as much as I am creating it! Feel free to leave me any comments you may have on SF or on the specific episode you may have, I'll greatly appreciate it! :D Hello everyone! So lately I've been getting really stressed from my Ironman runs of HHM (seriously, fuck you Zoldam T_T), so for now I will be doing an S Rank Attempt run of HHM! It will be streaming on my Twitch channel as usual; Here's the link.
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