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Found 629 results

  1. Basically there is no new news quite yet about Fire Emblem Switch 2018, False Leakers actually are speculating that the new game will have some stuff that they might like, but I don't care, I have my own predictions on Fire Emblem Switch. Multiple paths with different goals. This is a feature I would like, if you choose do one goal you go one route, if you choose to do another you go to an alternate route, just like in Binding Blade, certain conditions needs to be reached, and the Stronghold must be seized, it would be like in one chapter, if you Route the Enemy, you'll go to one route, but if you defend a stronghold, you go to the alternate route, it would be like different stories to make the game more interesting. Better Villains. Echoes had great villains, and Berkut was no exception, but in Awakening, and Fates, the villains in those games sucked, Validar, Grima, Garon, Iago, Hans, and Anankos were pretty bland villains, so if a better villain has a great purpose, then it will be a great story, and one of the best villains in the entire series. Multiple Endings. The previous games had the exact same ending, I am not counting any character endings, I'm counting story endings, but Binding Blade had different endings, and if they do Multiple Endings, then it will be a great addition to the game, and I hope none of the endings have wasted potential, it will depend on how well you do in the story, in all 3 Stories of Fates, you get the exact same ending. Longer and Better Story. Radiant Dawn had a very long story, split into 4 parts, and the game was hard as hell, having the story longer will make it more enjoyable, heck if they can make Fire Emblem Switch longer than a Final Fantasy Game, I want it will take a lot of time and effort, to make it the absolute best story in the series. Better Characters. Basically Echoes had my favorite cast of characters, we got Gray, Kliff, Mae, Lukas, Saber, but some the protagonists in Awakening and Fates were bad, Corrin was by far one of the worst protagonists in the entire series. If they manage to pull off a great protagonist just like they did with Ike, Marth, Alm, Lucina, and Hector, then it would be awesome. 3rd Tier Classes. It was a great addition to add 3rd Tier Classes in Echoes, and Radiant Dawn, Radiant Dawn had a bigger cast, and a lot of 3rd Tier Classes, while Echoes had the Gold Knight, Dread Fighter, and Bow Knight classes, but the Overclass DLC actually broke the game, with the Guru, Yasha, Harrier, etc. So returning 3rd Tier Classes would be great. I can't say for sure, but it's just my opinion. What are your theories about Fire Emblem Switch?
  2. Inspired by Godhand ''Saddest Death Quote'' topic, a little game for everyone. Make a death quote yourself and share it here. Mine: Hehe... In the end, my death... meant as much as my life..... no...thing...
  3. So I was thinking, the trainee units are great and all, but what do you suggest on them.
  4. 1. Dwarf Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place underground 2. Mermaid Emblem/Water Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place underwater 3. Bird Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place in the sky 4. CDC Emblem: A fire emblem game but instead of fighting bad guys, you fight a deadly disease outbreak 5. Internal Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place inside someone 6. Micro Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place in a continent that's so small, that you can't even see it 7. Modern Emblem A fire emblem game that takes place in modern times 8. Twilit Emblem: "YOU TAKE THE MOON AND YOU TAKE THE SUN, YOU TAKE EVERYTHING THAT SEEMS LIKE FUN!" 9. Chrono Emblem: A fire emblem game that focuses on time travel (Not Awakening, I mean a fire emblem game that ONLY focuses on time travel) And the most important one: 10. Dank Emblem: A fire emblem game where a kingdom of modern memes like Ugandan Knuckles and Dat Boi fight against the kingdom of old memes like Vegeta and Weegee
  5. The dancer class is iconic of the Fire Emblem series and I was wondering that, even though they're numerous units with the ability to refresh a unit, if anyone had a favorite(s) that they wanted to share and converse about. Guidelines: Give some sort of explanation as to your pick, it doesn't have to be long. Reasons can range from gameplay performance, aesthetic, availability or just overall appearance and personality. Be respectful
  6. 1. Osmose: Absorbs an enemy's weapon durability 2. Ultima: 20 Might, Ignores defense but has a measly 40 hit 3. Reraise: Automatically revives a unit the next time they die 4. Libra: Reveals the enemy growths of an enemy unit And the most important one: 5. Banish: Dark Magic that banishes an enemy to the Outrealms, preventing them from being revived
  7. While in the middle of battle, when the start of player's turn, a witch-class generik messenger teleported to the Lord and reported that "My Castle" has been surrounded by massive numbers of enemies. The castle's defenders has been very outnumbered as the report. The Lord and the allied force are unable to retreat from the crucial battle, so the Lord forced to gave orders to the messenger. You are the Lord! Choose wisely! note: Special poll for everyone who seek extra difficulties on Fire Emblem installments. If not strong enough for this poll, then no need to push yourselves!
  8. Prologue: Aftermath Despite everything that happened previously; Robin never could have guess how long the conflict would last. The war against Walhart the Conqueror alone lasted two painfully long years. There were various factors that caused this length of time to pass. Having to transport the army by boat initially then waiting for the self same fleet to return with reinforcements and more supplies was another. They also had to be very careful about moving in Valm as well as the risk of ambush was high and Robin didn't want to walk into any traps. When they finally returned to Ylisse; it was quickly discovered that they had been tricked by the King of Plegia, Validar. Originally Validar had wanted to invite them to the Capitol of Plegia so that he could steal the Fire Emblem. However due to the fact that the war on Valm lasted longer than he anticipated Validar changed his plans and invaded Ylisse with soldiers that he'd safeguarded. He had them infiltrate the Ylisseans and it took the Shepherds an entire year to get rid of the soldiers. It was clear to Chrom what had to be done and he ordered through Robin a full scale invasion on Plegia. This new war lasted a further two years leading up to a final confrontation at the Dragon's table. Robin figuring it was safer to keep the Shepherds out of the Dragon's Table ordered them to wait for her and Chrom to deal with Validar. She did not want to risk anyone being injured by Risen which had become a common name for the strange beasts that had been attacking Ylisse and the surrounding nations. Surprisingly enough for both Robin and Chrom, Validar did not pull much of a fight against them. But of course Robin wasn't born yesterday, she expected some kind of dirty tricks up the Sorcerer's sleeve like the one that he pulled off back at the Plegia castle. Chrom made a terrible mistake of not paying attention at the worst moment possible when the Sorcerer casted another spell as his last resort. Robin just had enough time to push him out of the way before the spell hits her instead. Fortunately, she didn't die but a few seconds after, she was feeling weird. Her vision was getting strange and she had a hard time hearing Chrom. Before that both realized it, Robin stabbed Chrom in the chest with thunder magic ''This is not your... your fault...'' said weakely Chrom holding his chest, who hasn't realize that Robin was posseded. ''Promise me you will escape from this place. Please now...go.'' he felt on the ground. Despite Validar being dead, Robin could still hear the Sorcerer's laugh. Grima had successfully posseded Robin. The Exalt was on the ground with his legendary sword near him. Grima grinned using his vessel. ''One child of Naga death.'' said the fell dragon, Robin's voice was now distorded because Grima. He had the perfect plan to kill the little girl using the host body as a way to fool the humans. He was about to go outside when he felt someone stabbing him in the back. He turned his head only to see Chrom, who was still alive somehow, using all his remaing strength to impale Grima with the Falchion. He then crumbled on the ground near the fell Dragon. ''I... love you... Lu...cina.'' said Chrom before his eyes turn into lifeless eyes. Grima removed the sword from his body and tossed it aside like a twig, the blow wasn't deadly due to the sword not being blessed by the Awakening. But it was still a wound and it hurts A LOT because his host was human after all. ''Tsh.'' Grima knew it wouldn't even leave a scar once this wound fully heals. It will only delays his inevitable victory and gives the last child of Naga a few more years to breath. Hopefully he would have time to kill her before she has a chance to be at an age to reproduce, not that would matter anyway. He warped to the castle and sealed himself inside a secret chamber so he can begin his recovery using magic. He had no servants to give tasks or feed upon. For now, the Risen will be on their own. The Shepherds managed to hold their ground although a few had to retreat due to severe wounds. But the worst was when they went inside once they realized that neither Chrom or Robin have returned. This is where they made the gruesome discovery. The Shepherds won another battle and resolved another conflict but they paid a high price for this day: their leader was dead and their tactician was missing in action. Chrom's funeral was quiet for the most part; Lucina however was almost screaming at the top of her lungs with grief. Her mother held the child into her chest in an attempt to soothe her but Lucina was inconsolable. Joining the poor little girl was Lissa, Frederick and all of the Shepherds. A funeral who reminded them of Basilio's who died during the Valm conflict. A few days after, Lissa was crowned new Exalt of Ylisse. That event wasn't as cheerful as it should be since the mourning that was still very well present in everyone's mind. The members of the Shepherds who weren't from Ylisse went back to live in their native land: Flavia now ruled alone in Ferox, Virion, who was previouslly a duke, had become a King since him and Cherche helped the people of Valm during a great time of needs. Finally, Tharja was crowned Queen of Plegia with Henry as her right hand. A few days after Lissa's crowning, Frederick was summon to the throne room. The place infested with a very sad atmosphere, Frederick could only wait as he waits for the Council to make their decision. Lucina was playing with her only friend, her cousin Owain while her mother was watching over them. The only thing that was lighting the mood up was Lissa's new outfit, an outfit similiar to Emmeryn's. Her cleric princess outfit was not fitting of her new position. ''Your Highness.'' all the men of the Council turned to Lissa. She alone could apply any decisions, the Council could only suggest solutions and punishements for the Exalt. ''We highly suggest that you remove Frederick from his role as an Exalt's guardien.'' Lucina's mother gasped. ''But Chancellor...'' said Lissa to the man who spoke to her. ''It wasn't Frederick's fault if Robin--'' ''With all due respect, your Highness.'' interrupted the Chancellor. ''I understand clearly your bond and your trust over this man. However, a guardien who fails to protect the Exalt is in our opinion, a fail guardien.'' the man said before adding. ''What's more he had an unique second chance with your brother and yet he has fail once more.'' Lissa groaned in the inside, how harshly of him to speak of Frederick like he was an incompetent. The Knight did many things for her siblings and herself over the years. ''However...'' he continued. ''We would be fools to simply discard his experience. For this reason, I suggest that he keeps his high position in the Shepherd and that he also continues to train the new recruits. And if your Highness could choose another member of the Shepherds as your Guardien if you prefer.'' ''And perhaps Frederick could also become the princess's mentor.'' suggested a member behind the Chancellor. ''But--'' Lissa insisted, it wasn't fair for him at all! ''Lissa wait!'' suddently said Frederick who was silent the whole time. ''I understand how you feel and trust me, I feel it even more. However if the Council wishs to put the blame on me, then for your sake, Lucina's, Owain's and Ylisse's, I'll accept it. What's more those suggestions do not seem so bad at first glance.'' he smiled, he didn't want Lissa to go through a diffucult decision like this one when she just started out as the new Exalt. Lissa hesitated, she knew it was still wrong despite Frederick's resignation. But... she also knew it was for the best. ''Alright Frederick, if you are so sure it's alright than I'll accept those suggestions... I'll also decide who shall be my new guardien soon.'' she decided which made the joy of the Council and made Lucina's mother sighs in frustration while the two childs wonder what is going on. ... A few years later, a enormous group of Risen attacked the capital and the surrounding villages. The Shepherds did everything in their power to stop the multiple assaults, they managed to do so after a few months. However, not only did many soldiers died for their country, many members of the Shepherds suffered the same fate. One of them being Lucina's mother. Upon this day, the princess was now raised by her aunt Lissa and Frederick. ... More years later, Lucina is almost an adult. The princess has a much serious personality than when she was a child, however she still kept her kindness toward others. On Lucina's hair was a tiara, a gift that her mother gave her when she was little and has also become the memento of her mother. Apparently this tiara was once the Hero King Marth's. Her hair was bouncing on her shoulders as she was training with Frederick outside in the back garden. Frederick had trained Lucina to the sword since the day he has become her mentor. Her father had already showed her how to use a sword, Frederick was only helping her improve. Lucina never knew why she had to train until she asked Frederick the question one day, he responded: ''For self-defense''. She trains so often that she almost no longer wears dress (dress that are most of the time not of her taste since dress of her taste are ''very... unique'' according to her aunt), she wears most of the time her training gear: a simple light armor that protect her shoulders, chest, hips and part of her legs. She also has a blue cape that is red in the inside. The two of them were sparring until Frederick sees that Lucina is getting tired. ''A breather, Lucina?'' ''I could use one...'' Lucina dropped her training sword before asking. ''Frederick, do you think one day I'll be equal to my father?'' ''One day you will Lucina, one day you will.'' said certaintly Frederick who almost expected the question. The years had given a few grey hairs but the Great Knight is still in good shape. He looked at the stables briefly, his horse was sadly no longer here to entertain him with her calm look. ''Shall we continue?'' asked Frederick after a moment. ''Yes.'' said Lucina as she picks up the training sword. Frederick is now a bit farway from her. ''Come to me and strike me with your strongest blow!'' Lucina grunted before quickly running up to him and striking him with her sword. ''Remember...'' reminded Frederick. ''Melees weapons all have an advantage and weakness. My axe is weak against your sword for example.'' Lucina did not answer, she was too busy striking him. After a few minutes, Frederick called it for a day. ''Very good Lucina, you are doing good progress. Perhaps soon enough I won't have to hold back anymore.'' said the Great Knight proudly. Lucina sighed in relief, her arms and legs were ''burning'' from the inside. But she felt good despite being a little bit exausted. Not too far away, a short blonde woman is looking at them in her shiny outfit.
  9. Hello guys! I found a lot of information regarding the raw growth rate stats but had trouble finding any comparative data, thus decided to try to form my own charts. I have thus far inputted all the growth rates and then formed an average and compared each character's growth rates to the average. I totalled them all up and this allows some really good comparisons: I will work on a proper document with even more info like this including charts and graphs, so stay tuned! If you would like to help just DM me :) I have many plans and will probs do this for each game! The excel document should be ready soon with ordering too! If this all exists already please tell me, but thus far I haven't found anything like it! Name HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Total Alm 16 8 13 7 2 15 1 63 Lukas 6 -12 -2 -13 -3 10 0 -13 Gray 1 -2 -12 -8 -8 -10 -2 -40 Tobin -4 -12 8 -13 -3 -5 -2 -30 Kliff -9 -12 3 22 -13 5 -2 -5 Silque 1 -2 -7 -8 27 5 0 17 Clair -9 -2 13 32 17 -5 0 47 Clive 11 -2 -7 -13 -8 -5 0 -23 Forsyth -4 -2 -12 2 7 -5 1 -12 Python 1 -2 -17 17 -13 -10 2 -21 Luthier 6 -12 33 2 17 0 0 47 Mathilda -4 8 3 17 12 5 2 44 Delthea -14 28 -7 17 7 -15 2 19 Tatiana -14 8 3 2 2 -5 2 -1 Zeke 16 3 13 17 7 10 -1 66 Mycen -24 -32 -32 -28 -28 -25 1 -167 Faye -4 -2 -12 -8 -3 5 1 -22 Celica 6 18 8 12 12 0 2 59 Mae -9 18 -7 2 7 -5 0 7 Boey 11 3 13 -8 -8 10 -1 21 Genny -14 18 8 -8 2 -15 3 -5 Saber 16 -7 -12 -3 -8 10 -2 -5 Valbar 16 -2 -2 -8 -8 15 -1 11 Kamui 6 -2 -12 2 -8 -5 -2 -20 Leon 1 -12 8 -8 -3 -5 2 -16 Palla 6 18 8 -8 -8 10 -1 26 Catria -4 -2 3 17 -3 0 0 12 Atlas 1 8 -12 -13 -8 -10 -2 -35 Jesse -4 -7 -2 7 22 -5 -2 10 Sonya -4 3 8 -3 -3 5 2 9 Deen 16 3 -7 2 -18 5 -2 0 Est -9 13 8 2 22 15 1 53 Nomah -29 -22 -17 -23 -23 -25 -1 -139 Conrad 6 -12 18 7 7 15 6 48
  10. You are the powerful avatar who aren't satisfied by just have only one S-rank Support. The Lord worries about this since it may potentially affects the morale the troops but can do nothing againts it. So, in order to control the avatar (you), the Lord restricting the avatar to have only one S-rank Support for each type of the class-ranks (excluding the Lord, Bard/Dancer, Songstress, and the frigid Assassin). ********************************************** Please tell your "tales" about you (the avatar) and your "lovers"... Example : Dark Knight, Dark Falcon, Maid, and General decided to contesting their cooking skills for determines who are the best one for avatar about dishes. The avatar still has the meetings with the Lord and the King. When they argued while awaits the avatar, Taguel ate all of the dishes without knew those dishes were for their love-contest.
  11. The ranged-weapons (not magic tomes or staves) in Fire Emblems are commonly use bows. Even crossbows also was existed in RD. In Fates, daggers or shurikens also mainly considered as ranged-weapons even able to used for attack on range 1. The law of weapon-triangle always applied. The sword-axe-lance-sword triangle will always exist. The magic tome triangle anima-light-dark-anima also was existed before, and so many players still missing the magic triangle plays. Now, what about the ranged-weapon triangle? We just have a simple idea about the completions of the weapon triangle types, including it will make the Fire Emblem has able to developing more various or returning old classes in their future installments. The crossbows might be able to treated as a different weapon-type later, so the weapon triangle might perhaps would became bow-crossbow-dagger-bow (which might made the Sniper class has two different weapon proficiencies : bow and crossbow. And it would be great if Ranger class would be applied so well and returned beside GBA's spellcaster classes. Bow Knight - bow and sword. Ranger - crossbow and sword). The effectiveness : it's a common knowledge those bows are effective againts fliers, and daggers has low damage output. Let them be that way. The different is, just make the crossbows not effective againts fliers (since it basically designed only for shooting straight forward at the max.angle) but instead just make them effective againts cavalries. Let the daggers damage outputs basically low but just make them effective againts infantries. It's for balancing wise, beside, some historical records said that the cavalry troops might be effective to charging the legions of archers, but different story when they facing the lines of crossbowmen. And about the daggers, despise they were used on battlefields or not, were almost never used againts targets which still on horseback since it would be much less effective. Armor-class might be exception because they were basically different class than other infantries even they also fights on their feet. They already had their own weaknesses, beside, logically, throwing daggers againts Armor-class would be never effective (daggers here treated as ranged weapon). Maybe someone has talk about these topics before. But still, we believes that anyone here have better opinion than us, and please just share with us.... Thank you before and best regards.
  12. Click to look at Fódlan! Ok, so, here's the map of Fódlan(?), right. So, this continent goes on right? Click to look at the surroundings of Fódlan! And to the east there's a continent named Palmica. I might be crazy, but doesn't Palmica look strangely like... Click here to look at FE 10 Tellius Map! But reversed, I guess. What is "Palmica" Could easily be Begnion and Daein, with the southern Islands being those islands that we see below Palmica(don't judge my spelling okay, reading what the map says is difficult). Leicester in the east of Fódlan is slightly brighter than the rest of the map suggesting a desert, and then in the Tellius Saga they clearly state that there is a desert to the east. I mean it's kind of a long shot, and there would have to be a reason for Tellius to be flipped on Fódlan's map(it could be as easy as it's simply just perspective). Or, I might just be crazy. But, I've been thinking about this like all day. (All of the links except the surrounding Fódlan one should just be Serenes Forest links so they should really not be harmful)
  13. Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade added explosives, Fire Emblem Fates added Tanks, and 50 shades of Valentia added elephant tanks from the Halo series, as well as lasers, so should Fire Emblem Switch go a step further and add firearms into the Fire Emblem series? Or better yet, robots and flying fortress's?
  14. An another insane idea in my mind for Fire Emblem from one of my posts and it will be special for Lunatic difficulty. If all Fire Emblem titles mixed to one, in "my castle" features, it will have an extra "DLC" chapter that only worked once and before reach any chapters which contained the stories (or paralogues) about met any character's descendant, and the 'extra chapter' works like below. The extra chapter is Rescue an NPC monster (which cannot attack and have relatively high HP and Def, no Skills, and with 0 in other stats so it would be mostly got double and critical hits by enemy) who appeared at north area on the map which hunted down by the massive numbers of enemy's (relatively easy) monsters with unlimited reinforcements, which good for exp.harvestings. Battle chapter ended if the NPC monster died or succeed to reach out south area of the map. If the Lord unit got talked to it before it reach out of the map and survived, it will follow you to the castle after the battle chapter ended (but not as an unit), and you will got a temporary extra feature. In the castle, the temporary extra feature is to talk to the Monster for it's request to the Lord. The extra feature would be gone after finished it's tasks or when the player decide to ignore it and continues to the next chapter. The Monster's tasks were request the Lord is to sacrifice each one of any male and female HUMAN/BEORC characters from the player's force (not from post-game's bonus characters that featured by enemy's or deceased characters). Lords, avatar (my unit), characters which already have A, A+, and S support, matured or cursed characters (like Jagen, Frey, Wrys, Moulder, Dozla, Gunther, Nyx, and many more), major characters who destined to be the ruler of the country (king / queen / crown prince / crown princess), and 'branded' characters could NOT be sacrificed. There will be very limited choice of it. The both sacrificed characters could not have their mates (including having child) and will have their own altered endings (and they would had sad endings because they weren't humans anymore). If the player "agrees" to do it, it might be recommended for any weakest characters who has terrible growth that forced to benched overtime and not very affected to the battlefields as well as their respective own 'stories' (note: when decide to 'agree', it will unable to continue to next chapter before the task completed). The sacrificed characters here were not perished at all. The Monster only takes their "humanity" in order to lift-off it's monster-form curse by a defeated demon god. After the task finished, the Monster's form would became a shade of light and thanking the Lord for help, so it can return to it's own respective realm. (The word "it" were used due it have no gender and no character's voice.) The characters were 'sacrificed' by reborn into demi-humans and reclassed to permanent classes that unable to reclass to another (including DLC) class, unremovable Skills, cannot buy and equip another Skills, and lost all of their own already-learned Skills, hence since they lost their "humanity". Note: the other characters cannot be reclass to the respective demi-human's classes. Example below. They have average stats growth and would be considered as the monster units, so they were weak againts anti-monster Skills or weapons (if exist). The level will reset to 1, HP 25, Str 7, Mag 7, Skill 8, Spd 8, Luck 9, Def 6, Res 6 after "reborn". They will become: Angel. From a sacrificed male unit. A winged humanoid creature which gains energy from the purity of water. Flier. Marine. Movement 7. Lance E, Dagger E, Staff E. Skills: 1. -the Character's own innate Skill-. 2. Albatross. -class' innate Skill-. Iote's Shield + restore 10 HP on the start of player's turn if stands on the water tiles. 3. Lv.1.: Raider. Beastbane + Wyrmsbane + Air Superiority. 4. Lv.10.: Edgebreaker. Axebreaker + Bowbreaker. 5. Lv.25.: Bladefaire. Lancefaire + Daggerfaire. 6. Lv.35.: Titan. Luna + Rend Heaven. Lamia. From a sacrificed female unit. An attractive creature with half women to upper body and half snake to lower body. Mountaineer. Forester. Desert walker. Movement 6. Axe E, Bow E, Tome E. Skills: 1. -the Character's own innate Skill-. 2. Lander -class' innate Skill-. Natural Cover + Good Fortune + Negates all terrain's movement penalties. 3. Lv.1.: Slaughter. Armorsbane + Ridersbane. 4. Lv.10.: Bladebreaker. Lancebreaker + Daggerbreaker. 5. Lv.25.: Edgefaire. Axefaire + Bowfaire + Tomefaire. 6. Lv.35.: Titanesse. Sol + Astra. ************************************ Sorry for long posts. Now, if the insane feature above exist and "agree" to sacrifice, from each one human/beorc male and female: 1. Who will you sacrifice? (Their names and from FE series) 2. What will they becomes? (also allowed to take the demi-humans example-forms above) 3. What Skills will they have? (if you have any ideas and they'll allowed to be overpowered) nb. also allowed to take same characters to becomes another demi-human creatures and vise-versa.
  15. After quietly awaiting the old thread to fade from the first page so that I could sort of rebrand the discussion to focus more on the real nitty gritty of the project (the actual release of the models and their application elsewhere), it has finally come time to make my move. For those unfamiliar, there has been a project in the works from Deviant Art and VG Resource users kurokairaku, SciresM, and Demonslayerx8 to extract and release all the characters' 3D models for use in other platforms such as VR Chat, GMod, XPS, MMD, and Super Smash Bros. 4 (in its rapidly decreasing relevance). This has been going on since December, and I had been quietly following it like Tharja would Robin. Now every weekend, you can expect at least one character's model to be released. There have already been a number released, so there's already quite a bit to work with. They will be posted on both the VG Resource thread and kurokairaku's DA account, so be sure to follow either one (or this thread, if you don't feel like exploring beyond this site, as I'll try to keep it up to date) if you want to keep up to date on this. If you have requests, I'd recommend contacting either kuro or DSX8 on Deviant Art, because the VGR prohibits users from making requests unless they're regular, active members. Below, I'll list the characters whose models have been released, and those names will link to their respective posts on Deviant Art (Note: "BA" stands for "Broken Armor", and it'll be noted which Broken Armors have been released if the character has more than one): Feel free to discuss this; maybe even link to places where these character models have been ported to other platforms. I will probably do some 3D model posing. At the very least, I think I'll port some of the models to XPS. And maybe, if I really feel like it, rig them into GTA: San Andreas, as I probably still have leftover knowledge from my early days of porting models to that game. Anything else is beyond my current expertise/interest.
  16. So this just came out today and I figured everyone here would appreciate it. Thought I would share it since it got a few laughs out of me.
  17. I'm really need a Co-Host to assist me in my Fire Emblem Heroes. I need someone who has a workable schedule(somewhere around in afternoons and evenings in EST), can offer helpful advice in my Heroes videos for my YouTube channel, and is good at staying on a topic when a topic has been struck. Plz reply back ASAP if interested
  18. What if in Fire Emblem Switch, if you attack a regular enemy/miniboss, it plays out like your standard Fire Emblem battles, but when you attack a boss, it plays out like a turn based JRPG similar to Final Fantasy?
  19. Both are evil, Both have the exact same hair, both have a deep hatred towards the main protagonist, and one big reason is too spoilery for me to mention!
  20. So I have little programming and coding knowledge but ive always been willing to learn and teach myself many things, like I taught myself art. But I have a super ambitious project that I will go through any hoop to create. I want to make a single player fan game with an original story that mashes up all the stories throughout the series. The main character will likely be an OC. but the most ambitious part is I want to make a system that allows you to get most heroes throughout the series. Sounds impossible I know, but im willing to dedicate all my free time to this. My question to you guys is a simple one. What programs should I do this in, the gameplay doesn't even need to be like fire emblem, but just have fire emblem skinned over it. and if anyone is willing to help me with this who has more knowledge Id love it. Ive wanted something like this for a long time but it doesent exist, and if no one else does it, I want to do it myself. Any suggestions please. (PS I have played every game in the series and know the stories all fairly well) Thanks guys!
  21. Almost every Fire Emblem title has a leading Male and Female protagonist. So as the title suggests, Which Female protagonist is your favourite and why. Since I don't know anything pre Binding blade so I have no idea if they have female protagonists thus didn't include them in the poll. Caeda and Lilina aren't Protagonists so they aren't included either.
  22. Since everyone is making these lists after Fire Emblem Switch is taking FOREVER to even have a trailer, I guess I'll have a go at it. 1. More fanservice, I'm not talking about fates style fanservice, I'm talking about full on High School DxD/Dororon Enma Kun remake style fanservice 2. New classes such as: - Gladiator - Gunner - Playboy Bunny - Terror Knight And more 3. We need a silent protagonist 4. Infernal mode, and permanent removal of Phoenix Mode And the most important thing: 5. 4th tier promotions!
  23. This is just something I came up with to see what answers would come. Personally, I just wanted to start a flame war, but, y'know. Comment below whoever you think is the best unit in the series! I think it's Seth (Sacred Stones).
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