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Found 629 results

  1. Now that the DLC is out, let's have a place where we can actually talk about it and our experiences. Post here about anything regarding the latest DLC pack.
  2. Looking for edits for a Fire Emblem 7 ROM. List those edits and I'll pick the best ones and interesting ones. If you want me to change names of weapons or characters or change the portraits of certain characters, I'll have my editor: Chaos Slicer do it (major thanks for helping me btw).Also, the growth rates of enemies will be increased by 20% so keep that in mind when you play HHM.List your edits here or message them personally to me. With the way things have been going so far with this PME, I might make this into a type of ROM Hack. I don't know if I want to call it ZIGLUDO Emblem or Fire Emblem:ZIGLUDO and Hector's Tales HERE IS A LINK TO THE EDITS SO FAR:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PCIyKF_FSIGjHlKhSPYyghvmWqkhpu-eIFBb3wl4LFI/edit HERE IS A LINK TO THE DEMO PATCH:https://www.dropbox.com/s/oc5swuxnvbgmtmo/FE7 PME chapter 21.ups?dl=0 *Demo Patch for this goes up to New Resolve *Recommended that you play ZIGLUDO or Hector's stories first because Lyn story unit are/is entirely different from ZIGLUDO and Hector's.
  3. Fire Emblem: Awakening uses a font called Chiaro Std B Bold, which is the same font The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask use. (Not the 3DS remakes, however.) It can be found here. 7th down from the top. Unfortunately I couldn't quiiiiiteee get the spacing and formatting 100% accurate to in-game, but if anyone figures it out for a 240p image, let me know! I hope fan works really can use this! -Robotortoise Also here's the stupid thing I did with the font
  4. I got this crazy idea for a crossover between Fire Emblem and Capcom's Ace Attorney series. Various FE characters are reimagined as crime dramady characters, some as witnesses or suspects, others as attorneys, be they heroic or sinister. Spearheading the heroic attorneys is none other than Owain Dark, cutting through contradictions and dispelling deception with all the flair of a master attorney. The weapon triangle concept of Fire Emblem is represented by a sort of rock-paper-scissors of Law, Emotion, and Logic, used both for investigation and interrogation as well as court room persecution and defense. Many of the cases involve the local national treasure, the Fire Emblem, whether it's the theft of the five stones set within it or a custody battle over ownership of the Emblem itself.
  5. I didn't see this kind of thread anywhere, so I decided to create one of my own! Please list class name, weapons, if it is base or promoted, movement/type, good and bad stats, and any unique abilities. Class Name: Spirit Rider Type: Promoted Flying Weapons: Swords, Lances Good Stats: Skl, Spd, Lck Bad Stats: Str, Mag, Def Unique abilities: All crits triple Str (Or Mag, if using magical weapon) and then target the foes Def (or Res), instead of tripling damage
  6. What Fire Emblem Character do you want in Smash Bros?
  7. Lord: Lucina (Awakening.) Paladin: Seth (Sacred Stones.) Great Knight: Fredrick (Awakening.) Sniper: Takumi (Fates.) General: Amelia (Sacred Stones.) Falcon Knight: Florina (Blazing Sword.) Hero: Inigo/Laslow (Awakening/Fates.) Warrior: Garcia (Sacred Stones.) Sage/Onmyoji: Lilina (Binding Blade.) Bishop: Natasha (Sacred Stones.) Assassin: Matthew (Blazing Sword.) Swordmaster: Ryoma (Fates.) Valkyrie/Mage Knight/Strategist: Clarine (Binding Blade.) Bow Knight/Nomadic Trooper: Rath (Blazing Sword.) Berserker: Gonzales (Binding Blade.) Wyvern Lord: Milady (Binding Blade.) Sorcerer/Druid: Henry (Awakening.) Halberdier/Spear Master: Nephinee (Telius Series.) Rouge/Trickster/Adventurer: Sothe (Telius Series.) Dark Knight: Leo (Fates.) Master Ninja: Kaze (Fates.) War Monk/War Cleric: Lissa (Awakening.) Manakete: Tiki (Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem/Awakening.) Other Shapeshifters: Tibarn (Telius games.) Decided to shorten it, because it would take up so much time, and probably fill up the whole comment. What are some of your favorites?
  8. There's something that has been bothering for quite a long time, why does so many people hate Kris, the MU of New Mystery of The Emblem. Some say that is because he takes all the spotlight from Marth, I mean sure, sometimes I think he becomes too much of a hero for a deuteragonist, but still, I never saw him as such. Considering the fact that the MU customization began with him (Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken doesn't count, I'm sure you know why), of course there would be flaws, but it just seems that he's too much hated, he may not be the best MU and absolutely not the best character, but still he ain't the worse either. What do you guys think?
  9. Just thought I would try to get involved with the online fire emblem community I am relatively new to the franchise but not turn based strategy. I have played and completed FE2, FE3, FE7, FE8, FE13, FE14, FE15 I am currently playing FE6 and FE11 and I am very much enjoying them both with FE11 being a very good upgrade over the original (but college comes first so it may take a while) I enjoy fire emblem games as they not only have good strategy and gameplay but they also have characters that often humanise the units giving me more reason to keep them alive than just them being powerful/useful. sorry if grammar or spelling is bad
  10. hello, im not really sure if this is the right place to post this so... anyway. me and a friend of mine are making our own campaign setting for pathfinder with inspiration from fire emblem. we are pretty much done with the first draft of it and our first game in it is pretty much gonna be playtesting. i was wondering if anyone wanted to help us with by looking at it for balance changes or if you wanted to play it yourself. we aren't planning on selling it or publishing it or anything like that, this is just for fun. if anyone wants to see it or help let me know :)
  11. Awakening and Fates get a lot of slack in terms of its story telling and writing which I agree the writing has lost quality over the years. I want to know what most of the community see as the golden standard for a good Fe story?
  12. How would you feel if FE7 got a full remake? This includes, A customizable avatar, Marriage, Voice Acting, Child units and updated graphics. I personally don't think it'll happen due to the "casual" side of fire emblem games lately. I'd also like to discus critical quotes, voice actors and the like.
  13. RIP the original model-ripping thread. We hardly knew ye. So for the past month, I've been looking out for some 3D models of the characters in FEW so that I could possibly port them to XPS and do some graphics stuff with them. Anyway, I literally just stumbled upon some pictures posted by Deviant Art user DSX8 - a Smash 4 modder - which show some of the characters from FEW ripped from the game. But then I learned they actually have the Broken Armor models of certain characters who don't yet have access to them in-game. Namely Anna, Lissa, Lyn, and Tiki so far. It's not too uncommon for devs to leave scraps of their works-in-progress within game files, so it isn't a huge revelation that some characters already have these models. But still, I thought some would be interested to see these. Since I don't know if I have permission to repost the pictures (don't know why I wouldn't be allowed though, but I don't wanna take chances), I'll post links to the respective pictures instead. Anna Lissa Lyn Tiki They also have some other characters - Ryoma, Oboro, Hinoka, and Camilla - ripped from the game as well as Hinoka as an alternate skin of Marth in Smash 4. As far as I know, the models aren't actually available to the public, though DSX8 did say at one point that they'll probably be made available soon via the Model Resource (they estimated it would take about 2 weeks - a prediction made about 3-5 days ago). And once they are made available, it is very likely that they'll get ported to other things, such as XPS, SFM, or Garry's Mod. Feel free to discuss or gawk at the fact that the broken armor models are missing heads. EDIT: I'll just provide links below in the spoiler, as well as any future relevant links. DOUBLE EDIT: The raw models, which have been edited for proper use, are now being released. Check links below. I edited this edit because it might be confusing for some if I said the "raw" models were released. Again, read below.
  14. So I've been wanting to play this game again... possibly even LP it to put my own spin on it like I've been doing with Valkyria Chronicles (which actually sorta was a PMU, too, and am... still slowly in the process of doing). Lemme give you the low down. I will be using 14 units besides Marth. I will be using Marth and the fourteen others until endgame, but no one else except when I need to recruit units. The number is, incidentally, based off of the number of units one can take to the final chapter. I am playing a modified version of the game (that I patched myself, mind you) that lets me play the Gaiden chapters without killing troops off like some ritualistic lunatic, so I'll have access to the units gained in those chapters. This also means that I won't get Gotoh, I believe, unless the hack somehow changed that. Because I'm not playing on Normal (I'm playing Savage difficulty, which is somewhere in the middle between Hard and Merciless), I'll be starting only with the traditional team, most of whom I won't even be using I'm not aiming for low turn counts or anything like that, so I'm probably not gonna abuse warp staves to beat the chapters in one turn or whatever. I'm not a meta-gamer. No real limits on forges, but I don't often use the forge anyway because I'm a philistine. I'm not saying that I'll let people pick my weapons or anything; I'm just letting everyone know this. Stat boosters and Anna's shops are fair game. Not like I particularly need all of that stuff too much, but they'll be a failsafe in case one of my allies winds up sucking too much. I will actually use allies in their original classes up until the soonest briefing screen. So for example, I will use Maria as a cleric in the level she joins in, but she will switch to pegasus knight as soon as I get to the next chapter. I'll be using the following units:
  15. Both are Nintendo villains, Both have similar hairstyles, Both are dictators, Both have similar motives, And both are misanthropic!
  16. 1. Is Lusamine Ike's descendant while the Aether Foundation is the rebanded Greil Mercenaries? 2. The Master Sword is actually the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda after it got worn out 3. Hardin is actually Joseph Stalin from Real Life, Why? Because they both have the same hair, They both like the color red, And they're both dictators 4. The Falchion is actually Naga's husband imprisoned into a sword 5. Zephiel is actually Cyrus from Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum, Why? Because they both have similar motives and hairstyles, And they're both misanthropic 6. Brunnya is actually Jupiter Jack from Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum because they both look alike 7. Gazzak is actually Kazzak from Hyrule Conquest Birthright and Revolution, Why? Because they both have similar names, And they're both rulers 8. Pokemon Mr black 2 and Mr White 2 foreshadowed Fire Emblem Awakening 9. Fire Emblem is actually a Pokemon AU 10. Lucina is seen staring at a mountain in Fire Emblem Awakening's ending, And it's shaped like a triangle, What else do we know about triangles? They have three sides, What else has three sides? That's right, A dorito, HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
  17. Hey folks, lurker for a long time here, and also with gaming media. I wrote a story and published it this morning, focusing on the one-year anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes, and how despite the game being well-designed, generated fairly little attention with mainstream games media. Even after earning over $300 milliion in revenue from the game, it's just kind of fallen off the map, despite being one of the best mobile games in years and earning a DICE Game of the Year (mobile) award. In the piece, I compared this game to various other mobile games like Puzzle and Dragons, Brave Frontier, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and how Heroes stands above them in a quality and design standpoint. What do you guys think of the game, its overall direction, and what it's done thus far? Any egregious decisions that stand out to you? Piece is here if you're interested, and looking forward to mingling with this community a bit more! https://www.gamerpros.co/nintendos-unsung-and-underrated-hero-is-fire-emblem-heroes/
  18. Seriously, Sakura being the final boss of Conquest is just very fucking lame. (I don't own this image, don't sue me.)
  19. 1. An animal rights activist who orders his solders to steal animals from people to set them free 2. A band of thieves who try to steal the Fire Emblem 3. A villain who kills himself shortly before he loses 4. A terrorist organization who wants to make animals the dominant species instead of humans 5. A terrorist organization who wants to destroy emotions 6. A lower ranking enemy General who's secretly the mastermind behind the scenes 7. A mad scientist who wants to create a race of anthropomorphic animals to conquer the world 8. An evil dictator who tries to slaughter a large group of people who believe in a certain religion 9. An evil dictator who has a deep hatred towards the main protagonist 10. An evil dictator who tries to turn useless machines into weapons of mass destruction
  20. I thought this would be a fun thing to do. So basically you rate the Fire Emblem music posted above you from whatever scale you want, preferably 1-10, and then you post your favorite original music from any of the Fire Emblem games. Avoid posting excessively long videos or loops unless its the only way to post the song. Of course I will post first: Fire Emblem Awakening - Destiny (Ablaze)
  21. I started a new Let's Play, of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, so if I gain $200 on my Patreon, before Blazing Sword ends, I will play Binding Blade If you want to check my let's play out, look at my YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_i-hvlrkL8
  22. Hello everyone, I am new on the forum and I am fan of Fire emblem games, so i am making a FE project in using Rpg Maker Xp but i have a problem with my portrait in game. =/ I tried to insert a portrait after formatting with "FEXP MUG Formatter, I inserted it with success but when I accessed for items on the map the portrait got messed up =/ ( ) My character template : FE GAME format : FEXP format after "FEXP MUG Formatter" : Where did I mess up somewhere ? =/ Thank you very much in advance.
  23. Bigkahuna707


    Hello everybody. I am a huge FE fan. I have beaten every FE released in the US, including FE Warriors and Tokyo Mirage sessions #FE. My first FE game was Path of Radiance and it is my still my favorite one and Ike is my boy. I've kept a list of all the kill counts throughout the FE games that I've played and made a corresponding list in excel about it that I plan on posting in the future. Other games series I enjoy include The Shin megami tensei games and Persona games. A old school classic that is among favorite game series of all time is Monster Rancher, with MR2 being my favorite from the series
  24. This is the feedback for my new story: Link to Fire Emblem: The Grimleal's return: A few things to keep in mind: I am NOT confirming any ships whatsoever, there's a few that you can probably guess but they will not be mentionned directly in this story. The chapters will be written like if they would be written in a video game Robin is female because I want her too. Robin could also be male, it has no effect on the story. This story is not an explanation of what happened before what is shown on the Awakening Drama CD. In fact I would say it's something entirely different, basically of how I would see everything that happened before they go back to the future. Have a good read and post if you find any mistakes!
  25. I was watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King recently, and this idea came to me; despite not being true domestic animals, War Elephants were a very powerful force to reckon with in ancient and medieval warfare. With me being a FE fan, I thought that maybe if it could work, a War Elephant would be a very interesting unit-they would effectively be mobile fortresses. Here's how I think they would work: because they are so massive, War Elephants would take up 4 spaces, and on their back they would have a unit wielding a lance, an archer unit, and a unit that throws Spears. I think it would be very disappointing and a missed opportunity if the Elephant itself wasn't used as an enemy, so it would use it's tusks that are attached with swords as a move which is either sword-type or lance type (since they are long like Lances), but I would say sword-type because I think a long pole weapon would be the best kind of melee weapon if you were faced against one of these. The War Elephant's stats would be very high HP, Atk, and Def, decent luck (maybe a high luck stat if Elephants are considered good luck in some cultures), okay resistance, good skill, but low speed. It would move either 5-7 spaces. If you take the Elephant down, you could also take its riders down with it, but this should be very hard to do because of how much help they give it. The War Elephant would also function as a movable high ground, which gives all projectile enemies on top of it at least 1 additional space that their projectile would cover; this means that an enemy with a Spear would cover up to at least 3 spaces, and an enemy unit with a Longbow (because they would have to appear in late-game anyway) would cover up to at least 4 spaces. The Lance wielder would always dual-attack with the War Elephant (another reason why I think that a War Elephant's attack should function as sword-type). If you try to hit it from a distance, you'd also have to deal with the Spear-thrower and Sniper who are highly likely to dual-attack you. I am thinking that because of how powerful they are meant to be, War Elephants should be enemy-only units. The first War Elephant you'd meet would probably be only one as a boss or with the boss riding it, but very late in the game the enemy army could have many War Elephants supported by infantry. In ancient and medieval warfare, the sight of War Elephants was enough to terrify an enemy army and lower morale, they could take on a whole bunch of an enemies soldiers at the same time, so I'd like War Elephants in FE to give the player that feeling of a very intimidating giant walking fortress that they'd really have to strategize in order to take down. However, since Elephants are intelligent animals, they could work where you might be able to recruit an Elephant rider and have the Elephant as a character with some personality (esp. in the supports with their rider), and plus, wouldn't it just be totally satisfying to rampage on your enemy with a gigantic beast and have a mobile fortress of your own?
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