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Found 629 results

  1. I am looking for a huge Heroes fan to help me with a new show I am doing on my YouTube channel. I want a Heroes fan who knows the game as much as I do, inside and out. If your interested, reply in this thread and I'll message you to see if you can help me. IMPORTANT: I will only really need 1-2 fans to help me with this.
  2. Hello, I'm new to this forum and I recently have been looking for something. I very much am a fan of the Fire Emblem series, from the combat and rich stories. However I was wondering if there is a official mode in one of the games, or a unofficial rom that added custom matches or skirmishes. This would mean picking and selecting units to fight on a pre determined map to your liking, no real story involved or perma death to worry about, but more about enjoying wholesome fun of your favorite team duking it out with another, If anyone would know about it official or not, please dont hesitate to let me know.
  3. The Avatar (Robin.) Can marry anyone, so comment on who your avatar married.
  4. Hello Serenesforest, and welcome to Rex Glacies’ first (of sorts; depending on what is being referred to as “first”) playthrough of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones! The Sacred Stones is, I believe, well liked in the fandom; it is largely regarded as one of the better stories in the series, and hails one of the most tragic and well rounded villains in Fire Emblem. My experience with it is also kinda unique. After finishing Awakening a couple of years ago, I wanted to know more about Fire Emblem, which led me to watch a walkthrough of The Sacred Stones. Fairly recently as well, I emulated the game on my computer, but I only got so far before the “legally ambiguous” nature of the emulator caught up with me, and I deleted it (I also got stuck, and my computer was slow). So, what that means is that this isn’t a blind playthough - I know most of what will happen. However, I will still try to keep things spoiler free as I play through the story. I have been debating as to whether I should do a playthrough of this game or Shadows of Valentia. I decided on this one because I know this game better, chapters might be easier to organize than Shadows of Valentia’s “Acts,” and, since this is on the Wii U, I’ll be able to take more pictures. I also got Sacred Stones as a My Nintendo discount and don't yet have Shadows of Valentia. Also of note: this is the first time I’ve done a playthrough like this, so feedback, criticism, and suggestions are all welcome and encouraged. Anyway, enough backstory! To the game itself! ... Next post!
  5. Both are involved with the plot, Both are vassals, And both are in a game that revolves around the sun and the moon!
  6. (My first post... yay!) So I've seen some gameplay of Fire Emblem Warriors on the switch and to me, it looks really good! I was already excited about its release but when it was announced to come out for the 3DS systems, I had my hopes raised. I only own a 3DS and I really want to play the game, but is it worth playing? I do understand that the graphics will be downgraded A LOT but, maybe from someone who is playing/has played the game on the 3DS (or simply has seen some gameplay of it on the 3DS), what would you recommend to me? If this helps at all, I've played Zero Time Dilemma on the 3DS and still enjoyed it to bits even though the graphics weren't all that great. I kept on playing the game because of the story (insert a gasp from a random reader) and the challenging puzzles that were presented alongside the graphics.
  7. Hi there, I am new to this community so I hope this is not a stupid question and that this is the right place to ask it. Fire Emblem GBA is my all time FE favourite and I recently picked it up again. I downloaded the ROM and play it on an emulating software called OpenEmu on my Macbook. My issue is, that I crave the challenge of Hector Hard Mode and I don't want to go through the numbing boredom of having to play Lyn, Eliwood AND Hector Normal Mode just to play HHM. I have done a little bit of research to try and download a save file but I have not been successful. Mainly because all files available have a file extension of ".sps" or something else but not the file extension ".sav", which is what the save file in my emulator folder ends with. I sincerely hope someone can help me with this, from what I've read this community is quite eager to help. Again, I hope this is not a stupid question. Sincerely, OXCallidus
  8. If you don't see your favorite character from fates, in this poll, feel free to leave him/her in the comments.
  9. 1. Timmy Turner 2. Steve from Minecraft 3. Jimmy Neutron 4. Alex, Sam, And Clover from Totally Spies 5. Johnny Test 6. Mr. Potato head 7. Vice from Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together. 8. Faratrass from Midnight Sun 9. Spongebob Squarepants 10. Astaroth from Shinra Bansho I'll continue the list later.
  10. Wait!! This contains spoilers, for Awakening! Anyways, I decided to make a forum for some good old Fire Emblem OC development, specifically ones meant to be in Awakening. This doesn't even have to be an OC, either! As long as you can write for a character in their personality, it's all good. This is a very long process, and I want people to write a lot of good quotes, so be prepared to take some time on this. Examples can be found here, in the playable characters section, on that character's page, in the quotes section. http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_characters_in_Fire_Emblem:_Awakening I'll post mine, later. Good luck! EDIT: Another rule, there's no rule against editing your quotes. Have fun! ;w;
  11. What if Intelligent Systems made a Fire Emblem game that takes place in the Wild West?
  12. Hi guys! I am a big fan of fire emblem.I spent dozen of hours playing with the franchise.I played most of the hacks that they are out there. I would like to create a new hack myself...But i have no experience..so i am looking to start this journey and this project with friends that have the time and the love for fire emblem.What I bring in the table is imagination, Photoshop skills and directing.I already have in mind how i want the story to happen.so hit me up and lets discuss this :)
  13. I guess it's just an endless cycle, What with the people pointlessly getting mad at Ayra's inclusion in Heroes.
  14. Mounted physically offensive units seem "okay" to me, so I think there should be a weapon out there to make them better or at least stand out more. Intelligent Systems, if you're listening, I hope you're able to add Cavalry Sabres as a special type of sword in a future installment of Fire Emblem. My idea for them is basically, when used by a non-mounted unit with the ability to wield swords, they're slightly weaker swords comparable to other swords for their level, but when used by a horse-mounted unit with the ability to wield swords, they give bonuses, such as higher physical offense, skill, speed, crit chance, etc. I'm betting this is much more likely to happen then my firearms idea. They'd be a pretty interesting mechanic I think. Plus, Cavalry Sabres are really beautiful swords :)
  15. I don't know where to put this so if this is wrong please either move or delete it, thank you. I don't know how long it takes to update the site but the site still has the NA release date listed as Fall 2017 for Fire Emblem Warriors. It has been announced to come out on October 20, 2017 for both North America and Europe.
  16. Hello everyone! I'm new here so I'm not sure if a thread has been open about this. So I bought a new SNES Classic Edition from Gamestop, and have modded it to run a few extra games. One came to mind is both Genealogy of Holy War and Thracia 776. I looked online to see if it has ever been done before. So I did some research. since I do have the North American version of the SNES Classic, the emulator built-in will not be able to play PAL or Japanese games. But there's still a way to play Fire Emblem games for those that don't want to pay an import fee for a Super Famicom Mini Classic (even though the console still looks cooler than the lame NA look). So far, I'm stuggling trying to find a proper patched Genealogy of Holy War (w/Project Narga translation patch) and unable to play the game on the Classic. However, I was able to run Thracia 776 w/ the english patch (although an old patch) and was able to get a close enough real SNES experience to play the game. What you need to do this A SNES Classic Edition (either PAL or North America models) Hakchi mod tool for your desktop Retroarch w/cores Thracia 776 Rom w/English Patch I'll be updating this thread with more as I'm at work right now. Will post pictures, and if you're an owner of a SNES Classic and was able to add both Fire Emblem games, please contribute here. Here's a video demo https://youtu.be/NzfKzb7E1fA
  17. Hey, Its been a long time, since I was active (not lurking in the shadows) and recently I had the urge to go and buy one of the 3DS FE titles. If you could kindly consult me about what game I should get, that would be nice. I know, many may not like them or even hate them, but I am still asking for (if possible) objective opinions, why I should or should not get game X. Meaning a reply like "Buy game X, cuz good waifu" is something I often see on non-Serenes Forest forums with unreasonable children. PS: If I seemed rude, then I apologize. But recently, I have encountered many kids in fandoms where I also lurk around with this kind of attitude, which increases my salt-level. PPS: If there are any mistakes, english is sadly not my native language.
  18. So I just finished playing Binding Blade, which is my last gba title. I want to jump into the NES/SNES era of games and thought Genealogy would be a good snes era game to start with. But is there any other title I should play before that? And what tips should I know before jumping in? Thanks in advance.
  19. So gameplay-wise Fates is wonderful. The only flaws I really notice with that is that Birthright and Revelations don't have that epic challenge feel that Conquest does, but other than that, it is fantastic for FE. However, while I liked many of the characters, the story of them felt a bit... weak to me, but I felt like there was promise to be had here. How would you improve the story of Fates in general? What are some missed out opportunities for pre-battle dialog between one of Corrin's units and a special unit in the field, and what would they say in such pre-battle dialog? How would you make some characters done better, such as character arcs?
  20. I'm currently trying to make a hack of fire emblem and I finally got help with the one question every newbie seems to have when hacking which is the battle script. After that problem was fixed another one popped up sigh. Soooo on to ask my question. When this problem came up up I wondered is it much easier just to create a game of fire emblem instead of hacking one? RPG maker XP is and awesome program for making rpg games and doesn't have a lot restrictions like hacking a rom does. Has anyone ever created a fire emblem game with rpg maker? I always see info on hacking but not creating from scratch so this is why I ask. If anyone has made one or looked into making one from rpg maker or has any advice on that could they please tell me. Thanks in advance
  21. I chose the Conquest route, but I liked the Revelation route, so I chose that next, and didn't like the Birthright route so much.
  22. A concept I personally find fun to think about but I’ve almost never seen addressed online, which I will do now. If specific Pokemon were Fire Emblem classes, what could you see them as? I’ll begin with some of the starter Pokemon: Blastoise- Knight Meganium- Cleric Decidueye- Archer Samurott- Myrmidon Delphox- Mage Greninja- Thief Incineroar- Fighter
  23. Disregard this thread. I've noticed no one has responded so I will not be expecting any posts.
  24. A concept I personally find fun to think about but I’ve almost never seen addressed online, which I will do now. If specific Pokemon were Fire Emblem classes, what could you see them as? I’ll begin with some of the starter Pokemon: Blastoise- Knight Meganium- Cleric Decidueye- Archer Samurott- Myrmidon Delphox- Mage Greninja- Thief Incineroar- Fighter
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