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  1. Discord Server----> https://discord.gg/ymvjf5J Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c6tuu5ttudvev8j/Genealogy+Remake.ups Patch to Fe8 (U) So, long-short story, this is my remake idea for Fire Emblem 4 - Genealogy of the Holy War. It won't be exactly like the source game was, because if it were to be a perfect copy of the source, then it would be better to go and play the original. So, what I mean is that I'm remaking it, and while I'm setting it to be as close to the source as possible, I'm also adding in some extra stuff, that I feel to be necessary to be a even better hack. For example: Thracia 776's characters, like Eyvel, Orsin, Olwen. As well as slightly altering some stuff. Some other examples include myself taking some events from the Manga version and altering it myself. I also plan to make Ishtar and Julius characters to be more relevant, and/or likable as well. So, what I mean is that, please don't tell me: "This is not a Fe4 remake." While I call it remake, all ROMHacking is actually a playable fanfiction. So, yeah, this is my version into Fe4's story. But don't worry, I'm not some edgy teenager creating a cringe-worthy story. I try to make this hack as close as possible from what's considered canon or not. And yeah, Arden is there, he's a joke, but the reason he's there is for the lack of armored units. Hanibal joins too late and giving Darsim/Xavier to the player would also make them come out too late. I hope you can enjoy this hack of mine and if possible give me feedback. And for those who played the source game: I hope you can enjoy it as well, even though it's not exactly the same plot/mechanics as the original. Credits:
  2. By now i'm sure a lot of people have seen the translated text of Anna's S-rank support for Fire Emblem Engage. In contract to the amount of attention that particular support conversation has received, I've seen comparatively less discussion and controversy pertaining to the other "way too young to be on the battlefield seriously where are your parents?!" kid in the 10-year-old Jean. As such, i'm wondering if there's been any sort of fan translation of the S-rank support and what the contents of the conversation contain because if it's anything like the one they gave to Mini Me Anna, then I am shocked to see it not be a part of that discourse. I'm currently trying to do research on it and the support for Anna to script a video on Fire Emblem's history when it comes to localization/the controversies that have arisen as a result of changes (The lost dialogue and watering down of certain character's sexuality in Radiant Dawn as a result of the stereotypes applied to said characters in the original, Fates' handling of Soleil vs the original text, etc.), namely when there's some contentious content to the localized release (and of that, drilling down on the North American releases - I am significantly less informed/have far less access to releases compared to the various PAL region releases and any localization changes made for a given language).
  3. This is a forum to post FE memes related to any of the games. Whether it be a joke about the amount of clone characters in a game, or just something stupid like "Takumi plop" or something. You may post whatever under certain conditions: No Knoll Roll spamming... No reposting Use common sense and don't post anything possibly/intentionally offensive But anyway, just enjoy!
  4. I must confess, I am not really good at Math. I can add, subtract, multiply and divide sure, but other than that, I'm just not that good. Since RPGs use statistics for characters, I cannot exactly measure how strong some characters are compared to others. The only thing I could measure is their health stat. Since I suck at that, I'm pretty scared to play a Fire Emblem game. I only know stuff about Fire Emblem by watching some playthroughs and such, but I really want to play Fire Emblem games so I can experience what it is like to play them. So, do I really have to be good at Statistics or Calculus to play Fire Emblem more effectively?
  5. Basically, which of these menacing big baddie dark mages of the Kaga-era Fire Emblem would win in a fight? Both of them serve the evil dragon (though I heard Gharnef was planning to betray Medeus) and both are very powerful mages. Which of them would win this fight? Gharnef or Manfroy
  6. Sorry, I'm pretty new to the lore of the Archanean games. I heard that the Dolhr Army was pretty powerful in that they conquered most of the continent. I want to know what kind of military they have and what they look like outside of the games. Can you guys give me the idea of how powerful they are and what tactics they use?
  7. Basically, which of the factions of the Fire Emblem series can demolish, or at least beat modern militaries in a war. Although Fire Emblem factions are shown to be using medieval weaponry, surely magic would help them stand a chance against the technological might of Earth's militaries. The goal isn't necessarily to conquer or destroy modern nations. The only condition that is absolutely necessary is to force the modern nations and their militaries to surrender. Can any of the Fire Emblem factions in all Fire Emblem games do this?
  8. Hello. Person who was responsible for writing the FE6 promo trial maps article on LMW here.Just now, I saw a comment on Filbertian's Youtube video about the maps (here) written by taketokinoko who claimed to have participated in the Ranking Contest where the "Defeat Bandits" cartridge could be obtained. This person claims that they still have the cartridge, though judging from what the translation says, it apparently doesn't work anymore, and so are all other cartridges that have the rest of the trial maps.Here's the full comment translated in DeepL, which includes the data of the "Defeat Bandits" map according to them.: I participated in the ranking that took place on the official Sword of the Seal website. At that time, I sent a GBA cartridge to Nintendo and received a trial map for "Defeat the Bandits". I still have that cartridge. However, 20 years later, I can't load the "Banditry" map, probably because the battery in the cartridge ran out. Probably all of the existing cartridges that received the trial map are in the same state. So, I cannot speak about the exact data. If I were to speak from my memory at the time, it would look something like this (this is just an image in my memory): Map size was about 24 wide and 20 high. Your units are initially placed on the left side of the map. The area of "high mountains" is spread out in a diamond shape in the center of the map. The length of the diagonal of the rhombus is about 16 (width) and 14 (height). In the center of the "high mountain" area, there are 3 squares of "flat land" and "fortress", where there are wise men with "Thunder Storm" and "Reserve". Berserkers and dragon masters are scattered throughout the map. Infantry classes such as snipers, heroes, and wisemen are placed along the path. Enemy castles are on the right side of the map. Castles are control points. It is worth noting that this is the only map where enemy units use "reserve". The "reserve" does not appear during the main part of the Sword of the Seal, and is only possessed by Brunya, who is added in the trial map. Since the enemy mobs are equipped with such a rare item, it left quite an impression on me at the time. So, if anything of what taketokinoko said is true regarding the fate of these cartridges, then maybe the promo trial maps are gone forever, though I still have hope that working cartridges are out there. At least we know what the "Defeat Bandits" map is all about, based on what they remembered. Please lmk if there's any inaccuracies about what is translated. Again, I used Google Translate to figure out what they said about the lost FE6 trial maps.
  9. As the title says, take a character class, job, build, etc., from another RPG and turn it into an FE class. Here's an example: Dragoon (Final Fantasy):
  10. So, I plan on making some written works here, and I decided to make his so you can understand who I have paired up with who. All of these stories will take place in the same universe... sort of. Basically, in this universe, there are: -2 separate Awakening timelines -2 separate Fates: Revelation timelines -1 Smash World that brings them together. This accommodates for each Corrin and Robin of each gender. Before we get to the pairings, a few notes in the spoiler below. Anyways, the pairings: Awakening: Robin timeline Awakening: Reflet Timeline Fates Revelation: Corrin timeline Fates Revelation: Kamui timeline If there are any thoughts and concerns about the details here, let me know.
  11. Hi all, I'm a somewhat frustrated screenwriter looking to try her hand at game writing, and this seems like the right corner of the internet to do that. The Fire Emblem community is incredibly passionate, but one of the most common complaints about these games is that the text boxes are long/exposition heavy, dialog sounds stilted, characters fail to grow, and interesting plot threads are introduced and then immediately dropped. This isn't because people are "bad" at writing, it's because they don't understand that storycraft is its own art-form which requires its own skillset. My goal here isn't to breathe life into some "epic" I've been dreaming up since I rode tricycles; it's to help other people build scripts and stories worthy of the countless hours they're spending on custom classes, new sprites, and revamped weapon systems. So, if you're the kind of person who loves building maps but never knows what to do with the text boxes, give me a shout. I have writing samples of varying size and genre, and I really do want to write your scripts. <3
  12. I tried a run where i reclassed instantly robin as myrmidon, and if you want my opinion, it wasnt that bad! He is still a myrmidon, im planning on making him a sword master. Tell me what you think! (and maybe let him marry WHO and WHY) DONT SAY TO ME TO CHANGE CLASS XD
  13. I did saw Nintendo just dropped a new trailer that is a mainline game. The trailer shows that it takes place before all the previous FE entries that it's a prequel to the the entire franchise. It's features a protagonist named Shirin that created the world of Fire Emblem and Naga appears as a teenager helps him in his quest to bring peace in the corrupted world and ended the first war called "War of Destruction". There are ancestors of the legacy FE characters appeared in this game similar to like how Pokemon Legends Arceus was handled and the world is called Inertia. Here's the link of the trailer that I found.
  14. I was wondering if there was any way I could get access to, and play the fe gba games. I don’t have a computer, so emulation is out of the question, and I bought a copy of fe7, fell in love with it, but when I got to chapter 16, it froze and deleted all of my data. Turns out it was a bootleg and all of the authentic gba games cost so much and the bootlegs have major issues.
  15. I want to figure out the best classes and skills for all units (including child units and spotpass units, i.e. Emmeryn, Gangrel, etc.) based on strategy AND storyline (basically what's good for them gameplay-wise AND story-wise). Yes, I plan on getting all DLC and tackling Apotheosis. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated!
  16. Video game remakes have come in many different forms, from ones that tried to preserve the original as much as possible, like Ocarina of Time 3D, to remakes where the approach was to give the game a complete overhaul and bring it up to date for a modern audience, such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Fire Emblem has had three remakes so far: Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, and Shadows of Valentia. The former two would definitely fall into the "preservation/throwback" type of remake, while Shadows of Valentia is more of a directionless mix between the two philosophies. What type of video game remake do you prefer, and which one do you think would be best suited for Fire Emblem game remakes going forward?
  17. So I'm having trouble removing the limit on 1 S-Rank weapon per unit. I tried to search for a way to edit the rom or add a cheat to bypass that limit, but now I only find stuff about FE8. Can someone help me with that please?
  18. There is a trailer for the upcoming Fire Emblem spinoff title that is bit more of the Tetris 99 and the late Super Mario Bros. 35 that is called Fire Emblem 30. You play in all 17 style titles against 29 Players in a Battle Royale similar to like Super Mario Bros. 35. It is coming to May 2021. The link of the trailer is in here. Edit from April 2nd: April Fools is now over.
  19. Fe Echoes SOV has weirdly caught my eye’s attention these past few days, since I have been craving something of an Fe based game that has different gameplay style and combat mechanics as opposed to Fates and Awakening which I have already beaten more than twice, and since I find the item finding or the quests to be a bit tedious to complete in 3H, I wanted to check out whether how good or how amazing is Echoes SOV really is in terms of combat mechanics, battle system. I have already heard that the story, music and graphics are god-like, thankfully without spoilers, which is harder to come by lol. Is it a good idea to pick up Echoes SOV alongside with the DLC packs that it offers and possibly extra amiibo features that it has included for better grinding and gold farming or is it better to just get the game by itself and then buy the DLC after I beat Echoes and the story mode of it? Some help would be super appreciated for a Fe semi-noob like me. Also by any chance does this game have any online battle modes or street pass functions or has that also been disabled as well?
  20. I have tirelessly searched through so many castles and all I just want is some offensive skills for my daughter in-game Soleil (decided to marry Laslow cause he best cute boi) but none of the castles that I have searched through have the offensive skills that I’m trying to comb through to get. My main priorities regarding getting Soleil skills are Aptitude and Lucky 7 cause I want her to be an absolute great lord spd demon since my MU is +Str. If anyone who still plays Fates nowadays has a castle that I can access without having to grind tirelessly to get the skills that are my main priorties, that would be heavily appreciated. In exchange, I will share my Rev castle code and all of my units are gen 1 characters, but they have some interesting skills that I acquired through other player s’s My Castles. The castle code for my Rev castle is 12978-39237-09749-52177. Castle name is Abyss Depths Region is NA Minerals and Resources: Meat, Peaches, Emeralds, Corals Units on Castle Defense Roster: MU: Nohrian Trust, Draco Hex, Death Blow, Astra, Dragon Fang Laslow: Lethality, Rend heaven, Astra, Aptitude (Dancing Blade is DLC-exclusive only fyi) Ryoma: Dragon Fang, ShurikenBreaker, Aptitude, Death Blow, Astra Azura: Aptitude, Dragon Fang, Renewal, Astra, Inspiring Song Sakura: Counter, Replicate, Renewal, Amaterasu, Aptitude. Takumi: Astra, Death Blow, Rend Heaven, Sol, Astra Camilia: Bowbreaker, Aptitude, Death Blow, Dragon Fang, Sol Slias: Lethality, Sol, Death Blow, Rend heaven, Defender Hinoka: Aptitude, Luna, Bowbreaker, Death Blow, Lancefaire. Kaze: Rend Heaven, Luna, Lethality, Aptitude (Clarity is also DLC-exclusive). All units are on hold, no dusk dragon or litih, also no golems or automatons and it is easy seize I believe. Might change the rotation of the 1st gen characters on the Castle defense roster to gen 2 once I have done all paralogues to make a castle roster full of children skills at the very least Friday, just a heads up to those that want these skills for the units listed above in exchange for giving me a Soleil aptitude and Death Blow if they have one. Keep on Fire embleming!
  21. I have gone through millions of calling cards from my certain My castle peeps but none of them sadly have the one skill that I desperately need for Shigure, later on in the Conquest chapters when I am planning to use him with F!Kana, against bow flyers and snipers in general. I’ve also scouted through the various forums on here to try and see if any of the My castle address have any Bowbreaker skills for Shigure but to no luck. If anyone that still plays Fates nowadays has a Shigure with a Bowbreaker, I will forever be in your debt and in exchange you can get the best kind of defensive and offensive type of skills from my 2 different Fates My Castles. Also a Nina with any counter based skill or offensive based skill is also fine (same with Shigure, if Bowbreaker isn’t available, I can always settle for Aegis as a second option). Please and Thank you. Edit: Also I’m in NA and I forgot there is region-locking in this game, so any NA castles that have Shigure with Bowbreaker is what I need. First Castle information: Chosen Path: Nohr Avatar Name: Liam Castle Name: Imperial Gate Castle address: 12978-39237-09749-52177 Units on deck: MU: Grisly Wound, Letahlity, Draconic Hex, Nohrian Trust Azura: Pavise, Aptitude, Rend heaven (also have aegis and Astra if needed) Niles: Luna, Swordbreaker, Bowfaire, Lucky 7 Elise: Live to Serve, Amaterasu, Renewal, Aptitude (also have rally strength) Odin: Lifetaker, Rend heaven, Aptitude, Astra, Death Blow Camilia: Death Blow, Sol, Bowbreaker, Dragon fang, Vantage Selena: Counter, Dragon Fang, Astra, Rend heaven, Death Blow Kaze: Luna, Lethality, Astra, Lethaility Effie: Lancefiare, Armoured Blow, Wary Fighter Second castle Information: Chosen path: Valla Avatar name: Nacrina Castle name: Abyss Depths Castle address: Same as first castle Units on deck: MU: Lethality, Astra, Draconic hex, Nohrian Trust, Azura: Pavise, Aptitude, Vantage Jakob: Luna Subaki: Bowbreaker, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Rend heaven Takumi: Aptitude, Quixotic, Astra, Rend heaven, Death Blow Sakura; Counter, Renewal, Aptitude, Miracle, Rally lck Hana: Luna, Aptitude, Sol Kaze: Aptitude, Luna, Lethality Units I have that are available upon request: Hayato: Pavise, Aegis, Tomefaire, Rally magic Hinata: Warding Blow, Renewal, Lancebreaker
  22. I have been trying to find for the love of me any kind of prem-based skills for Beruka, Kaze and Niles but no luck cause either the castles I go to don’t have the prem skills I want or half of the castles don’t have these units with the skills that I need for them. For additional information, I’m playing on Nohr, Conquest and playing on Normal Classic and here are the following skills that I’m hoping to get for these 3 in my recently started Nohr/Conquest Playthrough; Niles: Lucky 7, Death Blow, Certain Blow, Astra Beruka: Bowbreaker, Death Blow, Axefaire, Trample, Aegis Kaze: Death Blow, Luna, Astra, Lethality, Rend heaven. Please and thank you. In exchange for those that can provide these units with the following skills mentioned or any kind of skills that you have available, I will post my 2 different Fates castles (one is Valla and one is Nohr-based). Here are the details and the units I have with prem skills as of now: Castle Name: Abyss Depths Chosen Path: Valla Avatar Name: Nacrina Castle address: 12978-39237-09749-52177 Units: MU: Lethality, Nohrian Trust, Draconic Hex, Astra, Dragon Fang Jakob; Luna Azura: Pavise, Vantage Sakura: Aptitude, Counter, Renewal Hana: Sol, Luna, Aptitude Subaki: Death Blow, Rend heaven, Bowbreaker, Lifetaker Kaze: Lethality, Luna, Replicate, Aptitude Takumi: Death Blow, Astra, Quixotic, Rend heaven Hayato: Aegis, Pavise, Rally magic, Tomefaire. Second Castle: Castle Name: Imperial Gate Avatar Name: Liam Chosen path: Nohr Castle address: Same as Valla castle address Units: MU: Lethaility, Draconic Hex, Nohrian trust Felicia: Counter, Trample Slias: Pavise, Aegis, Luna, Sol Azura; Pavise, Rend heaven, Aptitude, astra Effie: Axefaire, Armoured Blow, Wary Fighter Arthur: Luna, Certain Blow Niles: Luna, Bowfaire Elise: Aptitude, Live to Serve, Amaterasu, Renewal Odin: Rend heaven, Death Blow, Astra, Aptitude, Rend heaven, Lifetaker Camilla: Death Blow, Vantage, Sol, Bowbreaker, Dragon Fang. Not included but can add on to My Castle defenders; Selena; Astra, Death Blow, Dragon Fang, Rend heaven, Counter. All units are on hold, easy seize and kill, and no one isn’t on the throne. Cheers!
  23. I’ve been wondering about a 5th potential path in CF where it’s a variation of CF. What if Byleth after fusing with Sothis would have went to a doctor on a weekend after Edelgard coronation as Adrestian Empire and got their Crestone in their heart Remove and Destroyed.And the Holy Tomb after the Battle they are forced to choose but gives a smile to Edelgard and fakes a sword whipped swing but kills Rhea Instead how would things change in the Timeskip.Here are the Rules 1 # Byleth Heart starts beat after destroying the crestone and Rhea dies at the Holy Tomb. Byleth destroys the SotC afterward and doesn’t go to sleep since early Sothis Removal. I’m curious about you guys takes on this hypothesis. How would you write this what if ?
  24. As someone new to the fire emblem series, at least new in the sense that i'm interested in the series as a whole, I haven't fully developed my opinion on lords. So far I like the Blazing Sword lords, though some are not as great in fighting as others are. Feel free to state favorites character wise or combat wise, or even both if wanted. I'll give my current opinion as to my favorite, subject to change due to still being new. Character wise: While Eliwood and Hector are really close, I love these guys so much, my favorite is probably Dimitri. His development was well done and he truly made the BL run special, aka my first run. BLUE LIONS FOR LIFE! Combat wise: I can't really say much about combat since I've only completed a few games... tho, I'd probably have to go with a three houses lord, and, while they are all close, Claude probably slightly outs the others. He is 100% the best bow unit in the game from what ive experienced, GD is my current and last run I need besides dlc. That's my opinion for now, but i'd be happy to see how everyone else feels. I hope to play more games in the future, and that these these forums help me when I truly need them, which they have so thanks~
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