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Found 93 results

  1. Hello! I, like many others, have found that owning a physical copy of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance has become impossible without first shelling out hundreds of dollars. Plus, who has time to plugin their Gamecube, sit down, and play a game anymore? Therefore, as my skills in Fire Emblem hacking are few, I am proposing a group project to remake PoR in a pixelated, more portable format. This game will be called Fire Emblem: Portable Radiance (or Path of Radiance, we can vote on this later) It will be based off of the FE7 Rom and will be as close to the original as humanly possible. Some features will have to be cut because either they are bad gameplay elements or they are not possible on the Gameboy Advanced hardware. These will include: Biorhythms Laguz Gauges (will be replaced by claws, beak, etc. that function like infinite dragonstones, but with certain drawbacks) Skills (unless someone can implement class-specific skills like Sol, Aether, Impale, etc.) Bonus Exp. (unless someone can implement it easily) Trial Maps (DLC???? ) Support Bonuses Automatic Class-Ups (unless able to be implemented, each character could come with a class-up item that only worked at level 20) In-battle Recruitment (as far as I know this is not possible, except for villages) The Ranger class (seriously, Intelligent Systems?) This list is not final. Many things will be added to or removed from the list during development. Now onto the positive stuff. The development team!! YAYYYYY!!! I will act as the group/project manager and will be in charge of organization, updates and what the project should be like. Here is the list of open positions that need to be filled and their requirements: Assistant Manager - Aids manager and handles problems with staff, file management, etc. Must be readily available to answer questions from staff. Sprites:Pixel Artist - Chief of Sprite staff. Someone who has past experience in FE pixel art creation. Must be able to adapt portraits, overworld sprites, in-battle sprites, and item icons from source material into the project. Battle Animator - Similar to pixel artist, but for the characters' movements in battle. If able, can be combined with pixel artist. Background and Tile Set Editor - Must be able to edit backgrounds and tile sets (terrain) to resemble source material. Coding: (must be able to use Nightmare and other coding programs)Chief Coder - Codes main game play elements, such as text and events, directly from the source material. Also manages other coders. Must have experience hacking GBA Fire Emblem titles Character Coder - Codes all of the character info, stats, classes, etc. from source material. Map Editor - Edits in-game levels to match the source material. Also edits movement costs. Tutorial Get-ridder - Gets rid of the tutorial. Weapon Coder - Edits weapons to match source material. Menu Editor - Edits menus and such to match source material Miscellaneous:Compiler - Hardest job. Must compile all the data to make one coherent game. Must produce a demo with one level and all features and then produce the full game. Bug Tester - Make sure all features work as they are supposed to. Beta Tester - Much like the bug tester, makes sure every version of the patch is fully playable before release. Many of these jobs can be take by one person if they have the necessary skill sets, so don't me scared off by the big staff. All members who work on or contribute to the remake project will have the name they prefer in the game's credits. Alright! I f you have any questions about the projects, jobs, or want to sign up for a position, email me at [email protected] (don't spam me; It's a waste of time.) Let's make this remake a reality!
  2. I just went through my old Disney track list on Spotify, and I just brainstormed for some reason how a fanmade animated scene with Fire Emblem Awakening Characters singing the songs would look. so here are some I figured out would make sense: I'll make a man out of you (Mulan) = Chrom as Li Sheng, Cordelia as Mulan and Kellan, Gregor and Donnel as those other comical characters. Also, rename the song to "Somehow I'll make Support S with you" (I wish) :P Let it go (Frozen) = Maribelle as Elsa, just imagine her through a class change with a Second Seal to a Sage (that perfect girl is gone!). Zero to Hero (Hercules) = Frederick as Hercules, because we all know how much of a hero he is in Lunatic Mode's first 4 chapters :) Gimme your ideas!
  3. Hello Serenes Forest. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me with pairings for R/IK. I have a few preferences when it comes to it: - Eugenics, but only for the most powerful children. I do not care if any children are left out - Shipping is minor, but helpful non-the-less - I'm going for +Spd/-Lck with Hero as the talent and the final class, I'll get the other skills through Spotpass/Castle battles. Thank you!
  4. I've recently been playing through Radiant Dawn via Dolphin, and I've been experiencing some issues. I got up to Chapter 6 in Part 1, and my emulator keeps crashing whenever I either try to open up the dolphin interface or load a save, and sometimes it just crashes at random, no matter where I am in the game. The audio also sounds VERY glitchy and my game has around 12 FPS, even though I had put my game on the fastest graphical settings possible on Dolphin. My computer is fairly new, so I don't think my hardware is to blame. Please help!
  5. So, my last LP ended up boring me, but this one seems fun. At least it's new and exciting, and I'm nearly sure it was never done before at least here). Galaxy Robo is a Strategy RPG on Super NIntendo. It was recently translated, and why it may not look like much, it has some interresting maps (from what I saw so far.). And the scenario is classic, but have some interresting parts, which you'll see at some later point [spoiler=Introduction] Our story unfold on a star system called Farleus on its three inhabited planet named Rohan, Altomira and Luxia As time have passed, these words have developped unique cultures and governments which each attempting to influence and hold sway over the others This created a tipping point, and disputes concerning the overwhelming power of these mysterious mechanical relics led to armed aggression Though many perished, the warfare ended with the creation of machine similar in power to Ancient Robo Fighters - called "Mobile Soldiers" However, an undiscovered secret lies buried within the Ancient Robo Fighter This game will be played semi-blind. I went up to the 8th Map. EVerything after is a complete mystery. The game is constituted of chapters, each having 3 Scenario (AKA Map). So, now, how do you think a large scale conflcit involving multiple planets and ancient secret begins ? Thats, right : a bandit chapter ! [spoiler=Chapter 1 Scenario 1 : Game Intro] Each Scenario start with this. Here it's a route mission With the isolated incident of a sneak attack on his hometown, our story begins. Zoran : A group of mechanized bandits is raiding our town! Fatis : After all, we're the only one capable of operating the Mobile Soldiers! Coming, Dad? Gasch : Fatis, as of now, I want you to start piloting Freet. Fatis : B-But... That's your precious Ancient Robo Fighter! Do you really think I've got what it takes? Gasch : There's little doubts in my mind that you're ready, son. Just remember what I've taught you Fatis : All right, Father... I'll certainly do my best. C'mon, let's get moving! Frank : Even though our job is done, technically... No matter... Let's blow'em away anyway! Leia : I WILL have my vengeance for what you did to Claire! Phew... we can now start. First, let's take a look at the map. It won't be too long. As I told you... Don't worry (or maybe we should worry...), this seems to be an exception. We'll have lots of large map later. Now, for a FE player, the color code may be confusing, so let's detail what we have here. The blue units are the ennemies. The one higher up with a slightly different design is Frank, this chapter Boss. The Red unit is our Lord, Fatis (or more exactly his Ancient Robo Fighter (shorten ARB from now on)), Freet. I suppose it comes from Ifreet, and have nothing to do with Fleet Leia is the green... hingy you can vaguely see in the forest. Gasch and Zohan are at the bottom of the screen. The battle is separated between Ally and Ennemy phase. You gain Exp for damaging ennemies and for being damaged. Units cannnot counterrattack. Well, let's take a closer look at our units : The left stats are the Robo(t?)'s, the right one the character's stats. SHIELD is HP, and the other stats seems pretty obvious. Freet is amazing. One of the best unit in this chapter. High Movement, and great power. His only drawback is that it doesn't have any ranged attack. However, it's fitted with few armaments, so it's combat ability is low. Leia is the healer. She can Refill units, given them a few SHIELD back, and restoring all ammo for all attack. Refill doesn't give any Exp, so we'll try to makes her earn a few levels in this chapter. PulseLaser is 1-2 Range The Early Game Archer equivalent. Not the best, but far from the worse. Vulcan is 1-2 Range, and Cannon is 3-4 Range. It was previously deployed by the Rohan Knight Punch is 1-Range, and Tackle 1-2 Range. His attacks will nearly destroy basic Imp, letting your unit get the kill. He's max level, so it shouldn't be used too much. And now our ennemies : I have no idea what the "some models" is referring too, because so far, they're the worst RF (Robo Fighters) I've seen. They're 1-shotted by Fatis and 2-shotted by the others. He have great stats, but his machine is quite bad. I'll detail him more during the battle. Well, this is already quite a lot. I'll show the 2 first Scenario a little later.
  6. So, in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (7), the tactician has a different affinity depending on his birth and blood type (the latter only in the Japanese version) So, just curious, using the formula of the Japanese version, what's your affinity? Mine's: March + O Type = Anima The Japanese formula can be found here: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Affinity
  7. So on a thread a while back I asked if anyone could help me find the battle for the strongest royal dlc music but no one replied so I thought Id ask again. The only version I can find is where the map version and the ablaze version play at the same time. But I can't find a version of the music where the ablaze version plays on it own. Can anyone help me? Pretty please?
  8. [spoiler=rules]1. The game is non-bastard. 2. This game is NOC. Don't talk about the game outside the thread unless granted mod permission to do so. Please post any game-related comments in the game thread (if alive) or in the graveyard quicktopic (if dead). 3. Days last for 72 hours, nights last for 24 hours. Prod-dodging posts will not be considered towards activity, please let the mods know if you intend to lurk or if you have important commitments that will prevent you from posting for long periods of time, otherwise two prods will result in forced replacement or modkill. 4. Lynches require hammering except during D1, where a majority lynch may happen. In the following phases failure to hammer will result in No Lynch, and the second no lynch in the game will result in a universal loss. Don't talk after the hammer. 5. LyLo will be anounced regardless of it being true LyLo, MyLo or potential MyLo/LyLo 6. You will be informed if your action fails or is redirected. 7. No screenshots, Mod conversation quoting (Role PM, night results PMs, etc) or post edits. Any of these will most likely end up in a modkill. Flavorspec through character names and the sort is discouraged but allowed. 8. Being modkilled for any of the above or blatantly failing to play to your wincon will result in automatic loss for the player involved regardless of the game outcome. If you are unsure whether or not something you are about to post would be against the game's rules, please contact me and ask. Player List (13/13) - kirsche - Boron Lord Gaius - Dandragon - Cosmicdude - Marth - Shinori - Junko - Refa - Disco Kawaii - Izhuark - Quote - Roxas - Terrador [spoiler=Deaded]- Terrador. Astrid, mafia 2-shot ninja w/ Paragon/Savior. Lynched Day 1. - Refa. Haar, VT w/ Guard/Provoke. Killed Night 1. - TheCosmicDude. Devdan, mafia Roleblocker w/ Serenity/Wrath. Lynched Day 2. - Quote. Tauroneo, Doctor w/ Resolve/Smite. Killed Night 2. - Izhuark. Nasir, Mass Caffeinator w/ Nihil. Killed Night 2. - Roxas. Sothe, VT w/ Thief. Lynched Day 3. - Marth. Lethe, Tracker w/ Halfshit/Fullshift. Killed Night 3. Subs - The3rdCorinthian - eclipse - Gilgamesh - Rapier - Blitz - Crysta - Gaius - zerosaber
  9. EDIT: I'm stupid and suck at this game. Ignore everything that I wrote. So I recently downloaded a Wii save file at http://www.gamefaqs.com/wii/932999-fire-emblem-radiant-dawn/saves from the user BlueHedgehog24. The save file provides different save points, one of which is saved at Part 3, Normal mode. I used that save file and proceeded all the way to Part 4, Chapter 5 (the Feral Ones map). When an enemy attacked an untransformed Janaff, he did not gain any transformation points after combat, as shown in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz3hcLSoFfY http://i.imgur.com/YA0SjJv.jpgThis image shows Janaff's transformation gauge after the Feral One attacked him. http://i.imgur.com/pBhvGbw.jpgThis image shows Ulki's transformation gauge, who was out of range of the enemy. Notice how both sub-humans laguz have the same transformation points. My question is that is this a bug with the save file, or with my game?
  10. Wherever I look I can only find the calm and ablaze versions of each map themes fused together, I can't seem to find many map themes with the ablaze version on its own and its really frustrating. What I'm asking is does anyone know where to find the ablaze versions of the map themes that are not fused together with their calm/regular versions?
  11. I'll be honest, I have had FE:A since two mounths after it's launch in 2013, and I haven't played hard mode once. I am, for the first time, trying hard mode and it is a whole different world from normal (You probably know this). I am on the 5th chapter and I'm stumped. I have completed this game 5 times on normal mode, so I know how the storyline goes. I was wondering if some more expirenced players could offer incite onto any strategies that I should take on hard mode. I also have the fallowing DLC: Golden pack, R&R 3, LB 2-3, and SB 2-3. Thank you.
  12. Kind of like how one of staff responsible for Halo said Heroic was the canon difficulty. I'm torn between it being either hard or Lunatic, but is it possible for it to be Normal? Also, without any DLC, is it possible to beat this game without using any skills, on hard or lunatic?
  13. Super Smash Bros. with Fire Emblem Battle System o.o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKLbf7GSvOQ
  14. Hey Guys! Finally we're allowed to present you our first Translation Patch for Fire Emblem If! We're working on the translation project since the JPN-Release of FE:If and finally we're able to share our first progress with the Community! This is our first Patch for this Game. We've more patches planned for the future. I hope everyone enjoy our Menu Patch. If you have Questions, Suggestions or if you want to report bugs, errors or something else, use this thread for it, we'll answer as fast as we can! A project of the Community of Serenes Forest Note: There are still some formatting issues with linebreaks in descriptions and some miscellaneous text. Please report any you find so that they can be fixed! [spoiler=Screenshots] [spoiler=Videos] WILL BE ADDED LATER [spoiler=The Team] Arachio2 - Tester Cellenseres - Project Leader, Technician, Tester, Proofreader, Translator Courtrecords - Main Translator CreAtor135 - Translator, Proofreader Czar_Yoshi - Main Translator DatKami - Translator, Main Tester, Proofreader DJPlayer - PA Rep Gamespage - Main Tester, Translator GermanTacos - Proofreader Horatio - Main Translator, Tester Kalimizu - Main Proofreader Kirokan - Translator, Proofreader Luyairis - Sub-Leader, Main Translator, PA Rep, Proofreader PharaohsVizier - Translator PotatoPower - Sub-Leader, Main Translator, Proofreader, Tester Ranaline - Main Proofreader SciresM - Co. Leader, Main Technician, Main Tester, Proofreader Solemnity - Proofreader Tymek - Translator, Proofreader Ziggyro - Proofreader [spoiler=DOWNLOAD LINKS] Fire Emblem If - Menu Patch (Rom Patcher Version) (v1.2) Fire Emblem If - Menu Patch (NTR_CFW Version) (v1.2) (only for SpecialEdition yet) (not supported anymore. To much Users have a problem to get this to work properly) [spoiler=HOW YOU CAN PLAY IT ON YOUR NINTENDO 3DS!] Many of you asked how I can play it on my Nintendo 3DS. I'll explain some methods now. This Methods should work on EUR/US/JAP Consoles (Regionfree plugin needed) [spoiler=Patching the Game using the Patcher] README.TXT [spoiler=NTR_CFW Method (Special Edition Only)] Some Users have problems to get it to work properly. Just use our Patcher-Method to use our Translation [spoiler=More Informations] We won't release a patched rom (.3ds/.cia) because we don't support piracy in any way. [spoiler=FAQ] A: Do we have to pay for this Patch? Q: No, this Patch is completely free :) You don't need to pay for it. A: Can I download a copy of the modified Game here? Q: No, we don't support piracy. We won't released patched roms or cias. A: Why do you translate the game? We'll get a official translation next year Q: Because we want to play this game early in english and to avoid censorship. We want to compare our fan-translation with the original one. And of course, we're trying to fully translate the game before the official US-Release
  15. After downloading the third path from the main menu in the special edition version how do you play it? I'm not getting the option at chapter 6... Only getting the option for Hoshido and Nohr.
  16. If you would indulge me, if you are female will you ever play the game as M!Kamui and vise-versa for males? My answer would be yes because I feel like I'm getting more out of my game when I do that.
  17. i am unsure if there is already a forum for this or not. anyway i think these are the lyrics: Here lie the ocean's where waves destined to see life beyond the shore just out of reach yet the waters never change flowing like time the fire --- bright the missing word sounded kinda like sources or forces but i couldn't figure it out. what do you think it might be.
  18. Hey all, it's Willie! I have decided to make a room on the Rooms app for iOS for Fire Emblem ROM Hacking! Here, you can chat about projects you like, projects you are working on, LP's, and more! Everyone is welcome! Joining is simple! Simply download the "Rooms" app from the app store, then screenshot this picture on your iDevice. After that, press "Use Invite", and you're done! Have fun discussing hacks, hacking, and anything of the sort! EDIT: Added more info
  19. Awakening was a bit of a let down for me in terms of multiplayer. Sure, the occasional street pass keeps me somewhat content, but I was expecting more with the latest functions of 3DS wireless capabilites. For example, my best friend and I do not live in the same state and have loved Fire Emblem ever since Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken (Blazing sword) was released for the GBA. The only way we can "play together" is by skyping, and in that sense it was a big let down for my friend and I. Personally, I would like more out of the multiplayer aspect of the game: direct Player vs Player on a dynamic or default map. What are your hopes for wireless? Any news that I'm unaware of?
  20. I'm on the 6th chapter, and I think I can safely say that this isn't a particularly easy FE game. I just want to make sure that everything I'm doing is acceptable. Thany died. Lugh died (but I'm hoping I will get a better mage/dark mage later). Dorothy died (but my Wolt is already better than her anyway). My Chad is pretty powerful (he is literally about to hit his speed cap already), so I stole Cath's lockpicks and killed her. I've recruited everybody else so far, and no one else died. Any suggestions for later in the game? I think my only real significant mistake here is overpowering Chad. I just wanted him to be a formidable opponent/lockpick thief combo. It may have been worth it, though, because he is about as strong and skilled as a good mercenary.
  21. I would be Nowi because she gets to live for a long time. When I answer a question like this, I always go with the longest lifespan. Now it's your turn.
  22. So, I want to do an LP of FE12, but like, how? I've never done one before so I don't know what to do. How many screenshots per chapter? What should I take screenshots of? (apart from level ups, boss fights, character recruits, etc.) Most importantly, how often should I update or rather, what is the maximum time?
  23. Which game would be best to start with? Which game would be best to end with? Should one play each in order or start with beginner friendly titles like Awakening and Blazing Sword?
  24. Hello there! Was wondering if someone could make/dirct me to midi files (or orchestral remixes) of the following fe7 songs. The midi files in FEshrine aren't working: Loyalty: Hector's theme Triumph In the shadow of triumph Stratagem Light to tomorrow Main theme: arrangement (epilogue remix) Shocking truth II The Grieving Heart Respite in Battle Shadow Approaches Dragon's Gate I+II Land of Swirling Sands The Archsage Athos Blessing of the 8 Generals I + II The Eight Generals The Cogs of Fate Final Farewell Merlinus Eyes of Sorrow Legend of Athos Treasured Hope Thanks in advance!
  25. Introduction: Hey guys. First off, there may already be a thread for this somewhere on the forums, but I checked the first 5 pages of this subforum and couldn't find anything like it, so I figured it'd be safe to post. This is essentially a thread for people to find detailed challenge runs that they can attempt in Fire Emblem: Awakening, as well as post their own challenges for other people to attempt. It is my personal belief that Lunatic and Lunatic+ are poorly balanced, and so challenge runs are really the only way for players to get more replay value out of the game after completing it on Hard. I'll add all the challenges you guys suggest to this post for ease of use. If you want, you can post in this thread to let us know how many challenges you've completed, and how well you did on them. Guidelines: None, other than a specific format for posting Challenge Runs, which can be found below: Challenges: Challenge Name: Super Shepherd Bros. Basic Concept Summary: You are only allowed to use characters that are canonically considered members of the Shepherds. If a character dies, you are not allowed to restart the map, so you have a very limited number of characters to last you throughout the entire game. Every death counts. If either your Avatar or Chrom dies, you lose one life. You have three lives total. Difficulty Setting: Hard/Classic. Number of Continues: Three. Resets Allowed: None. Risen Encounters Allowed: No. Pair-Up Allowed: Yes. Characters Allowed: Female or Male Avatar, Chrom, Sully, Stahl, Vaike, Lissa, Frederick, Sumia, Miriel, Kellam, Ricken, Maribelle. Choose one character to be your '13th Shepherd'. This character can be any non-Spotpass character who is not originally a member of the Shepherds, such as Virion. This character can be used normally, but if this character dies, it costs you one of your lives, and you are still not allowed to reset to save them. Support Restrictions: All Supports allowed. DLC Allowed: None. Bonus Box Allowed: None. Event Tiles Allowed: All event tile types allowed. Items Allowed: All. Miscellaneous Restrictions: None. Notes: This is a good challenge run to start with. Very doable, but by no means a cake walk. Creator: RiskyPLUS. Challenge Rating: * *
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