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Found 1 result

  1. Well, I wanted to makes a LP for quite some time. I will play Fire Red, but I used a Randomizer to change some things. I haven't played FireRed or LeafGreen yet, but I've played the Original The 3 starters are changed to Pokkemon having also 3 evolutions. Pokemon have the same stats, but ability are entirely randomized (Wonder Guard is excluded). All Trainer Battles and Wild Pokemon are entirely changed. All given Pokemon and Legendary are changed. Legendary are replaced by other Legendary All TM and Move Tutor are entirely changed, They are randomized, with a type preference. Attacks are updated to Gen V standard I have the National Pokedew from the start The rest is exactly the same I hope you'll enjoyed this adventure with me. I may make it available once I'm over. Well, let's begin ! What Pokemon awaits on Route 1 ? See you newt time to discover it !
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