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Found 2 results

  1. So Gangrel goes halfway through and Validar becomes king instead in typical evil villain nation fashion. Then he dies too. Robin's ending doesn't say anything about ruling the place so what happens? Does it just fall into anarchy? Does Ferox or Ylisse take over? There's no logical successor besides Robin. The thought just popped to mind and now I'm really confused so ????
  2. So, just a while ago I decided to recruit inigo (Chrom!Inigo) (This is my 4th playthrough only made so I can try out new child pairings) I usually did a sumia and chrom pairing, so I decided to see what olivia could do for chrom and I wasn't disappointed, Inigo seemed incredible and lucina had a lot of better classes to pick from. I failed the first 2 times on the level because of getting the 5 kills for inigo and I forgot to save in the prep menu each time causing me to have to reclass Chrom (I had him as a great knight) and switch around Olivia's abilities to get galeforce at the end. The last time I did it I was kind of rushing, and in my haste forgot to switch Olivia's abilities and by the time I realized I had already saved and went through the support conversations... Therefore causing me to feel a substantial amount of anger. So I just wanted to ask you if you have ever forgotten to pass down a vital skill to a child character?
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