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Found 55 results

  1. I'll like to take the time to compare the old artwork from the 90s and put it alongside with the newly released artwork. Since the moment of this post's conception (day of the announcement), I'll post all of the artwork released so far and will post the other pieces when they become available (or in a new post if this one dies). If I missed any, feel free to add more characters! Alm Celica Boey Savor Berkut (Localized name pending) (Reference) EDIT: Clive's old and new artwork is on Page 2 of this thread. Gray, Tobin, Kliff, Faye, Lukas, Silque, Mae, Genny, Valbar, Leon, and Kamui on page 3. Clair, Luthier, Delthea, Palla, Catria, Est, Rudolf, and Linea on page 6. Python, Zeke, Sonya, Conrad, Juda, and Mila on page 6. So what do you think about the new designs/art style? Are there any characters you wish they will reveal next? What's your favorite?
  2. I was looking at the character growths in Echoes and realized that the villager growths were kind of low. I really want to use Faye and Cliff, but I don't know if it's worth it. I don't mind a challenge, however, I'm not sure how hard the later half of the game is. What are your opinions?
  3. I'm just curious (and expecting to see a lot of FE4 votes...), the NES/SNES games were cool and interesting and had their own old-school charm that makes (most of them) them so easy to go back to (except FE1, that broken, broken mess). EDIT: I accidentally hit enter... Is there any way to edit polls? Help? ...this is embarrasing
  4. So I was playing Gaiden and some things happened. On chapter 3 I was playing a skirmish with Alm's party. I was going to attack with Cliff, my mage, and instead of the spell selection menu, some glitchy text appeard and Cliff vanished. Afer some waiting he reappeared, but the same thing happened when I tried to attack once again. I decided not to use him and let my turn be over. But as soon as the enemy phase begun... the AI did nothing and the phase wasn't ending... It softlocked. I decided to try a battle with Celica's party and the same happened to Sonia. It even got worse, at her map sprite got to look like this. So if anyone knows what's happening here I'd be glad to get an answer. Thanks for reading.
  5. I'm currently looking for a talk show co-host to give me their opinion's on the direct itself, Shadow's of Valentia, The new Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Fire Emblem Heroes. I would prefer that if you want to join up as my co-host on this video/talk show, I would greatly prefer it if you had knowledge on the original Gaiden. It would greatly help me out a ton in the video. If your interested, just tell me on this forum and you should hear from me soon.
  6. Vanilla Gaiden: Normal Experience is gained at quite a slow rate, and characters have very low growths. Some characters don't come with any items. Grinding is encouraged. Vanilla Gaiden: Easy Same as Normal, with less grinding and more experience. Very Easy Patch Higher experience gains, higher overall growth rates, every character joins with an item including rare stuff like the Moon Lance. Just looking for what mode to do my 1st PT... And I am leaning towards VE because it severely reduces grinding.
  7. Ok, I managed to complete making the name chart as of right now, Avyen Knight (VincentASM) and I that we're planned it for the Gaiden page for getting the people to notice in-case that some of them are don't realized it since April 8th, 2013, but I managed to improved more stuff using the localized names from Heroes website that was confirmed from the Fire Emblem Direct also and we'll might improve more stuff when we'll see more English trailers and footages for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. But, this chart will might get massively updated when the game comes out. And please note that all the Playable Characters that weren't appeared or mentioned in Awakening and three bosses are in Heroes also. https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Name_Charts/Gaiden_and_Echoes:_Shadows_of_Valentia Also, just a requestable note: Can someone might please help fill out the rest of the kanjis, romanjis, and the other fan translation patch names that were from je2's (Wolf's updated stuff that he did mentioned about fixing bugs) and Artemis's in the chart coloms. I stopped playing Gaiden through Chapter 4 after defeating Grieth for looking around through the patch differences for helping out the community back then (I was super busy with College stuff and studying for my future goals back then)? Edit from February 3rd: I managed to get a lot of the Classes, Spells, Items, NPCs, Bosses, & Titles and Factions down from looking a lot of pages from the Gaiden section. Might still needs some help with filling out the Romanjis, Kanjis, and mostly the Patch names from je2's and Artemis's version from Gaiden. Edit from February 12th: We got new English screenshots from the UK website, it's confirmed that Saber from the Heroes website is still remains as Saber in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Claws was added in the game (I did checked for clarification that Claws was debuted from the Tellius series), Grave added in the screenshot, Japanese version of the website for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has Valentia is now called Valentia instead of Barensia in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia since the original Japanese version from Fire Emblem Museum and The Complete had it as Barensia. By the way, keep an eye out incase if we get more English screenshots, footages, and info from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, I will or someone who has access to the Wiki content in this site adds it to the name chart and Avyen Knight (VincentASM) will upgrade the non-wiki Name Chart for Gaiden Section and adds an another non-Wiki Name Chart for the Echoes: Shadows of Valentia section of the website. This title is now renamed as Localized Names Discovery Thread and I will ask one of the mods or Avyen Knight (VincentASM) to pin this topic so that we can contribute the site. Edit from March 10th: We got a new trailer and new screenshots from the GameSpot website revealed, it's confirmed that Tobin from the Heroes website is still remains as Tobin in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Terrors (probably the new name giving out for the monsters in Echoes since Awakening had the mosters from that game were called Risen), Zofia Castle, this new possible term called "23rd of Pegastym", new skills that are added in the remake are called "Anti-Fliers", "Bowrange +1", & "Terror", and I don't know about this "Deliverance Hideout" location, it could possibly be Clive's HQ in Chapter 1, but I don't recognize the layout that was in Gaiden. Edit from March 14th: I added the names that were shown in the PAX East Footage from the North American version of Echoes, tI did seen Lukas is still Lukas from the Heroes website, the villager girl's localized name is Faye, and the rest of Celica's team in Chapter 2 were remained the same from the Heroes website as well + added the Provisions, Grieth's Army, Seraphim, Invoke, Miasma, Mountain Graveyard, Leather Shield, Gold Dagger, Silver Purse, Black Magic, White Magic, and Archanist in the Name Chart.
  8. Is anyone planning to stream or release videos of FE Gaiden before Echoes is released?
  9. I cleared Cellica's route up to this point. The Bigles (the pink eyes) dupe faster than I can kill them. I can hold out indefinitely but how do I kill them before they regen back to 12+? I haven't played Alm's Route in Chapter 4 yet. Is there a mechanic similar to Chapter 3 I missed?
  10. So there was a challenge run concept proposed in this topic the other day requiring you to complete an entire Fire Emblem without recruiting a single character. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=67837 In most of the Fire Emblem games, this isn't a big deal since your starting party tends to be reasonably strong and viable backups come pouring in as the game progresses, Gaiden is different. Almost none of your roster joins automatically. In fact, aside from a few characters that are mandatory to recruit in order to advance the story, nobody joins automatically at all! All in all, this means we're going to beat the game with a total of 6 characters split between two parties. Pretty crazy, but Gaiden itself is also crazy so maybe it will balance out. Update! The full playlist for a Grey-less version of the run can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4y9vIwFHQJohlg8l3C2pme61h_XG3but Chapter 1: We start out pretty strong here. Luka is required to be recruited to advance the story and Gray is blocking the pathway. (Gray can be skipped through a simple exploit though I forgot about this at the time of the run.) This makes the beginning a somewhat standard affair with one exception: the leather shield mercenary. Since I go the mercenary path with Gray, the team has no magic users, so the mercenary mini-boss has to be whittled down repeatedly with weak physical attacks. Luckily, Alm is a pretty cool guy that can take hits, so he can just park on the healing tile while the boss slowly but surely is done in by Alm's barrage of 2-3 damage attacks. After the thundersword is obtained, the chapter is a piece of cake. Gray doubles and one-rounds just about everything and both Alm and Luka can take a hit or two. Lion head bonuses are +3 speed to Luka to help him double in mid-game and +2 def to Alm and +1 def to Gray to help their durability just a bit. Chapter 2: After a relatively easy chapter 1, chapter 2 is some bad times. For mandatory characters, we get our choice between May and Boey. Boey has decent durability later on, but his offense is hot garbage throughout the game so I think May is the pick here. Lion heads are +2 Power for Cellica and +1 speed to May so pirates will go down soundly in one round of combat. The main issue for chapter 2 is the frailty of the units. Neither Celica nor May can really take physical attacks well, so the leather shield has to be obtained very cautiously. The leather shield helps Celica quite a bit, but I still have to take certain maps slowly to avoid her getting swarmed and more or less keep May in the back row behind her at all times. Fortunately, this isn't too difficult largely because the pirate ship chapters are FULL of choke points. Chapter 3: With Luka and Gray promoted to Knight and Hero (Myrmidon), there isn't really anything standing in the way of steamrolling Alm's side of chapter 3. However, Cellica's team needs a LOT of help. So, on the final map, Gray is killed off (surprisingly difficult to do) so he can be brought back in a revival shrine. He's a Demonfighter with a thunder sword at this point in time, so once we get him it's good times. Getting to him is the hard part. Celica's team being undermanned is an even bigger problem in chapter 3. In fact, it's nearly impossible to save Palla and Catria here without a huge amount of luck/rigging. Basically the eastern part of the chapter in impossible with our current team, so we've got to go to the revival shrine. This wouldn't be a huge problem, except that it also happens to house 3 dragonzombies. Celica can take them out with ease, but once again durability is a problem. Not only can the team only take 1-2 hits total from these jerks, Celica lacks the HP to use Angel to kill them all unless she has 25 HP! This meant an extra trip to the graveyard before I get Gray back from the dead. Luckily, having a demon fighter gray solves a lot of problems! He cut through everything with ease, alternating between the lightning sword and darkness sword. He even killed that jerk Geyse in 2 hits! Lots of killing means lots of experience points, so Gray actually gets to level 10 and gets to promote to villager so he can later repromote to archer. As we move into chapter 4. Chapter 4: The first map is a little annoying since becoming a Villager erases Gray's insane Demon Fighter resistance stat, but with some support from Celica with her healing and 5-range magic ring attacks, he gets through it. It's totally worth it, though. Gray is a pretty good archer. Exhibit A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv26mxrMJ50 Once he has access to the 5 range steel bow, the whole chapter is basically a joke. The only except are the always-annoying Bigls. I actually have to rig some turns so they multiply less. One or two turns of them multiplying by 5 or 6 renders the map unbeatable since Gray can't kill them as fast as they multiply. The same goes for Alm's side, as he gets a promotion and a silver bow at this time, so after a map of slight growing pains, him and Luka become a 2 man wrecking squad. Things are even better when Ruka gets the speed ring and Alm gets the Holy Bow in the fear shrine. The HP recovery and stat boosts from those items make Alm and Luka nearly invincible. They even find a super-rare Dragonshield as Alm lays wastes to easily a hundred dragon zombies. Not too useful hear, but with a 1/2000 drop rate, a cool souvenir for sure! As usual, the biggest pain here is Rudolph. He hits hard and has huge defenses, so I just have Alm go in alone with a Speed Ring for the massive defensive advantage (prevents Alm from being doubled as well as granting him massive avoid thanks to automatic 40 speed). Alm only does 4x2 damage per round, but with the critical hits mixed in, is enough to slowly take Rudolph down to finish Alm's side of the chapter. Afterwards, we get Maisen, our last mandatory character. Wheeeee! Chapter 5: Maisen gets the Dragonshield, meaning that Alm's squad now effectively has 3 invincible units. Maisen doesn't hit hard or fast, but his movement is good which makes him a formidable meatwall or magekiller during certain moments. Alm mainly cleans house by himself, though. The only noteworthy battle of chapter 5 is of course the finale itself. Gray is a bowknight now and proves to be a valuable asset in escorting Celica upwards. He one-rounds just about everything with 1-5 range, including those obnoxious Bigls! He takes a bit of damage when trying to clear some of the witches near Doma, but his monstrous HP stat lets him tank a lot of them despite his Res stat of 2 and no clerics or healing tiles to bail him out. Celica herself is also surprisingly strong. She has great speed, reasonable defenses thanks to loads of lion's head bonuses, and a good magic arsenal made better with the overpowered magic ring for 5 range attacking. She holds her own better than she has in any other run I've done with her, so getting her to Alm and Doma for some game winning healing+100% crit support with Alm isn't too much of a problem. Anyway, it was kind of crazy run, but aside for a few maps that were dumb, this was definitely more of just a novelty run than a challenge run. Like in most Fire Emblem games, it pays off in Gaiden to have a small number of really overpowered units. Maybe next time I will try it without Gray... For those wanting pics, I didn't take a whole lot of this one, but I went back and took a few of my final battle squad. Enjoy! [spoiler=pics or it didn't happen] Alm (Falchion equipped) and Luka (Quick Ring Equipped) Maisen (Dragon Shield Equipped) and Celica (Magic Ring Equipped) May (Magic Ring Equipped) and Gray (Silver Bow Equipped) Also for those seeing May's stats and wondering if she was useless for the finale, she actually contributed a little bit! The Magic Ring with its 5 range solves a lot of problems, so despite her horrible stats and 4 move, she got in some decent damage with Aura (~20 per hit) and the Bigls for other characters to finish off. Not too shabby, but nowhere near as insane as Gray on the right heheh.
  11. Hi guys! I really like Gaiden's plot but the sprites are a bit old, so I tried to make the portraits of some characters from the first and the second chapter. They are the first sprites I ever made, but i hope you like them! Advices to improve their quality are welcome^^ The characters i made are: Alm, Luka, Gray, Robin, Cliff, Silk, Clair, Clive, Fols, Paison, Mycen, Celica, Mae, Boey, Jenny, Savor, Valbar, Kamui, Leo and three enemies: Slayder, Dozer and Dahha
  12. Heya! I was wondering if there was any documentation out there for FE1/FE2 hacking. I haven't seen any resources whatsoever available for either of those games, and I'm sorta interested in tinkering with them. Anything would be helpful!
  13. So I decided to replay Shadow Dragon, but this time do the Gaiden chapters, because I didn't do them in my first play through. But I can't stand having characters die so.... I did some... light hacking and... I did this! My overall opinion on this replay is, as someone who has always appreciated Shadow Dragon, I thought it was really fun and I sort of feel like this is the way the game was intended to be played. Not the 99 Aum Staff of course, but sending off your defenseless units as distractions so you can go ahead to the Gaiden chapters. It brought me back to the whole decoy thing and being told that you'll have to kill someone off to get head. I'm not saying this was a good intention or not, just stating how I feel. The only Gaiden chapter I didn't do was the Nagi one, because I did it last time and I wanted Gotoh this time. Plus Marth doesn't even recognize Nagi in New Mystery so... whatever. The only cheat codes I used was to turn the Aum Staff's uses to 99, and get myself some Elysian Whips. Just to clarify.
  14. Since Sevr, Kamui, Jesey, and Deen all start in the Mercenary line, they're all able to eventually loop back around to Villager to turn into either Soldiers, Cavaliers, Archers, or Mages (or I suppose back into Mercenaries) if the player wants. I understand the sheer amount of grinding on its own probably renders that not worth it, but I was kinda curious how they perform in other class lines, or at least if there are any of them that are particularly noteworthy in other classes.
  15. I personally think Gaiden had tons of neat ideas that could be expanded on in the franchise today, sure we see stuff like Dreadfighter, Witch and such in Fates, and of course the country of Valm in Awakening, but how would you like to see a proper revisit? Like Gaiden's mechanics, such as shrines, dungeons, towns, its way of branched promotion for villagers etc, being used in either a remake or FE15. I personally think they could do some neat things with the system, however I doubt IS would do it, considering how much they hate taking risks currently. So discuss! I'd be glad to hear your ideas.
  16. Well, I think this image is self-explainatory. Is this a mistake in the translation? Does Catria have 40 luck due to this? I'm so confused. But hey, It was a good laugh when I saw it. Man, if only it was 40 power... OK. Edit: I know why this happens. So I'll report myself to eliminate the topic I guess...
  17. This is the strategy I developed for clearing Battle before Dawn on my first run. It got Nino and Jaffar, as well as all four treasure chests, but I suspect Lady Luck had a hand in clearing it (mostly in regards to one element, which I can see being easily remedied). Prerequisites: * Have a unit with a B-rank in staves and at least 10 magic. If you have 18, you could make it simpler. * Have Merlinus promoted. This is a must if you intend to use the 10-magic strats (or at least highly recommended), and is probably a part of this strategy that Hector mode makes easier- you need to get all the Gaiden chapters and not let Merlinus die once to have it happen in Eliwood mode. *Having two thieves is helpful. Ideally, one of these thieves should have enough speed to steal from the enemy thieves on the map. Strategy: * Rush down the right corridor with at least one Lord and one Thief. Make sure that there is enough spare gear in this party to fill an inventory. ** (The other party needs to go down the left corridor, but the exact makeup isn't really that significant- only that it's good.) * Obtain the Rescue staff with a unit with a full inventory, and send it to Merlinus. * Have your staff unit in the corridor between Zephiel's throne room and your starting position, and take the Rescue staff from Merlinus. ** If you have an 18 magic unit, this is where it can be simpler- the extra four tiles of Rescue allow you to use the staff directly from the starting position. * Rescue Zephiel! Gaiden: * You can also use the properties of Rescue (both the staff and the regular technique) to get Nino and Jaffar into the corridor or starting position, and talk to activate the Gaiden chapter. Any half-decent unit should be able to take care of the shaman that appears in the corridor. Thanks to this, I could beat Battle before Dawn with a first-playthrough powered, admitted low-level team (a whole bunch of units got early promotions trying to beat this chapter legitimately, and those that are promoted are level 4-5 at max, and mostly at level 1-2). I apologise if the strategy isn't the most original you've ever seen, but it deals with the part of the chapter I find most difficult to account for: Ursula's Bolting. The Fog-of-War doesn't bother me nearly as much with the regular enemies. It's just not being able to tell how far she can zap that does.
  18. I was playing through Gaiden when I suddenly got the urge to make a 16 bit updated version of Cellica's mugshot, and later Alm. It wasn't anything fancy, just took the original mugshot and applied the changes using FE5 colors. I then converted it down to the 8 bit graphics, and it looks, in my opinion, a lot cleaner than the original. I just really only have one question...how do I put it into the game? Here's the 8 bit mugshots, competed with 2 different lip flaps (I don't quite remember if the game had lip flaps or not...oh well). FE2mugs_new collection.bmp Here are the 16 bit mugshots I made of Alm and Cellica. arum_16 bit.bmp cellica_16 bit.bmp
  19. MrKisuke

    NES graphics

    Does anyone know how to edit around the graphics (specifically the mugshots) of the NES FE games? I want to make better looking mugshots for the characters and maybe even the class related sprites. I've already updated the mugshots for Cellica, Alm and Clea. The lip flaps aren't shown, but they are complete. Alm arum_8 bit.bmp Cellica cellica_8 bit.bmp Clair clea_8 bit.bmp
  20. Hello, I have gotten to the end of Chapter 1 in the game and at Sofia Castle there is a chest with Knight in it. When I walk up to it, it says "This chest held knight. Area Reclaimed! Knight reverted." It doesn't show up in my items at all. What do I do???
  21. The name of the thread is self-explanatory. What classes should I make Robin, Gray, and Cliff and why should I make them those classes?
  22. I've already beaten the game(Gaiden) on Normal Mode and felt like playing through on Easy to see how much easier it was and to mess around with units I never bothered to train on Normal, but for some reason the unlock code won't work on my phone's emulator, Nostalgia NES Pro- when I try, it just starts the game. I tried it out on my computer, using Nestopia and the same ROM file, and it worked just fine there, so I'm confused as to why it won't work on my phone, which is my preferred platform for emulating.
  23. FE2 really does not get mentioned much in this board, which is very curious. So I'm wondering; what do people who've played it think? Personally, I love a lot of what it tries, because despite being ancient it was still extremely fresh to play through because of how unique it was and has still managed to be. It's fairly dated but its music and graphics honestly aren't terrible by any means imo (they grew on me), and the gameplay was still quite enjoyable. The two paths with Alm and Celica is one of my favourite dynamics of the game, and I wish they replicated this in Sacred Stones. Probably not my favourite FE, and definitely not my least favourite, but I still adore it.
  24. So I was thinking, with Lucas back in smash, and the announcement of the Mother 1 translation being released worldwide as Earthbound Beginnings, many are predicting Mother 3 to follow suit. And since Roy has been added back in as well, at the same time no less, could this mean that FE6, or even the whole japanese exclusive Fire Emblem library, will receive the same treatment? Itoi's himself mentioned that Mother 1 was being translated and re-released as part of the 20th anniversary of Earthbound's release, and with it being the 25th anniversary of FE as a series, and the music concert on the way I could think of worse times to make such an announcement. Of course I may be looking into this too much, and as someone who's accustomed to the fan translations (the use of memes aside) I'd rather see these games remade rather than translated and redistributed, FE6 in particular due to its sameness and lack of polish, but I'd be excited if this turned out to be true. Penny for you thoughts, anyone?
  25. I have Claire, that's how far I am. Did some grinding and wasted all my speed boosts equally between Robin, Alm, and Luka. How is promotion different in Gaiden compared to other games?
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