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Found 55 results

  1. Hi there, so I have been hacking FE2 with the few modules I have and I would like to ask whether these 2 modules exist, specifically: I need modules on a custom spell set editor(so Alm can learn some spells and Robin can learn something other than just Excalibur) and a drop rate editor, so that angel rings could be dropped at a 1/128 rate instead of 1/9001 rate for example. Does such modules exist, or do I have to request for someone to make said modules? Thanks.
  2. I have watched a LP of FE2 Gaiden and I still do not know, why characters like Catria, Palla, Est, Zeke (Camus) and Gharnef from FE1+3 are in this game? Is there a relation in the story between FE1 and 2, I have not seen yet?
  3. I`m still playing Gaiden but I`ve been having many problems with its RNG I mean its so ridiculous how many times I miss my hits compared to the enemy and my characters have quite high hit why so many misses? I`m stuck on Alm`s route now as the random paladin fights are costing me not even save states are helping :( almost everyone gets double attacked by the cavaliers and no one can do decent damage except Ruka but the layout of the map and the fact I`m ambushed does not help me to get any close to victory darn game if only if I would not miss so much hits. I`ll post a picture of the map I`m stuck on.
  4. Hey guys well I just started playing Fire Emblem Gaiden today and well this is my first time playing a NES Fire Emblem so what am I to expect? and what is different from the SNES and GBA Fire Emblem games? how hard is this one?
  5. I had this thought a small bit ago. What if Sacred Stones had done what Fire Emblem Gaiden [the game that inspired it no less] did with Alm and Celica in having 2 alternate teams you switched between depending on the chapter. When Eirika and Ephraim split up, Do you think they could have divided their forces with a set group or 2 groups you picked [kinda like FE10's final set of chapters before the Tower]? I'd have liked it a bit I think, just have certain new characters show up only in either side and you get a more complete story that way, granted the personal Lyon interactions later might be gone as a result and that would be kind of sad I suppose. So what do you think?
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