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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, dwellers of the Forest! Around the start of last year, I posted a "Gaming Resolutions" thread. The idea was to talk about what you wanted to accomplish in the year ahead, within the world of gaming. Something more fun than resolving to jog more and eat less, right? Well, a new year marks a new year, and a new chance to make resolutions you might not live up to! Without further Dedue, here are some of mine: 1. Complete Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. I just got this one for Christmas, but I've already dived right in. In fact, I just made it to what I believe to be the final world. I'd like to get all the Stamps and Green Stars, too - it certainly seems within reason. Of course, this is a two-part resolution - some time after finishing the main campaign, I'll take on Bowser's Fury as well. I've been having a lot of fun with the main game, so I don't anticipate either side of this resolution being a problem. 2. Play every stage in Pokemon Snap. I don't necessarily expect to 100% the game, or even get to see every Pokemon. But I'd like to at least play through each stage once. I've dipped my toes into the game thus far, but there's a whole lot more I could be experiencing in it. 3. Finish my Three Houses playthrough on Golden Deer Maddening NG. I got distracted from this one late last year, but I'd like to see it through. There are only a few chapters left to go, but in 3H, each one can take a while. I love to "theorycraft" builds in 3H, but putting it into practice is another story. Still, I'd like to beat Maddening NG, if for nothing else than bragging rights. 4. Play, and complete, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. I finished Spirit of Justice in the last few hours of 2021, thus completing the main series of Ace Attorney games. But now the pair of pre-prequels have made the jump from Japanese 3DSs to consoles worldwide. This one's another two-parter, and I'll probably take a break between the first and second half, if not between each case. But I've heard good things about it, and definitely want to get up-to-date on the series after nearly a decade of lagging. 5. Finish my Genealogy of the Holy War playthrough. This was another one I started last year. I'd beaten Genealogy twice before, both times in English, but this has been my first time playing the game on-console, in Japanese. I know enough Katakana to at least recognize the proper nouns. Anyway, I only made it as far as the start of chapter 5, but I'd like to bring it to its proper conclusion. 6. Play, and beat, Thracia 776. This game is one I've started, but never finished. The original playthrough is long gone by now, but I'm willing to start from scratch. I'm watched Mekkah play the "Li'l Manster" patch, derived from the Project Exile translation, so that's probably the one I'll use. I want to finish this, to have a more complete view of the series. 7. Purchase, and play through (at least once), Triangle Strategy. This is probably my most anticipated release of the year right now, and something I've been looking forward to ever since I played the demo. Come to think of it, I should probably wrap up Three Houses before this makes its way onto shelves. Given the "your choices really matter" model, I know a single playthrough won't be enough to experience all that's there, but I don't necessarily need all the content right away. 8. Purchase, and play through, AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES: nirvanA Initiative. I played the first game in this series, and was really impressed by it. I'd appreciated Kotaro Uchikoshi's "Zero Escape" trilogy, and this game combined his writing with Yusuke Kozaki's (see: Fateswakening) character design. The release is still only loosely scheduled for "Spring 2022", so fulfilling this resolution will be contingent on the game... actually coming out. 9. Beat Deltarune: Chapters 1 & 2. It's out, it's on my Switch, I just haven't finished it. I started Chapter 1 back in the day, but never finished it, and then Chapter 2 came out on top of it. No idea whether I'll pay for the complete experience when it comes out, but I'm not gonna look the gift horse in the bush for two in the mouth. Anyway, I want to understand all the jokes and memes surrounding it, so there. 10. Purchase, and play, a totally novel gaming experience. Something in a series that's totally new to me. I had this one up last year, and vague as it was, it encouraged me to "branch out" into games I might not have tried otherwise, like Jenny LeClue and Not Tonight. So, there! How do these sound - too ambitious, or eminently achievable? And what are your own gaming resolutions for the year ahead? Leave a comment below!
  2. There have been a few threads here about what we want to see out of video game developers this upcoming year. That's all fine and dandy, but let's also ask - what do we want to see ourselves accomplish in the year ahead? This can be buying a new game, replaying an old favorite, or finishing off something already in progress. I'll start with my own "gaming resolutions for 2021"! 1. I completed Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, as my last game of 2020. And yes, it was long overdue. So, I've already bought it, but I'd like to play through Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. I'm a longtime fan of the series, and it'll be nice to be "up-to-date", as English releases go. 2. Over the last year-and-a-half, I put an absurd amount of time (nearly 600 hours) into Fire Emblem: Three Houses, completing all four routes and the DLC. But my experience isn't yet complete, so I'd like to go back and play through Three Houses on Maddening NG, probably on the Golden Deer route. 3. I bought it last year, and made it a little less than halfway through before dropping it - which is a shame, because I generally enjoyed the game, and want to fully give it a chance. So I'd like to finish playing Paper Mario: The Origami King. 4. This one, I just received for Christmas, so of course I'll be spending time in it. But how much? Let's be optimistic, and plan to play through all three titles on the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, a reconstruction of some of my earliest gaming experiences. 5. The game, I believe, came as a gift, as did the first DLC pass - but the second one has been in my court, and I've just neglected to pick it up thus far. I'd like to acquire, and fully experience, the Fighters Pass 2 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which includes, of course, gitting gud with the characters in question. 6. Last year, I completed a challenge run of Fire Emblem: Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, in which I only used "force-recruits". Just this past month, I attempted Thabes for the first time, but was forced to flee on the ninth understory. So, I intend to revisit, and complete, the post-game Thabes Labyrinth in Echoes - dragons, beware, for Saber has looped and wields a Zweihänder! 7. It's hard to gauge when you've "beaten" an open-ended game like Animal Crossing. I got K.K. Slider to visit, so am I done? Well yes, but actually no. There's so much more to do, but let's use an easy metric of accomplishment: I wish to complete the Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, save for the Art section, which is up to the whims of fate. Get ready to be bugged, Blathers! 8. I generally enjoy Kart racing games, but despite owning two of the best around (in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled), I basically didn't play them at all this past year. So it's less of a concrete goal, but it'd be nice to spend more time playing my premier kart racing games. If I were to make a goal of it, maybe 100%ing CTR? Or at least unlocking all the characters. 9. I'd like to buy a new-to-me game in an unfamiliar franchise. I was thinking Catherine: Full Body, but I've also heard lots of good things about Hades, Hollow Knight, and Cuphead. Yeah, I realize these are all over the place in style and substance. So let's just say purchase, and play, a totally novel gaming experience. Anyway, those are the ones I've got right now, though, I might choose to add more. What are your own "gaming resolutions" for 2021? Did you make any for this past year, and if so, did you keep them? Thanks for reading, and I really look forward to what y'all have to say!
  3. https://twitter.com/RetroStudios/status/1338559406284410883 They're currently looking for a Boss and AI designer, but they've probably already made tons of progress on the game, that we just don't know about. Nintendo would have zero reason to hire and keep anyone, if a game isn't going to be worked on just yet. The only way Prime 4 wouldn't of gotten far by now, is if nintendo, for some insane reason, wanted to waste money on paying for world-class developers to not work on the game yet? Early to mid 2022 is my guess What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited :) (maybe we'll get another sa-x too?)
  4. Hello Everyone this is my first post and I wanted to share it and see people's thoughts. You don't have to read the whole thing but you can skip to the part where I talk about fe4 in a case study. I ultimately couldn't go as in depth as I hoped I could because there will be a lot of non gamers reading this. Positive and Negative feedback are appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read =] Capstone.docx
  5. For me, it was Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks on the Nintendo DS. Still love the soundtrack uwu
  6. Hi, I'm Scott and I'm a high school teacher. I'm also a huge Fire Emblem fan, I've never posted really on the Serenes forums but I decided to share my story today because I thought it might interest people here. A group of students started a gaming club at the school where I work, and I'm the sponsor of the club. One year ago, on our first meeting I met a young man (for the sake of privacy I'll be using different names for each student) we'll call him Juan. Juan was playing a card game with a friend and when I passed by the place they were playing I was stunned, the game was Fire Emblem Cipher! He had the Corrin M and Corrin F starter decks and was teaching his friend Daniel how to play. I started chatting with them, and next thing I knew I had a Path of Radiance and Tokyo Mirage Starter Decks coming in the mail. Fast forward a year and there's around 20 students at the school with Cipher decks, many who attend meetings regularly to trade and play. We have monthly tournaments, and even "Festival Events" with prizes. I enjoy collecting Cipher cards so much that many of my extra cards become prizes for students to earn, I have 10 complete Cipher decks and some of my students even have multiple decks. It may seem super elaborate but I've even come up with ways for students to earn free cards from participating in different events. For example: I give out "Exhibition Passes" to each tournament participant, they can spend a pass one of two ways, exchange it for a pack of 10 common cards. Or use it to challenge me to a Best of 3 Round with its own rules, if they beat me they get to choose 1 SR card from my binder. At tournaments I host raffles, where I give out R cards or even booster packs (The club has about 4 boxes of packs donated by some online friends of mine to be used as prizes) and the top 5 players at each tournament get to pick a R card from my binder (at festival events every player gets an R and the top 5 get SRs) It's been a pretty amazing experience to not only bond with my students but also to play this amazing card game. You might be thinking "How do you read the cards?" Well, as posted on this very forum in the past, users such as AsheoftheEmblem, Murdock, and SAIKLEX have made English Half-Card Proxies which I have been using for this club. It's helped enormously for opening the game up to many more students and I haven't been bothered by the extra work of assembling the proxy documents for the kids. Attached are some pictures of my own decks, and I'm in the process of assembling a picture collection of my student's decks to show off not only how many students are involved, but also their creativity in creating decks. Just a small sample of my decks are here to show how some of them are proxied.
  7. As the topic says I am curious what are everyones views on spoilers? On anything games, shows, books, manga, etc. just anything in general? I am asking because personally I can`t see it from the others point of view. I never understand why someone becomes upset about getting told even the smallest thing. Personally it annoys me greatly when someone complains about spoilers. Note I can feel sympathy with someone not wanting spoilers if the series just now came out and is fresh and brand new then yeah I can kinda see. But it annoys me to no end when I speak to someone about something and then they complain about freaking spoilers on a Tv show, game or book that is old as heck it`s old passed done what do ya expect? of course you are gonna hear and see stuff about it.So I can`t stand it when someone gets upset over something from like 1990`s or early 2000`s that has long passed and ended. It`s annoying when I try and tell someone about a certain character and I bring up ''insert character'' dies later in the story and I get accused of spoilers eh?? Not much was spoiled. For me it`s like this ya learn about a certain character or event in the story ''spoiler'' right? But usually when people explain stuff they tell it either in pieces or like I do since I mainly discuss characters and not so much story learn one of them dies. But it`s not spoiled technically as you still don`t know the circumstance or the cause of such event. So for me I don`t mind spoilers at all I actually actively seek them especially if there is a series and my favorite character is involved I often wanna see their status if they are alive or not so usually a fast visit to a wiki solves that. But I don`t mind because I still do not know the events leading up to it what happens between? What happens before? Unless the entire narrative is laid out in front of me and explained word for word nothing is really revealed in my eyes. It`s the journey to that key point that matters and you don`t know the journey to it unless the whole thing is laid out. So yeah Sorry if this came off as a bit rantish but it`s so annoying as recently I introduced 2 friends of mine to the Naruto series and we discuss the characters together and I bring up say Itachi Uchiha dies later and I get accused of spoilers. When i didn`t all I said was he dies later you don`t know when later is or how/why it even happens. And on top of that Naruto is old as heck it ended ages ago so avoiding spoilers is nigh impossible at this point all is said and done like with all old series. As far as video games go finding out your character dies later mainly for RPG games I find quite helpful as I am the type who likes going in ready. because some games can be cruel to ya and whatever items/equipment you had are lost or you pour a load of time into someone only to see later ya wasted all that time as they leave later Lol. I hear SaGa Frontier 2 a game which I started recently has tons of characters die on you so that was helpful for me as now I know not to even waste time training up any of them wasting time until later in. So yeah opinions? What is and what is not a spoiler to you guys? What do you consider a spoiler? And which part matters to you most?
  8. After getting back into console gaming I've been wondering this for a while. In April Microsoft gave away Ryse: Son of Rome in GWG. It was one of the Xbox One's launch exclusives. Reception to it was lukewarm at best, which is kinda bad for an exclusive, and average score is like 3/5 or something. So I decided to play it and see if it's so mediocre as people thought. What I found was a game with excellent replay value despite being short. It has a lot of the bad things modern games are plagued with (excess tutorials even in the hidden Legendary difficulty, excess linearity, excess tips), but the gameplay is incredibly fun and satisfying. I always find myself itching to come back to it and perfect my skills. Combat system is easy to learn but somewhat difficult to master, you can get through the game with button mashing but, especially on Centurion and Legendary difficulty, you can get killed very easily if you do so, even when fully upgraded. Storywise, this game is pretty much "Gladiator meets 300", which is a fantastic thing at least to me since Gladiator is one of my favorite movies of all time and I loved 300 as well, and I've found myself cheering for and enjoying controlling Marius and laying waste to hordes of Briton barbarians and traitorous Praetorian guards. Marius himself is a vastly better character than the likes of Kratos could ever hope to be, despite not being all that unique. There's some cheap and unnecessary female nudity in it but that shouldn't really be as much of a bother as people make it out to be, especially since one of the last bosses is a female warrior who is not sexualized despite having much exposed skin. Seriously, it baffles me why this game got such mediocre reviews. Which leads me to the point I'm trying to make. Aren't we trying to overanalyze games? I mean, we do spend hard-earned cash on them, and the contemporary gamer's average age is older than it was before, so gamers are more vocal and have better judgment than before, at least in theory. But people often misunderstand what's like to get your money's worth for a game. They associate it too much with length, and we end up with massive games that take 200 hours to get 100% in and even more to reach platinum in. There's no more room for us to replay a game time and time again, and hone our skills in it until we can play blindfolded. We were able to do this in the past with games that lasted 2 hours at best, games that were mostly derived from arcade games, which had to be short and difficult. But now, an Assassin's Creed game for example takes around 35-40 hours to complete all the quests in, sometimes even more, and there are a lot of small things that you may still miss, such as 100% sync and guild objectives. There's no more time for you to perfect your skills unless you dedicate your efforts to that series exclusively. Ironically, Ubisoft usually gives you three save slots (Watch Dogs had only one, which I consider a flaw in that game, but still). I remember when the Switch got released people would say "you beat Zelda, now what?". I have the perfect answer. Beat it again. Enjoy it again. Beat it better. Look for details you've missed first time around. Go online and swap strategies with people. Try different things. Don't drop it after beating the story. There's so much more to a game than the campaign. There always is. Being hardcore, or at least being a fan of gaming, means you invest time into the games you love. When you always keep looking for the newest thing, you're starting to tread casual territory. Furthermore, I feel like people are asking more and more for Hollywoodian levels of game script and production. Sorry, not gonna happen. Hollywood itself is stuck in a deep creative rut as of late, and historically games have always had inferior storytelling to other forms of entertainment. I see this a lot here at SF, people really do expect an FE to have storytelling on the level of LotR or something like that. Richer environments and lore than ASOIAF. And one day this push will break the industry. Games are not selling enough to maintain the high production values people ask for. And we shouldn't be asking for this stuff either. Videogames have always been the field of cheap fun and satire. And they were better for it. In short, we're just caring about this stuff way too much. It does cost money of course, so we're entitled to complain, but there's a point when we must wonder whether we're pushing it too far.
  9. Now I will say there have been plenty of times that luck has saved my skin or two when things get serious, but it's still sad to rely on it. Other than that it's the one thing I'll never love in games or in life. Persona is a series I've played through the years and there's never a skill stat..... just a luck stat. This never made sense to me as luck is something that shouldn't and probably will never trigger like any other stat. To me it feels so cheap since you can never plan for it or use it consistently to your advantage. This isn't a post saying what could replace it since I don't have an answer for that. I'm just complaining a little bit. I would like to know what stat in RPG's that you don't like so let me know! Like they say " the best ability is availability"....... and luck isn't one of those things
  10. heya kiddos i'm part of a new undertale discord server come check us out if you wanna have a bad good time https://discord.gg/EaMg9CC
  11. I recently stumbled upon Snowy_One's thread of "How many positive and well-made female characters can you think of?" I worked hard on a post I would love to make to it, but the threat is locked so they won't let me do that anymore. So I made a second one that continues it and here are the positive and well-made female characters that I can think of: Blaze the Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog franchise: Blaze is awesome, no doubt about it. She’s the princess of some parallel dimension and her duty is to guard the Sol Emeralds. However, when she was young, Blaze feared that getting too emotional would cause her flame powers to go out of control and so she locked her own emotions away and became more distant with other people and more focused on her objectives. She distanced herself from other people and didn’t get along well with others. Then came the events of Sonic Rush when she ended up on Sonic’s dimension and met up with Cream the Rabbit and became friends with her. She still had an icy persona and quickly rejects any offered assistance, believing that she’s better off facing her challenges alone. However, Sonic eventually talked her into opening up to other people and learning to trust other people helped her accomplish what she couldn’t do alone. Becoming more passionate made her even stronger as it allowed the Sol Emeralds to turn her into Burning Blaze who is like Super Sonic except she can throw fireballs. They beat Dr. Eggman and his interdimensional counterpart and Blaze then happily returned to her home dimension. Which leads me to Sonic Rush Adventure which is the sequel to Sonic Rush. In that game, Sonic and Tails get caught in a storm and wake up on an island, they search for answers, they get attacked by one of Captain Whiskers’ robots until Blaze rushes in and saves them. There, Sonic and Tails learn that they ended up in Blaze’s dimension, and while their search for answers continued, Blaze traveled with and fought alongside Sonic while her royal subjects helped them find the Sol Emeralds to keep them out of the wrong hands. When they defeated Captain Whiskers and found the Sol Emeralds and the Chaos Emeralds, they beat the two Eggmen a second time and Blaze managed to take Sonic and Tails back home. Sash Lilac and Carol Tea from Freedom Planet: I got into playing Freedom Planet last year and boy am I glad I did. I instantly got a kick out of Freedom Planet not only because of its awesome gameplay, but also because of its two main heroines: Sash Lilac and Carol Tea. Let’s start with Sash Lilac. Out of all the characters in Freedom Planet, Lilac’s my personal favorite. She’s the most fun to play as and she has a great personality. She’s cheerful, nice, mature, smart, and always willing to help people out when they are in trouble. And no matter what happens to her, she never loses sight of her goal and keeps on going. However, she’s at one point in the game forced to wonder if her actions are doing her friends more harm than good and is willing to question what needs to be done in order to protect them. But when it becomes clear to her what she needs to do, she’ll do it, whether it’s for the sake of her friends or even planet Avalice itself. And then there’s Carol. Carol is a snarky, energetic, and adventurous wildcat who longs for the simple things in life like a mansion, worldwide fame, and more money than she’d know what to do with. But she ultimately sticks by her best friend, Sash Lilac and helps her out when things get rough for her. Even when she felt like she shouldn’t be putting herself in danger just to be with Lilac, she ultimately decides to act to help her out when she needs her. Always caring for Lilac and Milla, Carol, despite her impulsive behavior, often acts as a voice of reason to Lilac and occasionally calls her out on being too reckless. But in the end, she still rises up for Lilac and Milla when they are in danger. I’d talk about Milla too, but she’s not exactly on the exact same level as Carol and Lilac. While she is capable, she’s not a hardened warrior like Lilac and Carol are. She is still lovable though. Judith from Tales of Vesperia: Now, I really love this lady. She’s a very strong and independent woman who fights big scary monsters and has fun while doing it. Her carefree attitude makes her incredibly lovable and she’s definitely not afraid of any monster or corrupt warrior that gets in her way. In fact, she’s more than happy to take them down, and relishes every battle she partakes in. She also cares very deeply for her new friends in the party after she joins them as we constantly see her offer comfort and consolation to her fellow teammates like Estelle, Karol, and Rita. She’s like the mom/big sister of the team and the skits featuring her have a lot of great dialogue between her and the rest of the team. She starts off being more distant from other people after she lost her father at a young age but as she journeys on with Yuri and his friends, she warms up to them and opens up to them more. One of the most heartwarming moments in the entire game was when she and the rest of the team was about to leave Myorzo after visiting for the first time, the elder says to Judith, “You don’t need to shoulder such a burden. Haven’t you suffered enough?” Judith replys by saying, “Thank you, Elder, but I’m not suffering anymore. If you went into the outside world, you might understand too.” I loved that part. To me, it meant that all the pain she endured since she lost her dad has now finally dissipated all because she now has a new family. And it’s always great to see people rise above despair and move forward with faith in their hearts. Plus, Judith is the most mature member of the party. Whereas Estelle and Rita are girls, Judith is a full-on woman. Now, I know that she has large breasts and wears skimpy clothing which is why I want to briefly discuss a certain criteria that Snowy_One set up for this discussion: Yeah, I really want to call bullshit on this rule he put up right here and now. I have major major issues with people claiming that a female character cannot be a positive image for women simply because they have large breasts and/or skimpy outfits and therefore are “sexualized.” As far as I’m concerned, that is slut-shaming, which I find very misogynistic. It doesn’t matter how well written a woman is, or how smart and capable she is, or even if if all her sexuality is completely under her control, as long as she is sexual in any way, shape or form, people like Snowy_One dismiss her as a bad character in any way shape or form. It’s like women should never be allowed to be comfortable and confident with their own bodies or their sexuality and should never embrace being sexy and to me that just infantilizes women. Any woman that owns her sexuality should be allowed to and scolding her for it is harmful to women and that’s why I think this criteria that Snowy_One put here should be called out on. Sexy women is often called sexist because of the claim that it just panders to male sexuality and I find that to be very misandric as it demonizes the sexual preferences of straight males. Plus, Christina Hoff Sommers put it best when she said, “Spectators are able to gaze at a woman’s beauty and also identify with her on a human level. Many men, not all of them, but many, do like images of beautiful, sexy women. Why shame them for this? Now, traditionally, women, gays, and trans-people have been policed and humiliated for their sexuality. That is wrong. Today at least in some feminist circles, it’s open season on the sexual preferences of straight males. That’s also wrong.” So this shames both men who like to look at sexy women and women who like to be sexy. Condemning a woman, fictional or real, on how she dresses is just bigoted and Snowy_One is being degrading to women by policing them on how to dress or express their sexuality. That’s my issue with this criteria here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzQ4QG51x4I&feature=youtu.be Snowy_One does take women like Judith and Bayonetta and puts them into a “Positive but fail the criteria/debatable” list which I find to be damning with faint praise. As far as I’m concerned, he should take that “criteria” and throw it into the dumpster because I think it’s degrading to women. Any woman who is proud of her sexuality and appearance shouldn’t be criticized for it and any woman who does get criticized for it should shrug it all off and remain unashamed and Judith has that in spades, which is yet another reason as to why I love her so much. There. I’ve had my rant. In fact, not only is Judith proud of her appearance and sexuality, she encourages Estelle and Rita to be proud of theirs as well. Even though they are not nearly as well-endowed as she is. And that’s truly admirable as in real life, a woman’s insecurity over her sexuality leads to her ranting about hot ladies in fiction like Judith herself. The female protagonists of Odin Sphere: All three of these women are princesses but none of them are your typical damsel in distress. Along with the two male leads, Cornelius and Oswald, Princesses Gwendolyn, Mercedes, and Velvet help to fuel Odin Sphere’s story while also being compelling and endearing characters in their own right. Let’s start with Gwendolyn. Starting off, she, while a fearsome warrior on the battlefield, was longing for her father’s approval. Keep in mind that her father is the demon lord Odin himself. So, Gwendolyn would be incredibly desperate to prove to him that she’s worthy of being one of his valkyrie warriors. After failing to please her father and earn his approval despite helping him win the war over the Crystallization Cauldron, she went out into the forest and had a brief fight with Velvet, another one of Odin’s daughters. Odin, however, intervened and got them to stop, and while Gwendolyn felt crushed over Odin showed Velvet affection despite the fact that Velvet hates Odin’s guts and blames him for her mom’s death, whereas Gwendolyn, who is loyal to Odin always gets the short shrift. When one of Odin’s generals, Brigan betrays and blackmails Odin and decides to execute Velvet, Gwendolyn in her last attempt to get Odin’s approval, rescues Velvet and kills Brigan. However, she gets punished instead, to go into a sleep, and the man who wakes her up will be her wife. Thankfully, the person who woke him up was Oswald, who despite being one of her enemies on their last encounter, cared about Gwendolyn and called Odin out on using her as a tool to get his dirty work done. And unlike the husbands of other former valkyries who are taken from their warrior positions forever, Oswald wanted Gwendolyn to remain strong and brave just like before. And karma greatly rewarded him for that too when she saved him from getting killed by an all powerful dragon who was still in its infancy, and then she saved him from Odette, queen of the netherworld. And to get into the netherworld, Gwendolyn turned the tables on Odin and used him as a tool to achieve her goal. After falling in love with and then marrying Oswald, she abandoned her desperation to gain Odin’s approval and accepted the love of someone who loves her just for being herself. And she saved the world from that exact same dragon in its adult form. Need I say more? Then there’s Mercedes the fairy princess. When her mother died, Mercedes struggled to learn how to become the new queen of the fairies, but she kept struggling to learn how to become a queen. And for a great reason too. Her mom died before she could properly teach her about the benefits and burdens of royalty, so not only was she crowned queen when she wasn’t ready for it, she had nobody to help her get ready. Some of her fellow subjects tried to help, but she was overthrown by a jealous magistrate named Melvin, and so she rallied freedom fighters to fight back against him. When she does, she becomes more accustomed to leadership, and even takes the fight to Odin, who killed her mom. And after defeating him, (she didn’t kill him, though) she became a much more confident queen and a braver warrior as well. And finally, there’s Velvet. Now, I know what Snowy_One is thinking, “Velvet can’t be a positive representation of women she’s too sexualized.” Well, I hope he hears me out. Velvet, unlike the rest of the cast, is aware that there’s an evil plot that would cause the apocalypse. Throughout her story, Velvet does everything she could to figure out how to put a stop to armageddon and does everything she could to find the answers she seeks. She constantly faces hardships and adversity, but in the end, she never loses hope and keeps on going to keep finding what she needs to stop the apocalypse, even standing against her undead grandfather and attempting to thwart his schemes. And in the end, she fights the cauldron and puts a stop to its evil spell. On a side-note, she also stands up to her overly-protective twin brother Ingway whenever he starts trying to keep her away from Cornelius, whom she is in love with and vice versa. She frequently calls him out whenever he gets patronizing and even becomes rebellious towards him. Plus, she helps out a bunch of Pooka villagers. Charlotte Aulin from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin: Charlotte is easily the best character in the game. She’s a powerful mage who can summon powerful spells that aid her and Jonathan in combat and in puzzle solving and she’s not afraid to help bring Jonathan back to his senses when he gets too impulsive. She’s also very smart and helps provide strategies with Jonathan being more of the muscle of the duo. But even by herself, Charlotte is deadly in battle with such spells as hurricanes, fire, ice fangs, and the like. Plus, she’s cheerful and optimistic but knows to take danger seriously and let’s face it, Jonathan wouldn’t have stopped Dracula if it weren’t for her.
  12. Hey Look I need some clan mates to go to war, If you could join or friends you know could join would be a great plessure please spread the message to everyone. Nexus Dragon. Thanks
  13. Just asking out of curiosity since it seems like alot of people around here make content and upload to youtube. Any recommendations/experiences?
  14. Hello! So, I am a big fan of the anime series and mobile game, Love Live! School Idol Festival! (yes that's the title). The anime currently has two seasons, and I believe there is supposedly more coming. However, this thread is not about the anime, its about the mobile game! LLSIF is a rhythm game including a brand new story, separate from that of the anime. If you really enjoy rhythm games and the such, you should check it out on the App Store or Google Play, whichever your device uses. LLSIF is free to play, but it does offer in-app purchases, however the purchases are far from necessary to continue through the game. This thread is mainly for people that are already familiar with the game, so from here on there won't be much for people who don't play the game or haven't heard of it. If you don't have the game yet, I highly recommend checking it out and becoming a part of the community! You can read a little bit more about the game here: schoolido.lu/ or you can just search "School Idol Tomodachi" and it will be the first page. Anyway, the main point of this thread is to share our experiences, share friend codes, and generally talk about the game. Here are my friend codes for both the English Server and Japanese Server English: 939582942 (Blake ^-^) Japanese: 807703361 (Arlis)
  15. It’s my birthday today. You know last year I played the original Xenoblade Chronicles game for the first time on my birthday, it was really something, a shame that I can’t include Xenoblade X on this list because I haven’t I haven’t started playing it yet. Which I should soon and a review will be coming. But for now, I want to see what games everyone really liked playing this year. I’m going to list my favorite games that I played in 2015 and I would like for you all to share your own as well. I played a lot of older games I had shelved for a while, so this list isn’t going to only feature games released in 2015 and in fact don’t be surprised to see games that are 2 generations old. Bloodborne is off this list since I didn’t play much of it, it was on a friend's PS4 but I don’t have a PS4 myself so I didn’t get to play it past the first boss. I didn’t play that much of Rocket League either. An honorable mention goes to The Beginner’s Guide. Okay without further ado, here are my favorites that I played during 2015 with a brief description for each. Mine is in no order. Metroid Prime Trilogy: Super Mario Maker Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Undertale Fallout 4: Tabletop Simulator: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: That is all for today folks, what are your favorite games that you played this year? Doesn’t have to be one released this year of course, feel free to list them here, and you don't need a description if you don't want to of course. And thank you to everyone who read if even some of the reviews I posted throughout the year, it’s been fantastic. It's still the morning, I’ll go and see what the rest of my birthday has to offer. Happy birthday to you too, Sully. *Wink*
  16. Guess What, I got Path of Radiance. First of all, any tips on playing, cheats, glitches, hints, UNLOCKING CHARACTERS, Well if you got something tel me right here Thanks. PS. This is my Dragon
  17. I'm sure on the Internet, when someone is complaining about a popular game or game series, one of the most common complaints seen is that "There is too much of that game" or "I see that game everywhere, it's so annoying". This has got me thinking, was there a game you were intrested in, but were turned away from it due to it's "overexposure"? Or does this not bother you at all when deciding wheter or not to play a game?
  18. Its not news that Japanese gaming companies like Sega, Capcom, Konami, and Square Enix are not doing so hot. This decline has been going for a couple of years now but its recently come to a head mostly with news of Sega's financial woes and Konami's questionable if not outright criminal business practices. This is due to a number of reasons but they usually center around producing poor products one after the other (ala Sonic Boom), firing their creative minds (Konami), bad DLC practices which dissuade the market (Capcom), and a general shift from producing AAA titles to ports on mobile platforms and Pachinko Machines (Konami and Square Enix). If the recent news is proof of anything this shift in business practice has been detrimental to their companies. For starters Capcom has been on the verge of bankruptcy for the past couple of years and its speculated that they will be bought out eventually despite their strong anti-takeover policy. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/06/capcom_could_be_up_for_sale_after_shareholders_reject_anti_takeover_plan While Sega's CEO has gone on record at admitting their poor products and "betraying" their fanbase their profits are down by 40-50% which is pretty bad for any business regardless and bar Atlus they have no future releases outside of Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsGlmNM8OhA Konami has had nothing but bad press as of late with the controversial firing of Kojima and the harsh business practices and shift to Pachinko and mobile games. Needless to say it doesn't seem to be helping given that they voluntarily delisted themselves from the NYC stock exchange as a "cost saving measure" http://www.polygon.com/2015/4/27/8503893/konami-delists-itself-from-new-york-stock-exchange My question is as many good IPs and products these companies produced in the past, what the hell happened? Its as if they abandoned a working strategy and catalog of good products in favor of jumping on the mobile bandwagon and have made one terrible decision after the last. I get that the mobile market is huge in Japan but so far it doesn't seem to be paying off at all for these companies and if anything it has had the opposite effect and is driving them to bankruptcy and irrelevance. Sure you could port a game like Final Fantasy over to mobile but what average mom or joe is going to care about it let alone pay $15 for it? I'm not the only one seeing this am I? Anyone else have thoughts or information regarding the Japanese market? Is there something I'm missing or uniformed on?
  19. I figured I'd make a topic for people to share their gaming setups and share their ideas on how to arrange them or even help others looking to renovate and upgrade their current setups. Over the past couple of weeks I went through updating the setup in my room by building my own shelves and such. Here is the result. The shelves you see picutred on the left and right were bought from Target and I assembled them myself. The one in the middle was particularly difficult because the shelfs to the left and right were already in place so it was a process to shave off part of the shelf and jimmy it in there so I had to do alot of it myself and make some adjustments. Good news is if and when I get a place of my own the shelf in the middle can also be placed longways for larger TV's. The TV is a full 1080p 32in Samsung on the cheaper end of HDTVs but looks fantastic and I'd highly recommend it. Only negatives are that there are only two HDMI ports and one componet/RCA port but nothing a cheap switcher couldn't fix which I have in the back of the TV which has the blu ray and Wii U running into. This definetely was where the bulk of the work went into. Just a basic gaming tower got it for cheap at Best Buy but does what it needs to. Best Buy has a pretty good selection of DVD/Game shelfs in all sizes. Computer setup. Not a whole lot to see here just a basic Dell I've had since back in 2011 and still kicking. Not the greatest for gaming by any means but great to do my work on. Hooked to a HD moniter and speakers with a docking station to keep things clean. If any of you want to post your setup and ideas feel free. Also if anyone needs help or suggestions in renovating their setup or even entertainment area feel free to ask away in this thread.
  20. Duck Hunt predating Game watch? 8-player smash intended for Melee? The orgin of the phrase No Johns? All here in Did you know gamings new episode centered around Smash 4. Some pretty interesting stuff here actually just thought I'd share. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ynmwFK3bfU&spfreload=10
  21. I don't normally like to just repost articles but this struck my eye as I have a fancy and hobby for collecting now. Gamestop is launching a pilot to buy and sell classic games, systems, and controllers dating back to the NES. The pilot will start on April 25th at which time they will accept trade ins for about 2 months to build up an inventory. Currently it is slated to launch in 250 store locations in the NYC and Birmingham markets. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/04/15/gamestop-to-offer-classic-consoles-and-games I fell pretty conflicted about this. On one hand if this becomes a hit and they do this across all their locations then it can make finding older games like Path of Radiance easier to find and not to mention cheaper than they go for on ebay sure they'd sell it to you for like $50 used but compare that to paying over $100 for a complete set. On the other hand if this does become big it'll be a major blow if not fatality to small mom and pop shops who deal in this kind of thing which kinda sucks. I didn't really see them coming out to do this as I always kinda thought of gamestop as keeping with the times and at most selling stuff a generation behind. However, the more I think about it with things like digital downloads, license keys, and the ebbing away of physical copies in new games I could see how this makes sense and is another avenue that they are trying to make money.
  22. So I read an article on ign recently that got me thinking about the concept of gaming hype. Or the buildup of games prior to release. Sure its always been around just look at old ads for NES and Genesis games. But with the growth of the industry as a whole and the explosion of the Internet we now get to see parts of games more frequently and some such as Smash get built up pretty high. Why not do this? It is essentially pregaming and advertising for the developers and the companies involved. It builds on the emotion surrounding the game and in theory should make more people want to buy it. Well there are some out there that would debate that hype is actually a bad thing and that all it does is build people up only to get jaded and disappointed and in their eyes the game(s) just become a taint in the series they once loved. So where do I stand? Well not going to lie I've bought into hype numerous times (how can you not at times?) and left games feeling slightly disappointed or that they were not as good as I thought they would be. But this is mostly my fault due to a lack of experience and probably reading up more on the game than I should have. That being said its not to say these games were not good games they still were. But I do notice that the less I know about a game I tend to enjoy it more because theres more suprise and discovery involved (this was my case with Awakening) and you get that sense of something new. Hype isn't a bad thing per se especially for the producers but from a personal perspective I've just learned to be cautiously optimistic and take things as they come with a grain salt. EDIT: Link to the aforementioned IGN article if you're interested. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/01/31/opinion-hype-isnt-always-a-bad-thing-hype-is-hope
  23. Whether its a collector's edition, used, special edition or limited release. What game have you spent the most money on? For me it would have to be my newly acquired physical copy of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance with the disc and manual included I paid about $90 for a complete used (but pristine) copy of the game.
  24. I got a couple of games bought but not completed, and I think it's about time I started lowering my gaming backlog. I know gaming should be a leisure and not an obligation, but I like to get most out of whatever I buy Anyways, the list is: Dragon's Dogma Fallout New Vegas (just the DLC; I've finished the main game many times) Far Cry 3 Ni no Kuni Bayonetta 1+2 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Ages Devil Survivor Overclocked I think that's it. So, any recommendations? I should mention these ended up being in my backlog either out of lack of interest whilst playing, or started playing something else, and eventually lost the motivation to go back to them Also, I'm wondering how you guys deal with something like this. Do you force yourself, not bother with them, or wait until you actually want to play them?
  25. Blades. Majestic and precise killing machines. Gaming is just one of the mediums that they are portrayed but it just so happens they are oh so common. Whether it is a certain magical sword or a demonic blade they captivate our imaginations and make us wish we had one. What are your favorite blades in gaming? Don't play games? Any movie or comic book swords you like? My personal favorites in this order: #1 True Master Sword (Skyward Sword): You literally go through so much crap to get it 3 silent realms (shudders), 3 tricky dungeons, 3 brutal bosses (hero mode) and the way its presented is just glorious with Link finally becoming the hero he was meant to be with that iconic master sword tune. The blade is also gorgeous and kills enemies in the game with great ease. #2 Ragnell (Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn): Being able to use the same blade that killed your father to kill his murderer. Badass. Blade has a solid gold look to it and shoots shockwaves. Oh its also massive but Ike uses it with one arm. O_O #3 Falchion (Awakening): I particularly like this version because of the distinctive tear shaped hole in the middle its exalted look also makes it a true beauty.
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