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Found 2 results

  1. It's been like half a year since my last randomized FE, and my burnout on the series is over. I will be playing FE7, like with my fist two randomizer attempts, though this time I'm going to be more confident, and since I'm using OtakuReborn's randomizer instead of the older two, so I can do a lot more randomized stuff. First update in next post. Let's do this. This will probably make me want to end it all with some units, but whatever. Only didn't do randomized recruitment because I don't know which unit to recruit which unit with, unlike Sacred Stones.
  2. So, I saw this thing this morning, and played for about 5 minutes, before I needed to LP this thing. It's basically a VN of an RP hosted on another site by Haspen, and one of the members there decided to make... this... you know what? I'm just gonna play it. Anyone who for some reason lacks common sense can play this thing along with me, just download it here. [spoiler=IT'S HARD BEING RICH] Now there are three jobs! Farm hand, bandit and schoolteacher! It's still pretty terrible. Meet our protaganist, GREGOR VON HEXHAM. He HATES being late, apparently. This is already so anime. OUTRIGHT PEASANTS. Who gives a shit dude seriously just ride your bike. >dress normally >has a monocle Seems legit. Thanks, RANDOM STUDENT! Good to see you have my ba- NO, I'M ALERGIC TO CLEAR LIQUID What kind of an insult is this It's hard being RICH. So hard that you don't have time just to wipe your eyes. See, if you'd just been LOGICAL this wouldn't have happened! Bbbbbbbbbbbbb! >headbutts something >manages to fall over himself Our protaganist, ladies and gentleman. Wipe your eyes, doofus. Suspense! Even more suspense! HEADBUTTED SOME GIRL IN HER CHEST SMOOOOOOOOTH GREGOR. A wild love interest appeared! If you insist! Clearly there is only one response here. >You have an excellent chest milady definitely one of the better ones I've seen! No! This is the part where you're supposed to react like a tsundre ...Or any normal girl, for that matter. In what language does "You have an excellent chest milady definitely one of the better ones I've seen!" mean goodbye? I would actually consider learning this language. But because I was still too dumb to wipe my eyes, I ran into a tree. It hurt. Louise doesn't really seem to care, she knows Pent will get Canas later. TIMESKIP Wow, he really is late! Wow, teachers that don't give a fuck? 10/10 would attend this school. ARE YOU EVIL SONIA WANNABE She seems like a nice enough lady, totally gonna be fine with you asking a question. "Is eating a dead baby wrong?" Never! You're in a virtual novel! Cry at your fate! See, Mrs. Kesselring is a nice lady! See, Valor isn't that upset! It's probably a bouncy castle or something! Still don't think she's a bad person. Gregor only has eyes for his waifu. Don't worry man! I intend to make sure that happens! Screw trying to fix relationships, that probably takes effort. I told you before, it's hard being rich! Choices! Choices that I'll let you all make! I hope you choose Bed and Breakfast, that's what it stands for, right?
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